Noticed Letter of Account to Be Closed

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					Dear Aegis Contract Customers,

        We are very excited to inform you that Aegis Business Technologies has invested in ConnectWise,
the leading provider of Professional Service Automation software for the IT services industry. This will
help Aegis, and empower our customers, to better manage your companies’ technology! Please read this
letter carefully to learn about important changes in billing, invoicing, and service levels.


Email Notifications – Some of you may have already noticed the notifications that are being generated by
our system. We are working on processes and procedures based on customer feedback for email
notifications. Currently there are two types of notifications sent out:
        1) Ticket Status Updates (i.e., New, Closed, and Waiting Feedback)
        2) Technical Notes added to the ticket (details that you used to see on paper tickets)
These emails are automatically generated by our system to keep you informed as to the work being
performed. They are primarily for informational purposes and unless directly requested in the body of
the email, do not require a reply response.
                   By default, emails generated by the system have the following header:
                                    --Please enter your response above this line--
If you have additional details to add to a ticket, i.e. the ticket issue is still occurring, you can reply directly
to the email and it will track the changes in our system thus allowing for faster resolution by the first
available Aegis technician. If you wish to change the level of notification or have feedback please email

Electronically Generated Tickets –Service tickets can now be generated by the customer using the
ConnectWise customer portal or email connector (explained below). Our technical service
representatives are equipped with Netbooks for ticket entry and will immediately update our system to
reflect services completed.

Up to date Information and control – Increased response time and resolution tracking on site,
improved ticketing procedures that will show trends and allow better budgeting and planning.

Email Ticket Creation –Simply send an e-mail to one of the following Aegis email addresses and
ConnectWise will automatically analyze your email, create a ticket, and alert the appropriate department.
Tickets created through the email connector will be displayed on our dispatch service board for all Aegis
employees to see allowing fastest response by first available staff. All steps are tracked through one ticket
allowing both Aegis staff and you to track easily and quickly. – accounting issues – technical issues

Access to the customer portal – A portal account specific for YOUR Company is used to login and view
billing history, balance of hours, and current service tickets. Use the portal to create new service tickets
as well as search invoices.          Customer Portal Link -
Username: Email Address (your company email address)
Password: Your first name in lowercase
Your username and password, as a customer of Aegis, are already set up! If you have any trouble logging
in, create a ticket by sending an email to the admin department

We are here to answer questions and assist in making this an easy transition for everyone. Please,
call or email us anytime with questions. We greatly appreciate your patience as we make this
critical change to our business process.

Customer Portal
   1. Login Information – shows user login information
   2. Ticket Statistics – shows your companies ticket history
   3. Ticket Number – click on the ticket number to access the ticket
   4. Navigation Pane – create new tickets, list current tickets, access the knowledge base,
      view ongoing projects, agreements and invoices, create reports and change account
    5. Ticket Summary – shows ticket summary description from the ticket created
    6. Ticket Detail – ticket type, contact, date stamp, status, updated time stamp, personnel
         assigned etc...
    7.   Invoice Search – Search and open any invoice by entering an invoice #, type, date,
         amount or status
To give other individuals in your organization access to the portal, simply click on All Users under the Setup Menu and
you will be give the option to create an account for them.

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