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					EPISODE 11                                                                                15. JUDITH:   (LIGHT LAUGH) yeah, that’s the one.

SCENE 1                                                                                   16. GUMA:     I’ve met him a couple of times. Somehow, I never would
                                                                                                        have imagined you married to Monday…
1.   Ext. Guma’s Home. Afternoon
2.   B/G SFX:              Squatters, chickens, transistor radio                          17. JUDITH:   He’s been a good husband. He put me through teachers
3.   JUDITH, GUMA, ALPHONSE                                                                             training college…

4.   SFX:                   SQUATTERS, CHICKENS CLUCKING, TRANSISTOR                      18. GUMA:     Is that why you married?
                            RADIO BLARING
                                                                                          19. JUDITH:   No…I was expecting…we have twins. They are 17 years old
5.   JUDITH:                (SHOCKED SURPRISE) Gosh Don, there are so many
                            squatters on your farm. I had no idea there were so many.     20. GUMA:     So, you have been married for 17 years, then?

6.   GUMA:                  (SURPRISE) Really Judith? How couldn’t you when you           21. JUDITH:   It is hard to imagine we have been together that long…
                            have been in Rock Point all these years?
                                                                                          22. GUMA:     So, is it a good marriage?
7.   JUDITH;                You would be amazed at how contained my life is. I hardly
                            come to this part of Rock Point. Certainly not since those    23. JUDITH:   (HINT OF SADDNESS) We are fine…not the fireworks it
                            days back then…/                                                            once was (NERVOUS LAUGH) but you know…fine…

8.   GUMA:                  (LAUGHS LIGHTLY) ha those were the days, eh? Little did       24. GUMA:     (CONCERNED) You don’t sound that happy, Judith
                            we know what life had in store... Now I have to try and put
                            everything back in order.                                     25. JUDITH:   I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy. But, well…he has taken a
                                                                                                        second wife…and/
9.   JUDITH:                These squatters really messed up your house, eh?
                                                                                          26. GUMA:     (FINISHING HER SENTENCE) /and you weren’t up for
10. GUMA:                   (POSITIVELY) I am making progress. It is taking shape                       that?
                                                                                          27. JUDITH:   Not really…it’s just…well…his second wife…sometimes we
11. JUDITH:                 It will be a fine place when you are finally done. I often                  don’t get along so well. But, enough about me, what about
                            wished I could stay in a place like this.                                   you? Are you married?

12. GUMA:                   (AFFECTIONATELY) Yes, but we both took different              28. GUMA:     (PROUDLY) Yes, very happily too. Amelia is such a lovely
                            directions. What happened to you?                                           lady and mother. The two of you will really love each other.

13. JUDITH:                 I got married to Monday. He owns the garage in town.          29. JUDITH:   Where is Amelia? She’s not with you?

14. GUMA:                   (A LITTLE SURPRISED) Monday is your husband? The              30. GUMA:     No. (SADLY) She is not too excited about moving to Rock
                            fellow from the garage?                                                     Point.

                                                                                          31. JUDITH:   (SUGGESTIVE) So, you’re here alone then?

32. GUMA:                  Yeah. For the time being….                                    48. SFX:      MARKET HUBBUB

33. JUDITH:                (SUGGESTIVE) what are you going to do about Amelia not        49. STEVE:    (FRIENDLY) What in your opinion would be the best gift
                           wanting to come to Rock Point?                                              for my girlfriend? A pendant or necklace? What about a
                                                                                                       bracelet or earrings?
34. SFX:                   HOT SILENCE
                                                                                         50. VENDOR:   How much are you prepared to spend?
35. GUMA:                  (CLEARS THROAT) I will just have to bury myself in my
                           work. I can’t help it but it has got to be done.              51. STEVE:    I want to know what I should buy before I decide. Maybe a
                                                                                                       bracelet? Where are they from?
36.         (PAUSE)
                                                                                         52. VENDOR:   I have many of them from India and Dubai. Do you prefer
37. JUDITH:                (CHANGING SUBJECT. DISSAPPOINTED) Oh! What                                  silver or gold?
                           happened to that old building? The shed where you used to
                           store your grain?                                             53. STEVE:    I think I like the gold.

38. GUMA:                  I had to tear it down because the squatters had vandalized    54. VENDOR:   Is your girl light skinned or dark?
                           it for roofing.
                                                                                         55. STEVE:    My Vicky is dark
39. JUDITH:                That’s so sad. That place had such special memories for me.
                                                                                         56. VENDOR:   Then if you really want to impress this Vicky, buy her a
40. GUMA:                  (INTIMATELY) Those were special memories I must say.                        pendant. They are very catchy and the in thing these days.
                                                                                                       These ones here are very good and they don’t fade.
41. JUDITH:                (AFFECTIONATELY) it’s funny. When you are a teenager,
                           you think you will never fall that much in love again.        57. STEVE:    I know that they fade. All these copy cat things fade.

42. GUMA:                  (PASSIONATE) And were you in love?                            58. VENDOR:   (IMPRESSED) I can see you know a lot of these things.

43. SFX: STONE CRASHES THROUGH A WINDOW. SOUND OF FOOTSTEPS                              59. STEVE:    What I really want is something that will last long enough
                     APPROACHING AT A RUN                                                              to appeal to my girl.

44. ALPHONSE:              (CALLING OUT) Mr. Guma? (URGENTLY) Mr. GUMA                   60. VENDOR:   (LAUGHING) You mean it is not forever?

45. GUMA:                  Alphonse, what was that?!                                     61. STEVE:    If it was forever I would not come and buy her anything
                                                                                                       from these stands.
                                                                                         62. VENDOR:   What about these?
                                                                                         63. STEVE:    Aha! I like that one that has the big heart shape. How much
                                                                                                       for it?
46. Ext. Rock point market day. Day

64. VENDOR:   This one is very expensive but since you are my friend I will
              give it to you a only 5000/=                                    79. Ext. Police station, OC’s office. Day
                                                                              80. GUMA, OC
65. STEVE:    All that? I have only 1000/=.
                                                                              81. SFX:                     TYPE WRITER, FOOTSTEPS WALKING UP AND DOWN
66. VENDOR:   Brother, this thing is very expensive. How much are you
              willing to add?                                                 82. OC:                      So somebody threw a rock at your window? Eh? And on the
                                                                                                           rock there was a note.
67. STEVE:    1500/= and that is my last price.
                                                                              83. GUMA:                    Yes that’s right, Afande. I think Jackson is responsible.
68. VENDOR:   Okay pay. Trust me she will appreciate this one.
                                                                              84. OC:                      Can I see the note?
69. STEVE:    Thank you. (SHOKED SURPRISE) Oh, hello Stella.
                                                                              85. GUMA:                    It is right here.
70. STELLA:   (SUSPICIOUSLY) What are you doing here, Steve? And
              who are you buying that cheap thing for?                        86. OC:                      (READING) This is my farm, get out! Beware! It is a threat
                                                                                                           alright but not a strong one. Do you want to press charges?
71. STEVE:    (CHOKED) For you of course, my darling.                                                      Something that would shut this Jackson up?

72. STELLA:   (DISGUST) You know I do not wear this stuff. Ha, you are        87. GUMA:                    I am not too sure about that. I would rather do things the
              wasting your money, you know exactly what I like. Here                                       right way.
              mister, take it back. I hope for your sake that you are not
              stringing me along, Steve.                                      88. OC:                      A guy like Jackson does not understand the right way,
                                                                                                           Guma. You send him letters and he still does this?
73. STEVE:    Stella, how could you think a thing like that… It’s just that
              school has been busy…                                           89. GUMA:                    The guy is ignorant. Maybe he can’t read. The less publicity
                                                                                                           there is about this the better.
74. STELLA:   (SARCASTICALLY) Yeah… well…See you later.
                                                                              90. OC:                      I can easily apply pressure on Jackson quietly. Nobody
75. STEVE:    (CALLING AFTER HER) I’ll come and see you soon.                                              would know. I could just send my boys around to talk to
                                                                                                           him. He will get the message.
              where I live.                                                   91. GUMA:                    No, Jackson was probably drunk.

77. VENDOR:   (LAUGHING) Vicky huh? Does your Stella know about your          92. OC:                      So if he was drunk, why didn’t you just run after him? He
              Vicky?                                                                                       could not have been too far away. You could have
                                                                                                           disciplined him on the spot.
78. STEVE:    (ANGRY) That is none of your business. (AGGRESSIVE)
              Give me back my pendant.                                        93. GUMA:                    Because OC, my guest was upset and she did not want me
                                                                                                           running after the culprits.
                                                                              94. OC:                      Oh, so there was a witness. Who was it?

95. GUMA:                   (RELUCTANTLY) It was Madam Judith visiting me.
                                                                                           111. STEVE:   Now open them.
96. OC:                     (LAUGHING) I see. The reason you could not give chase
                            was because you were on the job with Judith? Eh? That is a     112. VICKY:   What’s this you are giving me? I know it is just some cheap
                            perfectly reasonable explanation.                                            jewelry.

97. GUMA:                   (OBJECTING) It was nothing like that. Judith is simply a       113. STEVE:   (PLAYFULLY) It’s not cheap. It’s a zin-zong special
                            friend and she was just visiting.                                            delivery from Congo.

98. OC:                     It’s okay. No need for explanations. A man is a man, but       114. VICKY:   Oh You flatter me.
                            maybe you should be more careful because Judith is known
                            as the wife of somebody.                                       115. STEVE:   (AFECCTIONATELY) You are worth it my dear. Did you
                                                                                                         know that I traveled to Congo myself and smuggled the
99. GUMA:                   Nothing like that happened. Judith is just a friend and that                 diamonds back, crossing water, swamps, crocodiles, hippos,
                            was the end of it. After the incident, I took her halfway                    army rebels in full uniform and even the ant poaching unit
                            home.                                                                        who came within a whisker of taking my life?

100. OC:                    I know that much. You were already seen doing that.            116. VICKY:   (CROONING) You did that all for me? Oh Steve.

101. GUMA:                  Goodness! Nothing in Rock Point is a secret.                   117. STEVE:   (BOASTING) What’s more, I would go back again for you
                                                                                                         my dear.
102. OC:                    I agree. Nothing is.
                                                                                           118. VICKY:   I would miss you so much. You must not go back.
103. GUMA:                  But it did not happen like that.
                                                                                           119. STEVE:   (CUNNINGLY) What is it that I should stay around for?
104. OC:                    (JOCULAR) Maybe Jackson can tell us.
                                                                                           120. VICKY:   What do you want?
105. GUMA:                  (SERIOUSLY) I do not think that is funny OC.
                                                                                           121. STEVE:   (CUNNINGLY) Surprise me.
                                                                                           122. VICKY:   (PLAYFULLY) For starters, By the powers invested in me,
SCENE 4                                                                                                  I invite you to my 18th birthday party.

106. Ext. Riverside. Day.                                                                  123. STEVE:   When will that be? It seems like a long time away.
107. STEVE, VICKY                                                                                        (DISAPPOINTED) I was hoping that there would be some
                                                                                                         instant reward.
                                                                                           124. VICKY:   But there is. An invitation.
109. STEVE:                 (NAUGHTILY) By the powers invested in me, I pronounce
                            you the lawful owner of this pendant with a gold-embossed      125. STEVE:   Nothing more spicy than that? Nothing adventurous?
                            medallion. Close your eyes, Vicky.
                                                                                           126. VICKY:   Since you are going to be the guest of honor, you could be
110. VICKY:                 (GIGGLING) Oh Steve.                                                         the minister by my side and help me cut my cake.

                               (NAUGHTILY) And then there will be a special guided tour       142. JUDITH:   Let them talk. We did nothing to be ashamed of.
                               by moonlight for the guest of honor plus some wonderful
                               give a ways and if you are really good, you can look forward   143. LISA:     What’s this about a stone through his window?
                               to a special bonus.
                                                                                              144. JUDITH:   Yes, well, we were talking together when a stone came
127. STEVE:                    (BREATHLESS) Wow! You have made me sweat. I better                            crashing through his window. It was pretty scarey…
                               take a walk.
                                                                                              145. LISA:     Who would do such a thing?
128. VICKY:                    (CALLING OUT) Hey? Where is my guest of honor going?
                                                                                              146. JUDITH:   I have no idea. Don thinks it might have been one of the
129. STEVE:                    (CALLING BACK) I need a moment to think and catch my                          squatters…
                               breath. (MUTTERING UNDER HIS BREATH) All this for
                               only 1,500, Wow!                                               147. LISA:     I heard that he had to throw one fellow out of his house…

END                                                                                           148. JUDITH:   Yes. From what Don says, that fellow has been causing
                                                                                                             some problems…
                                                                                              149. LISA:     Otherwise, how was it spending time with your old flame?
130. Int. Topi’s salon. Day.
131. B/G SFX:                  Hair driers.                                                   150. JUDITH:   It felt strange being there with Don. There were moments
132. TOPI, JUDITH, LISA                                                                                      when I felt it was a long time ago, yet it was like it was
133. SFX:                      HAIR DRIERS, RUNNING WATER.
                                                                                              151. LISA:     Do you still have feelings for him?
134. JUDITH:                   (WHISPERING) Lisa, I visited Don Guma. At his farm.
                               When someone threw a stone through his window.                 152. JUDITH:   Yes I think so. I was so surprised how it all came back
                                                                                                             rushing to me but/
135. LISA:                     (SHOCKED) Judith! You were where? When?
                                                                                              153. LISA:     But what?
136. JUDITH:                   (LAUGHING) Slow down Lisa. One question at a time.
                                                                                              154. JUDITH:   But he is a happily married man!
137. LISA:                     (EAGERLY) Well?
                                                                                              155. LISA:     How can you be so sure that he is happy? You have never
138. JUDITH:                   After we ran into Don the other day, I visited him at his                     met his wife, have you? I mean you do not even know if they
                               farm.                                                                         are together or not.

139. LISA:                     (UNBELIEVING) You went there alone!?                           156. JUDITH:   I must say, he is a mystery wrapped in an enigma around
                                                                                                             Rock Point.
140. JUDITH:                   It was quite innocent, so don’t get any ideas. It was during
                               the day.                                                       157. LISA:     But then again, you are both married, so is it realistic to
                                                                                                             even think in his direction? Can you handle the scandal of
141. LISA:                     Still, people will talk…                                                      an affair?

158. JUDITH:            (THOUGHTFULLY) Think about the effects on my children         170. GUMA:   (TAKEN ABACK) Nana! That is quite absurd.
                        should the whole community find out. It is indeed
                        unrealistic. Day dreaming never hurt anyone though! But I     171. NANA:   It is not so absurd. A few people are saying that Judith
                        cannot help having feelings for him.                                       came here to the farm and that the two of you were alone.

159. TOPI:              (GOSSIPY) Are you two talking about Don Guma?                 172. GUMA:   (DEFENSIVE) It is true that she came here, Nana, but
                                                                                                   nothing happened. (DISGUSTED) How is it that the whole
160. JUDITH:            (AMUSED) Eh Topi, you have sharp ears!                                     town is talking of an affair?

161. TOPI:              Nothing is a secret in Rock Point. (NAUGHTILY) By the         173. NANA:   I heard it and wanted to find out for myself.
                        way, those feelings you felt for Guma as a teenager, aren’t
                        they the same ones your daughter Rebecca is feeling           174. GUMA:   Do you believe it Nana?
                        (LAUGHING)? Like mother, like daughter!
                                                                                      175. NANA:   I am not sure. But I would hate for things to go bad with
162. JUDITH:            (PROTESTING) No, it’s not the same. In our days, it was                    Amelia.
                        all innocent. We weren’t looking at filthy magazines of the
                        kind Flower introduced to the school.                         176. GUMA:   That would be a disaster because I have managed to
                                                                                                   persuade Amelia to come down with the kids for a couple of
163. TOPI:              You are just hypocrites. Young people are curious and you                  days this weekend. The last thing I need is this kind of talk
                        were too. They experiment, just like you did! The whole                    going around.
                        world knows you lost your virginity to Don Guma and
                        nobody judges you for that. Do you know if your daughter      177. NANA:   I know Don. What are you going to do?
                        has lost hers yet?
                                                                                      178. GUMA:   Rumors aside, I still have to get that window fixed. I don’t
164. JUDITH:            (ANNOYED AND SHOCKED) Topi! How can you even                               know if Amelia and the kids are going to be spooked by the
                        imagine that?!                                                             squatters on the land.

165. TOPI:              You are just avoiding the issue with your old fashioned       179. NANA:   You should take a firm grip.
                        head- in – the-clouds romance!
                                                                                      180. GUMA:   (SYMPATHETICALLY) I cannot take the move to have the
END                                                                                                police beat up these people who have been on my land all
                                                                                                   these years.
                                                                                      181. NANA:   (UNSYMPATHETICALLY) They are just squatters, get rid
166. Ext. Guma’s farm                                                                              of them.
                                                                                      182. GUMA:   I am getting rid of them but I cannot do it the rough way. I
168. SFX:               FARM SOUNDS, BIRDS CHIRPING                                                am not going to be like Jackson. Rather I will do it with
                                                                                                   letters and negotiation.
169. NANA:              (CONCERNED) Don, the reason I have come to see you is
                        that there is a rumor going round Rock Point that you are     183. NANA:   You will be the loser in this case.
                        having an affair with Judith.

184. GUMA:                 If you really believe that then you are on the wrong side. I   199. MONDAY:   (LAUGHS) How can I tell a wife to look after children when
                           have always had strong principles and sometimes they have                     she has got her own agenda.
                           cost me a job and even a friend. But I am not about to
                           compromise. People want me to pay bribes and be dishonest      200. JUDITH:   (INNOCENTLY) What do you mean by that?
                           and take the easy route, but I will not.
                                                                                          201. MONDAY:   (MOAN) Umh! Like you do not know! Instead of asking
185. NANA:                 I hope that my husband Solomon is not one of those who                        stupid questions, come and cut my toe nails.
                           have been urging you to pay bribes.
                                                                                          202. JUDITH:   (PETULANT) That is Millie’s job.
186. GUMA:                 Solomon is my friend and partner. I would not speak badly
                           of him in any way.                                             203. MONDAY:   I don’t like your tone! Have you been cutting somebody
187. NANA:                 You are a good man Don.
                                                                                          204. JUDITH:   (SCOFFS) As if! I don’t do nails. That is a job for salon
188. GUMA:                 That does not seem to be helping much now. Goodness does                      ladies. You would have earned yourself those privileges if
                           not seem to be getting me anywhere.                                           you were a live-in husband.

189. NANA:                 So are you having an affair with Judith?                       205. MONDAY:   (ANGRY) Is this how they teach women to talk to their
                                                                                                         husbands at your training courses these days?
190. GUMA:                 No. Long ago when we were teenagers we had a romance,
                           and to be honest, the thought crossed my mind now. But no,     206. JUDITH:   (CALMLY) That is not the point, Monday.
                           nothing happened and nothing will!
                                                                                          207. MONDAY:   Would you rather do Guma’s bloody feet?
                                                                                          208. JUDITH:   (LAUGHING MOCKINGLY) What a ridiculous idea.
                                                                                          209. MONDAY:   That is not what I hear. There are whispers all over town
191. Int. Judith Home. Night.                                                                            about your affair with Guma. And you thought I would
192. B/G SFX:               Distant dog barking                                                          never find out?
                                                                                          210. JUDITH:   I never knew you cared!
194. SFX:                  MONDAY IS CLIPPING HIS TOE NAILS.
                                                                                          211. MONDAY:   (FIRMLY) Trust me, I do not care! Especially not for a wife
195. TONE:                 ACCUSATORY AND TENSE                                                          who is running around chasing so-called media celebrities. I
                                                                                                         have a reputation even if you may not know it.
196. JUDITH:               (DISGUST) Monday, can you stop? I can’t bear another
                           moment of you clipping your nails.                             212. JUDITH:   (SCOFFING) A reputation indeed!

197. MONDAY:               What must I talk about, Judith?                                213. MONDAY:   My business is the only one of its kind in Rock Point! People
                                                                                                         respect me and come from far and wide to employ my
198. JUDITH:               I don’t know. Ask after the children.                                         services.

                                                                                          214. JUDITH:   It’s about time you showed me some respect!

215. MONDAY:                You who? Are you sleeping with him?                             233. LILLIAN:   (SHYLY) He is.

216. JUDITH:                No, Monday I am not!                                            234. FLOWER:    The things I would have to do for such a watch! Lillian,
                                                                                                            what did you do to get it?
217. MONDAY:                I do not believe you!
                                                                                            235. LILLIAN:   (HESITANTLY) Nothing much
218. JUDITH:                You can believe what you like; but I am telling you, I have
                            not had any sexual relations with that man.                     236. FLOWER:    You have stumbled on a winner! Now, who could he be???
                                                                                                            (PAUSE) I know…you got a watch out of Solomon.
219. MONDAY:                (THREATENING) Watch out Judith, I will teach you a                              (TEASING) Tell me I am wrong.
                            lesson! And I will also show that man Guma who is boss
                            around here.                                                    237. LILLIAN:   You are right, but Flower please do not tell anyone.

220. SFX:                   UGLY PAUSE                                                      238. FLOWER:    Of course, darling. My lips are sealed.

221. MONDAY:                (ROUGHLY) Are you coming to bed?                                239. LILLIAN:   (WORRIED) Thank you, Flower. It seems that everything
                                                                                                            is going so wrong.
                                                                                            240. FLOWER:    Wrong? With a watch like that? Girl, looks like you are
SCENE 8                                                                                                     doing everything right.

222. Int. Classroom. Day.                                                                   241. LILLIAN:   I am guilty about Nana.
223. B/G SFX:               Usual school noises
224. LILIAN, FLOWER                                                                         242. FLOWER:    (SARCASTIC) Don’t tell me you are guilty about taking
                                                                                                            Nana’s precious Solomon.
225. TONE:                  NAUGHTY
                                                                                            243. LILLIAN:   I cannot help it.
226. FLOWER:                Eh Lillian, where did you get such a beautiful watch? Is it a
                            gift for me?                                                    244. FLOWER:    Nana should have taken better care of her husband. Is it
                                                                                                            any wonder that he goes after girls like us? If she cannot
227. LILLIAN:               No, Flower, it’s mine.                                                          look after her own man, that is her funeral. Girlfriend, the
                                                                                                            last thing you should feel is guilty!
228. FLOWER:                (SUSPICIOUS) Is it stolen?
                                                                                            245. LILLIAN:   But Flower/
229. LILLIAN:               (SHYLY) No, it was a gift.
                                                                                            246. FLOWER:    /Aah aah, No worries. Nana should be the one who is guilty
230. FLOWER:                (SUGGESTIVELY) A gift, huh? More like an exchange???                            for not satisfying her man. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

231. LILLIAN:               (EMBARRASSED) Flower, please.                                   247. LILLIAN:   No I did not. It hurt a lot. I cannot describe what I felt.

232. FLOWER:                Okay, now I know that whoever gave it to you must be            248. FLOWER:    You will get used to it.

249. LILLIAN:               I don’t think there will be other times because I think Nana   Narrator:             The next day, Steve and Vicky have gone for a walk along the river…
                            may begin to suspect something. She already thinks there is
                            something surrounding the watch.                               (End of scene 4)

250. FLOWER:                Be brave and never ever let on that anything is happening.     Narrator:             While Steve is wooing Vicky, Judith and Lisa are at Topi’s Saloon…
                            You did not take marriage vows, girl, so it’s not your
                            problem.                                                       (End of scene 5)

251. LILLIAN:               Maybe.                                                         Narrator:             While Judith and Lisa discuss Guma, Nana has paid a visit to her
                                                                                                                 cousin Guma at his farm.
252. FLOWER:                Not maybe. Play your cards well. If you do it right, King
                            Solomon will be your adoring servant.                          (End of scene 6)

END                                                                                        Narrator:             That night, Monday is staying with Judith…

                                                                                           (End of scene 7)

                                                                                           Narrator:             At school the next day, a guilt-ridden Lillian confides in Flower about
                                                                                                                 her escapade with Solomon…

                                                                                           (End of scene 8)

                                                                                                              -A transition into the discussion theme narration follows-
Narrator:          Last time on Rock Point 256… (edit in short clips from 2 or 3 key
                   scenes—include something from Scene 3 of Episode 10 where
                   Solomon and Lillian end up consumating their relationship).

                   It’s early in the afternoon in Rock Point, and Judith the school        EPISODE 11
                   teacher is visiting Don Guma at his farm.

(End of scene 1)
                                                                                           THEME: Stigma.
Narrator:          In Rock Point trading center, it’s a market day and Steve is looking                          Adolescence.
                   for a gift. I wonder who it’s for….                                                           Crushes and attraction.

(End of scene 2)

Narrator:          Stella is certainly becoming a nuisance for Steve… Speaking of          NARR F:               (WITH AUTHORITY) You know the expression… ‘don’t step on a
                   nuisances, let’s see what Guma is doing about Jackson…                                        stone and expect no one will notice’. Now Flower knows about
                                                                                                                 Lillian, Judith’s visit to Guma, and then that necklace.
(End of scene 3)

NARR M:            Yeah, no matter the size of the village, it seems there is always
                   someone watching.                                                           Narrator:   Can Judith and Guma remain friends? How will Vicky repay Steve
                                                                                                           for his gift? What will Lillian do the next time she’s alone with
NARR F:            (KNOWINGLY) And waiting to gossip.                                                      Solomon? Learn all this and more next time on Rock Point 256.

NARR M:            (LAUGHS)                                                                                                 ...OUTRO...

NARR F:            Really, with all of that talking at the salon, Judith is only now
                   starting to realize what her daughter is going through. All of those
                   emotions from her school-day crush are coming back.

NARR M:            It’s funny how parents forget. Their children are experiencing all of
                   the crazy emotions that they had.

NARR F:            (SENTIMENTAL) Yeah, imagine the first time a boy talks to you in a
                   nice way. Or gives you a gift that you think shows a real

NARR M:            (NOSTALGIC) Yeah, all of those feelings can be too much – even for
                   guys. You know the first time that a girl gives you a handkerchief.
                   You end up wiping your face at anytime just to show it off!
                   (GIGGLING MEANWHILE)

NARR F:            That was a nice little tradition and so innocent.

NARR M:            (AS AN ASIDE) Yeah, quite different from those flashy gifts of today.

NARR F:            So, tell the secret, how can a girl really know that the boy cares for
                   her? How can we help other girls not get fooled.

NARR M:            Well, let’s ask the guys to write in. They should share with us, how
                   they tell their friend that they really are serious and they’re not there
                   to play.

NARR F:           While we wait for the letters, let’s settle on some old fashioned advice
                  which is still good. If a boy really loves you, he’ll wait for you. He
                  won’t pressure you to have sex.
NARR M:(MATTER OF FACT) That’s right and he’ll do things in the proper way. He’ll
respect you and make sure that your parents support you in the steps that you take.


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