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									October 2005

Make an Intelligent Decision – become an IQYourHome.com Accredited Partner

Looking for unique and exciting new products to provide growth for your business?

Residential home automation presents an exciting new business area with enormous
potential for small to medium sized electrical contractors.

Increasingly progressive homeowners and developers constantly seek a unique selling
proposition and a sophisticated Home Automation system fits the bill. A pre-requisite in
seriously refurbished and new homes it offers a host of lifestyle and security benefits,
including complete control of electrical systems, increased security, energy efficiency,
comfort and convenience.

But in an increasingly crowded market-place contractors must choose companies and
    they can work with
    offer the “WOW” factor to homeowners and developers
    provide support and infrastructure for developing and diversifying into this exciting
       new market

IQYourHome.com has been involved in the design and manufacture of innovative and
market-leading Home Automation products since 1986. It distributes exclusively the
sophisticated yet cost-effective Cardio and Q-Bus systems, designed specifically for the
residential market and which are easy to install and program.

IQYourHome.com presents two further plus points over its competitors:

       the unique IQYourHome „Enabling Panel‟ allows existing properties to be wired and
        “Enabled‟ for Home Automation, and understandably is making a big impact on the
        new house-building market. It provides flexibility to automate all or part of a property
        at a cost of only a few hundred pounds and replaces the need for an electrical
        distribution board.

       IQYourHome.com systems operate uniquely via conventional house wiring cable, -
        most other systems rely on the use of specialist Bus data cable.

Soaring demand for the IQYourHome.com product range means immediate expansion of the
national installer base, presenting a brief window of opportunity for ambitious contractors
looking to diversify.
If you’re interested in becoming an Accredited Partner read on. Below we tell you:

       How it works

       What you agree to do

       What we agree to do

       What it will cost
How it works

Accredited Partners secure, for a small fee, the right to be the only IQYourHome.com
Accredited Partner for a particular territory, which means:

       They are allowed to promote their company under the banner IQYourHome with ABC

       Receive all leads generated by IQYourHome.com for their area - the leads coming
        from the National PR and Marketing Campaign

       Be invited to take part in and promote their company at national trade and consumer

       Receive substantial preferential discounts on the purchase of products.

       Have exclusive rights to promote their company as an IQYourHome.com Accredited
        Partner for the chosen area.

       Receive sales leads direct from the IQYourHOme.com National Call Centre, where
        the team establishes the postal code area of the potential client. This information is
        then e-mailed direct to the Accredited Partners for action.

       Be able to resell to other installers in their area.

       Have the full support of IQYourHome.com to help with the expansion of their
        business. This support can be from technical and product advice, to marketing and
        general business management. With over 30 years of business management in the
        electrical contracting market there is a wealth of experience you can call on.

The territory arrangement is based on UK postal code areas. For example CV is the postal
code for the Coventry area and covers a large part of Warwickshire from Great Wolford in the
south of the county to Atherstone in the north, Braunstone in the east and Claverdon in the
west. The installer for the CV area will have exclusive rights to all of this area.

There are 124 postal code Areas in the UK. For the purposes of the Accredited Partner
network each area is allocated a value dependent upon the population in the area and the
category of the population i.e. a high AB rating for the population will increase its value.

There is a once only fee payable to secure a postal area, and a small annual retention fee.
Partners can acquire more than one area if they so desire. Accredited Partners also agree to
an annual sales quota. For further information please see the section entitled What it will

For web site enquiries potential clients will be encouraged to enter their post codes. They will
then be given the information of their local company.

The Accredited Partner status is provided to a company once it meets the required criteria
and has entered into a formal contract with IQYourHome.com. Normally this contract is
renewable every 3 years subject to the satisfactory performance of the Accredited Partner.

As an Accredited Partner you are an important part of the IQYourHome.com team and the
way you present yourself will reflect on the image of the company, so below we have listed
certain things we would expect you to do.
What you agree to do

   1. Partners will locally promote and sell our products directly to end users in both the
      residential and commercial marketplaces.

   2. Partners must be qualified electricians or hold other such qualifications of
      competence to work on electrical systems and should preferably be members of the
      NICEIC. Preference will always be given to NICEIC members.

   3. Creatively and actively promote IQYourHome.com products in their covered territory,
      always keeping us informed of the promotions they are running.

   4. Participate in trade and consumer shows to promote the sale of Products and the
      reputation of IQYourHome.com generally.

   5. Contact delivered sales leads from IQYourHome.com in an expeditious and
      courteous manner (no more than 3 business days).

   6. Agree to an annual sales quota (the amount of which will be based on local market
      demographics and agreed upon prior to installer appointment).

   7. Agree to purchase quarterly a set amount of IQYourHome.com product and
      accessories based upon the annual sales quota.

   8. Agree to carry out all Home Automation work under the banner of IQYourHome with
      ABC contractor and use the IQYourHome.com logo on all paperwork and promotional
   9. As an exclusive Accredited Partner of the IQYourHome.com product range, agree to
      promote and use IQYourHome.com products to the exclusion of all other home
      automation products unless the other product is complementary to the IQYourHome

What we agree to do

Having reviewed this exciting opportunity you‟ve decided you‟re going to invest time, money
and effort in expanding your Home Automation business and want to know what support we
will provide. Well this is what we provide to Accredited Partners:
   1. Selected territory based on postcode areas. (It would be possible for installers to
      acquire more than one area)

   2. Sales leads from within their territory through the www.iqyourhome.com website and
      all other marketing and national advertising programs.

   3. Direct links to the IQYourHome.com web site

   4. Direct links to the IQYourHome.com call centre for the routing via e-mail of all
      enquiries from national advertising programs

   5. Provides product training and support

   6. Marketing and Technical materials at preferential prices

   7. Opportunity to be represented at UK trade and consumer fairs
   8. On-line, Email, or Fax, ordering for fast, convenient service

   9. The right to use the „IQYourHome with A N other electrical company’ Logo

   10. Sales awards and recognition for outstanding sales performance and success

   11. General business advisory service

   12. A guaranteed preferential discount of 30% from list price regardless of quantity

What it will cost

Why do we charge an initial fee and annual quota? Well, we are committed to making your
company grow and see this as your way of showing your commitment. If you are prepared to
pay a small fee to secure your area and commit to a small annual stock purchase then you
are likely to be the forward looking, progressive, and enthusiastic type of company we want
to work with.

There is a once only initial fee, and then an annual renewable fee. The once only fee can be
paid in instalments by arrangement. A company that wishes to secure more than one postal
code will receive a 25% discount from the fee payable for the 2nd and 50% from any 3rd and
subsequent areas taken.
(Prices on application)

The stock purchase per quarter is set at a level sufficient for the installation of between 2 to 4
systems per annum which represents a small commitment compared to the potential
opportunity, and is a realistic target for a successful installer to complete during the year.
(Prices on application)

What to do next
If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Partner and joining our fast growing national
network then all you have to do now is submit your details to us. The best way to do this is by
e-mail, if you don‟t want to e-mail then you can fax or post them to the address below. Once
we have your details we will be in touch to arrange a meeting.




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