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					This form is to be completed if you need to sell your old home so that you can purchase
your new home. This information will help us better serve you.

                     Information on the new home:
Where are you buying? __________________________________________________________
Salesperson: _____________________________ Sales Price of New Home: _____________
Community Office #: ___________________ Sales Counselor’s Cell #: __________________

Buyer 1: _______________________________________________________________________
Buyer 2: _______________________________________________________________________
Present Home Address: __________________________________________________________
Subdivision: __________________________ City: ______________ State: ___ ZIP: __________
Buyer 1 Phone Numbers: (H) ______________ (W) ______________ (C ) _________________
Buyer 2 Phone Numbers: (H) ______________ (W) ______________ (C) _________________
E-mail: Buyer 1    ______________________________________________________________
E-mail: Buyer 2    ______________________________________________________________

                  Information on your existing home:
Do you know how much your home is worth in today’s market? ____________________________
Age of home? ____ Year purchased? ______ 2 Story Y N Garage 2 3 converted Y N
Age of the following: Tell the year or age of replacement or mark (u) unknown or (o) original
Roof: ______ Paint in: _______ Paint Out:: ______ Carpet age: ______ Appliances: _______
Kitchen re-modeled Y       N Counter Tops:   New    Original       Laminate   Solid Surface
Carpet color: ______________         Spa: Y N    Pool: Y   N   Above Ground Y N Age: ______
Are you in a Flood Zone?     Y   N    Have you flooded?    Y   N     Flood Insurance?   Y   N
Is your home décor in neutral colors? EX: Whites, beiges, tans or taupe? Y    N If yes what
color and what rooms____________________________________________________________
Have you had foundation repairs? Y N What repairs do you need to make? ________________
Have you had a recent Appraisal or Market Analysis within the last 6 months? Y     N
If yes, what was the value of your home? ______________
Let us know of any additional amenities: (Shed, Covered Patio, Wood Deck, Etc…)

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