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					Foreign Language School
Simeon Radev
          The fairy tale of
                The Story Begins
• The foreign language
  school “Simeon Radev”
  starts its tradition 15 years
  ago, thanks to a group of
  teachers, whose project
  for modern European
  education manages to
  overcome some difficulties
  caused of the
  conservatism of the
  educational system in the
  town of Pernik, often
  described as industrious,
  during the years of
  economical and political
• Тhe school was officially
  established on 08.11.1991,
     but in the course of its
    working activities it was
   forced to change several
  buildings. The new school
       1991/1992 year was
    officially opened on the
  main city square with lots
    of flowers, a ceremonial
      speech given by the
  director of the school and
  The Beatles‟ song – Let It
   Be. On the 17th October
    1991 the building of the
    school is changed for a
     last time to its present
    location, situated in the
       east part of the city.
•    Gradually the school forms its teaching
    traditions and cultural values. On the 19th
    January 1992 the first patronal festival was
    celebrated in honor of the birthday of the famous
    Bulgarian writer Simeon Radev main guest of it
    was the son of the writer, Trayan Radev.
• The first preparatory
  class, in English, was
  organized by the
  teachers Stefka
  Parvanova and two
  English men. An year
  later the classes became
  3 (two in English and one
  in French). However,
  soon they grown to 2
  English, 2 German and 1
  French, which itself
  pointed a great success.
           All United
In the history book of “Simeon Radev”
    we can find the names of many
  foreigners, who contributed for the
wholesome development of the school
 and its students. Such are – Pamela
  Cox, Ryan Bell, Rene Kafero, Mary
          Whinier, and so on.
•     The American teacher Ryan Bell has a
    special place in the history of “Simeon
    Radev”. He was a son of the Texas‟
    major, moreover a grandson of the
    inventor Alexander Bell. He wanted to
    become a congressman, but his destiny
    sent him in Pernik, and he shows
    enormous potential as an ecologist and
    lover of the Bulgarian nature. He goes
    back to America in 1998, and soon
    publishes his book for Bulgaria.
• In 1994 the French classes take part in
  The National French Festival in Plovdiv
  city, and they manage to receive a diploma
  for excellent performance as a whole, and
  a second prize for female acting given to
  Galia Plamenova.
                          Irelands in

  A group of Ireland
„ mummers‟ came in
  our city and visited
  our school in order
   to be exchanged
  between them and
     the students.
• The students of this
  school have always
  shown great results
  in many exams, and
  have won plentiful
  scholarships in
  many universities in
  Bulgaria and abroad.
• Our school has many
  published books written by
  teachers or even students.
  Our anniversaries are
  always extraordinary and
  special. They show our
  natural gift for studying and
  entertaining at the same
• We have a library of
  our own- there are not
  only Bulgarian books
  but even English,
  French,German, and
  many more. They
  have been helping our
  students throughout
  the years and are still
  inspiring many young
• We own a couple of
  computer cabinets
  which we are
  famous for, because
  we are probably the
  school with best
  technologies in
During March 2005 The Deputy
 Prime Minister Nikolai Vasilev
opened 2 new computer cabinets
equipped with high technological
• Of course we have specialized
  classrooms for German,
  English, Biology, Physics,
  Chemistry- because our pupils
  are not only keen on
       Let’s have fun!
• There are many celebrations
  organized in honor of our school
  anniversaries. We celebrate even the
  foreign feasts such as Halloween. We
  make competitions and give away
  beauty awards. It‟s not just the
  studying here, it is the atmosphere
  that surrounds you and makes you
  feel as you are at your second home.
          “ If you feel like
          real Bulgarians,
          you will be good

The President of Bulgaria
    congratulated the
     teachers and the
students of the School on
   account of its feast.
         Let’s Sport

 Sport events are organized, too.
Annually our students win plenty of
prizes in volleyball, football, tennis,
    basketball and many others.
Mrs. Margarita Ruseva
 proposed the idea for
    the opening of our
  school 15 years ago.
  She also developed
   the block – system,
   used instead of the
      usual studying
    system. This itself
    contributed for the
      development of
     “Simeon Radev ”
   School, and for the
       high quality of
      education here.
From the beginning of February
  2007 we have a new director –
Mrs. Temenujka Anachkova. She
    is responsible and open –
 hearted person, who continues
    the fairy tale of knowledge
 started by the previous director.
                        To be Among
                         The Best

The Bulgarian chart
    for secondary
 schools placed us
 at the 21st position
 among many other
    schools in the
    One Big Happy Family

• Today more than 750 students enter
  the school doors every day and
  about 52 teachers and inspirers are
  trying to give us the best education
  and personal experience leading us
  to the brightness of knowledge.


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