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          CLAYPONDS HOSPITAL                                                    ARISE
          Definition 2 beds available for OPRAC. Beds available for all         Definition: Able to accept all referrals. Priority 1-4
WHITE     booked Admissions. Empty beds. No patients FFT on Waiting List        patients seen within agreed time frames.

          Action: Daily monitoring of bed availability by Senior Management     Action: Normal duty processes- refer to borough wide
          at Clayponds                                                          escalation plan.
          Definition: 2 beds available for OPRAC. Beds available for all        Definition: Waiting list for priority 4.s only
GREEN     booked Admissions. No discharges planned for next 24 hours. 1-4
          on Waiting List                                                       Action: Weekly monitoring of waiting list at team
                                                                                meeting. Inform team leader of outcome/ service
          Action: Senior Management to check with wards and Discharge Co-       escalation (Wednesdays)
          ordinator that all planned discharges will be going ahead and to
          highlight any potential problematic discharges to Team Leader.
          Definition: No beds available for OPRAC. All beds full. No            Level: Waiting list for priority 4 and delay for priority 3 to
AMBER     discharges planned for next 24 hours. 5+ on Waiting List.             have 1st visit.
          Action: As above Team Leader to discuss with Matron ,Therapy          Action: Re screen priority 4. Allocated worker to decide
          Coordinator and Doctors possibility of bringing forward any planned   on intensity/time of first and subsequent visits for
          discharge date. ? Refer to ARISE.                                     priority 3’s .
          Definition: No beds available for OPRAC, All beds full. No            Definition: Waiting list for priority 4 and limited
RED       discharges planned for next 48 hours, 10 + on waiting list.           availability for priority 3 (new) and decreased intensity
                                                                                of visits for priority 3 (current).
          Action: As above Team Leader//Discharge Coordinator to contact        Action: Inform A. Brooke/B. Nicholls. Review current
          Social Services to alert them to bed situation and to request         caseload with team at meeting. Request support from
          assistance with any delayed discharges i.e. Stepdown bed, interim     District Nursing service.
          placement.                                                            Either:

                                                                                a. Leave low priority cases open/delay final visit and


                                                                                b. Telephone call to consider review date for final visit
                                                                                visit and more prompt closure.
                                                                                Consider referral to voluntary sector services.

          Definition: Unfunded beds open. No beds available for OPRAC. No       Definition: Only able to accept priority 1 & 2 referrals
BLACK     discharges planned for next 48 hours. 10 + on Waiting List.
                                                                                Action: Cancel visit for 3 & 4 centralise staff duty only.
          Action: Senior Management to review with discharge coordinator all    Limited visits for priority 1-2.
          inpatients for potential discharges.

Definition of priority for ARISE service.

Priority 1
Prevention of admission (P.O.A.)referrals from the community. GP, DN’s and CM’s

Priority 2
P.O.A. for patients in A&E. (EHT and other)

Priority 3
Supported discharge from hospital. i.e. therapy and package of care.

Priority 4
Community therapy only.

ARISE service will report their escalation level weekly, on a Wednesday, after the two team meetings. Initially this will be based on
clinicians reporting back on their caseload. It is hoped that we will develop a case weighting tool similar to that used by the DN
service to ensure better consistency.

Currently these plans are for the individual services, and both services also have a role in responding to the Borough wide escalation
plans, and specifically that of EHT.

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