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									Cynthia Rylant

                Cynthia Rylant
   Cynthia Rylant is an
    award winning
    children’s and young
    adult author whose
    work includes picture
    books, poetry, short
    stories, and novels.
Virginia Native
           Cynthia Rylant was
            born right here in
            Virginia, in Hopewell,
            Virginia, to be exact.
            She was born in 1954
            which makes her 57
            years old. She lived
            in Virginia with her
            mom and her dad
            when she was a little
         Moved to West Virginia
   Cynthia Rylant’s
    parents divorced
    when she was four
    years old. Her
    mother took her to
    the mountains of
    West Virginia to live
    with her grandparents
    until she was eight
    years old.
Living in the Mountains
               Cynthia Rylant
                remembered the four
                years she lived with her
                grandparents in the
                mountains when she
                wrote her first book,
                When I Was Young In the
                Mountains. She used this
                experience of living with
                her grandparents as a
                model for her book.
Cynthia Rylant
         In the book, When I
         Was Young In The
         Mountains, she tells
         about life in West
         Virginia’s Appalachian
         Mountains. This book
         was named a
         Caldecott honor book,
         a very important
         award for a picture
             Cynthia Rylant Says
   “Growing up, I loved comic books, cats and
    dogs, pajama parties, and the Beatles. I wasn't
    very creative. I liked to play too much, and
    preferred playing cops and robbers on bikes, or
    tin can alley, or dolls, instead of doing
    something that showed results, like writing a
    story or drawing a picture. Playing is still the
    greatest training you can have, I think, for being
    a writer. It helps you love life, it helps you relax,
    it helps you cook up interesting stuff in your
    head. I loved animals as a child, I put a lot of
    animals in my books today. ”
         Henry and Mudge Books
   Cynthia Rylant is also
    the author of the
    Henry and Mudge
    series. She says,
    “The idea for Henry
    and Mudge came
    from my own life.”
More on Henry and Mudge
               “I once owned a 200-
                pound English mastiff
                named Mudge. My
                son, Nate was seven
                years old at the time.
                The two together
                became Henry and
                Mudge in my books.”
Cynthia Rylant Says
             “Anyone who’s ever loved
              a dog knows what a
              treasure a good dog is.
              You just can’t be unhappy
              for very long when you
              have a good dog licking
              your face, shaking your
              hand, and drooling all
              over your shoes.” Check
              out a Henry and Mudge
              book from the library!
Other Book Series By Cynthia Rylant
   Mr. Putter and Tabby

   Poppleton

   Annie and Snowball

   Rise High Private Eyes
Cynthia Rylant Loves Animals
                 “I loved animals as a child, I
                  put a lot of animals in my
                  books today, and I live with
                  some wonderful animals.
                  Martha Jane is my big white
                  dog, and she loves pizza,
                  chasing tennis balls, and
                  sleeping on the couch. Leia is
                  my little black-and-white dog,
                  and she likes running in circles.
                  My cat Blueberry likes only one
                  thing: food, and lots of it. My
                  other cat, Edward Velvetpaws,
                  likes chipmunks, but they don't
                  like him.”
Some Other Picture Books by Cynthia
   The Relatives Came

   In The Night Country

   The Old Woman Who
    named Things

   The Great Gracie
The Van Gogh Cafe
            One of Cynthia Rylant’s
             chapter books is The
             Van Gogh Café. Magic
             things happen at the Van
             Gogh Café, and Clara is
             one reason for the magic.
             Clara is ten and believes
             that anything can happen
             like magic muffins and
             the possum that chose to
             hang outside the window
             of the Van Gogh Cafe by
             its tail.
                     Missing May
   Missing May is a chapter
    book for older readers
    that won the Newbery
    medal in 1993. Missing
    May takes place in West
    Virginia and is a sweet
    and simple story of love,
    sorrow and loss.
    Summer, a twelve year
    old tells the story.
Every Living Thing
            Here is a book of
             twelve short stories
             about animals and
             people. Each story
             captures the moment
             when an animal
             causes a human
             being to see things in
             a different way. This
             book is a great read
            More About Cynthia Rylant
   If you want to learn
    more about the life of
    Cynthia Rylant, read
    her autobiography,
    But I’ll Be Back

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