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									                                         Spring Klein Sport Association
                                       “SERVING OUR YOUTH SINCE 1954”

                                             TEAM SPONSORSHIP FORM                              PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
Spring-Klein Sports Association, Inc. (SKSA) is a non-profit organization of Texas, Tax Exempt No. 3-00017-2778-0 and
Federal Income Tax Exempt under section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Sponsorship contributions made to
SKSA may be deducted as provided in section 170 of this code. All sponsorship monies are used to help keep our
registration fees reasonable for our participants and help cover the rising costs of team uniforms, equipment, and facility
maintenance and utility charges.

In appreciation of your sponsorship support, SKSA will recognize your business by including your company logo/name on a
banner that will be placed at the fields for the duration of the current fall or spring season.

Thank you for partnering with us and for supporting the youth of our community.
Sponsor Information
Sponsor Name:                              Sponsor Street Address & Zip                 Sponsor Website

Sponsor Business Phone                     Sponsor Fax Number

Individual Authorizing Sponsorship         Title                                        Mailing Address

Email Address                              Phone                                        Date                 Check No.

             Please make all sponsorship checks payable to Spring Klein Sports Association, Inc.

Team Information
Team Name                                                     League / Age Group

Team Manager Name                                             Email

Team Parent Name                                              Email

This sponsorship form, the team sponsorship money, and the team’s outstanding candy fundraiser money must be submitted
when uniforms are issued.

NOTE: Teams will not be issued uniforms without having this form completed and all sponsorship and fundraiser
funds paid in full.

                                     Thank you for supporting the youth of our community.

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