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October 24-26, 2010
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, IL

                        Planning Committee:
                        David E. Matyas, Esq., Program Chair
                        Barry D. Alexander, Esq.
                        Michael F. Schaff, Esq.
                        Asha B. Scielzo, Esq.
                    Fundamentals of Health Law
                                       Program Agenda

    Sunday, October 24, 2010                               5:30-6:30 pm
    12:00 noon-5:30 pm                                         Reception (attendees, speakers and registered
        Registration and Information                           spouses and guests welcome)

    GENERAL SESSION                                        6:30-7:30 pm
    12:45-1:05 pm                                              Diversity Reception
        Welcome and Introduction                               In an effort to further the Association’s diversity
        David E. Matyas                                        initiatives, AHLA‘s Advisory Council on Diversity
        Peter Leibold                                          will host a reception to celebrate diversity in the
                                                               health law bar and provide a venue for attendees
    1:05-2:55 pm                                               of diverse backgrounds to network with their
        Fundamentals of the “Reformed” Medicare                AHLA colleagues. Please indicate on the
        Program                                                registration form if you plan to attend.
        Barry D. Alexander
        James F. Flynn                                     Monday, October 25, 2010
    •	 Brief history and structure of the Medicare         7:00 am-5:35 pm
        program                                                Registration and Information
    •	 The relationship between the various parts of
        the Medicare Program                               7:00-8:00 am
    •	 Breakdown of Parts A and B coverage,                    Continental Breakfast (attendees, speakers and
        reimbursement and appeals                              registered spouses and guests welcome)
    •	 Overview of Parts C and D
    •	 Impact of healthcare reform                         GENERAL SESSION
    •	 Current hot topics and CMS regulatory initiatives   8:00-8:10 am
    2:55-3:10 pm                                               Gerald M. Griffith, AHLA President-Elect
                                                           8:10-9:30 am
    3:10-4:20 pm                                               Healthcare Reform: Resetting the Compass
        False Claims, Overpayments and Defending               Beth Schermer
        Audits                                             •	 Individual access to coverage and insurance
        Michael E. Paulhus                                     reform
        Andrew B. Wachler                                  •	 Delivery system and payment reform
    •	 Civil False Claims Act and recent amendments        •	 New enforcement and regulatory provisions
    •	 Successful strategies for defending False Claims    •	 Workforce and related initiatives
        Act cases
    •	 The current audit landscape and recent develop-     9:30-10:45 am
        ments related to audits                                Antitrust Issues
    •	 Successful strategies for defending an audit            David Marx, Jr.
                                                           •	 The antitrust laws, their purpose, and their
    4:20-5:30 pm                                               public and private enforcers
        Anti-Kickback and Stark                            •	 Antitrust issues—from per se rules of illegality
        David E. Matyas                                        to the North Texas Specialty Physicians “sliding
    •	 What is the federal physician self-referral law         scale” to full-blown rule of reason analysis
        and why is it called the “Stark Law”?              •	 Joint ventures and other collaborative
    •	 What is prohibited by the Anti-Kickback Statute         arrangements, including provider networks
        and what are the “safe harbors”?                   •	 Hot topics, including: The revised merger
    •	 What role do Special Fraud Alerts and Advisory          guidelines, the status of litigation regarding
        Opinions play in providing legal advice to my          “pay-for-delay” settlements and clinical
        clients?                                               integration through Accountable Care
    •	 What are some of the recent government                  Organizations
        enforcement actions related to these statutes?
    •	 How did Health Reform change these Laws?

                                      Chicago, IL
                                   Program Agenda

10:45-11:00 am                                          C. Privacy and Security of Health Information:
    Break                                                  HIPAA, HITECH and Red Flags
                                                           Rebecca C. Fayed
11:00 am-12:15 pm                                       •	 HIPAA privacy and security rules
    Tax Exemption and Tax Issues                        •	 HITECH Act and proposed rule modifying HIPAA
    Gerald M. Griffith                                     privacy, security and enforcement rules
•	 The basics of tax-exempt status for healthcare       •	 HHS Breach Notification Rule
    organizations after PPACA                           •	 HHS guidance on securing PHI
•	 Tax impact on deal structures – joint ventures       •	 Red Flag Rules
    and reorganizations
•	 Operational issues: UBI, excess benefit,             3:05-4:15 pm
    compensation, governance, transparency,             D. Introduction to Medical Coding for Lawyers
    private use, worker classification                      (not repeated)
•	 Current IRS initiatives and audit issues                 Robert A. Pelaia
                                                        •	 The	basics	of	procedural	(CPT)	coding	including	
12:15-1:30 pm                                               Evaluation & Management (E&M) coding
    Lunch on your own or attend the Regulation,         •	 Diagnosis	(ICD-9	and	ICD-10)	coding	
    Accreditation, and Payment, Hospitals and           •	 Guidance	on	how	to	use	the	CPT	&	ICD	coding	
    Health Systems and Physician Organizations              manuals
    Practice Group Joint Luncheon (additional fee,      •	 OIG-suggested	coding	best	practices
    limited attendance, pre-registration required;
    see page 11)                                        E. Life Cycle of a Physician-Practice
                                                           Elizabeth A. Kastner
    Conducting Regulatory Research                         Michael F. Schaff
    Barry D. Alexander                                  •	 Who	is	your	client?	
    Dinetia M. Newman                                   •	 Who	can	employ	a	physician?	
                                                        •	 Basic	issues	in	physician	employment	contracts	
CONCURRENT SESSIONS                                     •	 Becoming	a	shareholder	in	a	medical	practice	
1:45-2:55 pm                                            •	 Retirement/sale	
A. Labor and Employment (not repeated)                  •	 Post-termination	restrictions	(such	as	
    William P. Schurgin                                    non-competes; use of medical records)
•	 Statutory and regulatory framework                   •	 Terminating/dissolving	a	medical	practice
•	 Key recent developments in disability
    discrimination under the Americans with             F. Corporate Compliance and Corporate
    Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008                    Governance
•	 The rise in wage and hour compliance/ class             Charles E. Reiter, III
    action litigation issues                               Asha B. Scielzo
•	 Emerging union organizing issues affecting           •	 Navigating	the	compliance	landscape	
    healthcare employers                                •	 The	elements	of	an	effective	corporate	
•	 Evaluating proactive approaches to reduce the           compliance program
    risk of liability under labor and employment laws   •	 Contrasting	corporate	compliance	programs	
                                                           and corporate integrity agreements
B. Legal Ethics: Attorney-Client Privilege in the       •	 Good	corporate	governance	
   Healthcare Setting                                   •	 The	intersection	of	compliance	and	governance
   Myra C. Selby
•	 The fundamentals of attorney-client privilege
•	 Who is the client? How do you decide?
•	 Protecting privilege in various settings such as
   audit, inspection, investigation (applicable laws
   including HIPAA, state laws of patient protec-
   tion, peer review, evidence)

                    Fundamentals of Health Law
                                       Program Agenda

    4:25-5:35 pm                                         GENERAL SESSION
    G. Fundamentals of Medicaid and Integration          8:00-9:00 am
        with Healthcare Reform (not repeated)                Anatomy of a Hospital/Health System
        Jennifer L. Evans                                    Affiliation
    •	 History and basics around Medicaid (waiver            Asha B. Scielzo
        process, State Plans, etc.)                          Beth Rachel Spitz
    •	 Medicaid: Current status                          •	 Structuring the transaction
        – Coverage, benefits, financing                  •	 Due diligence, LOI/MOU and confidentiality
        – Themes and trends                              •	 Mechanics of the definitive agreement
    •	 Medicaid Program Integrity                        •	 Closing and post closing
    •	 New legislation
        – ARRA                                           9:00-9:45 am
        – CHIPRA                                             How Healthcare Reform Will Transform
                                                             Provider Relationships
    H. The Physician Hospital Relationship: Crafting         Peter A. Pavarini
       Medical Staff Bylaws to Minimize Risks and            Michael F. Schaff
       Maximize Collaboration                            •	 The	state	of	provider	integration	before	PPACA
       Karen S. Rieger                                   •	 Healthcare	reform	imperatives	for	a	new	
    •	 Key	legal	considerations	in	the	physician	            hospital-physician performance platform, such
       hospital relationship                                 as bundled payments and Medicare and
    •	 Impact	of	Joint	Commission	MS.01.01.01	on	            Medicaid forms of payment risk sharing
       Medical Staff Bylaws and the physician hospital   •	 Ownership,	governance	and	operational	models	
       relationship                                          for creating integrated delivery models that will
    •	 Credentialing	issues,	including	corporate	            form the foundation of the new delivery system
       negligence risk and HCQIA protection              •	 The	role	of	Accountable	Health	Organizations	
    •	 Specific	credentialing	challenges	in	light	of	        in achieving meaningful resource management,
       growth in hospital-based physicians                   coordinated care and quality improvement
       (hospitalists, intensivists, etc.)                •	 Key	considerations	for	the	successful	
    •	 Options	in	connection	with	call	coverage	             implementation of this newest generation of
       payments                                              integrated delivery systems, including advanced
                                                             health information technology, and adequate
    B. Legal Ethics: Attorney-Client Privilege in the        numbers of primary care physicians and other
       Healthcare Setting (repeat)                           health professionals
                                                         •	 Potential	federal	and	state	legal	hurdles	to	
    5:35-6:45 pm                                             achieving this heightened degree of integration
        Reception sponsored by Medical Protective            and corresponding strategies for overcoming
        (attendees, speakers and registered spouses          them
        and guests welcome)
                                                         10:05-11:15 am
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010                            J. Introduction to Long Term Care, Home Care
    7:00 am-4:15 pm                                          and Hospice Law (not repeated)
        Registration and Information                         Todd J. Selby
                                                         •	 Medicare	and	Medicaid	coverage	and
    7:00-8:00 am                                             reimbursement for nursing homes, home health
        Continental Breakfast                                agencies and hospices
        (attendees, speakers and registered spouses      •	 The	Medicare	Conditions	of	Participation	(CoPs)	
        and guests welcome)                                  and the federally mandated survey process
                                                             impacting nursing homes, home health
                                                             agencies and hospices

                                       Chicago, IL
                                    Program Agenda

•	   Appeals	available	to	nursing	homes,	home	         CONCURRENT SESSIONS
     health agencies and hospices in the event of an   1:55-3:05 pm
     adverse determination impacting their ability     M. The Art of War: E-Discovery in the Electronic
     to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid           Medical Record Environment (not repeated)
     programs                                              Melissa L. Markey
•	   Health	reform	initiatives	implemented	by	the	     •	 When	should	health	lawyers	anticipate	the	need	
     Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act            to engage in e-discovery?
     (PPACA) for nursing homes, home                   •	 What	types	of	electronic	communications	and	
     health agencies and hospices                          documents are subject to discovery
                                                       •	 Why	should	every	health	lawyer	be	thinking	
K. Provider Liability Issues in 2011 and Beyond            about e-discovery now?
   James W. Saxton                                     •	 What	are	some	of	the	basic	concepts	that	
•	 The	types	of	and	elements	of	professional	              underlie e-discovery?
   liability claims
•	 Variations	of	the	standard	provider	liability	      H. The Physician Hospital Relationship: Crafting
   claims                                                 Medical Staff Bylaws to Minimize Risks and
•	 How	the	recent	Healthcare	Reform	bills	could	          Maximize Collaboration (repeat)
   impact liability risk
•	 Strategies	to	reduce	the	risk	of	claims             K. Provider Liability Issues in 2011 and Beyond
F. Corporate Compliance and Corporate
   Governance (repeat)                                 GENERAL SESSION
                                                          3:15-4:15 pm
11:25 am-12:35 pm                                         Pulling It All Together – An Integration
L. Managed Care Nuts and Bolts (not repeated)             Case Study
    Lois Cornell                                          Barry D. Alexander (Moderator)
•	 The	regulatory	maze	                                   Gerald M. Griffith
•	 Contracts,	risks	and	challenges	for	managed	           David Marx, Jr.
    care plans                                            David E. Matyas
•	 Managed	care	under	health	reform
C. Privacy and Security of Health Information:
   HIPAA, HITECH and Red Flags (repeat)

E. Life Cycle of a Physician-Practice Association
12:35-1:45 pm
    Lunch on your own or attend Careers in Health
    Law Luncheon
    (additional fee, limited attendance,
    pre-registration required; see page 11)

                    Fundamentals of Health Law
                                      Program Faculty
    PLANNING COMMITTEE                Gerald M. Griffith, Esq.           Karen S. Rieger, Esq.
                                      Jones Day                          Crowe & Dunlevy PC
    David E. Matyas, Esq.             Chicago, IL                        Oklahoma City, OK
    Program Chair
    Epstein Becker & Green PC         Elizabeth A. Kastner, Esq.         James W. Saxton, Esq.
    Washington, DC                    Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP    Stevens & Lee PC
                                      Columbus, OH                       Lancaster, PA
    Barry D. Alexander, Esq.
    Nelson Mullins Riley &            Melissa L. Markey, Esq.            Beth Schermer, Esq.
    Scarborough LLP                   Hall Render Killian Heath &        Coppersmith Schermer &
    Raleigh, NC                       Lyman PC                           Brockelman PLC
                                      Troy, MI                           Phoenix, AZ
    Michael F. Schaff, Esq.
    Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer PA      David Marx, Jr., Esq.              William P. Schurgin, Esq.
    Woodbridge, NJ                    McDermott Will & Emery LLP         Seyfarth Shaw LLP
                                      Chicago, IL                        Chicago, IL
    Asha B. Scielzo, Esq.
    Jones Day                         Dinetia M. Newman, Esq.            Myra C. Selby, Esq.
    Washington, DC                    Balch & Bingham LLP                Ice Miller LLP
                                      Jackson, MS                        Indianapolis, IN

    Lois Cornell, Esq.                Michael E. Paulhus, Esq.           Todd J. Selby, Esq.
    Senior	Vice	President	of	Human	   King & Spalding LLP                Hall Render Killian Heath &
    Resources, General Counsel        Atlanta, GA                        Lyman PC
    Tufts Health Plan, Inc.                                              Indianapolis, IN
    Watertown, MA                     Peter A. Pavarini, Esq.
                                      Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP       Beth Rachel Spitz, Esq.
    Jennifer L. Evans, Esq.           Columbus, OH                       Office of Legal Affairs
    Faegre & Benson LLP                                                  The University of Chicago Medical
    Denver, CO                        Robert A. Pelaia, Esq.             Center
                                      Senior University Counsel for      Chicago, IL
    Rebecca C. Fayed, Esq.            Health Affairs-Jacksonville
    Sonnenschein Nath &               University of Florida              Andrew B. Wachler, Esq.
    Rosenthal LLP                     Jacksonville, FL                   Wachler & Associates PC
    Washington, DC                                                       Royal Oak, MI
                                      Charles E. Reiter, III, Esq.
    James F. Flynn, Esq.              Vice	President,	General	Counsel	
    Bricker & Eckler LLP              and Secretary
    Columbus, OH                      Loyola University Health System
                                      Maywood, IL

                                  Chicago, IL
                           Program at a Glance

Sunday, October 24, 2010

12:00 noon–                                Registration and Information
5:30 pm

12:45–                                      Welcome and Introduction
1:05 pm                                         Matyas, Leibold

1:05–                           Fundamentals of the “Reformed” Medicare Program
2:55 pm                                          Alexander, Flynn

2:55–                                                  Break
3:10 pm

3:10–                           False Claims, Overpayments and Defending Audits
4:20 pm                                         Paulhus, Wachler

4:20–                                         Anti-Kickback and Stark
5:30 pm                                               Matyas

5:30–                                                Reception
6:30 pm                   (attendees, speakers and registered spouses and guests welcome)

Monday, October 25, 2010

7:00 am–                                   Registration and Information
5:35 pm

7:00–                                           Continental Breakfast
8:00 am                   (attendees, speakers and registered spouses and guests welcome)

8:00–                                              8:00-8:10 am
9:30 am                                              Welcome

                                                  8:10-9:30 am
                                    Healthcare Reform: Resetting the Compass

9:30–                                             Antitrust Issues
10:45 am                                                Marx

10:45–                                                 Break
11:00 am–

11:00 am–                                  Tax Exemption and Tax Issues
12:15 pm                                             Griffith

12:15–         Lunch on your own or attend the Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment, Hospitals and
1:30 pm             Health Systems and Physician Organizations Practice Group Joint Luncheon
                      (additional fee, limited attendance, pre-registration required; see page 11)

                                         Conducting Regulatory Research
                                               Alexander, Newman

1:45–         A. Labor and Employment       B. Legal Ethics: Attorney-     C. Privacy and Security of
2:55 pm             (not repeated)            Client Privilege in the      Health Information: HIPAA,
                                               Healthcare Setting            HITECH and Red Flags

                     Schurgin                        M. Selby                         Fayed

                  Fundamentals of Health Law
                                Program at a Glance

    Monday, October 25, 2010 (Continued)
    3:05–        D. Introduction to Medical            E. Life Cycle of a          F. Corporate Compliance and
    4:15 pm          Coding for Lawyers               Physician-Practice               Corporate Governance
                        (not repeated)
                                                            Kastner                            Reiter
                           Pelaia                           Schaff                             Scielzo

    4:25–       G. Fundamentals of Medicaid  H. The Physician Hospital               B. Legal Ethics: Attorney-
    5:35 pm         and Integration with       Relationships: Crafting                 Client Privilege in the
                     Healthcare Reform         Medical Staff Bylaws to                  Healthcare Setting
                       (not repeated)       Minimize Risks and Maximize                       (repeat)

                           Evans                             Rieger                           M. Selby

    5:35–                                Reception sponsored by Medical Protective
    6:45 pm                   (attendees, speakers and registered spouses and guests welcome)

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010
    7:00 am–                                     Registration and Information
    4:15 pm

    7:00–                                            Continental Breakfast
    8:00 am                    (attendees, speakers and registered spouses and guests welcome)

    8:00–                              Anatomy of a Hospital/Health System Affiliation
    9:00 am                                            Scielzo, Spitz

    9:00–                       How Healthcare Reform Will Transform Provider Relationships
    9:45 AM                                          Pavarini, Schaff

    10:05–          J. Introduction to                K. Provider Liability         F. Corporate Compliance and
    11:15 am        Long Term Care,                   in 2011 and Beyond                Corporate Governance
                Home Care and Hospice Law                                                      (repeat)
                      (not repeated)
                          T. Selby                           Saxton                             Scielzo

    11:25 am–      L. Managed Care Nuts           C. Privacy and Security of         E. Life Cycle of a Physician-
    12:35 pm             and Bolts                Health Information: HIPAA,             Practice Association
                       (not repeated)               HITECH and Red Flags                        (repeat)
                           Cornell                            Fayed                             Schaff

    12:35–                      Lunch on your own or attend Careers in Health Law Luncheon
    1:45 pm                (additional fee, limited attendance, pre-registration required; see page 11)

    1:55–            M. The Art of War:           H. The Physician Hospital               K. Provider Liability
    3:05 pm     E-Discovery in the Electronic   Relationships: Crafting Medical          in 2011 and Beyond
                Medical Record Environment      Staff Bylaws to Minimize Risks                  (repeat)
                       (not repeated)            and Maximize Collaboration

                          Markey                             Rieger                             Saxton

    3:15–                             Pulling It All Together – An Integration Case Study
    4:15 pm                             Alexander (Moderator), Griffith, Marx, Matyas

                                        Chicago, IL
                                  Program Information

Dates:     October 24-26, 2010                            2417. Website: This seminar will
Place:    Hyatt Regency Chicago                           be worth approximately 21.0 CPE credits.
          151 East Wacker Drive                           Hotel Reservations: Hotel accommodations are not
          Chicago, IL 60601                               included in the registration fee. For Reservations
Phone: (312) 565 1234                                     at the Hyatt Regency, please call (888) 421 1442.
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   Healthcare Reform Law
   Resource Guide
    Learn all you need to know about the
    new healthcare reform legislation
    (Patient Protection & Affordable Care                  Healthcare Reform Law
    Act of 2010)! Expert articles and                         Resource Guide
    analysis on how the law impacts:

    	Payors, Plans, & Managed Care
    	Medicare & Medicaid
    	Physicians & Physician Organizations
    	Hospitals & Health Systems
    	Accountable Care
    	Fraud & Abuse                               Barry D. Alexander          Steven J. Fox      Philip H. Lebowitz      Robert T. Rhoad
                                                   William M. Altman        Bruce Merlin Fried       Amy Lerman          James B. Riley, Jr.
    	Long Term Care, Senior Housing,           Jana Kolarik Anderson
                                                     Dennis M. Barry
                                                                          Benjamin M. Friedman
                                                                             Katherine Funk
                                                                                                    David T. Lewis
                                                                                                    Kimberly Licata
                                                                                                                        Donald H. Romano
                                                                                                                          Adam J. Rogers

       In-Home Care, & Rehabilitation
                                                   John T. Brennan, Jr.     Mark Hamelburg        Charles A. Luband        Hedy Rubinger
                                                 Bernadette M. Broccolo      Joel M. Hamme        Holley Thames Lutz    Elizabeth C. Sacco
                                                     Daniel B. Brown         Jolie N. Havens      Kashmira Makwana       Michael F. Schaff
                                                  Thomas C. Brown, Jr.       Alex M. Hendler     Charlene L. McGinty        Vadim Schick

    	Employee Benefits                         Margaret H. Campbell
                                                       Jason Caron
                                                   Benjamin J. Conley
                                                                            Sandra K. Herron
                                                                           Robert G. Homchick
                                                                            Neal T. Goldstein
                                                                                                     Claire F. Miley
                                                                                                    Sarah Mutinsky
                                                                                                   Peter A. Pavarini
                                                                                                                          J. Scott Schoeffel
                                                                                                                        Francis J. Serbaroli
                                                                                                                         Michael L. Silhol

    	Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals,
                                                   Richard G. Cowart       Deborah C. Gordon         Kay M. Perry           Julie A. Simer
                                                    Gary Scott Davis         David D. Green      Whitney Magee Phelps        Ian D. Spatz
                                                      Joan A. Disler        Marsha Greenfield        Holly Pierson      Thomas J. Stallings

       Medical Devices, and Research
                                                    Gregory N. Etzel      Sandra Caron George       Glenn P. Prives      Jennifer A. Stiller
                                                   Matthew S. Fenster        Jessica Grozine       Jennifer L. Rangel      Judith A. Waltz
                                                  Matthew T. Fornataro        Patricia King        R. Brent Rawlings        Janice Ziegler

    	Health Information Technology                                               A publication of the American Health Lawyers Association

    	Antitrust
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To register: Remit payment and completed registration form by mail to the American Health Lawyers
Association	•	P.O.	Box	79340	•	Baltimore,	MD	21279-0340	or	fax	with	credit	card	information	to	
(202) 775-2482. To register by phone call (202) 833-1100, prompt #2. If any program is over-subscribed,
only AHLA members will be placed on a waiting list. On-site registrations will be accepted on a space-
available basis only.
Name: _________________________________ Member ID #: _________________________________
First Name for Badge (if different than above):_________________________________________________
Title: _________________________________________________________________________________
Organization: __________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State: _______ ZIP+ 4: _________________________
Telephone: (______) __________________________ Fax: (______) _____________________________
Spouse/Guest Name ____________________________________________________________________

Early Registration Fees (faxed/postmarked and paid on or before October 5, 2010):
    AHLA Members: N $710                Non-Members: N $935
    Second AHLA member registering from same organization at same time on the same check or credit
    card payment: N $635

Registration Fees (faxed/postmarked and paid between October 6 and October 20, 2010):
   AHLA Members: N $835                 Non-Members: N $1060
    Second AHLA member registering from same organization at same time on the same check or credit
    card payment: N $760
Group Registration: N $625 per person when three or more people from the same organization
register at the same time

Paralegal Registration
   N $425 Members N $450 Non-Members (includes one year of e-membership)
I will require: N audio N visual N mobility N other assistance________________________________
N I have special dietary needs____________________________________________________________
N I plan to attend the Diversity Reception
Please fill in applicable amount: (Sorry! Registrations cannot be processed unless
accompanied by payment.)
$______________ Registration Fee
$______________ Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment, Hospitals and Health Systems, and Physician
                Organizations Practice Groups Luncheon ($35 for members of the RAP, HHS or PO
                PG/$45 for non-members; Monday, October 25, 2010)
$______________ Careers in Health Law ($40 AHLA members and non-members; Tuesday, October 26,
$______________ Spouse/Guest Fee ($30)
$______________ Membership Dues (Date admitted to the bar/graduated:        N N/ N N/ N N  )
$______________ Total Enclosed
N Check enclosed (Make checks payable to American Health Lawyers Association)
Bill my credit card:   N   Á        N    Ò         NÅ            N¸            N Diners Club
Number: ______________________________________________ Exp. Date:                N N/N N
Name of Cardholder: ____________________________________________________________________
Signature of Cardholder: _________________________________________________________________
ZIP Code of Cardholder’s Billing Address ____________________________________________________

Please Note: Should your credit card total be miscalculated, AHLA will charge your credit card for the correct
amount. To receive a refund of the registration fee paid minus $125, cancellation notice must be received in
writing by October 15, 2010. Please see page 9 of this brochure for AHLA’s full refund policy.
Fed ID No. 23-7333380

                                     First-Class Mail
                                     U.S. Postage Paid
1620 Eye Street, NW                   Suburban, MD
6th Floor                            Permit No. 4841
Washington, DC 200009-4010

of Health Law
October 24-26, 2010

Chicago, IL
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