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					Brazilian, Florencio Anton, is the remarkable trance medium who channels
the spirits of over 80 deceased artists, including Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh,
Manet, Matisse, Giotto, Courbet and Da Vinci.

He has produced thousands of oil paintings in trance, often with his eyes
closed, during demonstrations in many countries and now brings his
amazing talent to the UK.

What is even more remarkable is the        Born in Salvador on 18th November
speed at which each oil painting is        1973,     Florencio    attended    a
produced; often, in less than 10 minutes
                                           Catholic primary school in Tobias
and as many as 15 paintings are
completed in each session. When the        Barreto, Sergipe. He is a trained
lights failed in Sweden, Florencio         nursery teacher and works as a
continued to paint in the dark.            consultant specialist teacher and
                                           past life regression therapist while
Spirit explained to Florencio that the     continuing his training as a nurse
purpose of his work is to show the
                                           in Bahia, Brazil.
immortality of the soul and at the same
time raise money to support the many
poor    families    and    children   of
Mussurunga, where Florencio lives.

The Brazilian government approved
charity, founded by Florencio and
friends, is called “Comunidade Maria de
Nazere” and donations can be made by
placing money in an envelope. All
donations are, of course, gratefully
received.                                  Friday 30th April 7pm £15
                                           LECONFIELD HALL, PETWORTH
Florencio’s mediumistic ability was
nurtured when he was just 11               Saturday 1st May 7pm £15
years old, though he saw and               BALHAM SPIRITUALIST CHURCH
heard spirit from the age of 8.            LONDON

               Bookings: 01903 691030 or 07838 257755
                   email: christine@christineparkin.com

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