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FR opy                                              SPRING 2011

         H E A LT H   WELLNESS       LIFESTYLE            HOME

                      Home Improvement
                             Eating Healthy
                                           While on Vacation

                                 on Long Island”
                                                Paul Anthony
                           Host & Producer of the LI Comedy Festival

                                 A Mother's Art
                                      Lives On
                                    Through Her Daughter

              Father & Sons business serving the entire NYC-metro area for 19-years
       d                                 Insured

     of every type,
 for every application
  The all new,
  Aluminum system

                                 INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
                                                                      We Enhance The Quality
                                                                          Of Life For The
                                                                         Walking Impaired

               Visit Our Showroom:
 21 Stringham Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580             $150.00 OFF
1-866-291-7039                                                    (any purchase over $1,600)

                                                            Alpha Care Supply, LLC
2 | Spring ‘11 | generations
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                                         2011 World Voyages from New York!

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Rates and availability are accurate at time of press and are subject to change. Not responsible for errors or omissions in the content of this advertisement.

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Call 800/651-5609 Click Visit a branch office
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       Laser assisted liposuction which melts fatty tissue and tightens skin

         • Botox®                              • Endermology
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       747 N. BROADWAY, N. MASSAPEQUA |             516.799.2771               Free Cosmetic

                                     D e f i n e Yo u r S t y l e …
                                                                                             Offering a five step
                                                                                          solution to help you look
                                                                                             and feel your best:
                                                                                              Color Services &
                                                                                              Color Correction
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                                                                                               Your Well Being
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 33 Vanderbilt Pkwy. | Commack, NY 11725 | 631-499-1990 |
4 | Spring ‘11 | generations
                                                 David Miller DDS
                                                  COMMACK ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEONS

                                                                             Are missing teeth or loose
                                                                            dentures keeping you from
                                                                            feeling young and healthy?

                                                                            Implants may be
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                                                                         | 5
6 | Spring ‘11 | generations
   Let us                                                                 hin    g y o u r co m mu ni t y fo r 2 6 yea
                                                                    S oot
   be your

    to create a
                    Healthy Home

                 & Healthy Lifestyle
                                     for your family.                                Three Peaks Physical Therapy

                                                                    Physical Therapy with
                                                                      Medical Massage
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   Healthy Home                      Healthy Lifestyle
                                                                                                                       and sores
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     /improvements for               • Nutrition counseling                                                            and Detoxify
     each room                         menu prep, supplements                                                          your system
   • Lifeline/personal                 and shopping
     security systems                • Personal care Aides
   • Technology for telehealth       • Professional assistance         Massage                             INSURANCE ACCEPTED
                                       with legal and financial        Therapy
   • Handyman, home repair             planning                                                            Participating with Blue Cross/
   • Chore services                  • Computer links to social       for Men &                            Blue Shield & HIP
                                       networks, family and                                                We accept most major medical
    * licensed services offered by
    our sister company,                friends
                                                                       Women                               insurance: Workmans' Comp and
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                     Cover Articles                                                                      pring is one of my favorite times of the
                     10             Eating Healthy on Vacation                                      S    year - a time of rebirth and the return of
                                                                                                    some good old sunshine. It makes us feel the
                     14             Home Improvement Directory                                      need to clean things up and get organized!
                                                                                                        We're experiencing a rebirth and cleaning
                     20             Laughter on Long Island                                         things up here too; we're very excited to invite
                                                                                                    you to share your thoughts with us on our
                     26             A Mother's Art Lives On Through
                                                                                                    newly launched BLOG! Everything you have
                                    Her Daughter                                                    come to enjoy in our magazine is now available
                                                                                                    at Comment
                     Departments                                                                    on articles, enter our give-aways, try our
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                     28             Dora's Hope -
                                                                                                        This issue is full of great stories of Long
                                    Choice Centered Medicaid
                                                                                                    Islanders who are doing great things. The Long
                     30             Tips on Preventing Falls                                        Island Comedy Festival is coming to a location
                                                                                                    near you; don't miss it! The White Cabinet is a
                                    Lifestyle & Entertainment                                       wonderful story of a daughter who brought her
                     24             Spring Into Love                                                mother's art to life, right here on Long Island!
                                                                                                        On a more serious note, Dora's Hope
                     34             Advice for Singles                                              brings to light a circumstance that effects
                                                                                                    many: how Medicaid-provided health care is
                     37             Crossword Puzzle                                                keeping people in nursing homes and not
                                                                                                    providing advanced care for them at home. I
                                    House & Home                                                    have experienced this first hand. Find out how
                     12             Spring Into Design                                              you can help!
                                                                                                        This issue is full of tips, too. There are tips
                     36             Pasta Recipes                                                   on preventing falls, tips on eating when away
                                                                                                    on vacation, tips on keeping the love alive in
                                    Finance                                                         your relationship and singles advice, and some
                     16             Reverse Mortgages                                               great tips on design by Long Island's own
                                                                                                    Natalie Weinstein to spruce up your home.
                     22             Long Term Care Insurance                                            I hope you enjoy what we are doing; as
                                                                                                    always I invite you to let us know. Email me:
                                                                                           Now get out
                                                                                                    there and enjoy Springtime on Long Island!

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8 | Spring ‘11 | generations                                                 Liz Sciacchitano
Varicose and
Spider Veins
Current Office Treatment

V    aricose and spider veins present a cosmetic problem
     for many women as well as for men. These
                                                               S         ummer
                                                                                is near!
abnormally bulging and discolored leg veins can cause a        Time to
variety of symptoms. These include discomfort, fatigue,
throbbing, burning, swelling, phlebitis, discoloration and     eliminate
     An office procedure called Endovenous Laser               your unsightly
Treatment (EVLT®) has revolutionized the management
of varicose veins. It has become the state-of-the-art          varicose &
treatment for this problem and has eliminated the need
for traditional surgery. Under local anesthesia a thin laser   spider veins
fiber is placed through the skin and seals the main
malfunctioning leg vein. The procedure takes less than
an hour and has become very routine for most vascular          Using the latest
surgeons. Because of its ease there is no age limit and it
                                                               laser & injection
is covered by most insurances.
     The laser technique eliminates the cause of the           techniques
varicose veins. The veins themselves are removed by
adding a procedure called phlebectomy. Small vein
hooks are used which are passed through needle sized           Put your trust in
openings. The residual holes close without the need for
sutures. Sometimes this is done as a separate procedure.       the hands of
     Spider veins are treated with a technique called          experienced
injection Sclerotherapy. Tiny needles are used to inject a
special solution into the veins. Some veins resolve            Vascular
quickly and some fade away gradually. Multiple                 Surgical
treatment sessions may be needed depending on the
extent of the problem.
     After people have either EVLT® or Sclerotherapy they
can return to their normal activities right away. Both                           Call for Your
methods have been used for many years and have
been proven to be very safe and highly effective. Most
                                                                              Consultation Today!
people are quite pleased with the cosmetic results and
they experience improvement or resolution of their                             631-422-0909
     If you have problem varicose or spider veins you
should be evaluated by a vascular surgeon specializing
in venous disorders. After examining you and performing
a Venous Doppler Study (ultrasound) the vascular
surgeon will be able to determine if you are a candidate
for EVLT® and Sclerotherapy.                                         Eli Anker M.D. P.C.
Eli Anker, MD, FACS | Vascular Surgeon                              7 5 4 M O N TA U K H I G H WAY
                                                                      W E S T I S L I P, N Y 1 1 7 9 5
West Islip, NY | 631-422-0909

                                                                          | 9
     Vacation Time
        and the
Eating is Easy
                                                               ƒ If you eat every time your companions ask you to try
I  find many people get nervous about eating while on
   vacation. Some think they will have no control over
their eating, while others believe they use traveling as an
                                                                 something, you’ll gain their weight, too. Eat only what
                                                                 appeals to you, not to the crowd.
excuse to over-eat.                                            „ You may believe you have no control of what or when
     As a weight loss coach since 1988, I have                   you’ll eat, especially if you are staying in someone’s
encountered these concerns repeatedly from clients. I            home. Be in charge of what you choose. Make choices
am an avid traveler, and someone who is conscious of             from what’s available, and speak up when necessary.
maintaining my own weight. From my personal
experiences, and the feedback I receive from my clients,       … Part of the lasting memory and experience of your
I can help you to get the most from your travels. You’ll         trip is the food of the region. While there, taste and
enjoy food without being deprived, and return without            enjoy the local cuisine that you desire.
the dreaded weight gain.                                       † Proteins, fruits and vegetables are sometimes ignored
     As I look at the many souvenirs I’ve brought back           while traveling, opting for an overload of carbs and
from trips, they bring fond memories of scenery, history,        sweets. Remember to include foods that nourish your
laughs, family and so much more. The souvenir I don’t            body every day, helping you to eat well throughout
bring home is extra body weight. Yet when I travel, I eat.       the entire trip.
I can still taste Austria’s Goulash Soup, Ireland’s
                                                               † Pack clothes that fit you well, are comfortable, and
Shepherd’s Pie, Belgium’s Belgian Waffles, France’s
                                                                 give you freedom of movement. Don’t bring clothes
Crepes, Puerto Rico’s Chicken and Rice, Italy’s Gelato,
                                                                 stating, “I’ll give up, and eat anything and
Spain’s Paella, numerous buffets… must I continue?
Identify the difference between eating and over-eating.
Eating is enjoying food. Over-eating is when you no            ‡ Keep your digestive track moving; avoid being backed
longer taste the food. You are stuffed, yet continue to eat.     up and bloated by drinking plenty of water. Try hot
     When you travel your sleep patterns differ, your            water with lemon. Your vacation will remain more
spending habits change and your activity level will also         pleasurable when you enjoy your food without being
be out of the ordinary. Doesn’t it make sense then, that         stuffed. You’ll sleep better, feel terrific and be
your eating will also differ? This is your vacation eating       energetic and lively throughout the entire trip.
and it’s completely different from your normal eating          One last suggestion:
patterns. When I ask clients to prioritize their travel
                                                               ˆ Don’t even think of weighing yourself for one week
events, eating is never number one; usually it’s four or
                                                                        after returning. Allow your body weight to
five. Write a list and prioritize the events for
                                                                        level itself as you return to your normal eating
your upcoming trip. See where eating fits in,
and keep it there.
                                                                             Let me know if you have further
Here’s how you make vacation                                              questions, and I’d love to hear about your trip.
eating easy:                                                              HAPPY TRAVELS!
‚ Always peruse food offered and use a                                    Margaret Marshall has worked in the weight loss
  rating system, one to ten, ten being best.                              industry since 1988. She is a professional speaker,
  Enjoy foods you rate six or higher.                                     mentor and coach. For further information visit:
  Everything else is just mediocre to you. Eat                  
                                                                          Or call: 516-398-1594/631-615-2460.
  only the foods you rate highly.
                                                                          Every BODY Needs a Margaret!
 10 | Spring ‘11 | generations
                       Spring Into A New Lifestyle
                Long Island’s Premier Community

         New 2/3 Bedroom Condos and Townhomes Starting at $275,000

                                                                         *Down Payment of up to 5% will be matched by the Builder on select locations.

Experience the Islip Landing Lifestyle
                                                                  within a mile of the Southern State parkway and just minutes
A   s you drive through the magnificently landscaped Islip
    Landing development, you will see a charming
neighborhood unlike any other lifestyle community on Long
                                                                  from the LIRR with an express train into Manhattan. With a
                                                                  location adjacent to the Town of Islip’s Gull Haven Golf
Island. Whether you are a first time homebuyer, a growing         Course, fantastic shopping, five star restaurants, and Fire
family, or an active adult, Islip Landing has the home for you.   Island ferries just minutes away, this community has it all!
Our 3 unique models include The Aspen: a spacious 2                    A maintenance free lifestyle at Islip Landing affords you
bedroom, 2 bath, single level condominium with a patio or         all of the beauty and none of the work. Landscaping, snow
balcony and a private laundry room; The Sierra: an exquisite      removal and all exterior maintenance is taken care of,
1,700 sq. ft. 2 bedroom townhome in our Active Adult phase        allowing all of your free time to be spent socializing with
with a loft, a first floor master suite and a garage; and The     neighbors and friends. The lifestyle and activities are endless.
Magnolia: a sprawling 2,100 sq. ft. 3 - 4 bedroom townhome        The on-site “Club At Islip Landing” will keep your calendar
with a den, basement and a garage. All of the homes are           filled all year long, featuring a state- of- the- art fitness center,
complete with designer finishes including hardwood floors,        a billiards and card room, a community meeting room, an
granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, maple            outdoor heated pool with sundeck and a children’s
cabinetry, Kohler plumbing fixtures, designer ceramic tile,       playground. Whether you are single, an active adult, or a
crown moldings, recessed lighting, skylights, and for your        young family, our social committee is busy planning events
outdoor entertaining - a brick paver patio.                       for you.
     With pricing starting at $275,000, as little as 3.5% down,        Call today to schedule an appointment to view our three
historically low mortgage rates and special promotions            unique models and experience the lifestyle that awaits you
offered by the developer, this is truly a buyer’s market and a    at Islip Landing. Our sales office and designer furnished
wise investment. In-house Financing Specialists are available     models are open daily between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
to assist in making the home buying process stress free. With          To schedule an appointment, please call 800-539-1377,
immediate occupancy homes available, living the lifestyle you     or you can visit us online at
deserve is just around the corner. Islip Landing is located

                                                                                                          | 11
Spring into
Getting ready for spring and
summer entertaining is easy in a
light and airy room with a view.
                                                                                          Designed by Natalie Weinstein
by Natalie Weinstein, Allied ASID                                    Photographed by Jack Ader, Images for Presentaation

                                                               ™ Don’t forget your plan when

    f any season can be associated with a definite
    inclination to decorate, renovate and get your home in     you shop. Be flexible. If you find
    order, it has to be spring! The term spring cleaning,      something you really like and your
dating back to before the turn of the century, inspired        plan can be modified, buy it. If,
many feelings. It meant untold back breaking hours of          however, your purchase will cause
work beating rugs, white washing woodwork, polishing           havoc with what exists as well as         EDITOR’S NOTE:
silver and cleaning the house from top to bottom. But with     your budget, wait. Look further.          Natalie Weinstein
it came the great satisfaction of cleanliness, orderliness     Diligence and patience go a long          is president of Natalie
and the newness of Spring. In addition, winter sewing and      way in decorating.                        Weinstein Design Associates
quilting projects added new touches, and the first breath of   š If you are on a limited budget,         and the Natalie Weinstein
                                                               painting,       repairing       and       Home Decorating Club with
color often came straight from the garden.                                                               over 15,000 members on Long
     Our human need to renew as the earth does is another      slipcovering can make truly               Island. If you have a design
reason why spring is the busiest design season of the year.    amazing changes to existing               question or would like to
In truth, however, if people wanted to be ready for spring,    rooms. If you are handy and can           become a member, visit
they would prepare in the winter, but most people don’t        do some or all of the labor     , call
                                                               yourself, you can stretch you             631.862.6198, or e-mail
think ahead until there is strong evidence of the season’s                                      Hear
changing. Then frustration abounds when shoppers find          money even further. If you’re             "Design Tips by Natalie" on
an 8 -10 week wait for furnishings to be delivered. Impulse    hiring labor, get references and          WALK 97.5 FM, "Home Show"
buying ensues, a dangerous pastime since purchasing            see their work.                           on WALK 1370 AM, Sundays
what you can have immediately may not be the best              › Think color for spring! Be a            from 10-11 am
                                                                                                         and podcast 24/7 on
possible long-range decision. Further, starting with an        little daring even if only on accent
                                                                                               , keyword
inappropriate purchase (wrong color, scale or style) may       pillows or a “feature wall”.              Natalie.
put you on a one way street to continued misdirection.         œ Remember, your front door
                                                               area, porch and walkway can
10 Steps to Spring Redecorating                                make the entry to your home
– Do a real clean-up and throw out. Organize closets,          springlike and colorful just by adding flower pots of lovely
discard clutter, purge and simplify your surroundings. This    annuals. Vases of fresh flowers in the home can brighten
will not only provide a sense of satisfaction but will force   every room as well.
you to make intelligent decisions about items you need or       Set a plan in place to get your back yard ready for
want. Now you can see which furnishings can stay and look      spring and summer entertaining. (Plantings, furniture,
well with just a “face-lift”.                                  barbeque, etc.)
— Make a plan in writing. Using graph paper and a ruler,       ž Visit the Resource Center of the Natalie Weinstein
make a plan of the room, measuring the pieces you’d like to    Home Decorating Club for a fast, fresh look for any room,
keep as well as the room itself. Moving the furniture on       using designer fabrics, wall coverings and ready-made
paper saves a lot of wear and tear on your back and enables    bedding, at discounted prices.
you to see many options.                                       Ÿ When you have a challenging design project which is
˜ Now, rearrange the furniture according to your plan.         beyond you, seek professional advice. It will save you time
Look at the furniture carefully bearing in mind which          and money in the long run and will allow you to enjoy the
pieces may need re-upholstery, as well as new furniture to     results without the additional stress on your already busy
be added. Try to visualize the end result.                     schedule.
    12 | Spring ‘11 | generations
Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry
                         By Dr. Terry S. Shapiro - Serving Long Island for over 20 years

Two prospective patients came into
the office recently with the same
complaint. Both had lost all of their
teeth and were wearing worn-out
and ill-fitting dentures. Their
dentures were loose; they had
trouble eating foods they would
                                        other dentists. I make new, custom-
                                        fitted dentures for my patients and
                                        explain to them that if the new
                                        dentures don't fit and function well,
                                        we can then add implants. My
                                        experience is that the denture
                                        patient does very well with the new
                                                                                             crowns & bridges
                                                                                             dental implants
have liked; their faces had that        dentures and often decides not to
sunken-in look and they were in         add the implants. Implants are                   •   porcelain veneers
pain.                                   always an option but they don’t have             •   tooth colored fillings
    Their previous dentists recom-      to be the first option. I believe that
mended implants to stabilize the        patients like these can be well served           •   teeth whitening
dentures. The problem was that as       with well-fitting dentures.                      •   general dentistry
they were both retired and on fixed
incomes they could not afford                     CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION
implants. What to do? Yes, implants      and find out how you can achieve the healthy, good looking smile you have always wanted!
are a wonderful service and have
revolutionized what we can do to
improve lives. I love implants! But
                                        (631) 751-4433
due to the laboratory and materials
                                        20 Old Post Rd. • E. Setauket, NY 11733
costs involved, they are expensive.
    My approach is different from

                                                         Missing a Tooth?                    by Terry S. Shapiro, D.M.D.

                                             No one likes an unsightly gap. But what are your options?
                                             The gold standard to replace a missing tooth is the osseointegrated implant on
                                        which is attached an implant crown. The implant crown looks and feels like a natural
                                        tooth. But because implants require surgery, the implant patient must be in good
                                        health. The patient also needs to have adequate bone to support the implant. This
                                        excellent service is also more costly than other options.
                                             The second option is the fixed bridge. Here, teeth on either side of the missing
                                        tooth are covered with crowns to which an artificial tooth is connected. The bridge
                                        is then cemented in place. Disadvantages are that the teeth on either side of the
                                        missing tooth have to be reduced to accommodate the crowns and three or more
                                        teeth are now connected, making it difficult to clean underneath and a potential
                                        food trap.
                                             The third choice is the removable partial denture. As it is removable, the partial
                                        denture is less natural than the implant or fixed bridge. The partial denture takes
                                        getting used to, it may feel bulky and you may not be able to chew as you would
                                        with natural teeth. The advantage is the relative simplicity of the procedure and
                                        lower cost.
                                             You may not be a candidate for the implant, the fixed bridge or the removable
                                        partial denture. Your dentist can best evaluate which options are suitable for a given
                                        clinical situation. It is important to replace missing teeth because other teeth will
                                        drift into the gap and the entire dentition may be compromised. For more
                                        information on replacing missing teeth visit
                                                                                    | 13
                         Home Improvement D I R E C T O R Y

      Complete Bathroom Remodeling
       no mold, mildew, demolitions! no more leaks!

                                                     Specializing in:
$   500 OFF                                          • Walk-in tubs
  with the purchase of any                           • ADA handicapped, walk-in
complete EZ bath tub/shower                            and roll-in showers
      and wall system                                • Tub-to-shower conversions
 516-623-1950 • 1-877-939-2284
 with this coupon • not valid with other offers
     or prior purchases • expires 6/15/11
                                                     • Custom-fit acrylic tubs,
                                                       shower bases and wall
                                                                                                                                      * SPECIAL OFFER
       Stairlifts                                      systems installed in one day                                                   Loaded Walk-In Tub
            Best Price                               • Prior to installation, we
                                                       clean, sanitize and repair                                                                                                                                                         We will beat any
                                                       all surfaces                                                    Lifetime Warranty | Licensed & Insured | Senior Citizen Discount                                                   written estimate by
                                                                                                                       Free In-Home Estimate | 0% Financing Available                                                                     10% or more
                                                     • Tile floor & wall
                                                       installations, as well as
                                                       complete gut-outs
                                                     • Shower doors
                                                     ALL AT A REASONABLE PRICE!                                                                                                             serving NYC-Metro Area

Visit our Showroom! 44 Newton Blvd. • Freeport, NY 11520 | 516-623-1950 | 1-877-9EZ-BATH (939-2284)

    Need More Room For Your Family?

                                                                                                                                                     “NOBODY KNOWS BASEMENTS BETTER.”

                                          CALL FOR A FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION
                                                  ALURE BASEMENTS, INC.
                                                                                                                                                   Today’s Solution...
                                                                                                                                                   • Add more comfortable living space in about 2 weeks, with no mess!
                                                  1999 Hempstead Tpke.                              East Meadow, NY                                • Mold & Mildew resistant wall panels are also dent resistant
                                                                                                                                                   • Owens CorningTM has a lifetime transferable warranty**
                                             888-50-BASEMENT                                                                                       • Acoustically insulated panels reduce noise transmission by 95%, providing a quiet place to “get away”
                                                                                                                                                   • Thermally insulated panels with an R-11 Insulation value saves you money on heating and cooling bills
                                                                 888-502-2736                                                                      • The Easy to clean wall panels are also removable for easy access to foundation                                                                                                             • Available in multiple colors
**See manufacturer’s warranty for details. While the materials and design of the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ resist mold and mildew, the system cannot prevent or mitigate mold if the conditions necessary for mold growth otherwise exist in your basement.
                  The PINK PANTHER TM & © 1964 -2011 Metro-Goldwyn Studio Inc. All Rights Reserved. Serviced and Installed with pride by Alure Basements, Inc. Licensed by Consumer Affairs: Nassau H18E9330000, Suffolk 31629-H, NYC 1013025

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                               Home Improvement D I R E C T O R Y

MC Construction Services                                         Early
                                              Let us
                                                              Spring Sale!
                                             protect               Best Selection!
                                         your home                  Best Prices!
                                            & health
                                          from high              FREE Upgrade                                                                          Financing
                                                                Arched or Custom Gate
                                           humidity,          with purchase of 150 ft. of PVC with gate
631.661.6365                               mold and
                                                              Blizzard Fences | 1707 Great Neck Road
                                                                      Copiague • 63-598-0040

516.810.3592                                  water
                                                                  with this coupon • not valid with other offers
                                                                         or prior purchases • exp. ????

                                           disasters                                                                     Lic. #35902 • Nassau Lic. #HI304180000

                                                                               FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED FOR OVER 50 YEARS!
                            1707 Great Neck Rd. • Copiague • 631-598-0040 •
                                                              See our Displays: 980 E. Marconi Blvd. | Call Consumer Affairs - Ask About Us!: 631-853-4600

Let's get your renovation done
 right... at an affordable price!
 We have experts in:                             Men
                                                this adtion
 • BASEMENTS                               SAVE 1
 • BATHROOMS                                            0%      • Small repairs/Full rips
 • KITCHENS                                                     • Quality Installations
 • FLOORS                                                       • Shingle & flat roofs
 • ADDITIONS                                                    • 32 years experience
 • DORMERS                                                      • Owner Operated
 FREE estimates!                NICK’S                          • 15 yr. workmanship
    We'll match         Home Improvements                         guarantee
any reasonable offer.              since 1999                   • Personal service
         Lic. & Ins.    516.313.5414 |        Lic/Insured 41297-H                                631.447.0347
Entertainment Installation
We Install:
 Flat Screen TVs / 3D TVs
 Home Theatre Systems
 Whole House Audio
 Satellite Radio
 Camera Systems
 Phone Systems
 Free Remodeling

    Custom Audio
631-689-7596 & Video

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              Three Peaks Physical Therapy                                                                  Books
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Reverse Mortgages:
Lower up-front costs and increased cash
flow could mean less stress for homeowners
                                                                      and for maintenance of the home as your primary residence.
G    ood news for homeowners age 62 and older who are looking
     to achieve greater financial flexibility: MetLife Bank has
recently introduced the HECM Saver, a government-insured
                                                                      However, you can use the cash from your HECM Saver proceeds
                                                                      to help pay for some of these costs. Repayment of a reverse
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).                               mortgage isn't required until the last surviving borrower passes
Some features of the MetLife Bank HECM Saver reverse                  away, sells the home, or leaves it for 12 consecutive months.
mortgage that may make it an option worth considering                 Do you qualify for a MetLife Bank HECM Saver? Here are some
include:                                                              general guidelines:
• Lower up-front costs as compared to the standard HECM               • All borrowers must be age 62 or older.
  reverse mortgage offered by MetLife Bank, could save you            • Your home's first mortgage doesn't have to be paid off, but you
  thousands of dollars depending on the value of your home.             will need to have sufficient equity in your home.
• While the maximum amount you can borrow is less than with a         • The home must be your primary residence.
  HECM Standard, the HECM Saver may be a better choice for
  homeowner who don't need to borrow the maximum amount               Learn more about the MetLife Bank HECM Saver
  available to them.                                                      The best decisions are informed ones. If you're interested in
Like other types of reverse mortgages, with a HECM Saver:             learning more about the new HECM Saver or other reverse
• You still live in and own your home.                                mortgage options from MetLife Bank, your MetLife Bank reverse
• You can use the increased cash flow to pay off your existing        mortgage consultant, Jacqui Del Priore, is available to answer
  mortgage, travel, reduce credit card debt, help cover health care   all of your questions, without obligation. Call Jacqui
  costs, and much more.                                               at 516-983-9396.
• You can receive your cash in a lump sum, as a monthly               Program, rates, fees, terms and conditions are not available in all states and are
  payment, through a line of credit, or a combination of these        subject to change. All loans are subject to property approval. Appraised property value
                                                                      may affect loan amount. Certain conditions and fees apply. Mortgage financing
  choices.                                                            provided by MetLife Bank, N.A., Equal Housing Lender. ©2010 METLIFE, INC.
    With the MetLife Bank HECM Saver, you must continue to be         R0910131467[exp0911][All States][DC]
responsible for paying property taxes, homeowner's insurance,
   16 | Spring ‘11 | generations
Get more out of life with a reverse mortgage
This free video from MetLife Bank can show you how.

                 If you’re a home owner age 62 or older a reverse mortgage could
                 give you the financial flexibility you need. And MetLife Bank—a
                 MetLife company—has the expertise to help you get the most from
                 a reverse mortgage.
Call today for your free reverse mortgage video and information kit—there’s
no obligation.
Jacqueline Del Priore
MetLife Bank Reverse Mortgage Consultant

    All loans are subject to property approval. Certain conditions and fees apply. Mortgage financing provided by MetLife Bank, N.A., Equal Housing Lender.
    ©2010 METLIFE, INC. R0610110496[exp0511][All States][DC] © 2010 PNTS                                                                                     12986

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                                Hearing Loss
                                     it doesn’t just affect hearing
                                O     ne of the most commonly unaddressed health
                                      conditions in America today, hearing loss affects more
                                than 31.5 million Americans, most of whom are below
                                retirement age.
                                     Hearing loss can strike at any time and at any age.
                                When left unaddressed, hearing loss can affect virtually
                                every aspect of an individual’s life. Numerous studies, in
                                fact, have linked untreated hearing loss to a wide range of
                                physical and emotional conditions, including irritability,
                                negativism, anger, fatigue, tension, stress, depression,
                                avoidance or withdrawal from social situations, social
                                rejection and loneliness, reduced alertness and increased
                                risk to personal safety. Other effects may be impaired
                                memory and ability to learn new tasks, reduced job
                                performance and earning power and diminished
                                psychological and overall health.
                                     Despite the far reaching impact hearing loss has on so
                                many aspects of an individual’s life, many people who are
                                aware that their hearing has deteriorated are reluctant to
                                seek help. Unfortunately, too many wait years, even
                                decades, before getting treatment, becoming more and
                                more disconnected as time goes by.
                                     The fact is that with modern advances in technology,
                                there are solutions for many. In fact, 90-95 percent of people
                                with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids and their
                                quality of life significantly improved. Hearing aids hold such
                                great potential to positively change so many lives, yet only
                                one of five people who could benefit from hearing devices
                                currently wear them. The audiologists at Smithtown/
                                Sayville Hearing Services can provide solutions to many
                                hearing problems at any budget.
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                                                   Welcome to
  The GOLD Standard in
 Affordable Assisted Living
                                                   Amber Court
                                                   Welcome to Amber Court - an affordable choice
                                                   in Assisted Living.
                                                       If current housing arrangements are no longer
                                                   safe or desirable, Amber Court is an extraordinary
                                                   alternative. Golden citizens can maintain their
                                                   personal best when independence and socialization
                                                   are paired with support.
 l All-inclusive assisted living:                      Residential services, personal care assistance and
   Residential services/light personal care        medical supervision are valuable features of this
                                                   lifestyle. And if needs increase, a unique Medicaid-
 l Medical attention provided by onsite            funded Assisted Living Program (ALP) is in place for
   Board-certified doctors                         those who qualify. With onsite Board certified
 l Medicaid-funded Assisted Living                 doctors and registered nurses, Amber Court offers a
   Program                                         continuum of care that goes beyond traditional
 l Lovely residential accommodations               assisted living.
                                                       Maturing is a natural process that extends over a
 l Meals served in attractive dining room
                                                   lifetime. When an environment adapts to meet the
 l Stimulating and fun social activities           evolving needs of older people, they are more likely to
 l Beautifully landscaped outdoor gardens          remain in familiar surroundings. “Aging in place”
 l Family owned and managed since 1968             allows comfort and continuity throughout those
                                                   changes.      Each Amber Court Assisted Living
                                                   Community is designed to help residents manage
                                                   new challenges with grace, dignity and success.
                                                       The friendly ambiance of Amber Court feels like a
                                                   warm embrace. A devoted, experienced team of
                                                   professionals provides nurturing support while
                                                   appreciating each resident’s individuality. This
                                                   custom-tailored, responsive approach defines Amber
                                                   Court where enthusiasm, commitment, and
                                                   dedication are its hallmarks. Add to that a
      AMBER COURT OF WESTBURY                      stimulating recreation program and hotel-like
   3400 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY 11590      setting, and the result is a vastly improved quality of
                                                       Amber Court Communities are family owned and
        OUR OTHER COMMUNITIES:                     managed. Since1968, founders Alfred and Judith
               1.888.929.4929                      Schonberger have brought unmatched quality care
                                                   to seniors. A second generation of family members is
        Amber Court of Pelham Gardens
         1800 Waring Avenue, Bronx, NY             at the helm of every location. They are a visible daily
                                                   presence upholding long established values and
           Amber Court of Brooklyn
       650 East 104th Street, Brooklyn, NY
                                                   traditions. Their active participation assures the
                                                   preservation and continuation of an outstanding
          Amber Court of Elizabeth
       1155 E. Jersey Street, Elizabeth, NJ
                                                   For more information, call the Long Island Regional
                                                   Director, Robin Marks. She can be reached at:
Licensed by NYS Department of Health
                                                   516.334.3838 or by email:                

                                                                  | 19
      Laughter Island
           on Long
      This summer marks                     Is Paul Anthony your real name?
     the 6th Annual Long                         Of course not! No one can spell or pronounce my real last name, including
                                            my family. Anthony is my middle name and I started using it as my “business”
 Island Comedy Festival.                    name about 20 years ago and it stuck. My real last name is Mongelluzzo, which
And while some would argue that             in Italian means Eat! Or you’ll lose weight!
 the festival is still in its infancy, it
                                            How long have you been performing stand-up?
  has had a strong track record of
success right from the start and is              That’s one of the questions I get a lot. People somehow equate experience
quickly becoming a favorite Long            with talent. While on the surface it seems like a pretty straight forward question,
      Island summer tradition. We           I always get a little philosophical about it. Truth be told, I really believe I’ve been
                                            “performing” for as long as I can remember. At about the age of 10 when I was
       caught up with Long Island
                                            in grade school I became the biggest fan of comedian Steve Martin. My Mom
 comedian Paul Anthony who is
                                            bought me an album of his live stand-up. I would sit in my room and listen to
 the official host and producer of
                                            that album over and over again. I actually memorized his entire act, and would
               the comedy festival.         then perform it in front of my family, verbatim. Can you imagine the level of
                                            patience my family had? I even had my own arrow-thru-the-head prop which,
                                            if you know anything about Steve Martin, was his signature comic gag.
                                            So your family encouraged your sense of humor?
                                                Growing up in a big family, I was always the clown. At holiday time I would
                                            take our video recorder and make comedy tapes with my siblings and cousins
                                            to play for the family after dinner. These skits would feature impressions of
                                            relatives, neighbors and an occasional celebrity. The laughter and fun I saw that
                                            I was able to bring to my family encouraged me. However, it would be many
                                            years before I actually performed on a stage.

20 | Spring ‘11 | generations
How did you finally get started in                                                         Can you explain why?
stand-up?                                                                                 Seeing live stand-up comedy is a
     After graduating college I began my                                            totally different experience from
career in radio broadcast sales and the dream of                                  watching a comedian on YouTube, cable
pursuing stand-up comedy took a back seat. Over the years                   or a DVD. There’s nothing like it. The art of
I found that my greatest sales attribute turned out to be my   stand-up comedy, and it really is a “performance” art, was
sense of humor. I learned that clients enjoyed working with    meant to be experienced live, with a live audience. Our goal
someone that could make them laugh. It helped me build         is to present the best comic talent at Long Island’s best
rapport and made them comfortable, so I continued to use       venues. So this summer we’ll be at venues like Theatre
my sense of humor with both clients and co-workers. It         Three in Port Jeff, The Gateway Playhouse in Bellport,
wasn’t anything I really thought about; it was just me being   Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead. Our comedy
me. It was at WALK Radio that I received the most              showcases are like one big party. There’s really nothing like
encouragement to pursue stand-up. I had been doing a sort      them anywhere.
of “end-of-year” roast at the company Christmas party each
                                                               Where do the comedians come from?
year, which reminded me of the times I would make my
family laugh when I was a kid. I finally committed to giving       We’re now working with over 100 comedians, with the
stand-up a try.                                                majority of them from the New York area. If you’re serious
                                                               about pursuing stand-up, most likely you live in either NYC
Can you give us a little bit of back history about comedy      or Los Angeles. Madison, Wisconsin is really not an option.
on Long Island?                                                Comedians live where the work is. So having access to so
    Long Island has a great history of famous stand-up         much incredible comic talent has made the Comedy
comics. We’ve all heard the stories of Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie   Festival a big success. Each summer we showcase about 50
O’Donnell, Eddie Murphy, Kevin James, Ray Romano. But          comedians in the Comedy Festival. Each show features line-
truth be told, all of those comedians had the benefit of       ups of about 5 to 7 comedians. And we work with all levels
being involved with the world of stand-up comedy at its        of talent from national headliners to up and coming
peak. The industry was different back in the ‘80s when these   “emerging” talent.
young comedians were making names for themselves.
                                                               What other projects are you working on?
People didn’t have access to all the entertainment options
they do today. There was no cable channel dedicated to              In addition to the annual Comedy Festival, which is our
comedy, there was no “on demand” feature to watch              summer line-up of shows, we now offer comedy showcases
comedians. Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet. If you    year-round across Long Island. We produce all the shows at
wanted to see stand-up comedy you had to go to where the       The Comedy Club @ Theatre Three in Port Jeff, a bi-monthly
comedians were performing. And Long Island had no              show out at Martha Clara Vineyards in Long Island’s wine
shortage of comedy venues back in the day: The White           country, as well as numerous fundraisers. Two years ago we
House Inn in Massapequa, East Side Comedy in                   launched the LI College Comedy Tour which has been very
Huntington, Chuckles of Mineola, Konkoma Komedy in             successful. Those shows feature line-ups of younger,
Ronkonkoma, in case the name was unclear. There was            emerging comics that appeal to the college demo. And our
even a comedy club located in the Southampton Inn in the       annual New Year’s Laughin’ Eve show has sold out two years
Hamptons that operated year-round. All of these venues         in a row. So we continue to grow and Long Island has been
thrived during the ‘80s. All are now gone.                     very supportive.
Tell us about the concept of the Long Island Comedy            Any parting words?
Festival and how it came about.                                     What?! The interview is over already? I always like to
                                                               remind people that laughter is good for them. There are
    The idea of bringing a Comedy Festival to Long Island
                                                               proven health benefits to laughter. So come on out to one of
came about more out of necessity than anything else.
                                                               our comedy showcases and enjoy an evening of laughter
Comedy Festivals have been presented across the country
                                                               and fun… you’ll feel better. Mind you, your problems will
for years. All the major cities have one: New York City, Los
                                                               all still be there tomorrow… but for about 90 minutes you
Angeles, Boston. The question was, “Why not Long Island?”
                                                               can relax and forget them for a while.
And so back in 2005 work began on the launch of the 1st
Annual Long Island Comedy Festival the following               Paul Anthony is the official host and producer of the annual Long Island
summer. The concept was very simple and remains the            Comedy Festival. He resides in Massapequa with his wife Kathy where they
                                                               enjoy reading Generations Magazine whenever it is published. The Long
mission of the Comedy Festival - to promote the art of live    Island Comedy Festival runs July 1st thru August 27th across Long Island.
stand-up comedy.                                               The official website is:
You always seem to stress the words live stand-up comedy.

                                                                                      | 21
Do you know the facts?                                   Long Term Care
   LONG TERM CARE                                        Insurance
                                                         Why Buy Long Term Care Insurance?
     INSURANCE                                           To protect your independence, retirement income
                                                         and your family’s well being.
   Karp Loshak Long Term Care Insurance Solutions
                                                         What is Long Term Care?
   Brokerage, Inc. are independent LTC Insurance
   specialists with the highest professional             LTC refers to assistance that a loved one with an illness or
                                                         condition needs to get through the day. The need for care is
   credentials. We bring you affordable options
                                                         caused by a physical or cognitive impairment. LTC is provided to
   from the top rated LTC carriers based on age,         help you get the help necessary to perform the Activities of Daily
   health qualifications and personal preferences.       Living. ADLs include: bathing, dressing, eating, transferring,
   We affiliate with: Genworth, Guardian/                toileting and maintaining continence.
   Berkshire, John Hancock, Hartford Life, Lincoln       Why it is important to consider long term care insurance?
   Financial, MassMutual, MedAmerica, MetLife,           • You need to protect your family.
   Mutual of Omaha, National Life, Prudential,
                                                         The financial consequences of care are devastating.
   TransAmerica, UNUM.
                                                         • Nothing else pays for long term care.
                                                         Medicare and health insurance is for skilled care. LTC is
          H AV E Y O U P L A N N E D ?                   unskilled custodial care. Medicaid is welfare. Transferring assets
          Long Term Care Insurance:                      involves look back periods and penalties. Medicaid does not
                                                         cover most assisted living facilities or desired levels of home
          • Relieves the financial burden and protects   care.
            retirement portfolio                         • The cost of care TODAY is $100,000 per year. In thirty years
          • Allows loved one to supervise care, not        the cost will be $400,000 per year, and $1.2 million for three
                                                           years of care. (The average time care is needed is three years.)
            provide care
                                                         • LTC Insurance allows for care at home, in the community,
          • Protects families from emotional, physical     assisted living or nursing home.
            and financial hardship
                                                         • LTC Insurance Premiums are determined by age and health.
          • Makes economic sense - the average policy
                                                         • Waiting to buy LTC Insurance will result in higher premiums
            holder recovers total premiums paid in         and risk insurability.
            just 3-6 months of care, even after paying   • LTC Insurance is less expensive for younger buyers than older
            premiums for 20 years!                         buyers. Waiting will always cost more both annually and
          • New York State Tax Credit of 20% on            cumulatively. The average policyholder recovers total
                                                           premiums paid in just 3-6 months of care, even after paying
            LTC Insurance premiums every year!
                                                           premiums for 20 years!
                                                         • State and Federal Incentives make purchasing LTC Insurance
                                                           affordable. NYS offers an annual 20% tax CREDIT on all LTC
                                                           premiums. Businesses have tax deductions.
                                                         • It is likely you will need long term care. Once age 70, there is a
                                                           70 % chance that you will need care in your lifetime.
                                                         •Take action. Eliminate the false sense of security that you have
                                                         dealt with long term care planning.

                                                         Karp Loshak Long Term Care Insurance Solutions Brokerage
                                                         Inc. are licensed independent specialists in LTC Insurance. We
                                                         educate, customize, and coordinate complex options into
  PLANNING TODAY. PROTECTING TOMORROW.                   straightforward solutions. We represent the leading LTC carriers:
                                                         Genworth, Guardian Berkshire, John Hancock, Hartford Life,
   Call for a complimentary consultation.                Lincoln Financial, MassMutual, MedAmerica, MetLife, Mutual
                                                         of Omaha, National Life, Prudential, TransAmerica, and UNUM.
                             For more information:
                                                         call 516.801.1419 or visit

22 | Spring ‘11 | generations
                                                                             Easy Access to
                                                        Anywhere in Your Home
                                                                                             We Specialize in the
                                                                                             Latest Accessibility
 P&P                                                                                           • Stairlifts
                                                                                                • Outdoor Stairlifts
 Medicaid                                                                                        • Wheelchair Lifts
                                                                                                  • Residential Elevators

 Consulting INC.                                                                                   • Installation & Service
                                                                                              • Extra Wide Swivel Seat Available
 Elder Care Advice at a Reasonable Price                                                      • Compact Design (Folds Up) • Whisper Quiet

 Anyone over 65 years                                       Spring Special
                                                                                               Consultant on Staff for Home Modification for
                                                                                                the Disabled | Expert Installation included
 of age or Disabled                                       $200 OFF
                                Can't                       PURCHASE
 will qualify for                                         Exp. 7/1/11 • Not to be combined

 Medicaid! So why         leave your home?                       with any other offer

 pay for a "very         We will come to you!           Free Estimates | Licensed & Insured
 expensive" Medicare                                                                               Efficiency Systems Co., Inc.
                                                         We Buy & Sell Used Equipment
 Supplement and /or a     Free advice via the phone                                                   45 Urban Avenue • Westbury
 Secondary Medical           is available 24/7.                                                              516-338-4470
 Insurance Policy?                                         Nassau License #HI200160000     

 Protect Your Family's
 Homes, Assets, Income and Resources
 There is NO look-back for Community Medicaid,
 with or without Home Care Services!
 We provide all services with a complete and thorough                                                   Need a
 knowledge of Medicaid's rules and qualifications and
 at a reasonable price to you.                                                                          Helping
     • Home Healthcare Aides
     • Selecting a Nursing Home                                                                   44 years of experience
                                                                                                   in providing a variety
     • Elder Care Planning                                                             of home care and staffing services.
     • Social Security Disability                          Our caregivers
                                                             are bonded,
                                                                                     ✓ Family-centered approach to care
     • How to Pay for These Services                        screened and             ✓ Companions, Aides, Nurses
     • Different Types of Medicaid and                      insured. 300
                                                         offices throughout          ✓ Services available 7 days a week
       Your Qualifications                                the United States.
                                                                                     ✓ Insurances, Private Pay, Medicaid
     • NYSARC Pooled Income Trusts

5071 Merrick Road • Massapequa Park, NY 11762                              Across the Street. Across the Country         SM

    (516) 541-4770 • (516) 641-7014                         207 Hallock Rd, Suite 201 | Stony Brook, NY 11790
                                                  (631) 689-8920
          Serving Nassau, Suffolk and N.Y.C.                                In Home Assessment Available
                                                                                      | 23
Want to be an irresistible
mate this Spring? You
can make it happen!

S   ay I love you in 5 new ways and you will grow the
    relationship you want faster and easier than you ever
dreamed possible. Put more love and romance in your
life with these wonderful tips from author Laurie Puhn
J.D., Harvard-trained lawyer, couples mediator and            ™ Display “Face-to-Face” Expressions
bestselling author of Fight Less, Love More.                     As love becomes a permanent fixture in our lives, we
30-Second Love Tips                                           often take it for granted. Don’t ignore your mate.
                                                              Routinely say hello and goodbye to each other and
– Use “Follow Up” Bonds                                       engage in one sentence face-to-face expressions of love
   When your mate tells you about something that’s            such as “I love our life together,” “You’re a great
going to happen that day, whether it’s a meeting, a           mother/father,” or “Your were so kind to do that for me.”
doctor’s appointment, or taking your son or daughter to       š Exhibit ”Touch and Go” Contact
a soccer game, always make it a top priority to ask your
                                                                 When you and your mate arrive home, how much
mate, "How did it go?" By following up you are saying,
                                                              time passes before you touch each other or offer a quick
you matter to me and I love you.
                                                              hug or kiss? When you and your mate are together,
— Bestow “Focused” Talk                                       whether you are watching TV, emptying the dishwasher
   If you and your mate are away from each other              or reading, take 30 seconds to reach out to each other.
during the day and you are busy but have access to e-         This quick touch says, "I see you. I hear you. I love you."
mail or text messaging, take 30 seconds to send a                Spring is the time for new beginnings - a time to
romantic note saying, "Just thinking about you," "How’s       make your love blossom.
your day going?" or "Looking forward to seeing you                                  “Laurie Puhn, Harvard-educated
tonight."                                                                          lawyer, couples mediator and
˜ Offer “Pitch-in” Connectors                                                      bestselling author of Fight Less, Love
                                                                                   More: 5-Minute Conversations to
    Volunteering to help your mate with tasks (like those                          Change Your Relationship without
in the kitchen or child care) even when you are busy,                              Blowing Up or Giving In. For further
tired or overwhelmed yourself is another powerful way                              information go to
to say, "I love you. You are special to me and I care about              
    24 | Spring ‘11 | generations
    Wheelchair Ramps                                                   Long Island’s #1 Facility for
                                                                       Cleansing & Detoxification
                                                                                                                    Private • Safe • Clean • Effective
                                                                                                                                     BENEFITS:                          • Stronger Immune
                                                                                                                                     • Increases Energy                   System
                                                                                                                                     • Improves Digestion               • Sexual Health
                                                                                                                                     • Lose Weight                      • Mood & Attitude
                                                                                                                                     • Reduces
                                                                                                                                       Constipation                     • Relieves
                                 NEW YORK CITY
                                                                                                                                     • Improves Skin
                                • Free Evaluations & Estimates                                                                         Appearance
                                                                                                                                                                        • Prevents Disease
                                                                                                                                     • Reduces Stress
                                • Can be moved or reconfigured                                                                       • Improves Memory
                                                                                                                                                                        • No Drug
                                • Our factory trained staff installs                                                                                                      Interactions
                                                                                                                                       & Sleep
                                                                                                                                                                        • Affordable
HUNTINGTON                        in days, not weeks
                                • ADA/ABA Compliant   nt                                                                                 $20 Off any service
                                                             RENT !
                                • Fireproof
                                                          or   BUY           Spring                                                         (1st time clients only w/this coupon)
                                                                                                                                                 not to be combined with any other offer
NEW YORK CITY                                                               3 Colonics
Local Office 631.579.0610                                                    for $180
  Copiague, NY 11726
                                                                                                                                                       Specializing In Colon Health

      Call for a FREE estimate                                                                                  
  888-715-7599 I                                                                     309 Madison St. · Suite 4 · Westbury · 516-640-5322
                                                                                                     E A R LY M O R N I N G & E V E N I N G A P P O I N T M E N T S A V A I L A B L E

                                  Your Home,                                                                           “Ask me about
                                  Your Health,                                                                         the AARP Auto
                                                                                                                       Insurance Program
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                    OUR MISSION: To Ensure and Maintain
                    Patient Choice, Dignity and Well Being             This auto insurance is designed exclusively for
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    TRAINED CARE - Home Health Aides                                   your local Hartford independent agent!
        Personal Care Aides
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    PROFESSIONAL CARE - Skilled Nursing Care
        Infusion Therapy
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    COMPASSIONATE - Reliable, Bilingual Staff

        Let us tell you about
                                    Nurse Owned
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        Monitoring Program          Since 1986                               Call today for your FREE, no-obligation quote:

           CORPORATE OFFICE        (631) 567-6555 Ext. 15
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Serving all of Suffolk, Nassau, Queens & Westchester Counties          of AARP. Applicants are individually underwritten and some may not quality. Specific features, credits and discounts may vary
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    Please visit our website:             agent for an AARP program policy include the cost associated with the advice and counsel that your local agent provides.

                                                                                                                        | 25
             One mother’s art lives on
               through her daughter
                                F rom the 1940s to the 1960s, Hilda
                                  Glasgow was one of the top fashion
                                illustrators in the industry. As a
                                   woman ahead of her time, born in
                                     1913, graduating from Pratt
                                      Institute in NYC in 1933, she
                                       illustrated the latest mid-20th
                                       century fashions for magazines
                                       such as Vogue and a variety of
                                       high end department stores,
                                       including Saks Fifth Avenue.

26 | Spring ‘11 | generations
    As a young girl, Liz Glasgow loved art and crafts, much
to the delight of her mother Hilda. “We had a workroom
with a metal closet that housed all the drawings, papers,
art supplies and cameras,” says Liz. “Whenever I needed
something art related, Mom would tell me it was in the
white cabinet.”
    Now, 50 years later, the white cabinet from her
childhood has again become a central part of her life.
Today, the white cabinet resides in Liz’s East
End home and houses 80 drawings spanning
Hilda’s career. “I’ve had her drawings hidden
away and am now offering them to the world,”
says Liz. Just last year, she launched a virtual
White Cabinet where customers can order
custom printed Gicleé reproductions that

mimic the look and feel of the original pen and                             ilda’s parents, were
ink drawings. “These drawings have lived in                                 Russian immigrants
that cabinet for 60 years or so,” says Liz. “I                              who settled in
found it only fitting for them to reside there
virtually online as well.” A line of custom                       Brooklyn. Her father was a
wallpaper is also being launched this spring by                   jeweler; her mother owned
Flavor Paper.                                                     dressmaking shops, and they
    Hilda Glasgow lived a long and healthy life,                  encouraged their four daughters
passing away at age 91 in 2004. Through her
daughter’s resurrection of the drawings, Hilda’s                  to learn a profession. Hilda went
art continues to live on.                                         to Pratt, graduating in 1933,
                                                                  right in the middle of the Great
                                                                  Depression. She had trouble
                                                                  getting work at first and
                                                                  suggested to her mother that
                                                                  she get a job as a cashier in
                                                                  Woolworth's. Her mother would
                                                                  hear nothing of this. She must
                                                                  not give up. Shortly thereafter,
                                                                  she got freelance work from
                                                                  Vogue. They paid $10 a figure, a
                                                                  lot of money in those days and
                                                                  so her career had started.

                                                              View Hilda’s work at

                                                               | 27
Dora’s Hope                        Choice Centered Medicaid
Did you know that millions of seniors and disabled citizens are being forced into nursing home
institutions to receive care? And, did you know that many are middle class seniors or young disabled
adults who depleted their savings on medical care and because they have to rely on Medicaid are stuck
in nursing homes begging to come home?

                                                          From Inspiration to Implementation: The Dora &
C    hoice Centered Medicaid is a grassroots movement
     created by Joseph Stango, an advocate for Medicaid
reform. CCM strives to make Americans aware of the
                                                          Joe Stango Story
                                                               In 1999, Joe Stango built a home in Connecticut to
plight of millions of middle class seniors and disabled
                                                          accommodate his wife, two children, his mother Dora,
adults who are being forced into nursing homes in order
                                                          and his wife’s mother, Alba. The plan was for Stango’s
to receive long-term health care.
                                                          family to enjoy the time their mothers had left, all living
                                                          together as a family in the Southbury house… the
                                                          women growing old surrounded by family.
                                                               Instead, Stango’s mother Dora spent the last four
                                                          years of her life in a nursing home, and was only brought
                                                          home after a long battle with Medicaid. She died six
                                                          days later.
                                                               Stango decided to go to the legislature to try to
                                                          change Medicaid law. In 2006, to bring his mother
                                                          home, he advocated for the Connecticut legislature to
                                                          pass a Medicaid portability program called Money
                                                          Follows the Person (MFP). At the time, the program
                                                          would allow people currently residing in nursing homes
                                                          for at least six months the opportunity to return home
                                                          and be cared for in the community, while continuing to
                                                          receive Medicaid services. MFP was passed with one
                                                          hundred percent support among both democratic and
                                                          republican lawmakers.
                                                               Joseph Stango continues his advocacy nationwide
                                                          towards equal treatment of institutional and home care,
                                                          so that Medicaid-eligible consumers are given the
                                                          choice between the two.
                                                               “The MFP formula will transform and reform
                                                          Medicaid, ending forced institutionalization, and
                                                          enabling all patients and their families, regardless of age
                                                          or extent of disability, to have a choice about where they
                                                          live out their lives,” says Stango.
                                                               For those interested in becoming involved
                                                          in making choice-centered Medicaid a reality, go to
                                       Joseph Stango
   28 | Spring ‘11 | generations                                                                    continued on pg. 32
Laser Treatment                                                                    John J. DeCicco, D.P.M.
                                                                                   Chief of Podiatry at North Shore
                                                                                   Plainview Hospital
for Toenail Fungus                                                                 Diplomat American Board
                                                                                   Podiatric Surgery
                                                                                   Fellow Ameircan College of Foot
• Virtually painless procedure; no downtime                                        & Ankle Surgeons
  from your regular activities
                                                                                   Stacy Holder, D.P.M.
• Alternative to prescription medications
• Quick, in-office procedure                                                       875 Old Country Road,
• Safe & effective treatment
                                             Senior                                Plainview
                                            Citize         n

                                       The VARIA Nd:YAG laser is FDA cleared to market for general podiatry, vascular treatments, fine
                                                lines, wrinkles and hair removal. The CoolTouch CT3PLUS is FDA cleared to market for
                                       dermatological general surgery, hemostasis , ablation, wrinkle reduction, mild to moderate acne
                                           vulgaris, and acne scarring. Both products are currently under investigation for treatment of
                                                                            onychomycosis. Promotional material for international use.

                                                                               | 29
Tips on
Falls                                  by Nancy Helenek, R.N.
                        Administrative Director of Care Continuum
                             South Nassau Communities Hospital

E  very 18 seconds, someone 65 or older ends up in a
   hospital emergency room due to a fall, according to
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Falls,
about 50 percent of which occur in the home, remain
one of the leading causes of fatal and nonfatal injury
                                                                        contribute to falls by reducing mental alertness,
among older Americans. Quite often they can lead to
                                                                        worsening balance and gait or causing a drop in
problems with daily activities like dressing, bathing and
                                                                        blood pressure.
walking – or can require nursing home placement.
However, the good news is that with some planning and                   Have your vision checked annually as age-related
care, they are preventable.                                             diseases (such as cataracts or glaucoma) can
                                                                        increase your chances of falling, and be sure to wear
The following are tips for making a home safer                          glasses with an updated prescription.
so as to help prevent falls:
                                                                        Begin an exercise program. Failure to exercise
    Remove loose “throw” rugs and lengthy extension                     regularly results in poor muscle tone, decreased
    cords from the floor                                                strength and loss of bone mass and flexibility. If
                                                                        your health permits, take up swimming, walking or
    Install grab bars next to the toilet and in the shower              Tai Chi, which improve balance and coordination.
    or bathtub                                                          However, be sure to check with your doctor before
    Use non-slip mats in the bathtub or on shower                       beginning any exercise program.
    floors                                                              Maintain a healthy diet with calcium-rich foods
    Improve the lighting in your home                                   (such as milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon, sardines,
                                                                        turnip greens, kale) unless you have been told to
    Avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers                            limit your calcium intake due to other health
    Keep items used often in cabinets that are easily                   reasons. As you age, your body does not always
    accessible                                                          absorb enough calcium, which is required to
                                                                        produce bone and bone tissue. This can result in
    Keep stairs and floors free of loose papers, books,                 fragile, brittle bones that are prone to fractures.
    shoes and clothing that could be a tripping hazard              South Nassau Communities
Along with making these physical changes to                         Hospital (Oceanside, NY)
                                                                    offers a Fall Prevention/
your home, it’s also important to take the
                                                                    Assessment Program that is
following steps related to your physical health:                    licensed by the New York State Department of Health,
                                                                    accredited by The Joint Commission and certified to
    Have your health care provider review your                      participate in Medicare and Medicaid. For additional
    medications, since certain combinations can                     information, call 516 377-5000.
   30 | Spring ‘11 | generations
                                                                                                    The Law Offices of
                                                                                              Rudolph F.X. Migliore, P.C.

                                                                                          Fear Not, Neither be Discouraged. –Deut 1:21

                                                                                                    Medical Alert:

Increase in                                                      Defective Depuy Hip Replacements have caused some patients to need multiple
                                                                surgeries because the implants did not it properly, leading to pain and discomfort.

Injuries from                                                    The prescription drug Fosamax (used to treat osteoporosis) has caused bones to
                                                              deteriorate leading to premature femur (hip and thigh) fractures and Osteonecrosis
                                                              of the Jaw (dead jaw). If you or a loved one has been injured because of these dangerous

Medical Products                                                medical products, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact our of ice for
                                                                                                     more information.

T   here has been much talk in the media about
    injuries from certain medical products. The two
that have recently been problematic are the
prescription drug Fosamax and certain DePuy hip            Powerful Big City Representation with Local Convenient Service
replacements. Individuals must be aware of the impact                                              Accepting Cases involving:

that these medical products can have, both good and             Asbestos, Mesothelioma &                               Accutane
bad, in order to make informed decisions. At our firm,          Lung Cancer                                            Januvia, Janumet, Sitaglipton
we have heard many victims tell their painful stories of        Reglan (metoclopramide)                                Yaz, Yamin, Ocella
                                                                Fosamax                                                Criminal Law
their experiences with these products. We aim to keep
                                                                Depuy Hip Replacements                                 Accidents and Personal Injury
our clients and the communities we serve aware of this
                                                                                                     Call Rudy today at:
information to protect their own health and well-                                                     (631) 543-3663
being.                                                                                             Rudolph F.X. Migliore, P.C.
     Fosamax is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis                               353 Veterans Memorial Highway • Commack ,NY 11725

in post-menopausal women and steroid-induced                                         Visit: for more information
                                                                     Free Consultation except Matrimonials, Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome
osteoporosis in men. It has been determined that the
patients who took the drug face significant risk of a
spontaneous femur, hip and thigh fracture injury. Long
Island Attorney Rudolph Migliore states, “Fosamax
intended to relieve the suffering of osteoporosis and
arthritis but instead has had devastating and
sometimes crippling results on people.” In FDA and
independent studies, it was discovered that some
patients using Fosamax had severe pain in joints,
muscles and/or bones. Many of these patients have
suffered a broken femur, thigh or hip fracture after a
minor fall.
     Another issue of concern in many different senior
citizen communities has been the increase of patients          Help is Here, to Provide
needing multiple hip replacements because they were         In-Home Care for a Loved One
implanted with defective hip replacements, many
manufactured by DePuy orthopedics. Some patients                  SERVICES
                                                           • Companionship
                                                                                                      truth is, caring for a
                                                                                               The it becomes too much, loved onecanKeepers.
                                                                                                   become more than one person
                                                                                                                                      can quickly
                                                                                                                             call Comfort
that were given the defective implant had to undergo
                                                           • Cooking, Light                    We provide an extensive range of in-home care that
revisionary surgery, making it a longer and harsher          Housekeeping                      helps people maintain quality and independent
                                                                                               lives in the comfort of their own home. More than
ordeal. The DePuy hip replacement is designed to           • Errands, Shopping
                                                                                               a caregiver, a Comfort Keeper provides care and
                                                           • Incidental
replace worn or weakened parts of the body's natural         Transportation                    compassion to those who often need it most.
                                                                                                    To find out how Comfort Keepers can provide
hip. Studies have shown that one in eight patients will    • Laundry                           the kind of care that can make a difference in your
                                                           • Recreation, Crafts                home and family; call us. We would be happy to
need a second procedure to correct the original                                                arrange a free in-home visit to help you learn more.
                                                           • Grooming, Dressing,
implant.                                                     Guidance
     The Migliore law firm located on Long Island has      • Medication
represented clients in a wide range of product liability
                                                           Over 550 independently
cases in the last three decades. For more information or    owned and operated
to set up a free consultation, contact Rudolph Migliore      Offices worldwide                      Call: 516-827-4270
directly at 631-543-3663.                         E-mail:

                                                                                                   | 31
Dora’s Hope    Choice Centered Medicaid                          Choice Centered Medicaid ...
continued from pg. 28
                                                                 “it’s the right thing to do”
An Urgent Appeal from Choice Centered
Medicaid (CCM) Founder Joe Stango
     In all states, nursing home care is a Medicaid
entitlement, but home care is not in spite of the fact that
it’s less expensive, and it’s what most people want.
“Middle class America is unaware that their freedom is
threatened because to receive Medicaid services means
they can be forced into institutions in order to receive
benefits,” says Stango. “It doesn’t matter whether they’re
twenty years old or ninety; Medicaid benefits do not
‘follow the person’ and, as a result, do not allow
individuals to choose where they live out their lives.”
     As a result, every year thousands of middle class
Americans in need of long-term care face the agony of
forced institutionalization. And it’s not only seniors who
are affected; young adults who’ve suffered strokes or car
accidents, or who have had other health challenges can
end up in a nursing home for life.
     “The decision whether to enter an institution or be
cared for at home belongs to all Americans and their
families, not the government,” says Stango.
What Is the Purpose of CCM?
    Our mission is about complete choice for the
individual. CCM is about giving families the freedom to
choose where its members live out their lives; it’s about
equal treatment of institutional care and home care,
allowing consumers to choose where Medicaid services
are received.
Care Cost Myth
    Myth: Nursing home care is cheaper than home                                                  Tony Orlando -
care. Realty: Home care is less expensive than                                                    Honorary National
institutionalized care. A comprehensive study
conducted in Vermont in 2002 showed that home-
based care was two-thirds the cost of nursing home
                                                              Keeping Families Together
Basic Civil Rights
                                                                  Support for CCM is support for the value of home
     Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated     care, which in turn fosters strong communities by
his life to fighting for justice, equality, and freedom for   allowing families to maintain life-affirming ties with each
all Americans. CCM is a move toward the                       other and with their communities. CCM is about building
implementation of the basic civil rights all Americans        communities that make sense because they include,
deserve – a Medicaid system that enables seniors and          respect, and value all of its members.
the disabled the right to choose between receiving care
at home over institutionalized care.
   32 | Spring ‘11 | generations
Dental Implants
are Here to Stay
Using dental implants to replace missing teeth and to
support dentures is a very important part of dentistry
today. But it took some time for it to be this way.
    When I was in my Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
residency program in the late 1980s, dental implants were   they are placed in the jaw, they can last a lifetime. Very
the “new thing.” Very few people knew about dental          rarely does a dental implant need to be replaced. How
implants and it was difficult for patients to find          many times have you had crowns or bridges remade
information about them. Through the early 1990s dental      because the supporting teeth developed problems? And
implants were gradually becoming more accepted. It was      full dentures need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years
still difficult convincing general dentists to give their   because they become loose and don’t stay in well. It’s not
patients the option of using dental implants to replace     uncommon for a dentist to say to me, “I saw Mrs. Smith in
missing teeth. They didn’t want to try something            my office recently and the implants you placed 10 years
“experimental” on their patients. Now, as we move into      ago are still holding up fine!”
the second decade of the 21st century, the use of dental        So, if you are missing teeth, whether it’s one tooth,
implants is widely accepted. It is hard to find someone     several teeth or all your teeth, you should consider using
who hasn’t heard of dental implants. Information is         dental implants to replace them. They provide a time-
widely available, especially through the internet. Dental   tested, long-lasting way of supporting crowns and
implants have become an integral part of dentistry. Now,    dentures.
almost every patient who needs to have teeth replaced       For further information call Dr. David Miller at 631-499-7266
should be given the option of having dental implants.       for your complimentary consultation to find out how you can
    Dental implants have passed the test of time. Once      benefit from dental implants.

                                                                             | 33
                                                                      LOOKING FOR ATTRACTIVE,

Advice        for Singles
                                                                     QUALITY SINGLES? COME TO US!

     Generations Magazine is happy to present our Single’s
Advice Columnist, Maureen Tara Nelson. We’re glad you’re
enjoying the column; please keep emailing any questions you
have to All questions will be
answered by Maureen personally and either emailed back to
you, or published in her column.                                Thank you for voting us Best of Long Island in 2009, 2010 & 2011!

                                                                • Only Matchmaker that Shows Photos
     Welcome my single readers. I wish to thank all of
you who sent in such fabulous questions. I appreciate all       • Over 11 Years Experience
of your kind words, and will do my best to eventually get       • Over 1,000 Success Stories
all of your questions published. I am pleased to say the        • Free Private Singles Mixers
response was overwhelming! Thank you single readers!            • Singles Advice Columnist
“Dear MTN,                                                      • We have over 1,000 Clients
     I know you are a Matchmaker and try to get people
together, but my question is a little complicated. I wish         Call Now, mention this ad
to break up with the man I am dating, and need your
help. Do you also give advice on how to break up with             and receive a 10% DISCOUNT!
    I have been dating Warren for almost a year now. He’s         1.888.31MATCH(62824)
in his fifties and has never been married. At first he was        516-444-2861 • •
everything I was looking for. He is handsome (in my
eyes), successful, owns his own business, is family
oriented, and pays for all of our dates. I was extremely
happy for the first six months. I only began to get
suspicious when I asked to meet his family and for him
to meet my family. I think six months of dating is a
proper time limit to go by. Once I said this, things
changed. Now he is distant, I have to make all the calls,
he breaks dates, and says he’s not ready to meet my
family and vice versa. I’ve had it with him, and for the
past five months I’ve tried to break up with him
numerous times, since I know this relationship is going
nowhere. I’m sure he’s hiding something, but have no
idea what it is and don’t even care anymore. Help me
dump him! Thanks, Mary
Dear Mary,
    You are right that it is my job to keep couples
together, but you have a question and a problem, and
                                                                     Our Vision is Simple...
that is what I am here for. If you have been trying to break         To eliminate financial hardship in our communities
up with him numerous times, and he keeps coming                      brought on by the sickness of a child.
back, I would assume that it’s because he cares a great
deal about you. Maybe instead of trying to “dump him”
                                                                     Become a "Friend" of Contractors For Kids... together we can
you could try a more positive angle. Go out with him and             make a difference in the lives of so many on Long Island.
have a heart to heart talk about everything you told me.
It could be that he’s so used to being single that he
doesn’t know how to properly treat you and it might only
take for you to tell him what you need. If he does it, great!
If he can’t do it, then just tell him it is truly over and to
respect your wishes. Good luck to you!
 For more information on scheduling your complimentary                             1-888-208-KIDS
consultation, please call either 1-888-31-MATCH (62824),
516-444-2861, or 631-577-7940.                                       
 34 | Spring ‘11 | generations
 Advertising                                                                               MarketPlace
    Sales                                                                   David Miller
                                                                                COMMACK ORAL &
                                                                            MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEONS
  Great opportunity for a
  self starter who works
  well independently
  and has a home
  office. Full or Part
  Time. Flexible

                    email inquiries to:

     Crossword Solution                                                     Dr. Miller specializes in:
           puzzle on pg. 37
                                                                            Dental Implants
                                                                            & Oral surgery
                                                                              160 Commack Road
                                                                              Commack, NY 11725

                                                                               see our ad on pg
                                                                              See our ad on pg. 5

Solutions for Access
                                          by Alpha Care
    For all your access needs, Alpha Care supply is                         number one priority. If
the place to go!                                                            there is a fire, they
                                                                            need to be able to get
     Alpha Care Supply has been a family owned and operated
                                                                            out. We provide safe,
company for 19 years. Don Walker, owner, founder and President
                                                                            useable ramps."
of Alpha Care Supply, explained that "my major impetus was to
                                                                                 Walker said that
have a business for my three sons." It was the impairment of one
                                                                            their products can be
son that took Walker into the business of mobility with power
                                                                            installed in a stationary
chairs and scooters. "This opened up the market for the access
                                                                            position for either long or
business," he said. "Powered mobility changed and we found the
                                                                            short term use. Alpha also rents their
access niche."
                                                                            access equipment for temporary needs. The access products are
     Now, Walker and his sons serve the metropolitan area,
                                                                            not only for private homes. Licensed and insured, Alpha has
including the five boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and
                                                                            outfitted churches, hospitals, synagogues, schools, etc. and has
Rockland counties. Specializing in ramps, stairlifts, vertical
                                                                            worked for federal, state and local facilities.
platform wheelchair lifts and other access solutions, Alpha, a
                                                                                 And, in today's economy, Alpha is "very conscious of the
contracted vendor for several agencies, has available inventory,
                                                                            costs of these items, and will provide the most cost-effective
in stock, so they can provide quick turn-around as needed. "Our
                                                                            product. We do the right job for the right price," said Walker. In
products are available quickly. We can be very responsive in the
                                                                            fact, they will thoroughly evaluate your needs at no obligation.
metropolitan area," said Walker. "Baby boomers really need this
equipment," he continued. "There is a push to keep people in                To learn more, call 516-568-3010 or 1-866-291-7039, or check their
their own homes, as opposed to an assisted living facility or               website at Also, visit their new acces-
nursing home."                                                              sible showroom in Valley Stream at 21 Stringham Avenue. Hours are
     But more than just accessibility, Walker stressed Alpha's              8-5 Monday through Friday.
concern for customers' safety and quality of life. "Safety is our

                                                A   D    V   E      R   T     O    R   I   A    L

                                                                                                | 35
                                                                  Fresh Pomodoro Pasta,
                                                                  White Beans & Olives
                                                                  Serves 4
                                                                  Capture the flavor of vine-ripe tomatoes with this
                                                                  elegant yet ultra-quick fresh tomato sauce. Although it's
                                                                  an uncooked sauce, the beans are heated briefly in the
                                                                  olive oil and garlic just to flavor them.

the heart of a great meal
                                                                  8 oz. whole-wheat pasta shells, tubetti, ziti or rigatoni
                                                                  2 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
                                                                  1 15-oz. can cannellini beans, rinsed
                                                                  1 large clove garlic , minced
                                                                  1 lb. ripe tomatoes, diced (about 3 cups)
                                                                  1/4 cup oil-cured black olives, pitted (see Tip) and

S  ome of my favorite meals include pasta. I serve it at least
   twice a week at home or as a first course when hosting
a dinner.
                                                                  1/2 cup sliced fresh basil
                                                                  1/4 tsp. kosher salt
                                                                  Freshly ground pepper to taste
    A fast weeknight meal or a tasty first course, pasta is the   1/4 cup grated Pecorino Romano cheese
perfect choice, it's healthy and quick to prepare, available in   Directions
a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and goes with everything.     1. Put a large pot of water on to boil. Cook pasta, stirring
Serve it mixed with meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, cheeses        occasionally, until just tender, 8 to 10 minutes or according
                                                                     to package directions. Drain.
and a multitude of sauces; the possibilities are endless.
                                                                  2. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add
When prepared with protein and vegetables, you have a                beans and garlic; cook, stirring frequently, until the beans
complete meal; just add a tossed salad and dinner is done!           are just heated through, 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from the
Here are three recipes for you to enjoy:                             heat. Add tomatoes, olives, basil, salt and pepper. Stir gently
                                                                     to combine. To serve, divide the pasta among 4 plates and
                                                                     top with sauce and cheese. Makes 4 servings.

 Pasta With Broccoli Rabe                                         Tip: Press down on olives with the side of a heavy knife to split
 and Sausage                                                         them open and make removing the pits easier.

 Serves 6
 1 lb. orecchiette                                                Bow Tie Shrimp
 1 Tbs. olive oil
 1 lb. sweet Italian sausage, casings removed
                                                                  8 oz. bow tie pasta
 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
                                                                  8 oz. tomato sauce
 2 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
                                                                  2 oz. cream
 1/8 tsp. crushed red pepper
                                                                  8 oz. peas
 1 bunch broccoli rabe
                                                                  4 Tbs. olive oil
 4 Tbs. butter, cut into pieces
                                                                  1 tsp. salt
 1 cup grated Parmesan (4 ounces)
                                                                  3 cloves garlic, chopped
 Kosher salt and black pepper
                                                                  12 oz. shrimp
 Directions                                                       Grated cheese to taste
 1. Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Drain
    and return it to the pot.
 2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium       Boil water for pasta; add 1/8 teaspoon olive oil and salt to
    heat. Add the sausage and cook, breaking it up with a         water. Add pasta when boiling & cook, stirring occasionally,
    spoon, until it 's no longer pink, 5 to 6 minutes.            until tender. Drain. In a pan heat olive oil and garlic; add
 3. Stir in the garlic and cook 1 minute.                         shrimp and saute til pink & cooked through. In another pan,
 4. Add the broth and red pepper and bring to a boil. Add the     heat tomato sauce and add cream. Heat peas in microwave
    broccoli rabe and simmer, covered, until tender, 3 to 4       for a minute. Toss shrimp, sauce and pasta together, and top
    minutes.                                                      with grated cheese.
 5. Stir in the butter and Parmesan and cook, uncovered, until
    the sauce thickens slightly, 1 to 2 minutes.
 6. Toss the pasta with the sausage mixture and ¼ teaspoon        If you like these recipes... find more on our website:
    each salt and pepper.                               
    36 | Spring ‘11 | generations
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            Established 1995   

Across                         39 King in Rome            3 Blues singer
                               40 Egyptian sacred            James
1 Frozen treats
                                  beetle                  4 Himalayan
5 Shocked
                               42 Trig. function             guides
                               43 Not very bright         5 They're on the
9 Bargain time
                               44 Rapper's sound             move
13 "Zuckerman
                               46 Fills to the gills      6 Raggedy ___
                               47 Mother of               7 Bunny's tail
                                  Dionysus                8 Celestial radio
14 At the right time
                               48 Dash in the                source
16 Home of Aeneas
                                  kitchen?                9 Orchestra
17 Third last
                               50 Diners                     section
                               52 Improving               10 Noble
19 Abounding
                                  speech                  11 Certain
20 Less remote
                               56 Behaves                    apartments
21 Russian royalists
                               57 Flambé dish             12 Regards
23 Nuisance
                               59 First president of      15 Display stands
25 Operatives
                                  South Korea             18 Look like Tom
26 News-show
                               60 Oberon or               22 Actress
                                  Haggard                    Zellweger
29 Napoleonic
                               61 Cudgel                  24 Eliot Ness, e.g.
   victory site                                                                 34 Central African     43 Ireland's patron           51 Desiccated
                               62 Lad's love              26 Séance sounds
31 Allies'                                                                         river                  saint                      53 Bamako is its
                               63 Peruse                  27 Corporate
   opponents                                                                    35 Former partners     45 Be on the brink               capital
                               64 Buss                       hotshot
32 Driver's                                                                     37 Alma ___            46 Downhill runner            54 Burden
                                                          28 Camels etc.
   compartment                 Down                       30 Ropemaking         38 Preschoolers        47 Nickname for               55 Beaks
33 Save                        1 Ayatollahs' land                               41 Pharaoh in             Alexander                  58 ___ mode
36 Cribbage marker             2 Funnel shape                                      "The Ten            49 Set, as a price
                                                          32 Occult doctrine
37 Sea cow                                                                         Commandments"       50 Pianist Hines              solution on pg. 35
                                                                                                       | 37
                  St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center’s
                           Women’s Health and
                      Outpatient Diagnostic Pavilion
Anne Green, MD, June Lee, M.D., and Diana Yoon-Schwartz,                  procedures available, the pavilion offers the new DIEP surgical flap
MD, PhD, are a dynamic trio providing advanced breast care at             breast reconstruction procedure.
St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center’s new Women’s Health and                 DIEP stands for deep inferior epigastric perforator, which is the
Outpatient Diagnostic Pavilion.                                           name of the main blood vessel that runs through the tissue, used to
     Women have special needs when it comes to health care, and           reconstruct the breast. In DIEP flap reconstruction, only skin, fat
from the time of diagnosis through treatment, patients can be             and blood vessels are removed from the lower belly (the abdomen
overwhelmed. St. Catherine is dedicated to offering advanced              between the waist and hips). No muscle is removed, which decreases
                             comprehensive and compassionate health       post-surgical pain and expedites recovery.
                                care services in a private setting.            The first stage is performed by oncoplastic breast surgeon Dr.
                                      From the moment women drive         June Lee, who performs a skin-sparing mastectomy: a breast-
                                to     the     hospital’s    convenient   conserving, soft-tissue surgery. This advanced technique is used to
                                Smithtown setting and park in its free,   treat breast cancer with less scarring than a traditional mastectomy
                                dedicated lot, they experience the        and involves removing cancerous tissue through a small incision.
                                ultimate in customer service as they           The second stage of the surgery is completed by plastic and
                                enter the beautifully-appointed center    reconstructive surgeon Dr. Diana Yoon-Schwartz. With more than
                                through a private entrance.               10 years experience with this complex surgical technique, she
                                      With advanced imaging and           provides unparalleled expertise. Similar to other breast reconstruction
                                biopsy techniques, Anne Green, MD,        procedures, the DIEP flap uses tissues harvested from the patient’s
                                Director of Breast Imaging,               abdomen. The abdominal skin, fat and deep inferior epigastric vessels
                              supervises the first part of breast care:   that supply necessary blood are removed and replanted to achieve
diagnosis. In fact, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center was recently    the look of a natural breast. The abdominal wall tissue is
the first hospital on Long Island to earn the American College of         characteristically similar to breast tissue, enhancing the aesthetic
Radiology’s gold standard of quality certification in MRI of the          outcome.
breast. Dr. Green commented, “Diagnostic excellence is key, because            “When a patient hears the diagnosis of breast cancer, it can be
early detection of breast cancer leads to early treatment                                devastating, but our job is to counsel them and let each
and improved survival.”                                                                        patient know that they have options, that they
     Through Dr. June Lee, and Dr. Diana                                                       have hope, like the DIEP procedure,” said
Yoon-Schwartz, the pavilion also              offers                                           Dr.Yoon- Schwartz. “The DIEP procedure offers
advanced surgical techniques, including the                                                    breast cancer patients an immediate option for
advanced DIEP breast reconstruction procedure.                                                 reconstruction, which can greatly improve their
When mastectomy is part of a patient’s treatment                                               quality of life later.”
plan, women may consider immediate breast                                                           St. Catherine’s surgeons are committed to
reconstruction. Because losing a breast is an                                                  tailored care for each patient. “Other hospitals
emotionally and physically traumatic experience,                                               treat patients as if they are a revolving door,
St. Catherine’s plastic-micro surgeons are performing                          while we are dedicated to “boutique-style” treatment,”
microsurgical techniques that rebuild a lost breast at the time of a      commented Dr. Lee. “We are with them through every step of the
mastectomy. Although there are many breast reconstruction                 process.”

 For more information on St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center breast services, please call 631-870-3444.
    38 | Spring ‘11 | generations
    providing 25 years of better hearing                                  reason #1

I’ve missed
       the sound
       of her laughter.
    In our 25 years of hearing care, we’ve heard  d
    a lot of reasons why our patients’ lives were
    changed by wearing hearing aids. And
    now we’re sharing them with you, because
    we think that just like our past patients, once                      Amityville       Levittown
                                                                         631.789.4988     516.490.0000

    you, your life will only get better. To hear all                     Carle Place      Riverhead
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    of our stories, visit us at our stores, online, or
    on one of the many social outlets we take                            Elmhurst         En Español
                                                                         718.397.8521     800.878.0759
    part in. See you soon!
                                                                         Great Neck
Special Anniversary Offer:                                               516.303.0011
The New Motion™ 301 Hearing Aids from Siemens
All Models ONLY 1,645 ea.                          $                 *
Not valid with any other offer or discount.

     Join us on:

Your insurance plan may cover hearing aids. Call today to inquire.

                                                                           | 39
                                                          FEATURING ONLY STATE-OF-THE-ART
                                                               FDA APPROVED LASERS
                              TO START
                                                                                                                                                TUMMY TUCK                         399
                                                                                                                                                                                   TO START

                              TO START
                                                                                                                                                CIRCUMFERENCIAL REDUCTION
                                                                                                                                                                                   TO START

                              TO START
                                                                                                                                                SKIN TIGHTENING
                                                                                                                                                                                   TO START

                                                     • Cellulite Removal                        • Laser Hair Removal
                                                     • Body Contouring                          • Rosacea Removal
                                                     • Circumferential Reduction                • Pock Mark Removal
                              TO START
                                                     • Tummy Tuck
                                                     • Liposuction Alternatives
                                                     • Skin Tightening
                                                                                                • Red, Brown Spot Removal
                                                                                                • Wrinkle Reduction
                                                                                                • Skin Tone Correction
                                                                                                                                                FLANK REDUCTION                    399
                                                                                                                                                                                   TO START
                                                     • Face/Neck Lift                           • Glycolic Peels
                                                     • Buttocks Lift                            • TEETH
                                                     • Acne Reduction                             WHITENING
                                                     • Laser Vein Removal

                              TO START
                                                                                                                                                CELLULITE REDUCTION                399
                                                                                                                                                                                   TO START

                              TO START
                                                                                                                                                LASER HAIR REMOVAL                     99
                                                                                                                                                                                   TO START

                              TO START
                                                               0% FINANCING AVAILABLE
                                                                   SE HABLA ESPANOL
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          Each clients needs vary and will be addressed according to industry standards. Procedures may require additional charges and/or payments based on individual treatment
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