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									  • Getting to the Island
• Things to Do on the Island
   • Scenic Drives in PEI
        • Population
 • Lucy Maud Montgomery
    • Books by L. M. M.
       • Island Hymn
Prince Edward Island is located
off the eastern coast of
Canada, between New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Quebec and Newfoundland in
the Gulf of St. Laurence. You
can get there by driving, riding
the train or flying.
Prince Edward Island is filled with lots of
  great activities. Some include:
• Theaters
• Numerous beaches
• Antique shops
• Golfing
• Fishing

 Blue              Lady
Herron            Slipper
Drive              Drive
Population by County
               Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery,
  author of Anne of Green
  Gables, was born on the
  north shore of PEI and was
  raised in Cavendish until
  she married at the age of 36.
  She wrote many children’s
  book series, although Anne
  is her most popular. The
  Green Gables House was
  the inspiration for this
              Books by Lucy Maud Montgomery
           Title                       Year
ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (Project          1908
       Anne of Avonlea                 1909

    Kilmeny of the Orchard             1910

    Kilmeny of the Orchard             1910

     Chronicals of Avonlea             1912

       The Golden Road                 1913

      Anne of the Island               1915

 The Watchman & Other Poems            1916

    Anne's House of Dreams             1917
                                 Fair Island of the Sea
                              We raise our song to thee,
                                 The bright and blest;
                                Loyally now we stand
                              As brothers, hand in hand
                             And sing God Save the Land
                                   We love the best.
                                Upon our Princely Isle
                              May kindest fortune smile
                                   In coming years,
                                 Peace and prosperity
                                 In all her borders be,
                                 From every evil free,
                                  And weakling fears
                             Prince Edward Isle, to thee
                              Our hearts shall faithful be
                                  Where’er we dwell;
                                Forever may we stand
                              As brothers, hand in hand,
                             And sing God Save the Land
                                    We love so well
*Written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in the Spring of 1908; performed first on May 22, 1908*

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