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									A Publication by NorthEast Independent Living Services (NEILS).                                   January 2010

   Today                             Disabilities
 Assisting persons with disabilities to lead independent lives.

   Circuit Breakers                                                        Brooke Kendrick, Interim Executive Dir.
                                                                           Tonya Cooper, Office Manager
                                                                           Barrnie Cooper, Program Manager
 NOW SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS                                               Tara Fortner, Sr. Payroll/Billing Manager
                                                                           Rhonda Jeffries, Administrative Assist.
 2009 proved to be a great year for individuals wishing to receive a       Stacey Mahsman, CDS Coordinator
 Missouri Property Tax Credit. Our staff assisted in receiving tax         LaRhonda Behl, QIHC-RN/CDS-RN
 credits totaling $176,463 for 412 consumers. We expect that each          Cindy Culp, CDS Specialist
                                                                           Stella Bradley, CDS Specialist
 year, the number of individuals requesting the property tax credit will   Gene Suddarth, IL Specialist
 increase. Because of the increased number in requests, NEILS must         Shirley Trenter, IL Specialist
 now charge a minimal fee to help offset the cost of staff hours,          Penny Snider, IL Specialist
                                                                           Diana Tallman, Transportation
 printing, and postage for the 2009 Circuit Breaker Program.               Keith Stevenson, Accessibility Specialist
 Individuals receiving up to $250 in refund will be charged a $5.00        Michelle Hess, Kahoka CDS/ILS
 fee. For individuals receiving $251 or more, a fee of $10.00 will be      Robert E. Smith, Kahoka Transportation
                                                                           Joyce Vahle, QIHC Certified Manager
 charged. Individuals who apply for a property tax credit but are          Lori Rickerson, QIHC-LPN
 unable to qualify will not be charged any fee.                            Alisha Jones, QIHC Administrative Asst

 The Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim gives credit to certain senior
 citizens and 100 percent disabled individuals for a portion of the real
 estate taxes or rent they have paid for the year. The credit is for a
 maximum of $750 and can only be claimed on the home they                  Kenny Walker, Member
 occupied during the period being claimed. The actual credit is based      Laura Fierce, Member
                                                                           MaryAnn Hurt, Member
 on the amount of real estate taxes or rent paid and total household       Dawn Davis, Member
 income. Do you want to know if you may qualify?

 Our staff are now taking appointments for the Circuit Breaker
 Program. To schedule your appointment, contact Rhonda Jeffries at Beginning December 15,
 573-221-8282.                                                     2009, the Board of Directors
                                                                   for NEILS will begin meeting
                                                                   on the third Tuesday of each
                                                                   month at 5pm. The meetings
                                                                   are open to the public and
                                                                   located at 909 Broadway in
                                                                   Hannibal in the basement.
    April 10, 2010 @ 6:30 pm
       Pal-Bowl in Palmyra
Sign up by March 26, 2010 by calling NEILS at 573-221-
8282. This is a 9-pin tournament. The cost is $15.00 per
bowler to enter the tournament. There will be door prizes,
a silent auction, three 50/50 drawings, and much more!
Money raised from this fundraiser to help individuals with
disabilities with transitioning out of the nursing home and
into their own home. Donations can be made by cutting
out the pledge card and mailing it in with your check or
money order! We look forward to seeing you there!
    Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart Community Outreach Inc. Provides inforamtion and
education, makes referrals and facilitates access to resources to bring
immediate help in a manner designed to preserve the dignity of
individuals and families. They assist families able to travel to the facility
and others not able to travel to the facility. Who does Heart to Heart
help? They are families, individuals, single parents, children, and the
elderly who may be living on fixed incomes. They are people with

disabilities and people who have lost their jobs. They are the employed
and the educated. They are people in our neighborhoods. They offer
services such as a food pantry, the Santa Project, Back to School with
Dignity, Heartfelt Boutique and much more! All services provided by
Heart at Heart are for residents of Pike County, Missouri. The Santa
Project assists children in Pike County with receiving their Christmas
wishes. They may ask for a cool toy, a doll, music or a bike. Other times
they ask for clothing, coats, shoes, and even underwear. Occasionally,          Stella is a Consumer-
they receive a request from a child to                                             Directed Services
help their parent find a job, get a house HELP AT THE PUSH
of their own, or for enough food to eat.
                                                                                  Specialist at NEILS.
After the letters are received, Heart to
                                               OF A BUTTON                           She has been
Heart invites neighbors and generous                                            employed with NEILS
donors to come and choose a letter                                                for 2 ½ years. She
and do what they can to fulfill that
child’s wish. The Food pantry provides
                                                                                 enjoys shopping and
non-perishable food items, fresh fruit,                                            taking hikes and
vegetables, poultry, dairy products and                                           spending time with
more each month to families struggling                                          her family. She has a
to put food on the table. Heart to Heart
Community Outreach also provides
                                                                                17 year old daughter
clothing, furniture, appliances and                                             Briana. Her goal is to
more. To contact Heart to Heart or to                                              be successful for
learn more, call 573-754-0148 or e-                                              consumers of NEILS
mail         They are •Free Installation
located at 3515 Georgia Street in •No Long Term Contract
                                                                                   and to assist them
Louisiana, MO 63353. Visit them on •No Hidden Fees                               with achieving goals
the web at
                                                                                  that the consumers
If you would like to donate items,                                                    have set for
please contact them or stop by. NEILS
is proud of Heart to Heart Community
Outreach for their efforts and kindless
                                           Home Safe     Contact

                                           SECURITY MONITORING LLC
                                                                                  themselves. She is
                                                                                happy to assist NEILS’
in Pike County and we feel they will be
                                                Madison, MO 65263                 consumers in living
an amazing asset to the residents of                                            more independently in
Pike County.
   May 28, 1956 - October 17, 2007             Tim Wood, RPh                       their own homes.
Winter Depression
During the winter, especially through the                       Celebrating 20 years of the ADA
holidays, NEILS sees an increase in depression                  The Governor’s Council on Disability is
amongst our consumers. Families may be far                      sponsoring a poster contest for Please design a
away and you feel alone for the holidays. Maybe                 poster displaying how the ADA has increased
you dislike the winter because you are always                   access in your community (school or town or
stuck inside. Whatever the reason, NEILS has                    both). The poster may be a design to show access
staff available to talk and provide support to you.             to public buildings, recreational facilities, and
If you’re feeling down and just want someone to                 transportation or employment opportunities. Is
talk to, we’re just a phone call away. If you want              there still a need for additional changes to
to get out of the house, come on up and volunteer               increase access in your community? Share your
for a morning or afternoon! Transportation is                   ideas for changes. Show us how your community
available for consumers wanting to come up and                  can be a more welcoming place for people with
volunteer, use the computers, or even take                      disabilities. Show us the “Can do” or positive
cooking classes!                                                model for people with disabilities. Demonstrate
                                                                the broad range of people with disabilities
                                                                including epilepsy, learning disabilities and other
                                                                invisible disabilities.   Be imaginative! Please
           Call NEILS at                                        include the theme

          573-221-8282!                                                          .

                                                                Call 800-877-8249 or visit our website at
                                                       and click on Poster and
                                                                Journalism contest for more information.

                              Want MORE ADVERTISING for your business?
 Our publication is mailed 4 times per year to 2000 people including persons with disabilities, aides/attendants, businesses,
                  churches, schools and more! Call Brooke at 573-221-8282 or e-mail!

  Quality In-Home Care                                                             Medicaid Recipients
                                                                                    Private Pay Clients
    Because we have honest, dependable                                               Veterans Widows
     staff and offer a variety of services                                         Children and Youth
           that best fits your needs!                                             Head Injury/TBI Services

                                                                               909 Broadway Suite 300 Hannibal, MO
                                                                     Fax 573-221-4248
   Annual Performance Report
Each year, NorthEast Independent Living Services, along with all other Centers for Independent Living,
is required to report on the activity of the Center. During the reporting period, October 1, 2008-
September 30, 2009, NEILS provided programs, services and information to 1,145 individuals in our
six county service area. Below is the break-down of data collected.
                                                                          Cognitive               58
     Under 5              0             Male               702            Mential/Emotional       97
     Ages 5-19            16            Female      4      43             Physical                671
     Ages 20-24           24                                              Hearing                 80
     Ages 25-59           531                                             Vision                  18
     Ages 60 +            574                                             Multiple Disabilities   221

     American Indian/Alaskan Native      5
     Asian                               0
     Black/African American              96
     Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander    1
     White                               951
     Hispanic/Latino                     18
     Two or more races                   74

     Self-Advocacy                       55
     Communication                       7
     Mobility/Transportation             193
     Community-Based Living              27
     Educational                         19
     Vocational                          2
     Self-Care                           55
     Information Access/Technology       122
     Personal Resource Management        461
     Relocation from a Nursing Home      4
     Community/Social Participation      46
     Other                               8
NorthEast Independent Living Services                                PRESORTED
                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
909 Broadway Suite 350                                                   PAID
                                                                    HANNIBAL, MO
Hannibal, MO 63401                                                  PERMIT NO. 31
Phone: (573) 221-8282                                 Return Service Requested
Toll Free: (877) 713-7900
Fax: (573) 221-9445
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                       Dempsey, Dempsey, and Moellring
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              Adaptive Mobility Systems/Hannibal Medical Supplies
                        Home Safe Security Monitoring
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