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									                                SALES/SERVICE AND SUBCONTRACTOR REPORT
For each contract held, you have agreed to fill out a quarterly sales and MWBE report, providing the information requested below.
Reports are due thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar quarter, i.e., April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st. This
report may be obtained electronically at our website http://www.ga.wa.gov/PCA/regulat.htm and click Sales and Subcontractor Report.
You may submit this form via fax at (360) 586-4944, email pcamail@ga.wa.gov, or mail to Office of State Procurement PO BOX 41017
Olympia WA 98504-1017.

SECTION A (Sales by contractor)

                    Contract No:                                                         Contract Title:
                Contractor Name:                                                        Federal ID No.:
             Procurement Officer:                                                       Contact Person:
                  Contract Term:
                                                              Reporting Period:
                                             Mark one                         Circle one
                    1st Qtr Jan-Mar                                    2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006
                   2nd Qtr Apr-Jun                                     2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006
                    3rd Qtr Jul-Sep                                    2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006
                   4th Qtr Oct-Dec                                     2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006

                         TOTAL SALES THIS QUARTER:                                                 $0.00
                 Check here if sales equal zero this quarter:

Complete Section B & C on next two worksheets
ding the information requested below.
st, October 31st and January 31st. This
 and click Sales and Subcontractor Report.
Office of State Procurement PO BOX 41017
SECTION B (Subcontracts)

Please provide breakdown of amounts paid to subcontractors below (if applicable).
Subcontractor name:               OMWBE Certification # (when                       Subcontractor Signature:
Subcontractor name:               OMWBE Certification # (when                       Subcontractor Signature:
Subcontractor name:               OMWBE Certification # (when                       Subcontractor Signature:
Subcontractor name:               OMWBE Certification # (when                       Subcontractor Signature:
Contractor:                                                                         Contractor Signature:

                                                    TOTAL SALES THIS QUARTER:                       $0.00
                                        Section C by Agency number
    Agency Type        Agency                         Agency Title                         Abbrev.   $ Sales by
                         No.                                                                         Customer
State Agency/Office    001      Bond Retirement and Interest                              BRI
State Agency/Office    005      Federal Revenue for Distribution                          FRD
State Agency/Office    010      State Revenue for Distribution                            SRD
State Agency/Office    011      House of Representatives                                  REP
State Agency/Office    012      Senate                                                    SEN
Committee              014      Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee              JLARC
Committee              015      Legislative Transportation Committee                      LTC
State Agency/Office    020      Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program           LEAP
State Agency/Office    035      Actuary, Office of the State                              OSA
Committee              038      Joint Legislative Systems Committee                       JLS
Committee              040      Statute Law Committee                                     SLC
State Agency/Office    045      Supreme Court                                             SUP
State Agency/Office    046      Law Library, State                                        LAW
Commission             047      Supreme Court Reports, Commission on                      SCR
State Agency/Office    048      Court of Appeals                                          COA
Commission             050      Judicial Conduct, Commission on                           CJC
State Agency/Office    055      Administrator for the Courts, Office of                   OAC
State Agency/Office    056      Public Defense, Office of                                 OPD
State Agency/Office    075      Governor, Office of the                                   GOV
State Agency/Office    076      Special Appropriations to the Governor                    SAG
State Agency/Office    080      Lieutenant Governor, Office of the                        LTG
Commission             082      Public Disclosure Commission                              PDC
State Agency/Office    085      Secretary of State, Office of the                         SEC
State Agency/Office    086      Governor's Office of Indian Affairs                       INA
Commission             087      Asian Pacific American Affairs, Commission on             APA
State Agency/Office    090      Treasurer, Office of the State                            OST
Commission             091      Redistricting Commission                                  RDC
State Agency/Office    095      Auditor, Office of the State                              SAO
                       099      Washington Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected   COS
Commission                      Officials
State Agency/Office    100      Attorney General, Office of the                           ATG
Council                101      Caseload Forecast Council                                 CFC
State Agency/Office    102      Financial Institutions, Department of                     DFI
State Agency/Office    103      Comm, Trade, & Economic Development, Department of        CTED
Council                104      Economic and Revenue Forecast Council                     ERFC
State Agency/Office    105      Financial Management, Office of                           OFM
State Agency/Office    106      Economic Development Finance Authority                    EDA
State Agency/Office    107      Health Care Authority, State                              HCA
State Agency/Office    110      Administrative Hearings, Office of                        OAH
State Agency/Office    111      Personnel, Department of                                  DOP
Committee              112      State Capitol Committee                                   CAP
Commission             116      Lottery Commission                                        LOT
Commission             117      Gambling Commission                                       GMB
Commission             118      Hispanic Affairs, Commission on                           CHA
Commission             119      African-American Affairs, Commission on                   CAA
Commission             120      Human Rights Commission                                   HUM
Board                  122      Personnel Appeals Board                                   PAB
State Agency/Office    124      Retirement Systems, Department of                         DRS
Board                  126      Investment Board                                          SIB
State Agency/Office    130      Public Printer                                            PRT
State Agency/Office    140      Revenue, Department of                                    DOR
Board                  142      Tax Appeals, Board of                                     BTA
Council                144      Municipal Research Council                                MRC
State Agency/Office    147      Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, Office of      OMWBE

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                                        Section C by Agency number
    Agency Type        Agency                         Agency Title                           Abbrev.   $ Sales by
                         No.                                                                           Customer
Commission             148      Housing Finance Commission                                  HFC
State Agency/Office    150      General Administration, Department of                       GA
State Agency/Office    155      Information Services, Department of                         DIS
State Agency/Office    157      United States Presidential Electors                         USP
State Agency/Office    160      Insurance Commissioner, Office of the                       INS
Board                  165      Accountancy, State Board of                                 ACB
Council                167      Forensic Investigation Council                              FIC
Commission             185      Horse Racing Commission                                     HRC
Board                  190      Industrial Insurance Appeals, Board of                      IND
Board                  195      Liquor Control Board                                        LCB
Board                  205      Pilotage Commissioners, Board of                            BPC
Commission             215      Utilities and Transportation Commission                     UTC
Board                  220      Volunteer Firefighters, Board for                           FIR
State Agency/Office    225      Washington State Patrol                                     WSP
Commission             227      Criminal Justice Training Commission                        CJT
Commission             228      Traffic Safety Commission                                   STS
State Agency/Office    235      Labor and Industries, Department of                         L&I
State Agency/Office    240      Licensing, Department of                                    DOL
State Agency/Office    245      Military Department                                         MIL
Board                  250      Intermediate Sentence Review Board                          SRB
Commission             275      Public Employment Relations Commission                      PERC
State Agency/Office    300      Social and Health Services, Department of                   DSHS
State Agency/Office    303      Health, Department of                                       DOH
State Agency/Office    305      Veterans' Affairs, Department of                            DVA
State Agency/Office    310      Corrections, Department of                                  DOC
State Agency/Office    315      Services for the Blind, Department of                       DSB
Commission             325      Sentencing Guidelines Commission                            SGC
Board                  343      Higher Education Coordinating Board                         HECB
Board                  345      Education, State Board of                                   SBE
State Agency/Office    346      Higher Education Facilities Authority                       WHEFA
State Agency/Office    350      Superintendent of Public Instruction                        SPI
State Agency/Office    351      School for the Blind                                        SFB
Board                  352      Community and Technical Colleges, State Board for           SBCTC
State Agency/Office    353      School for the Deaf                                         SFD
Board                  354      Work Force Training and Education Coordinating Board        WFTECB
Higher Education       360      University of Washington                                    UW
Higher Education       365      Washington State University                                 WSU
Higher Education       370      Eastern Washington University                               EWU
Higher Education       375      Central Washington University                               CWU
Higher Education       376      Evergreen State College                                     TESC
Higher Education       377      Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute   SIRTI
Higher Education       380      Western Washington University                               WWU
State Agency/Office    385      Library, State                                              LIB
Commission             387      Arts Commission                                             ART
State Agency/Office    390      Historical Society, State                                   WHS
State Agency/Office    395      Eastern Washington State Historical Society                 EWH
State Agency/Office    405      Transportation, Department of                               DOT
Board                  406      County Road Administration Board                            CRAB
Board                  407      Transportation Improvement Board                            TIB
Commission             408      Marine Employees' Commission                                MAR
Commission             410      Transportation Commission                                   TRC
Commission             460      Columbia River Gorge Commission                             CRG
State Agency/Office    461      Ecology, Department of                                      ECY
State Agency/Office    462      Pollution Liability Insurance Program                       PLR

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                                        Section C by Agency number
    Agency Type        Agency                        Agency Title               Abbrev.   $ Sales by
                         No.                                                              Customer
Commission             465      Parks and Recreation Commission                PARKS
Committee              467      Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation   IAC
State Agency/Office    468      Environmental Hearings Office                  EHO
Commission             471      Conservation Commission                        SCC
Board                  476      Growth Management Hearings Board               GMHB
State Agency/Office    477      Fish and Wildlife, Department of               DFW
State Agency/Office    490      Natural Resources, Department of               DNR
State Agency/Office    495      Agriculture, Department of                     AGR
Commission             500      Apple Advertising Commission                   APPLE
Commission             501      Alfalfa Seed Commission                        ALFALFA
Commission             502      Beef Commission                                BEEF
Commission             503      Blueberry Commission                           BLUE
Commission             505      Bulb Commission                                BULB
Commission             506      Asparagus Commission                           ASPAR
Commission             507      Cranberry Commission                           CRAN
Commission             508      Canola and Rapseed Commission                  CRC
Commission             510      Dairy Products Commission                      DIARY
Commission             512      Dry Pea and Lentil Commission                  DRYPL
Commission             513      Farmed Salmon Commission                       FSC
Commission             514      Egg Commission                                 EGG
Commission             515      Fruit Commission                               FRUIT
Commission             520      Fryer Commission                               FRYER
Commission             521      Hardwoods Commission                           HRWD
Commission             522      Hop Commission                                 HOP
Commission             524      Puget Sound Gillnet Salmon Commission          GILLNET
Commission             525      Potato Commission                              POTATO
Commission             526      Strawberry Commission                          STRAW
Commission             527      Barley Commission                              BARLEY
Commission             528      Mint Commission                                MINT
Commission             529      Red Raspberry Commission                       RASP
Commission             530      Seed Potato Commission                         SEED
Commission             532      Turf Grass Seed Commission                     TURF
Commission             533      Tree Fruit Research Commission                 TREE
Commission             534      Wine Commission                                WINE
Commission             535      Wheat Commission                               WHEAT
State Agency/Office    540      Employment Security Department                 ES
State Agency/Office    550      Convention and Trade Center                    CTC
State Agency/Office    599      Health Care Facilities Authority               WHCFA
Higher Education       605      Everett Community College                      EVC
Higher Education       610      Edmonds Community College                      EDC
Higher Education       621      Whatcom Community College                      WHC
Higher Education       627      Bellevue Community College                     BCC
Higher Education       629      Big Bend Community College                     BBC
Higher Education       632      Centralia College                              CEC
Higher Education       634      Cascadia Community College                     CCC
Higher Education       635      Clark College                                  CLC
Higher Education       637      Pierce College                                 PIE
Higher Education       639      Columbia Basin Community College               CBC
Higher Education       648      Grays Harbor College                           GHC
Higher Education       649      Green River Community College                  GRC
Higher Education       652      Highline Community College                     HCC
Higher Education       657      Lower Columbia College                         LCC
Higher Education       662      Olympic College                                OLC
Higher Education       665      Peninsula College                              PEC

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                                        Section C by Agency number
    Agency Type        Agency                          Agency Title                           Abbrev.     $ Sales by
                         No.                                                                              Customer
Higher Education       670      Seattle Community College - District 6                       SCCD-6
Higher Education       672      Shoreline Community College                                  SHC
Higher Education       674      Skagit Valley College                                        SVC
Higher Education       675      South Puget Sound Community College                          SPS
Higher Education       676      Spokane Community College-District 17                        SCCD-17
Higher Education       678      Tacoma Community College                                     TCC
Higher Education       683      Walla Walla Community College                                WLC
Higher Education       686      Wenatchee Valley College                                     WVC
Higher Education       691      Yakima Valley College                                        YVC
Higher Education       692      Lake Washington Technical College                            LWTC
Higher Education       693      Renton Technical College                                     RTC
Higher Education       694      Bellingham Technical College                                 BTC
Higher Education       695      Bates Technical College                                      BATES
Higher Education       696      Clover Park Technical College                                CPTC
Higher Education       699      Community and Technical College System                       CTCS
                       150CS    General Administration, Department of                        MMC-CS
State Agency/Office             Materials Management Center-Central Stores
                       OR       Oregon State Political Subdivisions and Non-profit           OR
Oregon Poly Sub/Non             Organizations
Profit                          Please Describe (if required by State Procurement Officer)
                       Other    Other State                                                  Other
Other State                     Please Describe (if required by State Procurement Officer)
                       PS       Washington State Political Subdivisions and Non-profit       PS
Washington Poly                 Organizations
Sub/Non Profit                  Please Describe (if required by State Procurement Officer)

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