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									It was just a game…until strange things began happening to the players…

    By Kevin Xiao
   She is Anglo Saxon/Caucasian/White, blonde, and 11 years old.
   She wears huge fake eyelashes, a fur stole, and carries around a purse the size of
    a suitcase, to seem “Hollywoodish”.
   She is reserved, but if you pick at the frozen outside, she actually shows emotion.
   She thinks she doesn’t fit in (she moves a lot), but what actually makes her not fit
    in is her thinking she doesn’t fit in. Weird cycle, huh?
   She is a proud person, because her real name is April Hall, but she calls herself
    April Dawn because it sounds more “Hollywoodish”.
   She deliberately acts off-hand and distant with other kids to throw them off, and
    seemingly wants to not fit in, because she thinks the kids won’t accept her anyway.
   She’s homesick, because her mother sends her to live with her grandmother for a
    little bit. She expects to be back soon, but the letter never comes.
   I chose to use a fort as a representation of April because her outside is like a
    highly defended castle, complete with moats, guards, and barriers. But if you
    know how to deal with these things, you can get in and she “melts”, letting her
    defenses down and actually meaning what she says.
   She is African American/Black, and 11 years old.
   She is friendly, sociable and understanding. She
    knows that April is showing off because she’s
   She is interested in other cultures, such as the
    Egyptians, because she establishes the Egypt Game.
   Devoted to whatever it is that she is doing- from
    performing an ancient Egyptian ritual to reading a
   On the subject of reading, Melanie is a total, hard-core
    bookworm. That’s why I chose this…err…bibliophile.
    Actually, he looks sort of creepy…
   He is Caucasian, and 11 years old. He has shaggy hair
    with large ears that stick out.
   He has a knack for making teachers laugh and cool down
    right before they’re going to blow up.
   He is very casual and easygoing, because he is relaxed
    and in control in many of the scenes of The Egypt Game.
   He is “popular”, or whatever you want to define it.
   He is bonded with his best bud, Ken Kamata. Toby is rarely
    seen anywhere outside without Ken.
   He is sort of a class clown, which is why I picked this
    representation of him.
April: She is the character which the story is based
  around. She’s the most “in-depth personality.”
Melanie: She is a very important character who thaws
  April out and partners with April to create the Egypt
Toby: He joins the Egypt Game near the end and “spices
  things up.”
Professor Huddleston: Not a main character, but an
  important part in the climax.
   One day, April Dawn arrives at the Casa Rosada, which is best
    described as a petrified birthday cake. The apartment complex
    hosted many interesting individuals. April is homesick because
    she was sent away by her mother to live with her grandmother
    for a while. April is bitter at her grandmother and cold with any
    other people in the apartment. She throws people off with a
    detached personality, fur stool, huge purse, and an upswept
    hairdo. Coincidently, there is a girl named Melanie in the
    apartment who knows just how to deal with these type of
    people. At first, April keeps on acting frozen to her, but
    Melanie’s insistent efforts at making friends wins in. Finally, the
    Great Snowball melted.
   After they established a friendship, April and Melanie found
    common ground. They both were fascinated with other cultures.
    They had the idea of creating their own little culture in the
    backyard of an antique shop owner. But the question was,
    which culture to choose from? Finally, they decided on Egypt,
    which is kind of revealed by the title of the book…Anyway, they
    decided to call it the Egypt Game. Along with Melanie and April,
    Melanie’s four-year-old brother, Marshall, joined in. Marshall
    was surprisingly mature, never fooling around and saying just
    what he needed to say, albeit the fact that he carries a stuffed
    octopus named Security. Melanie and April constantly came up
    with ideas for the Egypt game, such as performing ancient
    rituals and making a plastic bust of Nefertiti an idol to Isis, who
    was a goddess and a queen. At about this time, new members
    started joining the Egypt Game…
   At this moment, a girl named Elizabeth Chung arrived at the
    “Petrified Birthday Cake.” At first, Melanie and April didn’t want
    her to join their game, because a “nine-year-old would just
    mess up the Egypt Game and think it was really just a silly
    game. Their opinions, though, were soon changed. Elizabeth
    didn’t have many ideas (April and Melanie had way too many
    anyway), she supplied constant enthusiasm to push the Egypt
    Game to the next level. As the Egyptians assembled their own
    personal empire, Toby Alvillar and Ken Kamata popped up. At
    first, they didn’t seem interested in the Egypt Game, because
    “they were too cool for that,” but they soon relinquished. They
    were interested in the Egypt Game, Toby more so than Ken, but
    that was when strange things started to happen…
   When Toby and Ken arrived, they also supplied a steady stream
    of ideas. For example, Toby brought in a real dead stuffed owl
    to serve as Thoth, the god of wisdom. He came up with and
    idea…write a question on a piece of paper, and put it in the
    beak of Thoth, and the next day, see if there were answers to
    the questions…Of course, none of them expected answers. But
    strangely, the next day, there were answers. Also, Melanie had
    found a jagged dark stone on the sidewalk. She named it the
    Crocodile Stone, and placed it as a symbol of Set, the Evil One.
    And even more strange is that the Crocodile Stone was moving
    each day. Were there greater forces at work here? Had the
    Egypt Game really come alive? Well, to find out, I suggest that
    you should…
   I think that the author is trying to tell the reader to
    lead an exciting life and let your imagination run wild.
    All of the chapters have at least one idea and addition
    to the Egypt Game. The main characters are all
    imaginative and creative. The theme can even be
    applied to real-life situations too(think Galileo). He had
    controversial beliefs that no one accepted at first, but
    he was proved right in the end. The author is saying to
    not let peers, plausibility, or even physical laws of
    space and time limit your ideas. You know the
    saying…rules are made to be broken. Even laws of
    physics. Oh and one last thing…

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