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Amputation of limb by mikesanye


									Amputation of limb

 Irreparable injury
 Gangrene of the lower part of the limb
 Malignant disease
Anesthesia ad control:
 Epidural anaesthesia
 Sedation plus local anesthesia
 Lateral recumbence with the affected limb on top
1. Fore limb: At the junction of lower and middle third of the radius.
2. Hind limb: At the middle third of the tibia (leg)

                                                                         Site for hind

            Site for fore

Preparation of site:
 Wash with plenty of soap and water
 Shave the area and rewash
 Paint with Tr. Iodine

 Apply a tourniquet above the site
 Place V-shaped or semicircular incision on the medial and lateral aspect of the limb
 Flap back the skin
 Cut the muscles and reflect them back
 Ligate the vessel that are visible (Saphenous vein on medial aspect, popliteal artery,
   and vein need to be taken care of)
 Expose the bone and cut it at the desired level and cut it with hack saw
 Cover the stump of the bone with muscles that were reflected back and suture it so
   that the bone gets covered (to accommodate within skin flap, cut and removed some
   muscleson the inner side)
 Suture the skin

Post operative care;
 Clean the skin wound and place thin layer of cotton and apply Tr. Benzoin
 Dose of long acting antibiotic
 A dose of analgesics

Operative surgery/limb amputation                                                          1

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