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									           FAX TO                                 Participation Contract
         303-283-6721                                                                                     Date:

Believe, in partnership with Sony Music, Columbia Records, major artists & national corporations, is dedicated to strengthening
education in our nation‟s schools. We look forward to working with you to raise substantial funds for your program while building a
stronger and brighter future for education.

Company:_________________________, Contact___________________________ or authorized agent (the "Client"), at

Address:_________________________________, City:____________________, State:_____________, Zip:____________,
                                           SELECT ONE FUNDRAISER PER CONTRACT
     Spring Catalog            Fall Catalog          Combo Gourmet                  Music        Cookie Dough Only               Cheesecake/Pies

 Anticipated Fundraiser Start Date:                                                   Anticipated End Date:

agrees to participate in a Believe fundraiser and make all payments to the order of Believe Group (“Believe”) at 2851 S. Parker
Road - Suite 1300, Aurora, Colorado 80014, (or at such other place as Believe may designate in writing). Client agrees to pay
listed wholesale price per item ordered plus shipping, handling, and tax (where applicable).
1.    Believe will replace quantity or product discrepancies and damages, at no charge to Client, provided report is given within 3 days of catalog
      and 24 hours of food product receipt (Reconciliation Form required for food fundraisers).
2.    Believe will accept payment in the following forms: Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Credit Card (3% processing fee applies to
      Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Payment in full shall be due 30 calendar days from product receipt. (For exceptions, see item #8)
3.    Client agrees that all sales made under this contract are final. Product returns are not allowed (For exceptions, see item #8).
4.    Client will receive a „Believe Promotional Package‟ including color product brochures, order forms and prize program brochures.
5.    Client agrees to pay a fee of $25 per returned check. Unpaid principal after the order fulfillment date, due to returned check(s) and/or
      disputed\denied credit card charges, shall accrue interest at a rate of 25% annually until paid with a minimum monthly finance charge of $25.
      All payments shall be applied first in payment of accrued interest and any remainder in payment of principal.
6.    Client agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $100 if contract is terminated.
7.    If any payment obligation under this contract is in default after order fulfillment date, the Client promises to pay all costs of collection,
      including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not a lawsuit is commenced as part of the collection process. Believe may exercise the option
      to send Client‟s account to a third-party collection agency if principal balance remains unpaid for more than 60 days.
8.    For “Music Product-In-Hand Fundraisers” Only: Client will have the option to return up to 20% of music product received for a restocking fee
      of $.95 per unit when total order amount is greater than or equal to 150 music product items (Returns are not allowed on product-in-hand
      orders less than 150 music items). Items returned opened and/or damaged will incur a restocking fee of $3.25 per unit. Please ship via
      UPS/FedEx and insure package(s) for appropriate amount. Restocking fee will be in the form of an account credit and will be sent as a
      refund check within 15 business days of receipt of full payment and allowable returns. Payments and allowable returns must be postmarked
      and sent to Believe within 60 days of original product receipt. Returns sent after the allowed 60 days will be subject to return refusal or a
      restocking fee of 50% of Client's wholesale price, whichever deemed appropriate by Believe.

Direct Phone:                                                                  Home Phone:
Email:                                                                         Fax:
Participating Student #:                                                       Booster Contact:
Booster Phone:                                                                 Booster Email:
Treasurer Contact:                                                             Treasurer Phone:
I certify that I am the leader responsible for this organization; I am over 18 years of age, and I can be contacted at the address and phone
numbers above. I personally guarantee that either the organization I represent or I will pay all invoiced charges, and I further understand that
these terms may be restricted and pre-payment may be required prior to shipment if my financial condition or other circumstances warrant.

Authorized Personnel                                                        Title                                              Date
                                              Mail or Fax To:                                                       For Office Use only
                                          Believe Group
                               2851 S Parker Road - Suite 1300
                                       Aurora, CO 80014
                                                                                                            Date Received:___________________
                  877-7-BELIEVE Toll Free (877-723-5438) FAX TO: 303-283-6721

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