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									 Baptist Memorial
Hospital - Memphis
• Statistics
   – 706-bed tertiary care hospital
   – Separately licensed 30-bed skilled nursing

                                                  Hospital - Memphis
   – 30-bed Restorative Care Hospital

                                                   Baptist Memorial
   – More than 27,000 admissions, 54,000
     emergency department visits and 123,000
     outpatient visits
   – 3500 employees
   – Emergency department has 31 treatment
   – Five-room pediatric emergency
   – 19-bed inpatient Hardin Pediatric Center
• Mission:
      In keeping with the three-fold ministry of
      Christ — preaching, teaching, and
      healing — Baptist is committed to
      providing quality health care.

                                                       Hospital - Memphis
• Vision:

                                                        Baptist Memorial
      To be the provider of choice for quality,
      patient-focused health care in
      collaboration with the physicians and
      communities we serve.
• Values
   – Friendly, compassionate and responsive care, as
     reflected in our "Service First" philosophy
   – Fairness and respect for the individual
   – Teamwork and trust
   – Continuous improvement and safe environment
• Nursing Services Organization
  – Mission Statement
      • Serving with compassion
      • Conducting the delivery of care
      • Leading people to health

                                                  Hospital - Memphis
                                                   Baptist Memorial
• Nursing Values
  – This Philosophy of Care is founded upon the
    following principles:
      •   autonomy
      •   accountability
      •   professional development
      •   high quality care
      •   creativity
• Employee Benefits
   –   Competitive salaries
   –   Shift and weekend differentials
   –   Paid vacation/time off
   –   Tuition assistance

                                                          Hospital - Memphis
   –   Continuing education opportunities

                                                           Baptist Memorial
   –   Generous retirement plan
   –   Health insurance, including dental and vision
   –   Sick leave
   –   Service awards
   –   Credit union
   –   Free parking
   –   Short-term disability
   –   Life insurance
   –   Health care and dependant care spending accounts
• Employee Development
  – The Professional Practice Model (PPM)
    is a system that supports registered nurse
    decision-making about the delivery of
    nursing care and the environment in which

                                                      Hospital - Memphis
    care is delivered.

                                                       Baptist Memorial
  – The model is designed to facilitate:
     • A shift from task-based to process-based
       thinking and work
     • A work environment where the right person is
       doing the right job
     • Professional growth, development and
 Baptist Memorial
Hospital - Memphis
• Shared Leadership Model

  – Nursing excellence is achieved through a
    commitment to life-long learning and

                                               Hospital - Memphis
    professional advancement, as well as the

                                                Baptist Memorial
    integration of research and theory into
    nursing practice.
• Enhanced Performance of
  – "Heroes" Television Campaign

                                                           Hospital - Memphis
      • In 2004, Baptist Memorial Health Care

                                                            Baptist Memorial
        launched a television campaign featuring the
        health care team in action in three spots called
        ―Heroes.‖ The TV spots, which emphasize the
        work done each day by Baptist staff and
        affiliated physicians, focus on Baptist’s
        emergency, heart and childbirth services.
• Enhanced Performance of
  – Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis No. 1 in

                                                          Hospital - Memphis
                                                           Baptist Memorial
     • According to the Tenth Annual HealthGrades
       Hospital Quality in America Study issued today,
       Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis ranks best
       in Tennessee for cardiac surgery, stroke care
       and gastrointestinal surgery & procedures. The
       study, the largest of its kind, analyzed patient
       outcomes at virtually all of the nation's 5,000
       hospitals over the years 2004, 2005 and 2006.
• Enhanced Performance of
  – Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis Consumer

                                                           Hospital - Memphis
                                                            Baptist Memorial
     • For the tenth year in a row, Mid-South
       consumers have rated Baptist Memphis their
       most preferred hospital for overall health care
       services in a National Research Corp. poll. Also,
       in 2001 and 2002, U.S. News & World Report
       named Baptist Memphis one of the top 50
       hospitals in the country for orthopedics.
• Enhanced Performance of Organization
   – Testimonials
      • ―The doctors were great. I’m a technical person and
        like to know what’s going on so I can do my own
        research. They answered all my questions and were
        very informative and accommodating.‖

                                                                  Hospital - Memphis
            – Jacob Culbreath, patient

                                                                   Baptist Memorial
      • ―I got nothing but reassurance from the staff from
        the moment I walked in the door. This hospital is
        the best kept secret in Memphis. The staff is the
        most caring in the world.‖
            – Martha Bunn, patient
          ―I was so pleasantly surprised about the care and
          personal attention that I saw my beloved aunt Helen
          receive. Every person seemed truly interested in
          his/her patients and getting them out of the hospital
          in good shape, able to resume a normal life.‖
            – Actress Dixie Carter

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