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By Corey M

We begin with a shot of the whole beach camp, with Jack and co. rebuilding their tents. Kate approaches Claire. KATE: “Hey, Claire. Can I talk to you about something?” CLAIRE (In a good mood): “Anything, Kate.” KATE: “Jack…He and I were together off the island… we were engaged. We were taking care of Aaron. But then he changed…He started drinking and taking pills…He wasn’t the same anymore…We split up. And now he comes up and tells me that he wants me back, and…I just don’t know how to tell him it’s over.” CLAIRE: “Kate, do you love him or do you not?” Kate sits down and runs her hands through her hair. KATE: “I…I’m not sure, Claire. He’s become a different person…But I know somewhere, he’s still who he was the day of the crash.” CLAIRE: “Well, Kate, I can’t decide for you. It’s your choice. You have to decide yourself. It’s not mine to tell you how to talk to him.”

Sawyer interrupts SAWYER: “Well, you two seem to have some juicy gossip at hand here.” KATE: “Go away, James.” SAWYER: “Jeez, I’m sorry, Miss Pushy.” Sawyer exits the scene. Now we are with Miles and Juliet, who are walking through the jungle. MILES: “Well, apart from all other questions I have for you, where are we going?” JULIET: “We’re going back to 815’s beach camp. It’s the best place for us to start.” MILES: “Yeah, alright. So what happened to you?” JULIET: “What do you mean?” MILES: “Back in ’77. What happened to you after that bomb exploded? I thought I saw you fall down the same well that the bomb was in.” JULIET: “Yeah, Miles. I did fall down in the well, and right after that, I…” She is interrupted by a gunshot. They stop in their tracks. Another gunshot is heard. Juliet draws a gun. JULIET: “Miles, get behind a tree, now.” Juliet begins to fire her gun. More shots from the other unknown shooter are heard. Juliet takes cover from a tree. MILES: “Who the hell’s shooting at us?!?” Juliet fires again, and someone screams as if being hit. Another shooter is still there, his face blocked by a tree branch. He has a rifle and fires it at Juliet. It hits The tree which Miles is behind. MILES: “Holy s…”

His voice is not heard because of another gunshot. Juliet fires another bullet. The shooter is heard. SHOOTER: “I…I’m out of ammo. We surrender.” JULIET (To Miles): “Come on. Let’s go. They approach the shooters, who are revealed to be Bram, Ben and Ilana, who has been shot in the stomach and is dying. Bram is kneeling next to Ilana, trying to stop the bleeding with a shirt from his pack. Ben is unarmed. BEN: “Juliet?” LOST TITLE CARD

We return to the woods scene. Bram is desperately trying to save Ilana. BRAM (To Juliet): “I know about you. You’re a doctor. Please, save her.” JULIET: “You really want me to do something to help?” Bram nods. Juliet shoots Ilana in the heart, killing her. JULIET: “That’s all the help I can give.” Bram stands up, flaring with anger. BRAM (Screaming): “You son of a bitch!” He charges at her, and she raises the gun to his head. JULIET: “Would you like to join her?” Bram surrenders.

MILES: “Juliet, you seem…Different. What the hell is going on with you?” JULIET: “Well, Ben, I guess the reason for that is I detonated that bomb in 1977 and I died.” MILES: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. So, you were dead, but now you’re alive?” BEN (gravely): “Miles, it’s not Juliet.” Cut to the beach camp. Frank and Jack are having a conversation. FRANK: “Jack, I think I’ve got a way to get us off this island.” JACK: “How, Frank?” FRANK: “Our plane landed on the other island, a smaller one off the coast of the other side of this island. You’re not gonna believe this, Doc, but there was a runway on it. We landed just to the side of it. The plane wasn’t damaged other than a few scrapes and bruises. I know planes pretty well, Doc. But if you can get Sayid to help me, I think I can fix it. I can get us off this island.” Sawyer enters the conversation. SAWYER: “Frank, I’m not sure a yahoo like you would understand this kinda stuff, but I’m pretty sure I ain’t never meant to leave this rock.” JACK: “Sawyer, you can stay. But me and the rest of my people are getting off this island for good.” Cut back to the jungle scene with Juliet, Ben, Bram and Miles next to Ilana’s dead body. JULIET (Threatening): “You three will act as if I am Juliet Burke, or I swear that I will kill both of you.” MILES: “Alright, alright. But if you’re not Juliet, who are you?”

BEN: “Do you remember the day when we were in the barracks and the mercenary team was trying to get me out of the house?” Miles nods. BEN: “Do you remember how I got them off my back?” (Referring to the smoke monster, who he summoned in “The Shape of Things to Come”) Miles nods slowly. BEN: “That’s her.”

Act Three Jack has gathered the survivors and is about to make a speech. JACK: “A plane crashed here over a week ago. The same plane that we were on, to try to get back to this island. Well, getting back to this island wasn’t the best choice. We’re going to go back to that plane, and Sayid and Frank are gonna fix it up. And then, we’re gonna get the hell off this island.” A voice from the bushes is heard. It’s clearly Richard’s voice. RICHARD: “No you’re not, Jack.” Richard approaches the survivors. RICHARD: “You all can go. Every one of you. But Jack has to stay.” KATE: “No, Richard. We stay together.” JACK (Angrily): “Why is it so important that I attempt to fulfill some stupid picture carved on the wall by an ancient nutcase? I’m going, Richard.”

Richard is about to speak, but is shot in the side of the stomach. He looks down, and stumbles back, falling in the sand. The survivors look to their right side on the beach, the spot where Richard was shot from. Ben, Juliet (Who I will refer to now as Fuliet, since she is not really Juliet), Miles and Bram stand on the beach. Juliet has shot Richard. FULIET: “Don’t worry, Richard, as long as someone helps you, you’ll live. But you will let them leave the island.” Sawyer runs to Juliet, hugging her. SAWYER: “Juliet? You’re alive?” FULIET (From the other angle of the hug, showing only her face) (Smiling ominously): “Hey, James.”

Act Four SAWYER: “I thought you were dead.” FULIET: “So did I…I knew I was dead. But I guess I was wrong.” SAYID: “I find it strange that the very day that the man posing to be John Locke disappears, you and Miles show up. So I know that one of you is an impostor…” Sayid walks closer. SAYID: “But which one is it?” Ben approaches Sayid.

BEN: “It was plausible that John Locke’s body was taken over. After all, I killed…I saw him being killed. But Juliet is alive. She lived, just as Desmond lived after he turned that key.” The camera turns to Richard, who is being attended to by Bram. Hurley enters the conversation. HURLEY (Yelling): “Okay, look dudes. I don’t care about fake people and stuff. I care about you guys wanting off the island. I mean, we just got back on the island. We all sort of agreed that we were meant to be here. So Jack, why are you telling us we’re leaving, dude?” Jack pauses. He then addresses the group. JACK: “Richard took me down to the lower level of that temple we were in and he showed me his reason for knowing that I was the one who was going to save us all. It was a picture. It was some old Egyptian hieroglyph and he told me that was how he knew. Look, I was fine with Locke convincing me that I had a destiny. But a picture?” SUN: “Why were you fine with Locke and not a picture? What if it’s true, Jack? You say it’s not true just like you said Locke was crazy when we were on the island before.” Suddenly, Jacob emerges from the woods followed by none other than Ilana (?!?!?). JACOB: “You should listen to her, Jack. She’s right.” JACK: “I don’t believe you.” ILANA: “I didn’t believe him either when, years ago, he told me I had a special purpose on this island. Right before I died earlier today, I thought he was lying. I knew that no one can come back from the dead. But he healed me. His death made him stronger. I’m alive. I’d believe the man if I were you, Jack.”

KATE (Whispering to Jack): “If you want to leave, leave. I’m staying.” Jack thinks for a very long time. JACK: “I’ll stay.” On that note, Ilana waves goodbye. She and Bram pick up Richard and carry him into the jungle. Everyone turns around to see that Juliet has left. SAYID: “I guess we know who our fake person was, then.” Its night time and the survivors are sleeping. Sawyer and Kate are in Sawyer’s old tent, having a conversation. SAWYER: “Freckles, I gotta talk to you about something.” KATE: “Yeah?” SAWYER: “Juliet said she wanted to blow up the…the damn nuke thing… Because she saw me look at you. Freckles, at first I denied it. I said, no way I looked at you. But, truth is I don’t care anymore. I love you, Freckles. I’ve always loved you.” KATE: “I think I do too, James.” Kate kisses him. She begins to take off his shirt, and the scene switches. Jacob is talking to Jack. JACOB: “Look, Jack. I’m about to go, because I have more important business at hand, but I need to know that you’re not leaving this island.” JACK: “Unfortunately, I’m not going anywhere, Jacob.” JACOB: “Good.” As Jacob exits the tent, we begin a flashback. It starts as a shot of the moon pool in the Looking Glass Station. It seems as if it is recent, because the lights are flickering and dim. Bonnie’s body is still lying next to a post in the room. Suddenly someone surfaces

from the moon pool, in a wetsuit and oxygen mask. He swims to the edge of the water and pulls himself up. He removes the mask and the wetsuit. It’s Jacob. He begins looking around. He looks straight ahead and sees what he’s looking for. A shot of the circular window from inside the communications room is shown. Jacob’s face is shown through the window, smiling. End of flashback. Jack is in his tent, about to fall asleep when he hears someone yelling for him. It sounds like Claire. CLAIRE: “Jack! Jaaaack!” Jack rushes out of his tent. Claire runs to him. CLAIRE: “Someone washed up on the beach. I don’t know who it is.” Everyone is seen looking out of their tents. Jack sees a body on the shoreline and rushes to it. The person lay on their stomach. Jack flips the person over, and is shocked. The camera shows a shot of his face. It’s CHARLIE PACE, ALIVE.

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