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									Russell Solomon Launched New Louisiana Cyber Bully Prevention

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 Russell Solomon Louisiana Cyber Bully Prevention Campaign Is Raising The Bar

  Russell Solomon Louisiana Cyber Bully Prevention Campaign Is Raising The Bar
Online PR News – 05-May-2011 May 5, 2011 Louisiana – Fitness Expert Russell Solomon has join
forces in the effort to prevent bullying as a result of teen age obesity. Teen obesity is only one of the
triggers of both in school bully and cyber bully attacks.

Overweight adolescents are more likely than normal-weight children to be victims and perpetrators
of bullying, a study found bolstering evidence that being fat endangers emotional as well as
physical health.

The results in a study of 5,749 Canadian youngsters echo data from British research and follow a
U.S. study published last year in which obese children rated their quality of life as low as young
cancer patients' because of teasing and weight-related health problems.

Russell Solomon has launched the first wave of the campaign against bullying in Louisiana with
Baton Rouge being the kick off city. In a recent interview with Russell Solomon he mentioned that
Louisiana has made great progress in the fight against bullying but it’s now time to join forces with
other efforts.

“Bullying and teen obesity prevention has always been battled on two separate fronts but combing
the efforts will help in increasing awareness and protection. This new Louisiana campaign will raise
the bar of prevention and focus on the bully as well as the victim.”

According to the Canadian study - About 8 percent of normal-weight children said they were
perpetrators, compared with 11 percent of overweight youngsters and 9 percent of the obese

Obese boys and girls were more than two times more likely than normal-weight youngsters to be
                                                                                   Obese girls were about
victims of "relational" bullying — being intentionally left out of social activities.
twice as likely to be physically bullied on a weekly basis than normal-weight girls; among obese
boys the risk was slightly lower but still substantially higher than for normal-weight boys.

Obese girls were more than five times more likely than normal-weight girls to physically bully other
youngsters at least once weekly. Among boys the risk of being physically aggressive was only
slightly increased, but they were more than twice as likely to make fun of others and spread lies and
rumors than normal-weight boys.

Tyronne Jacques the author of How To Fight Google And Win says that it’s about time that an effort
was made to address the why certain teens are picked on more than others.

“What happens in the halls of a high school will quickly make its way to Facebook and Twitter, as in
the case of Phoebe Prince. In my field of Reputation Management we are often called in to repair
the damages in the aftermath of a cyber-bully attack, therefore I applaud the efforts in Louisiana to
address to issue before we can get the call.”

If you would like to join forces with Russell Solomon in raising the bar in Bullying prevention in
Louisiana please visit

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