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									                         HARVARD LAW SCHOOL
                       48% women                                                  Students represent 42 states plus DC…
2010 Entering Class

                       37% students of color                                          23% Northeast                       6% Great Lakes
                                                                                      15% Far West                        6% South Central
                       12% with advanced degrees                                      13% Mid-South                       3% Northwest
                                                                                      11% New England                     2% Midwest
                       72% at least 1 year out of college                             9% Southeast                        2% Mountain West

                       52% 2+ years out of college
                                                                                  and 22 foreign countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, China,
                       135 undergraduate schools                                  Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan,
                                                                                  Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Sudan, Taiwan,
                       9% non-U.S. citizen                                        Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Venezuela

                       First-year courses:                                        Upper-level curriculum:              Programs of Study (optional):
Classes / Curriculum

                         • Civil Procedure         • International/Comparative        • 300+ courses                     • Criminal Justice
                         • Contracts                 Law elective                                                        • International and Comparative Law
                         • Criminal Law            • Legislation and Regulation       • 60+ clinical courses
                         • Legal Research and      • Problem Solving                                                     • Law and Business
                                                                                      • 80 seminars
                           Writing                 • 40+ Reading Groups (each                                            • Law and Government
                         • Property                  with 15 or fewer students)       • 158 courses with fewer           • Law and Social Change
                         • Torts                                                        than 25 students
                                                                                                                         • Law, Science, and Technology
                       7 sections each with a faculty leader
                                                                                  Student/Faculty Ratio: 11 to 1
                       and fewer than 80 students

                         Business Law Journal                                           Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law
                         Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review                        Journal on Legislation

                         Environmental Law Review                                       Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice
                         Harvard Law Review                                             Latino Law Review
                         Human Rights Journal                                           Law and Policy Review
                         International Law Journal                                      National Security Journal
                         Journal of Law and Gender                                      Negotiation Law Review
                         Journal of Law and Public Policy                               Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left
                         Journal of Law and Technology

 Admissions Facts                                                                       Required materials for 2010-11 application:
                                                                                        (Application deadline: February 1)
           2010 Entering Class:                                                         Application form
           7610 applications                     75th/25th Percentiles:                 Personal statement (2 pages, double-spaced)
           833 offers of admission               GPA: 3.96 / 3.78                       2 Letters of recommendation
           561 enrolled                          LSAT: 176 / 171                        LSAT score(s)

 Financial Aid Facts
           Need-based financial aid policy = no merit scholarships;                     Loan packages are provided so all students can finance their
           approximately 42% of students receive need-based grants                      three years at HLS

           Loan repayment assistance for graduates taking low-                          International students receive Harvard loans to replace the
           paying jobs through our Low Income Protection Plan                           Federal loans for which they do not qualify

           Summer Public Interest Funding = guaranteed stipends for                     2010-11 Tuition = $45,450
           summer work; over 500 students in 2010 received funding

 www.law.harvard.edu                                                          (617) 495-3179                                      jdadmiss@law.harvard.edu
Research Programs and Centers                                           Public Service Opportunities
Berkman Center for Internet      John M. Olin Center of Law,
and Society                      Economics, and Business                 8+ attorney advisors in the Bernard Koteen Office of Public
                                                                         Interest Advising schedule thousands of one-on-one
Charles Hamilton Houston         Petrie-Flom Center for Health           appointments with students to help them obtain summer jobs
Institute for Race and Justice   Law Policy, Biotechnology, and          and post-graduate opportunities—including dozens of
                                 Bioethics                               fellowships
Child Advocacy Program
                                 Program on Corporate
East Asian Legal Studies                                                 40 hours of pro bono work required for graduation (average
Environmental Law Program                                                student completes 553 hours)
                                 Program on International
Harvard Law School Project       Financial Systems
                                                                         Summer Public Interest Funding guaranteed for students
on Disability                                                            pursuing a public interest summer experience
                                 Program on Negotiation
Human Rights Program
                                 Program on the Legal
                                                                         Public Service Venture Fund provides at least $1M annually
Institute for Global Law and     Profession
                                                                         to graduating students to help them pursue careers in public
                              Program on Law and Mind                    service; much of the funding will be provided as “seed”
Islamic Legal Studies Program Sciences                                   money for students looking to start their own non-profits
Labor and Worklife Program       Tax Law Program

Joint and Concurrent Degrees                                            International Study, Work, and Research
                                                                        Students go abroad during Winter Term (earning clinical or writing
Joint degree programs:                                                  credit), summers (for which there is significant funding from the
•JD/MBA (Harvard Business School)                                       Chayes Fellowship and Human Rights Program Fellowships), and
•JD/MPP or JD/MPA (Harvard Kennedy School)                              for full semesters. For semesters abroad, students can choose to
                                                                        spend an “independent” semester at any law school that meets
•JD/MUP (Harvard Graduate School of Design)
                                                                        study abroad requirements, or apply for designated spots through
•JD/MPH (Harvard School of Public Health)
                                                                        our existing exchange agreements with the following schools:
•JD/PhD (Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences)
•JD/LLM (Cambridge University, UK)                                      • Fudan University Law School (Shanghai)
                                                                        • Fundação Getulio Vargas Schools of Law (Rio, São Paulo)
Concurrent degrees pursued by past students:                            • University of Chile School of Law (Santiago)
•JD/MA (Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences)                     • University of Geneva Faculty of Law and Graduate Institute
•JD/MTS or M.Div. (Harvard Divinity School)                               of International and Development Studies
•JD/MALD (Tufts Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy)                     • University of Sydney Law School
•JD/Ed.M. (Harvard Graduate School of Education)                        • University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Law & Politics
•JD/PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                         • University of Witswatersrand School of Law

Clinics and Student Practice Organizations
 Child Advocacy Program                            WILMERHALE LEGAL SERVICES CENTER:
 Criminal Justice Institute (Criminal Defense)
 Criminal Prosecution                              Administrative/Disability Law               Health Law
 Cyberlaw and Intellectual Property                Employment Civil Rights                     Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
 Death Penalty                                     Estate Planning                             Post-Foreclosure Eviction Housing
 Environmental Law and Policy                      Family Law                                  Predatory Lending/Consumer Protection
 Gender Violence
 Government Lawyer                                 STUDENT PRACTICE ORGANIZATIONS:
 Immigration and Refugee
 International Human Rights                        Advocates for Human Rights                  Harvard Negotiators
 Legal Aid Bureau                                  Harvard Defenders                           Law and International Development Society
 Negotiation and Mediation                         Harvard Immigration Project                 Prison Legal Assistance Project
 Sports Law                                        Harvard Mediation Program                   Project No One Leaves
 Supreme Court and Appellate Litigation            Harvard Mississippi Delta Project           Recording Artists Project
 Transactional Law                                                                             Tenant Advocacy Project
 Trauma and Learning Policy
                                                 Plus externships and independent clinicals

www.law.harvard.edu                                            (617) 495-3179                                 jdadmiss@law.harvard.edu

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