Non Profit Organisation Registration Form C o r p o r a t e V o l u n t e e r i n g 2009 by hhg78080


Non Profit Event Registration Form document sample

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									                                                        Non-Profit Organisation Registration Form

                                             C o r p o r a t e V o l u n t e e r i n g 2009

                                                         Please return to.
Postal:                                                        Fax:                                    Email:
76 Carrington Street, (P O Box 525)                            02 6622 0235                  
                                       For further information, contact 02 6621 7397.

Name of organisation or group

Name of contact person/ Position

Phone                                    (     )                                   Fax        (    )

Email / Web Address

Street and (Postal) addresses

Please include post code

Quick survey

What is your organisation’s purpose?

What expertise or kind of help is your organisation in need of?

Do volunteers in your organisation need special clearance i.e. police
checks and/or special training and can you provide it?

Have you used corporate volunteers before? Please explain.

Have you received other forms of business contributions before? What?

What projects can corporate volunteers get involved in within your organisation? (If you have been knocked back for funding for a
particular project, could corporate volunteering be another way to see the project through?)

Further comments
                                                    Non-Profit Organisation Registration Form (Continued)

                                     PARTICULARS OF VOLUNTEER JOB INFORMATION

                                               Please use one form for each job. Thank you.


Event/Job title:

Days/Date:                                                                Times:

Maximum Hours:

No. of Volunteers Required


Event/Job Description (Be specific – see attachment)

Special Requirements (eg. Training, working with children check etc…)

Lurks and Perks (eg. Free dinner, business recognition, reference etc…)

Contact Person

Phone:                                    E-Mail:
                                            Non-Profit Organisation Registration Form (Continue d)

                        A CHECKLIST FOR COMMUNITY GROUPS

* Are the project and / or volunteers’ jobs clearly defined?

* Have you confirmed the number of volunteers involved?

* Do you have current volunteers’ insurance which covers all the activities expected of volunteers?

* Have you had direct contact with the volunteers’ team leader?

* Has the team leader inspected the work site before hand?

* Have you arranged for volunteers to be given appropriate job orientation and / or training?

* Are the necessary equipment and materials available?

* Does the work environment meet occupational health and safety requirements?

* Have arrangements been made for work breaks, refreshments, lunch, etc…

* Have you determined who will reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses?

* Have you considered how to acknowledge or recognise the business?

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