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									                  Family Readiness Program Newsletter
                            “Keeping In Touch”
               132d Fighter Wing / Iowa Air National Guard
                                 July 2009 Issue

Note from the Family Programs Office
                                            Please RSVP by Friday August
     Family Readiness                       28th to Amanda Wicker at 515-256-
      Meet and Greet/                       8786 or
 Pre-Deployment Workshop
                                            you plan to attend.

  Saturday September 12th
                                               2009 Governor’s Volunteer Award
  132d FW Dining Facility                                 Recipients
         (Bldg 110)
                                            Congratulations to Stephanie Sanderson and
                                            Conner Hoyt on receiving the 2009
   Come meet other 132d FW
                                            Governor's Volunteer Award. Stephanie has
Families while getting pampered             been a tremendous asset to the program,
 by students from Aveda Salon.              providing child care for our FRG meetings
                                            so more families are able to attend. Conner
While here, listen to informative           is our Wing Youth delegate, assisting the
 briefings and gather resources             State Youth Coordinator with fun and
                                            creative ideas to help expand our youth
   provided by Tricare, United              programs. The recognition ceremony will
 Concordia, Military OneSource,             be July 27th, 2pm at Southeast Polk High
Military Family Life Consultants,           School — Auditorium. Again
  State Youth Coordinator, and              Congratulations!!!!
         FRG Volunteers

 The content of the briefings will
   be focused on preparing the                 NO MEETING IN JULY OR AUGUST
  Family for deployment. We
         highly encourage                               NEXT MEETING
 Spouses/Significant Others and                 September 13, 2009 at 1:30pm in the
  Parents to attend. This is an              Computer Classroom Bldg 107. Childcare
                                              is provided. All are welcome to attend.
        adult’s only event.

Attention all Servicemembers, Families,                   Upcoming Strong Bond Dates
and Friends of the Iowa National Guard!
                                                    JUL 18-19 Marriage Enrichment –
        Register today for a profile on             Dubuque, IA You'll find
     information about upcoming events,             JUL 25-26 7 Habits of Highly Effective
 resources for your Family Readiness Group          Families - Okoboji, IA
     like email campaigns and newsletter
templates, and discussion boards where you          JUL 25-26 Laugh Your Way to a Better
  can find answers and support. If you have         Marriage- Okoboji, IA
any questions or problems accessing the site,
  please contact Rebecca Schrader, Family           AUG 8-9 Marriage Enrichment – Iowa City,
Readiness Assistant in the Family Programs          IA
      Office of the Iowa National Guard
 at or 1-800-          For more information or to register, contact
             294-6607, ext. 4781.                   Amanda Wicker at 515-256-8786 or by
                                                    email at

    TriWest Office Hours at 132d FW                           New GI Bill Overview

Susan Oeffner from TriWest will be on base          In July of 2008 the Post-9/11 GI Bill was
the following dates. She has graciously             signed into law, creating a new robust
moved her office from Camp Dodge to the             education benefits program rivaling the
132 FW on the following dates.                      Original WWII era GI Bill of Rights. The
                                                    new Post 9/11 GI Bill, which goes into
Hours 8am-4:30pm                                    effect on August 1, 2009, will provide
17 July                                             education benefits for servicemembers who
22 July                                             have served on active duty for 90 or more
28 July                                             days since Sept. 10, 2001. The new
30 July                                             education benefits include up to 100%
                                                    tuition and fee coverage, a monthly living
I encourage everyone who is deploying for           stipend, up to $1,000 a year for books and
the upcoming AEF cycle to come over to              supplies, one time relocation allowance,
Building 110 Customer Service. Susan can            transferability to family members and more.
be reached at 515-256-8527.                         Get all your questions answered by viewing
                                                    the full Post-9/11 GI Bill overview.

 Join our online community                          school/gi-bill/new-gi-bill-
   of 132d FW Families on                           overview?!!!
                                                         New Laws in Iowa Benefits Vets
                                                    Iowa Governor Chet Culver recently signed
                                                    four new state laws to benefit Iowa veterans.
                                                    The new laws (1) provide in-state tuition at
                                                    Iowa’s public universities and community
                                                    colleges to out-of-state veterans, (2)
Redefine who qualifies as a veteran, (3)            will help you locate eligible care, complete
afford more foreclosure protections for             the applications, and work with your child
military members, and (4) expand veterans'          care provider to explain the process.
hiring preference privileges when it comes
to government jobs, including state, county               Walk for Military Marriage
and city jobs. For more information, contact          Show your support for our military on
the Iowa Department of Veterans' Affairs at                       July 25th.
1-800-838-4692 or visit the Iowa
Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

    Join OMK at the Iowa State Fair

                   Join Iowa OMK for the
                   third year in a row as we
                   celebrate Military Day at
                   the Iowa State Fair on           Join this fun family event with lots of
                   Monday, August 17th.             entertainment for the kids including
OMK will once again participate in the              inflatables, face painting, and food. Show
Veterans' Parade at 10:00 in the morning on         your support for the men and women
the 17th. We invite you to join us to walk in       sacrificing in our military by walking or
the parade. Participants will get free              sponsoring this event. All the proceeds of
admission to the fair, as well as a parking         the walk will go to providing marriage
pass. Individuals and families who wish to          strengthening materials to military couples.
join OMK at the fair will need to meet at
9AM in order to gain free admission and             The Walk for Military Marriage will take
parking.                                            place rain or shine at Gray's Lake in Des
Details are still being worked out for this         Moines.
event. If your family would like to
participate, please contact Victoria Schmidt        Registration begins at 8am and the Walk
via phone (888-408-6606) or email                   starts at 9am. no later than July 31,         8-8:45 am: Check-in
2009.                                               8:45-9 am: Program including a short
                                                    message from Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg,
We hope to see you at the fair!                     color guard presentation, and more.
                                                    9-10 am: Walk
                                                    10 am-Noon: Inflatables and Family Fun
  National Guard Child Care Program
                                                    You may pre-register by calling 1-888-608-
 Need help paying for child care costs? Call        COACH (2622) or visit
1-888-642-2799 to determine your family’s 
eligibility and supplement amounts for
funding that can help relieve the financial
burden of child care, especially during                    Walk, Sponsor, or Volunteer
deployment. Supplement rates are based on
several factors including child care cost and       Walk . Every walker/family sets a goal of
family income. Guardians may also apply.            raising at least $100*. You can either pay
The National Guard Child Care Program               this yourself, or ask others to sponsor you.
The more you raise, the more military               when income limits were imposed in 2003
families you will help! Register online to          on Veterans with no service-connected
ensure you receive a t-shirt the day of the         disabilities or other special eligibility for
walk. (one per family is included, additional       care. There is no income limit for Veterans
shirts available for purchase)                      with compensable service-connected
Sponsor . Can't walk but want to give? You          disabilities or for Veterans being seen for
can donate by credit card online or give as a       their service-connected disabilities.
corporation. Companies can sponsor the
walk and support military marriages at a            Veterans who have applied for VA health
variety of levels. Contact Gary Lydic at            care but were rejected due to income at any
515.334.7482 (ext 9104) to learn more.              point in 2009 will have their applications
                                                    reconsidered under the new income
Volunteer. You can help with the Walk in            threshold formula. Those who applied
many ways. Call 515.334.7482 (ext 9120) to          before 2009, but were rejected due to
sign up as a volunteer today.                       income, must reapply. VA will contact
                                                    these Veterans through a direct-mail
                                                    campaign, Veterans service organizations,
VA Reopening Health Care Enrollment to              and a national and regional marketing
       Thousands of Veterans                        campaign.

                                                    Information about enrollment and an income
WASHINGTON (June 19, 2009) - The                    and assets calculator are available at
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),       The
which now has nearly 8 million Veterans             calculator provides a format in which
enrolled in its award-winning health care           Veterans enter their household income,
system, is poised to welcome nearly 266,000         number of dependents, and zip codes to see
more Veterans into its medical centers and          if they may qualify for VA health care
clinics across the country by expanding             enrollment.
access to health care enrollment for certain
Veterans who had been excluded due to               In addition to applying online, Veterans may
their income.                                       also contact VA's Health Benefits Service
                                                    Center at 1-877-222 VETS (1-877-222-
"This incremental approach to expanding             8387). Each VA medical center across the
enrollment ensures that access to VA health         country has an enrollment coordinator
care for a greater number of beneficiaries          available to provide Veterans with
does not sacrifice timely access or quality         enrollment and eligibility information.
medical care for those Veterans already
enrolled in VA's health care system," Dr.
Gerald Cross, VA's Acting Under Secretary                 Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship
for Health, said. "Over the next four years,
we hope to provide enrollment to more than          The Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship
500,000 Veterans."                                  Foundation has partnered with the
                                                    University of Phoenix to establish the
Under a new regulation effective June 15,           Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship
VA will enroll Veterans whose income                Foundation/University of Phoenix
exceeds current means-tested thresholds by          scholarship to provide five full-tuition
up to 10 percent. These Veterans were               scholarships for students seeking an
excluded from VA health care enrollment             associate’s or bachelor’s degree online or at
                                                    a University of Phoenix campus.
Scholarships will cover tuition and fees            your coupons to that location, where the
(including University of Phoenix online             coupons will be distributed to the families.
textbooks and is in the form of a non-cash          This is a great program for those that like to
credit to the recipient’s University of             clip coupons. For more information go to
Phoenix account. The scholarships are     
directed toward students who graduated
from high school since 2007. Application
forms and instructions can be found at the
Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation
website:                                  Pick up the phone if you are
<> . Deadline for
                                                    experiencing an emotional crisis and
applications is July 31, 2009.
                                                         need to talk to a trained VA
       Overseas Coupon Program                      professional. You’ll be immediately
                                                      connected with a qualified caring
One of our military families sent me a great               provider who can help.
article on the Overseas Coupon Program.                   1-800-273-TALK (8255)
What this program does is collect coupons
for military families living overseas.
Because the cost of living overseas is so
                                                       If you no longer wish to receive this
high, coupons can be vital to military
                                                    newsletter please contact Amanda Wicker at
families. A site has been set up so people
                                                           515-256-8786 or by email at
can adopt a military base in the branch of
service and location of your choice, and mail


                              Kids Short Sleeve $5
                       (only available in XS, S, M)
                             Adult Short Sleeve $6
                       (only available in XXL and
                                   Long Sleeve $10
                     (only available in S and XXL)
                                    Sweatshirts $15
                 (only available in S, XXL, XXXL)
                                        Magnets $5
                                           Coins $5

  Make Checks payable to 132d Family Support

All items can be purchased in the Family Programs
                 Office (Bldg 107).
Proceeds help support Family Readiness & Support
                  Group activities.
                     132d Fighter Wing- T-shirt Pre-Order Form
           100% of sale profits are used to provide programs and activities for 132d FW members and their families.
                  Your support is appreciated. Questions? Call Amanda Wicker at 515-256-8786.
                             CLEARLY PRINT ALL INFORMATION – THANK YOU!

             Name:______________________________________________________ Date: ______________________
Email:__________________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Section : _____________________

                               SHIRTS AVAILABLE IN NAVY BLUE ONLY

                                  Adult Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
                        Adult Long Sleeve T-shirts: $15 (add $2 for XXL and XXXL)
                         Adult Hooded Sweatshirt: $25 (add $3 for XXL and XXXL)

                       Front Design                           Back Design              Sleeve Design

                 PLEASE INDICATE                 Quantity             Adult             PRICE
                 TYPE: Long Sleeve or                                 SIZE
                 Hooded Sweatshirt

                                                          GRAND TOTAL:

Drop completed forms off at The Family Programs Office, Bldg 107, Room 101 or email them to
Cash or Checks accepted. Make Checks Payable to ―132d FW Family Readiness.‖ Payment Due with order; shirts can be
picked up at the Wing Party August 21st, or any date after the Aug 21st.
                                                                                               For Office Use Only

Pre-order forms must                                                           PAID CHECK/CASH

be submitted by FRIDAY JULY 10th!!!!                                           CHECK #/DATE:

                                                          7                    Date picked up: ________________________
                             MILITARY DISCOUNT
                                        SHAWN JOHNSON
                                           & FRIENDS
                                           WELLS FARGO ARENA
                                            July 26th, 2009 7:00pm
                                             Featuring appearances by:
                                        Melissa Rycroft, Gilles Marini, Cheryl Burke,
                                        Chelsie Hightower, Lacey Schwimmer, Mark
                                       Ballas, Derek Hough, Steve-O, Kristi Yamaguci
                                                     and Mitchell Musso

  Des Moines' own Shawn Johnson is coming home to celebrate and say thank you to
 her hometown. On Sunday, July 26th at 4:00 at Wells Fargo Arena Shawn is going to
 rock the house and dance the night away. Join Shawn and her dancing partner Mark
   Ballas, and a host of your other favorite pro and celebrity dancers. Champion Bull
Rider Ty Murray and Dancing with the Stars Champion Derek Hough headline the list of
  your favorite dancing stars. Also joining Shawn in this Celebration is her friend and
 Hannah Montana Star Mitchell Musso performing music from his soon to be released
   self-titled album. We know Shawn can tumble and dance, the question is whether
  Mitchell can get her to sing. For the first time in Des Moines, the Ballas Hough Band
                will be performing songs from their debut album titled BHB.

            SAVE $5 off the $62, $42, and $32 tickets.
                                   (No ticket minimum)

  1) CLICK HERE and enter the offer code SJMIL, click on the ―BUY‖ logo on the
     right, and then enter your desired quantity. Do not clicks on best available or you
     will not be given the discount!
     present it to any ticket window agent at the Wells Fargo Arena Box Office.
  For any questions contact your ticket rep. JASON EVANS AT 515-564-8146 or



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