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									                                     Fundamental English Writing Skills for the Workplace
                                     INTRODUCTION                                                        COURSE INFORMATION
                                     To sharpen your competitiveness in today’s business                 Duration            : 90 hours (36 Meetings)
                                     environment, you should have an understanding of                    Start / End Dates : 18 August 2008 – 29 December 2008
                                     straightforward business communications in English in
                                     order to carry out a variety of tasks concisely and clearly.        Meeting Times       : 7:00pm - 9:30pm
                                     Fundamental English Writing Skills for the Workplace                                      (Every Monday & Thursday)
                                     is a 90-hour course designed to enhance your confidence             Venue               : SCOPE Learning Centre (Kowloon Tong)
                                     and communication skills in a business setting. In addition                               or other designated SCOPE Learning
                                     to upgrading your business English writing skills, this course                            Centres
                                     will help prepare you to sit for the International Benchmark        Instructor          : SCOPE part-time English instructor
                                     Pitman English Examination.
                                     This course has been approved as a reimbursable course
                                     under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF). To be eligible               WHO CAN APPLY?
                                     for claiming reimbursement* for 80% of the course fee and               Holders of any of the following qualifications are
                                     examination fee, students are required to:
                                                                                                             welcome to apply:
                                         • achieve a minimum of 70% completion of course hours;
                                                                                                             (a) HKCEE with grade E or above in English
                                         • pass the internal continuous assessments; and
                                                                                                                 Language (Syllabus B); or
                                         • attain the minimum benchmark for the Pitman
                                           Examination of English for Business Communications                (b) HKCEE with Level 2 or above in English
                                           (Level 1) Written Part (EBC 1)                                        Language (applicable to 2007 HKCEE or
                                     *   A claim for reimbursement of the fees for benchmark tests /             beyond); or
                                         examinations will only be processed if it is accompanied by a
                                                                                                             (c)	 Equivalent	qualifications
                                         claim for the relevant language course.
Fundamental English Writing Skills   For details of the Continuing Education Fund, please visit the          * Applicants may be asked to sit for a written test /
                                     website:                                      an interview.
for the Workplace
                                     COURSE STRUCTURE                                                        FEES*
(Course Code: 82620)                                                                                         Course fee: HK$6,300
                                     The course has 3 areas of focus, all of which are dealt with
                                     in a business writing context. The course will be interactive           * (1) There will be an additional fee for taking the
                                     in nature, with an emphasis on frequent practice of desired                   International Benchmark Pitman English
                                     objectives and extensive feedback on how well a task
                                                                                                                 (2) Students will be required to buy a course book;
                                     has been accomplished. Participants will be encouraged,                         details will be given before the first meeting.
                                     whenever possible, to use their own work environment as
                                     input into the teaching / learning cycle.                               CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATION
                                     Course Content                                                          4 August 2008
                                     (A) Understanding and writing short, simple internal and
                                         external business communications (30 hrs)                           ENQUIRIES
                                     (B) Completing or extracting information from common                    Tel         :   2194 2719 / 2788 7423
                                         business communications (30 hrs)                                    Email       :
                                     (C) Communicating clear and simple messages in a
                                                                                                             Website :
                                         business setting (30 hrs)
General Information
1.   Please send the enrolment form together with copies of
     educational certificates and the course fee in the form of a
     crossed cheque or cashier’s cheque made payable to "City
     University of Hong Kong" on or before the application deadline to:

       School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)
       City University of Hong Kong
                                                                              Fundamental English Writing Skills for the Workplace
       LG / F, Academic Exchange Building
       Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                                                                                                                                  Enrolment Form
     Please note that we are unable to accept post-dated cheques.
                                                                              Attn: Miss Pang                      Course Code: 82620                             Deadline for Application: 4 August 2008

2.   Personal data provided on the enrolment form will be used by
     SCOPE for purposes relating to the enrolment and admission.              Name                                                                (English)                                         (Chinese)
     For details of the Personal Data Collection Statement, please
     refer to the website:                    HKID No.                                      (   ) Date of Birth                          (dd/mm/yy) Sex
3.   Applicants will be notified of their enrolment results by mail.          Employer                                                                        Position
     Please	contact	SCOPE	if	you	have	not	received	any	notification	
     two weeks before the course commencement date.                           Highest	Academic	Qualification	Attained
4.   SCOPE reserves the right not to accept an enrolment. Places              Correspondence Address
     allocated for each class are not transferable. Fees are not
     refundable or transferable, except for unsuccessful enrolment or         Tel                                                             (Day)                                                 (Evening)
     cancellation of a course.
                                                                              Fax                                                            Email
5.   SCOPE reserves the right to alter details of a course (such as
     date, time and venue), to substitute instructors and to cancel           The following items are enclosed:
     courses.                                                                 	 Copies	of	educational	certificates	(e.g.	HKCEE	or	other	relevant	qualifications)	
6.   No class will be held upon announcement of storm warning signal            A course fee of HK$6,300 in the form of a crossed cheque or cashier’s cheque made payable to
     No. 8 or above. If the No. 8 signal is lowered (before 7am in              "City University of Hong Kong"
     case of morning class, before 12noon in case of afternoon class,
                                                                              Continuing Education Fund (CEF)
     and before 4pm in case of evening class), classes will be held as
                                                                                I *shall / shall not apply for the CEF (* please delete as inappropriate)
     usual; otherwise, classes will be postponed.
                                                                                I have obtained the in-principle approval for the reimbursement of fees for other courses
     For a black rainstorm warning, the same procedures will be
     followed.                                                                Where did you hear about / learn about this course?
7.   Enquiries                                                                	 Newspaper	                Magazine	               	 Leaflet
     SCOPE, City University of Hong Kong, LG / F, Academic                      Website                   Email                     Others (please specify)
     Exchange Building, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon                              Declaration
     Office	Hours	of	the	School:                                              I hereby declare that
     Mon – Sat     :       9 am – 12 noon                                     	 I	have	read	and	understand	the	General	Information	stated	in	the	course	leaflet.
     Mon – Fri     :       2 pm – 5 pm                                            All the information given in this enrolment form and the attached documents (if applicable) is, to the best of my knowledge,
                                                                                  accurate	and	complete,	and	I	agree	to	provide	original	certificate(s)	to	substantiate	my	qualifications	when	required.		Any	
         Tel           :     2194 2719 / 2788 7423                                misrepresentation	will	lead	to	disqualification	of	my	enrolment	and	admission	to	the	course.
         Fax           :     2788 7088
         Email         :
         Website       :
                                                                              Signature                                                                       Date

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