Notice of Intent to Discharge by zcn21426


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									                                             Plan Turn-in Checklist
                                                   Revised 03/12/07
Letting Date:                                             Methods Turn-in Date:
Contracts Turn-in Date:                                   Date Turned into Methods:
PIN:                                              Project #:

Route #:                 Location:

Plans printed from PFD file(s) and reviewed?                Yes        No

Plans complete?            Yes         No
If "No", has this been discussed with Contracts?      Yes         No
With whom was this discussed?
Provide sheet numbers that are not yet complete and date they will be completed:

Are Project Scheduling Bid Items Up-To-Date?                   Yes      No

Plans turned in electronically?        Yes      No
Items likely to change (please provide sheet numbers):

Is this project currently combined (tied) with another?                Yes        No
If "Yes", please list the other project(s):

If "No", can this project be combined (tied) with another?             Yes        No

Does location description on Title Sheet match PSS?                    Yes        No
Is there a 404 Permit?           Yes         No
Notice of Intent/Stormwater Discharge Permit:
    Required?                    Yes         No
    Already submitted?         Yes       No
    If Notice of Intent/Stormwater Discharge Permit are required, but not already submitted, provide date when
    they will be submitted:
Special Provision:
    Required?                          Yes        No       If "Yes", make sure this information is entered into PSS.
    Already submitted to Specifications?          Yes          No
    Included with plan?                    Yes        No
    If a Special Provision is required, but not already submitted or included, provide date when it will be
Developmental Specification:
    Required?                          Yes        No       If "Yes", make sure this information is entered into PSS.
    Controller and Specifications notified?         Yes           No
    Submitted to Specifications (new or modified DS only)?         Yes        No
    If a new or modified Development Specification is required, but not already submitted to Specifications,
    provide date when it will be submitted:
Reviewed by:                                 Person who reviewed:            Date:            Changes suggested?
  Contracts                                                                                       Yes           No
  Materials                                                                                       Yes           No
  Central Construction                                                                            Yes           No
  Traffic Engineering and Safety                                                                  Yes           No
  Specifications                                                                                  Yes           No
  RCE                                                                                             Yes           No
  District                                                                                        Yes           No
  FHWA                                                                                            Yes           No
  Other                                                                                           Yes           No
                                     REVIEW PLAN DISTRIBUTION LIST
                                                                Revised 5-1-07
                                             Please fill in and submit with plan to Judy Lensing
  Design Section:                                       Letting Date:                         Plans to Methods - Date:
  County:                                                            Event (D6-9)(E1-2):

  PIN:                                                                  Project Estimate Updated in PSS

  Project No.:                                                       Location:

Check which condition below applies:
     Methods Turn-in                                Contracts Turn-in                                        Contracts Turn-in
                                       (Plan Turned in at Methods Turn-in)                     (Plan Not Turned in at Methods Turn-in)

Check which District and RCE that applies:

  District 1 (Local Mail - 1 copy)                           District 2                                         District 3
    Ames                                                           Mason City                                      Sioux City
         Des Moines RCE (Local Mail)                                 Britt RCE                                       Sioux City RCE
         Jefferson RCE                                               New Hampton RCE                                 Cherokee RCE
         Marshalltown RCE

  District 4                                                 District 5                                         District 6
    Atlantic                                                       Fairfield                                       Cedar Rapids
         Creston RCE                                                 Chariton RCE                                    Davenport RCE
         Council Bluffs RCE                                          Mt. Pleasant RCE                                Manchester RCE
                                                                     Ottumwa RCE

  Special Instructions/Notes:

  Methods Section:            Half Size Plans Sent To Contracts
                               Plan Revision Deadline Date
  Send Plans To:

    Scott Hanson/Krandel Jack      Contracts                                     Others (Write or type in)
    Jim Berger                     Materials (no cross-sections)
    John Smythe                    Construction
    Tim Crouch                     Traffic and Safety (no cross-sections)
    Chris Brakke                   Pavement Design (no cross-sections)
    Dave Skogerboe                 Rural 1
    Yanxiao Jia                    Rural 2
    Paul Flattery                  Rural 3
    Jim Schoenrock                 Rural 5
    Randall Schlei                 Consultant Coordination
     Mark Masteller                Roadside Development
     Jerry Lavine                  Grimes Maintenance Office
     Cy Quick                      District 1 Staff Engineer (Local Mail)
     George Martens                District 1 Staff Engineer (Local Mail)
     Joe Jurassic                  FHWA

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