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Titanium Machining - April 2009

Aerospace Industry
The client, an aerospace and military subcontractor        more consistent fluid performance and a safer
performs high speed and precision manufacturing            work environment for employees. Additionally,
of aerospace and military components. Complex              the product has very good stain control on sensitive
parts are machined from solid billets at high speed        aluminum alloys, while promoting superb tool life
using metal removal operations including milling,          and surface finishes.
parallel planing, gun drilling, boring, and reaming.
By pushing their equipment to maximum capacity,            Results
the company has become a leader in their industry.
Their high productivity methods utilise high fluid         1. Improved Tool Life
pressures, flow rates, and spindle speeds which            After changing to ECOCOOL S761B , the client was
place severe demands on the cutting fluid.                 able to change tools less frequently reducing tooling
                                                           costs and labour time for adjustments. The tool life
The Customer Demands                                       savings were measured at over £15,000 per month.
FUCHS was tasked to improve cutting fluid service
life and reduce maintenance labour and costs
while maintaining the same level of high cutting

The competitor’s high pressure soluble oil required
high maintenance to keep pH & emulsion stability
within norms and required regular additions of
hazardous additives to maintain the fluid, resulting
in additional costs and multiple incidents of
                                                                ECOCOOL S761     COMPETITOR GRADE A   COMPETITOR GRADE B
emergency room visits due to handling.

The FUCHS Solution
FUCHS proposed the Boeing approved grade,
ECOCOOL S761B, which is FUCHS’ advanced
technology high performance soluble oil coolant
with excellent microbial control. ECOCOOL S761B has
a sophisticated lubricity package allowing it to operate
at lower dilutions than conventional products. It is
very low foaming, even when filtered to 10 micron,
and has no residues. ECOCOOL S761B is low
maintenance with a very long service life, essentially
eliminating the need for tank side additives such as                      2007            2008               2009
biocide, pH buffers or caustic materials, resulting in
2. Improved microbial control and emulsion                    Conclusions
stability                                                     Recent advances in machine tool and tooling technology
                                                              have made the goal of high metal removal rates with
Before using ECOCOOL S761B, the client was making             longer tool life possible, even for hard metals such
regular additions of tank side additives to maintain          as titanium.
pH and keep the emulsion tight. The robust chemistry
eliminates the need for these labour intensive                However, maximum efficiency can only be achieved if
maintenance practices. While regular refractometer            the coolant technology is matched to meet the operating
checks are still required to maintain concentration during    criteria of titanium machining and FUCHS has used
daily topping up of coolant, the result is less time needed   its global research team to develop ECOCOOL S761B
to monitor pH and sample for lab analysis.                    to achieve these aims.

The customer has also benefited from consistent               As a result, manufacturers can now produce high quality
emulsion quality. There is less manufacturing variability.    titanium components with shorter cycle times,
                                                              increased tool life, and higher machine shop productivity
Since switching to ECOCOOL S761B, the customer has            by utilising FUCHS technology.
been free from the fear that pH boosters and biocides
could cause staining. Sensitive grades of aerospace
aluminum (6061, 7075) can be easily affected by high
pH and alkalinity. By eliminating tank side additives, the
risk from incorrect doses has prevented random
occurrences of staining.

3. Operational Cost Savings
Sump life was extended thus reducing costs of draining,
cleaning and re-filling as well as reducing costs
for disposal and downtime.

The instability of the client’s previous product & use of
tank side additives caused staining of metal.

Because ECOCOOL S761B controls well, it is more
tolerant to allow parts to sit longer without damage, so
fewer labour hours were spent in the rinsing process.
Better surface finish was also achieved.

4. Operator Acceptability
ECOCOOL S761B was welcomed by operators due to
reduced smells, foaming, less irritancy and ease
of operation.

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