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					List of Awards: Exploratory Research on Biosystems at Nanoscale
                                   NSF 99-109, FY 2000 (Engineering Directorate)

 NSF                                                                                                                      Total
          Principal Investigator         University                                Award Title
Award #                                                                                                                   Award

9986525      Austin, Robert H.     Princeton University     NANOSCALE: Nanoscale Magnetics in Biology                     $100,000

                                   Purdue Research          NANOSCALE: Hybridization Based Assembly of Silicon
9986569       Bashir, Rashid                                                                                              $155,000
                                   Foundation               Electronic Devices

9986477      Chilkoti, Ashutosh    Duke University          NANOSCALE: Elastin Nanobiosensors                             $100,000

                                   William Marsh Rice       NANOSCALE: Using Protein Crystals as Templates for the
9986534        Colvin, Vicki                                                                                              $200,000
                                   Univ                     Assembly of Nanostructured Solids
                                                            NANOSCALE: Nanoscale Self-Assembled Block
9986347      Deming, Timothy       U of Cal Santa Barbara                                                                 $200,000
                                                            Copolypeptide Materials
                                                            NANOSCALE: Nanostructured Composites via Biomimetic
9986333       Douglas, Elliot      University of Florida                                                                  $200,000

                                   GA Tech Res Corp -       NANOSCALE: Structural Changes in Fibronectin Binding
9986549       Garcia, Andres                                                                                            $200,000
                                   GIT                      Domains upon Adsorption to Well-Defined Surface Chemistries

                                                            NANOSCALE: Creating Nanoscale Molecular Imprints Using
9986289       Hlady, Vladimir      University of Utah                                                                     $100,000
                                                            2-D Monolayer Templating
                                                            NANOSCALE: Dispersed Cationic Networks ('Nanogels) as
                                   U of Nebraska
9986393     Kabanov, Alexander                              Carriers for Drug Delivery                                    $100,000
                                   Medical Ctr
                                                            NANOSCALE: Miniaturized On-chip Biosensors by In Situ
9986305         Kaler, Eric        University of Delaware                                                                 $100,000
                                                            Assembly of Colloidal Particles
                                                            NANOSCALE: Shape Control in Nanoscale Crystallization
9986545       Kaplan, David        Tufts University                                                                       $100,000
                                   U of Minnesota-Twin      NANOSCALE: Self-Assembly of Nanoparticle Arrays Using
9986512        Kiehl, Richard                                                                                             $200,000
                                   Cities                   Two-Dimensional DNA Crystals
                                                            NANOSCALE: Engineered Alpha Helices for Pore Transport
9986538       Kilpatrick, Peter    North Carolina State U                                                                 $100,000
                                                            NANOSCALE: Evolutionarily Selected Peptides to Direct the
9986563        Korgel, Brian       U of Texas Austin        Processing and Self-Assembly of Multicomponent Superlattice   $200,000

                                                            NANOSCALE: Pharmaceutically Engineered Nanoparticles
9986441      Mumper, Russell       U of Kentucky Res Fdn                                                                  $100,000
                                                            for the Targeted Delivery of Plasmid DNA

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   List of Awards: Exploratory Research on Biosystems at Nanoscale, NSF 00-109
                                      (Engineering Directorate)
 NSF                                                                                                                  Total
          Principal Investigator        University                               Award Title
Award #                                                                                                               Award
                                       Arizona State       NANOSCALE: Nanoscale Optical Biomedical Hybrid
9986614      Pizziconi, Vincent                                                                                       $200,000
                                         University        Detection System
                                    Ohio State Univ Res    NANOSCALE: Nanostructured Biocomposites for Use as
9986488      Rathman, James                                                                                           $100,000
                                            Fdn            Novel Films and Coatings
                                       U of Southern       NANOSCALE: Exploratory Research on Biosystems at the
9986348    Requicha, Aristides A.                                                                                     $100,000
                                         California        Nanoscale

9986450       Robertson, Jan         Lafayette College     NANOSCALE: An Integrated Ion Channel Testing Laboratory    $50,000

                                     Cornell University-
9986446      Saltzman, William                             NANOSCALE: Modular nanoscale DNA delivery systems          $100,000
                                      U of Ill Urbana-
9986595       Sligar, Stephen                              NANOSCALE: Nanobioelectronics                              $100,000
                                                           NANOSCALE: Kinesin-powered MicroChemoMechanical
9986206      Stewart, Russell        University of Utah                                                               $200,000
                                                           Systems (MCMS).
                                     Cornell University-   NANOSCALE: An Electronic Gain Cell for Monitoring Charge
9986535       Tiwari, Sandip                                                                                          $200,000
                                         Endowed           on Molecular Chains

9986381       Visscher, Koen            U of Arizona       NANOSCALE: The Ribosome: Motor-Driven Protein Synthesis $100,000

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