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									         The Sirens of
       Sensual Romances
                      August 2010

The Sirens                                  Welcome to the Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter!
  Mechele Armstrong
                                           It’s the last gasp of summer. Soon the kids will start back to school and your
  Dee Brice                                life will be hectic again. Better take time for yourself first and read some
  Adrianna Dane                            books by the Sirens of Sensual Romances.

  Alice Gaines                             As a group, the Sirens of Sensual Romances have written more than 200
  Treva Harte                              novels, spanning genres from historical to futuristic, from scary horror to
                                           action/adventure, from erotically sensual to pass-the-fire-extinguisher HOT!
  Katherine Kingston
  Lynn LaFleur                             Our newsletter is released around the 15th of each month. We’ll always have
                                           excerpts and featured author interviews as well as recipes, reviews, and
  Lynn Lorenz                              answers to any of your questions about our books and your favorite
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                                                           Sirens Calendar                                 Page 2
                                                           Appearances, News & Releases                    Pages 2-3
                                                           Contests and Winners                            Page 4
                                                           Featured Siren Interview—Ruby Storm             Pages 5-6
                                                           August’s Birthstones—Peridot and Sardonyx       Page 6
                                                           Featured Siren Excerpt                          Pages 7-8
                                                           Reviews                                         Pages 9-11
                                                           Aphrodisiac                                     Page 11
                                                           Enticing Excerpts                               Pages 12-20
                                                           Special Report on RWA Conference                Pages 20-21
                                                           Decadent Delights                               Pages 22-25
    Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez image                   Contacts and End Notes                          Page 26
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Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 2

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances

                      Calendar                              Appearances ~ News ~ Releases
August 2010 Book Releases                               ALICE GAINES
6: Soft Focus by Lynn LaFleur (Ellora’s Cave)
10: Soleil by Caitlyn Willows (Loose Id)
22: Best Laid Plans by Caitlyn Willows writing as       Alice Gaines is happy to announce that she’s signed
    Cassie Stevens (Amber Quill)                        contracts for two more erotic romance novellas.

August Appearances                                                           Built for Lust will be released by
19: Caitlyn Willows cyber release party for Soleil at                        Changeling Press in September.
    The Romance Studio Blog                                                  It tells the story of a female
                                                                             werewolf who won’t submit to a
September 2010 Book Releases                                                 real mate and so builds herself
21: Maxxed Out by Treva Harte (Loose Id)                                     an android male. The male wolf
                                                                             develops ideas of his own.
TBD: Built for Lust by Alice Gaines (Changeling)

                                                                             Also, Alice has sold a novella to
October Appearances                                                          Red Sage for Secrets, Volume 30.
7-10: Dee Brice at RomantiCon, Richfield, Ohio                               The novella will appear in print
7-10: Lynn LaFleur at RomantiCon, Richfield, Ohio       in June of 2011. Tentatively titled Cox Club, the story
7-10: Judy Mays at RomantiCon, Richfield, Ohio          revolves around a woman who goes to a secret club
7-10: Ruby Storm at RomantiCon, Richfield, Ohio         where all female desires are satisfied only to discover
23: Caitlyn Willows presenting two workshops at         that Cox Club is owned by her former husband—the
   Pacific Northwest Writers Association                only man she ever loved and the only man who could
                                                        truly make her happy in bed.
Autumn 2010 Book Releases
A Little Broken by Lynn LaFleur (Ellora’s Cave)
Public Lives, Private Pleasures by Adrianna Dane        LYNN LAFLEUR
  (Loose Id)                                  

Winter 2010 Book Releases                                                   New release! Soft Focus is now
Silver by Adrianna Dane writing as Darcy Abriel                             available in ebook from Ellora’s
   (Samhain Publishing)                                                     Cave at http://www.jasminejade.
The Way To a Man’s Heart by Lynn LaFleur                                    com/ps-8543-50-soft-focus-
   (Ellora’s Cave)                                                          aspx?skinid=11. You can read the
                                                                            entire first chapter and a lengthy
                                                                            excerpt on Lynn’s website.
Spring 2011 Book Releases
Make Me Beg by Alice Gaines (Spice Briefs)
Walking Sin by Lynn LaFleur (Ellora’s Cave)

                                                                          Appearances ~ News ~ Releases - Continued on Page 3
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 3

                                       Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                      Appearances ~ News ~ Releases

LYNN LAFLEUR                                                 CAITLYN WILLOWS                                
                                                                                  Caitlyn Willows, writing as
                     New print book! Destiny’s Path
                                                                                  Cassie Stevens, proudly an-
                     contains Lynn LaFleur’s book,
                                                                                  nounces a new release. Save Me
                     Premonition, plus A Different
                                                                                  From Myself is a male/male
                     Path, one of The Tarot Café stories
                                                                                  novella now available from Am-
                     she wrote with Randi Monroe. It’s
                                                                                  ber Quill Press/Amber Allure.
                     available at the Ellora’s Cave
                     website, http://www.jasminejade.                             Reid Hansen has always had a
                     com/p-8609-destinys-path.aspx?                               “thing” for Marines. But not for
                     skinid=11. The first chapters and                            former Marine, now up and
                     excerpts    of     both   books   are   coming fashion designer, Jackson Tate. In fact, Reid
available on Lynn’s website.                                 would rather see Jackson dead.

                                                             Jackson Tate has more success than he’d ever
MECHELE ARMSTRONG                                            imagined, and all the stress that goes with it. Who
                                                             better to help pull him back from the edge than Reid
                                                             Hansen? But his fateful and unexpected presence in
                                                             Jackson’s life resurrects the ghost of the Marine Reid
Mechele Armstrong is thrilled to announce the
                                                             once loved, the Marine Jackson served with, the
acceptance of Geek Love by Liquid Silver. Geek Love
                                                             Marine who died saving Jackson’s life, and it’s quite
is a story of two geeks who find their love at a             clear that Reid has no intention of offering Jackson the
gaming/science fiction convention. More details to           salvation he seeks. In fact, it seems Reid would rather
come later.                                                  deliver that final shove that destroys him.

                       Mechele was also excited to find      Jackson is the last man Reid wants to meet. Their lives
                       Settler’s Mine 6: The Rogue on        first intersected on an Iraqi desert years before. Now,
                       the Coming Soon page at Loose         finally face-to-face, resentment, anger, and guilt put
                       Id. The Rogue follows McTavish,       them at odds. Grief and the truth bind them. And then
                       an outlaw, as he finds his way        there’s the unrelenting want fueling their actions. A
                       with two surprising mates.            craving neither can deny.

                                                             Yes, Reid’s the one man who could save Jackson from
                                                             himself. But who is saving whom?
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 4

                                          Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Contests and Winners

July 2010 Contest Winner                                         CAITLYN WILLOWS
The winner of the July Sirens of Sensual Romances
contest prize is:
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                                                                 subscribers are eligible for the monthly giveaway.
                                                                 You’ll find a link to the newsletter on Caitlyn’s
Congratulations! Please contact our prize donor, Lynn
LaFleur, for your choice of any of her print books, a
box of assorted tealights, and some other goodies.

                                                                 LYNN LAFLEUR
Subscribers, please note our contest rules: Winners
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August 2010 Contest
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                                                                                      com to sign up for Lynn’s Latest.
                                                                 Please include your full name and email address.
                                                                 ADRIANNA DANE
Judy Mays runs a newsletter contest every month. To    
enter, a person must be a member of Judy’s Yahoo
group. Anyone can join her group and read the                    New contest running for Adrianna’s newsletter
newsletter in the files section to find out how to enter         members only. Join the Torrid Tidbits Newsletter.
the contest. To join, go to             Then enter the contest to win a box of free books and
                                                                 goodies. August contest ends August 30th. http://
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 5

                                           Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                                  Featured Siren
                                                   Ruby Storm

Picture Ruby Storm with her hair on fire! Yup, that’s her          What authors have influenced you?
every morning when she bounds out of bed and heads for
her home office.                                                   Kathleen Woodiwiss was my biggest influence. She is
                                                                   the one author who grabbed me by the throat and
Ruby loves to write, plain and simple. So much so that she         never let go. To this day I have a huge, huge love for
took a leap of faith in herself and quit her “professional” job,   historical romances because of her books. I actually
stuck her butt in front of a computer, and finally discovered      had a chance to visit with her and she was a
what brings her true happiness in the wilds of Minnesota.          wonderfully articulate lady. She gave me so much
                                                                               encouragement to do the thing I love.
Most people who fantasize about strange                                        Rosemary Rogers was another one. In fact,
people and occurrences are sitting on the sixth                                I think these two women were trailblazers
floor of some psychiatric hospital. Not Ruby—                                  for the now popular erotic romances. They
she gets paid for it!                                                          changed the course of romantic novels.

Describe yourself in 25 words or less.                                        What was most difficult about your latest
                                                                              book? What was easiest?
I love to party like a rock star but I’m
getting old! So I give a few good hours                                        When I wrote His Toys for the Exotica line
then sleep like a baby (in between hot                                         at Ellora’s Cave, I found it hard to write
flashes!).                                                                     sex scenes that could potentially be just sex
                                                                               without romance (according to the guide-
Now that summer is winding up, what do you still need to           lines of what an Exotica could be). I don’t like writing
do before fall?                                                    “sex” without the attachment, so I just went ahead
                                                                   and skewed the guidelines a bit and as I worked
Ah, fall. I’m beginning to stress! LOL. So I have four             through the story my hero and heroine fell in love.
major things on my plate to accomplish by the end of               Finding new and innovative ways to write sex scenes
October. First off, I’m organizing a benefit that will             without becoming stale is also difficult. Always have
take place August 14th. We do have a four-day                      to let that imagination take you somewhere even if
vacation planned—just a quick thing but a stress                   you’ve never been there.
reliever nonetheless! When that’s completed I step
right into finishing up some major organization for                I don’t know if there really is anything “easy” when
my trip to Ellora’s Cave’s RomantiCon at the                       you write. Writing is not simply sitting down and
beginning of October! Can’t wait to see everyone!                  writing the words. As an author, you have to be aware
Then at the same time I have to be completely ready                of genre guidelines, mechanics of what you’re trying
for my youngest son’s wedding at the end of October.               to say and how, grammatically, those words must be
Write? Did someone say “write”? I’m trying to finish               written. I guess that part does become a bit easier with
up at least two stories to get them subbed. I had really           each book you write because your mind gets trained
thought that at 54 I’d be slowing down. Whoa...don’t               to be subconsciously aware of all these things.
see that happening!

                                                                                        Interview with Ruby Storm - Continued on Page 6
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 6

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances

                  Featured Siren                                             August Birthstones
                   Ruby Storm                               Another month with more than one birthstone.

Continued from page 5
                                                                          Peridot: Regarded since ancient
                                                                          times as the symbol of the sun. The
What is your favorite part about being an author? What is
                                                                          Greeks believed that it brought royal
your least favorite?
                                                                          dignity upon its wearer. The
                                                                          Crusaders thought that Peridot were
Meeting fans—hands down, is my favorite part! An
                                                                          emeralds and brought them back to
author writes because she or he loves to do it. But
                                                            Europe where they were featured as ornaments in
when a reader lets you know how that book affected
them, that’s the very best part!
                                                            Peridot stones range in color from olive to lime green,
The least favorite part is the business end of writing.
                                                            sometimes with a brownish tinge. The green color is
There’s promotion which leads into bills which leads
                                                            due to the presence of iron, while the brownish tinge
into time away from the actual act of sitting at a
                                                            indicates a higher iron content. Some of the finest
computer and pounding out a story.
                                                            Peridot stones are called “evening emeralds” because
                                                            they appear greener under artificial light. They are
What else would you like readers to know?
                                                            among the oldest known gemstones.

I would like them to know how much I appreciate
                                                                            Sardonyx: The second August
their support and kind words in regard to my writing.
                                                                            birthstone is a variety of silica
Also, never ever be afraid to tap me on the shoulder
                                                                            mineral called chalcedony. This sort
(or wallop me across the arm) to get my attention. I
                                                                            of mineral contains layers of tiny
love talking and getting personal! Hope to do a lot of
                                                                            quartz fibers, which are stacked on
that at the RomantiCon Convention in Ohio this year!
                                                                            top of each other to give a banded
                                                            appearance. The layers in these stones range from
                                                            translucent to opaque. The stones also vary in color,
                                                            from white or gray and ranging to many colorful

                                                            Sardonyx stones usually contain flat-banded, white
                                                            and brownish-red bands. Cameos and intaglios are
                                                            often carved from Sardonyx. It is a relatively common
                                                            and inexpensive gemstone. It was a favorite in ancient
                                                            times, popular not only because it was attractive but
                                                            also because it was widely available.

Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 7

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                          Featured Siren Excerpt
                                                  His Toys

HIS TOYS                                                           His suggestion to sit had just offered her a few
                                                             more minutes in his presence though. Her curiosity
By Ruby Storm                                                piqued, she closed the door and settled into a chair
                                                             opposite the desk. She studied his eyes. Blue, like the
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
                                                             color of the sky on a clear day. Damn they were the
                                                             perfect color, accentuated by his dark hair and tanned
                                                             cheeks. I bet he’d look wonderful draped across a mattress,
ISBN: 978-1-41991-162-0
                                                             patting it with his big hand as he invited me to join him.
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary                                          Mentally shaking herself, she wrestled her thoughts
                                                             back from between the sheets. “Okay, I’m all ears.”
                     Sanford Willard is a crafter of toys.         “I’m going to get right to the point because I
                     Not your standard run-of-the-mill       know you have to get back to your office. How would
                     playthings created for the general      you like to make a thousand dollars for a weekend’s
                     public, mind you, but items             work?”
                     designed for the woman who                    “What?” she spouted. “Who wouldn’t? You’re
                     basks in her sexuality on all levels.   kidding me, aren’t you?”
                     He has one more step to complete              “No, I’m serious as can be.”
                     before taking the adult market by             Her quick mind went into overdrive. How in
                     storm and that’s to ensure his          hell did anyone make that kind of money in two days’
                                                             time? Unless... “You’re not into anything illegal, are
                     prototypes are the perfect com-
                                                             you?” He hardly seemed the type to even drop a gum
                     plement to a woman’s body.
                                                             wrapper on the floor. He was too put together, too
                                                             flawless. Sanford was simply the type of man who
One weekend. One thousand dollars on the table for
                                                             had his priorities in order and he never seemed to
payment to co-worker Melodee Dayton. Forty-eight
                                                             make a mistake.
hours of extreme pleasure in exchange for her honest
                                                                   His head tipped back with a low chuckle. Again,
                                                             the sound went straight to her toes by way of her
Two consenting adults. A fantasy come true. Get ready
                                                                   “No, it’s nothing illegal.” He steepled his fingers
to roll the dice of fate.
                                                             beneath his chin and eyed her closely, as if taking one
                                                             more moment to make sure he wanted to continue the
Excerpt:                                                     discussion. “Okay, here it is in a nutshell. You’ve
                                                             heard me discuss numerous options for Random to
      “Melodee, do you have a minute? Want to shut           build their sales but they won’t listen. The former
the door? I have a proposition to offer you.”                board was always willing to take suggestions from the
      A quick picture of Sanford taking her into his         employees. This new hierarchy is too busy riding on
arms and proclaiming his love whisked through her            past laurels to see what’s going to happen here in the
brain. She had to laugh at herself—that scenario was         future. Because of their continued disinterest, I began
the exact one she wasn’t searching for.                      to develop my own line of toys.”

                                                                                          His Toys excerpt - Continued on Page 8
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 8

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                          Featured Siren Excerpt

HIS TOYS                                                         He smiled, which deepened the slight dimples
                                                          in his shaved cheeks. “They succeeded in their efforts.
By Ruby Storm                                             That’s what makes you stand out, Melodee. So I heard
Continued from page 7
                                                          that you’re presently unattached.”
                                                                 She flushed warmly. Good god, he knew about
       Mel was confused. So where did she come in         her private life? “Yes, I am at the moment.”
with the chance to make some quick money? “I’m not               “That’s good. I’m not so sure how a guy would
sure I’m following you yet.”                              feel about his girlfriend or wife helping me get my
       “I’m not targeting the twelve and under age        prototypes to ensure that my creations work the way
group. I’m looking more at toys and games for the         they were intended. Since most are made for the
mature audience.”                                         female body, I need to hire a woman and I think you’d
       “Sounds interesting. Are you talking about         be the perfect person.”
video games and such?”                                           To test his sex toys? Mel’s hand immediately
       “No. I’m talking about adult toys. Sexual aids,    came up. “Whoa there. I’m trying to process this. You
toys for the discerning woman.”                           would pay someone that amount of money for two
       Mel blinked and wondered if she’d heard him        days worth of...of services, if that’s what you want to
right.                                                    call it?”
       “I see you’re surprised.”                                 “Most definitely. Every toy must work perfectly
       “I’m not surprised. I’m stunned.” In truth, she    in the manner intended. I plan to make a lot of money,
was a bit uncomfortable as she rethought her              so I’m willing to put out cash up front in order to
fantasies. Never once had they included toys. Only        accomplish that. What do you say?”
Sanford had been there in the recesses of her mind,              Mel fidgeted on the chair. Her heart bounced
toyless, but with a huge bulge at his crotch and magic    about and her stomach quivered. “What...what exactly
fingers that could send shivers up her spine. She gave    would this offer entail?” Good god. A test subject for
herself a mental shake.                                   Sanford and his toys? Would he be tossing himself
       “I’ve watched trends in the adult toy market for   into the mix? It was like a dream come true.
a few years now,” Sanford continued. “In that time,              “You’d have to come to my home and spend the
I’ve also created some aids that I do plan to market.”    weekend. I guarantee that by Sunday night I’ll put the
He leaned forward and clasped his hands on the desk.      cash in your hand. And hopefully, you’ll have thought
“Do you know that I’ve been watching you, Melodee?        it was easy money for the pleasure you’ll receive. The
For quite a while now.”                                   toys are perfectly safe.”
       “Me? Really?”                                             She blinked. A weekend at his home?
       “You’re a sexy woman, beautiful and smart.                “All my toys were created to bring pleasure and
You’re very comfortable in your own skin and not in       orgasm to the user.”
an egotistical way. It’s easy to see that you like who           Her belly clenched but she remained silent. She
you are. Is that correct?”                                couldn’t believe he’d just said the word orgasm as if
       Mel crossed one knee over the other, smiled and    he were talking about his damn charts.
nodded her head. “I never thought about it that way
but that’s a good explanation. My parents always
taught me to be independent and self-sufficient but to
tone those attributes with a bit of humbleness.”
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 9

                                                   Sirens of Sensual Romances
MISS FOSTER’S FOLLY                                                            AND BEST FRIEND MAKES THREE
By Alice Gaines                                                                By Lynn LaFleur
Publisher: Carina Press                                                        Publisher: Ellora’s Cave                                           
Length: Novel                                                                  friend-makes-three.aspx?skinid=11
Genre: Victorian                                                               Length: Novella
                                                                               Genre: Contemporary/Ménage
                            “At times I laughed out loud, and
                            often smiled. Miss Foster’s Folly                                             “For fans of erotic romantic
                            is truly a delightful and pas-                                                literature, this is as good as it gets.
                            sionate historical romance!”                                                  I like this story. I liked the
                            ~Caffey, Caffey’s Reads                                                       characters and I liked their loyalty
                                                                                                          to one another. It is a fun fast
                            http://caffeys-reads.blogspot.                                                read.” ~Judith, The Book Binge

By Lynn LaFleur and Randi Monroe
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
                                                                               By Lynn LaFleur
h t t p : / / w w w. j a s m i n e j a d e . c o m / p m - 8 0 5 6 - 1 0 1 -   Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
whispered-surrender.aspx?skinid=11                                             h t t p : / / w w w. j a s m i n e j a d e . c o m / p m - 8 2 0 3 - 1 0 1 -
Length: Novel                                                                  mirage.aspx?skinid=11
Genre: Contemporary                                                            Length: Novella
                                                                               Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal
                           “This is truly a very fun, cute
                                                                                                          “Mirage is a great novel. The story
                           story. The dialogue sparkles, the
                                                                                                          is fast paced and well written.
                           descriptive language used draws
                                                                                                          Lynn LaFleur is very imaginative
                           some delightful word pictures and
                                                                                                          and creative with this Irish legend.
                           the characters are forceful on the
                                                                                                          I recommend this book to anyone
                           one hand and very likable on the                                               who likes a little fantasy, with lots
                           other. Any true romantic will find                                             of romance.” ~Ammie, The Romance
                           this an enjoyable read and quite                                               Studio
                           possibly hear themselves chuckle
                           from time to time with the sheer                                     
                           fun of it.” ~Judith, The Book Binge                                            reviews/miragelafleur.htm

                                                                                                                             Reviews - Continued on Page 10
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 10

                                                  Sirens of Sensual Romances
I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS                                                    CILLA’S MASTER
By Adrianna Dane                                                              By Katherine Kingston
Publisher: Loose Id                                                           Publisher: Ellora’s Cave                      
mas.aspx                                                                      master.aspx
                                                                              Length: Novella
Length: Novella
                                                                              Genre: Contemporary/BDSM
Genre: LGBT/Contemporary/Western
                                                                                                   “4 Stars! The writing is fantastic,
                             “4 Hearts! I found the story
                                                                                                   the sex scenes sizzle, and the
                             heart-wrenching and thought
                             provoking. The plot was in-                                           characters are well developed and
                             teresting and slightly different                                      likable. I enjoyed watching Cilla
                             from a lot of romance stories.                                        emerge from her shell and felt that
                             The main characters of Destrie                                        Charles was the perfect hero to
                             and Benedict are well written...”                                     show her the way. Those in the
                             ~Ana, The Romance Studio                                              mood for a blistering BDSM erotic
                                                                                                   romance should definitely place
                                                                                                   Cilla’s Master on their TBR list.”
                                                                                                   ~J. Thomas, The Long and Short Of It

By Judy Mays                                                                                          * * * * *
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
h t t p : / / w w w. j a s m i n e j a d e . c o m / p m - 8 2 9 4 - 11 4 -
undercover-heat.aspx                                                          “4 Stars! Cilla and Charles are both likable, relatable
Length: Novel
                                                                              characters. The relationship between the two was
Genre: Paranormal
                                                                              beautiful. Watching it grow was like watching a
                          “5 and a Top Pick! Undercover                       blooming flower unfurl its petals—slow, soft, and
                          Heat was an absolutely amazing                      sweet and with a beautiful ending. The sex was
                          story that I loved reading. I                       wonderful, but not what you would expect from a
                          finished it in one day and I never                  BDSM story. Granted, there was plenty of focus on the
                          wanted to put it down. The                          D/s relationship, but it was more loving and caring
                          storyline is great. It has the                      than harsh. I enjoyed reading Cilla’s Master and will
                          romance and the love but also the
                                                                              be looking for more from Ms. Kingston. It is worth
                          action that keeps the reader totally
                                                                              having on your bookshelf for when you want a nice
                          engaged. The love scenes are hot...
                          They are also detailed and very                     little romance that has a bit of an edge to it.” ~Jennifer
                          enjoyable.” ~Tigger9, Night Owl                     Leigh, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
                                                                                                                  Reviews - Continued on Page 11
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 11

                                                    Sirens of Sensual Romances

                             Reviews                                                                      Aphrodisiac
CILLA’S MASTER                                                                  A food, drink or drug that stimulates sexual desire. The
By Katherine Kingston                                                           name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave                                                        sensuality and love.
master.aspx                                                                     In Part 2, three foods are featured—one you’ll surely
Length: Novella
                                                                                have heard of as a sexual stimulant. The other two
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM
                                                                                may be a surprise.
                            “4 Blue Ribbons! Katherine
                            Kingston’s Cilla’s Master is one                                                     Oysters
                            hot book. From the moment you
                            read page one you are convinced                                                               One of the most notorious
                            this is going to be one electrifying                                                          aphrodisiacs, oysters are
                            romance ride. This is the type of                                                             high in zinc and have a
                            BDSM that dreams are made of.                                                                 reputation for being great
                            You definitely will be captivated
                                                                                                                          for love and fertility.
                            by all of the intense sexual plea-
                            sure you find in this one book.”
                            ~Suzie Housley, Romance Junkies
                                                                                                              Pine Nuts
h t t p : / / ro m a n c e j u n k i e s re v i e w s . c o m / a r t m a n /
publish/contemporary/Cilla_s_Master.shtml                                       High in energizing zinc,
                                                                                pine nuts are also con-
                                * * * * *                                       sidered aphrodisiacs be-
                                                                                cause of the effort required
“4 Hearts! Ms. Kingston has created a sensually                                 to procure these oily gems
sizzling and emotionally captivating story centered                             from pinecones.
around two friends as they learn the give and take of
building a relationship that goes far beyond the BDSM
club. Wonderfully portrayed and strongly matched
hero and heroine, Charles and Cilla are an enchanting
and passionate couple who demonstrate intelligence                                                                        According to sciencedaily.
with an extreme emotional depth but who continue to                                                                       com, this “lycopene king”
grow mentally, adding to the amazing character-                                                                           may have a Viagra-like
ization. The sexual scenes are smoking hot as well as                                                                     effect on the body. It
emotional. The supporting secondary characters add                                                                        relaxes blood vessels and
an additional depth and appeal to the characters as                                                                       improves circulation. It’s
well as the plot. A deliciously seductive story that                                                                      also extremely low in
shouldn’t be missed!” ~Shannon, The Romance Studio                              calories and delicious.
reviews/cillasmasterkingston.htm                                                Some information from
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 12

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

TIME WILL TELL                                             suddenly, as she tried to force his cock inside. She
                                                           hadn’t expected she would be so tight, but tight didn’t
(Time Series 2)
                                                           matter right now, except as a hindrance to what she
By Treva Harte                                             wanted. She wiggled, desperate to fit herself onto him,
Publisher: Liquid Silver                                   desperate enough to ignore the twinges of pain.                                       “Gently, darling.” His hands reached out, one to
ISBN: 1-59578-139-0                                        steady her and the other to first fondle her clit and
Length: Novel                                              then stretch out the folds of her labia.
Genre: Contemporary
                                                                 She moaned and then, fiercely, forced herself
                                                           down. They both moaned then. Hard, thick—she’d
                     Molly had a family and had been
                                                           been so empty, waiting for this. He filled her, almost
                     in love...but now she was alone
                                                           too much, and then—as she writhed again—perfectly.
                     on an isolated ranch with no one
                                                                 “‘s good,” she thought she heard him say. “Too
                     but her baby. She’d learned that
                     even people you love can leave.

                     J.B. drifted onto a ranch and into
                     the life of a woman who needed
                     help. He’d failed himself and
                     others before and wasn’t inter-
ested in risking anything more.

But was it time to try again?


      “Don’t tease!” Molly couldn’t keep calm.
Couldn’t even try. If he said no, now, she—she’d rape
      “Oh, baby, no. Not that. I don’t want to hurt
you. It’s been a while for me, but it’s been even longer
for you.” He lay down, pulling her on top of him.
“Just this time, you do it, honey. However you want.
Take whatever time you need.”
      She wondered how long his control would have
lasted if she had slowed down, but she couldn’t wait
to test. Now. She needed him now or sooner. She
straddled him, gasping as she felt his cock at the
entrance to her wet pussy. J.B.’s concern made sense
sud                                                                                   Enticing Excerpts - Continued on Page 13
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 13

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

COURTING KEL                                                      “Eye candy, yes. The blonde goes with the white
                                                           truffles,” Tage shouted above the din to a crewman
By Dee Brice                                               with two lush females clinging to him like limpets.
                                                                  “Aye, Captain, if I can make ‘em understand
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
                                                           they aren’t necessarily for me.” He continued down
kel.aspx?skinid=11                                         the gangway, winking as he passed Aren and Tage
ISBN: 978-1-41992-586-3                                    standing on the pier.
Length: Plus Novel                                                Stroking his chin, Aren watched as more women
Genre: Futuristic                                          of every size, shape and hair color debarked his
                                                           flagship, The Herald. “You could group them by eye
                     Abducted from her home world,         color,” he said.
                     Amazonian warrior Kel finds her-             “Could sort them like fruits and vegetables as
                     self imprisoned on Ondrican, a        well. But then where would you put her?” Tage jutted
                     willing sexual slave to its heir,     his chin at the last woman in line. Two guards flanked
                     Prince Aren. Kel is more than will-   her.
                     ing to discover pleasure in Aren’s           “Strawberries,” Aren said without hesitation.
                     embrace. But when he announces        The sun turned the tall woman’s hair to red-gold
                     his taking her virginity has made     flames. “Why is she restrained?”
                     them husband and wife, Kel vows              “Easier to put one in the brig than the whole
                     to escape him and return home.
                                                                  “Tage,” Aren said, sounding as impatient as he
                     She wants his wooing but not the
                                                                  Tage said, looking rather irritated himself, “She
                                                           claims she was drugged, kidnapped and sold.
Aren has known for years that he must marry and
                                                           Demanded to be returned to her homeworld. Tried to
produce a legitimate heir. He finds Kel’s untutored
                                                           convince the other women to mutiny.”
lovemaking a sensual delight, but her refusal to                  “As Storr and I have told you, Tage, none of the
acknowledge their marriage stuns him and hurts his         brides were to be forced.”
pride. Determined to win her warrior heart, he takes              “I don’t know where she came from, Your
his reluctant bride to the country and weaves a spell      Majesty, and the others weren’t forced.”
of sensual pleasure around them both.                             “Where’d you find her?”
                                                                  As if Aren should recognize her, Tage sneered.
Only the marriage of their hearts will end centuries of    Ah. My bride, Aren thought. Although he’d been
feuding between their worlds.                              expecting her, he had not anticipated her arriving with
                                                           a shipload of... But King Storr was noted throughout
Excerpt:                                                   the galaxy for his frugality. Why send a special ship
                                                           when Tage and The Herald were collecting brides for
                                                           The Choosing?
      “Put that one in with the chocolates, her with
                                                                  “She found me. Marched right up to me on the
the caramels.”
                                                           flight deck. Claimed she’d been abducted and ordered
      Prince Aren of Ondrican watched his cousin and
                                                           me to turn the ship around. ‘This minute,’ she said,
spaceship’s commander sort through a bevy of
                                                           like she was in command.”
women according to... “Candy, Tage?”
                                                                                    Courting Kel excerpt - Continued on Page 14
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 14

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

COURTING KEL                                                      “She exercised instead of eating. Worked out
By Dee Brice                                                several times every day. And now stinks like
Continued from page 13                                      guanshit.”
                                                                  Clapping Tage’s wide back, Aren laughed,
      “And?”                                                drawing the woman’s gaze. Her dark eyebrows rose—
      “I had put her in with the other women. Two           a dismissive expression that hit him like a slap to his
days later, a delegation of brides...requested she be       face.
moved elsewhere.”                                                 “Have her taken to my quarters.”
      “Requested?”                                                Tage sputtered, a sure sign of protest but said,
      Tage’s face turned red all the way to his hairline.   “Yes, m’lord.”
“That’s the word the brides used.”                                Aren watched him stride away and heard Tage
      “And you’re sticking to it, eh?”                      muttering, “Your rooms will stink for a week, m’lord.
      “‘Til I’m dead and buried.”                           And if I were you, m’lord, I’d hide my weapons. Plan
      Rubbing his chin and hiding a smile, Aren             to keep my jewels, m’lord. Can’t say the same for
studied the woman who’d rattled Tage’s composure.           yours.”
Taller than the other immigrating brides, she carried
herself like someone who expected to be obeyed. And
while the other women wore garments that showed
off their assets, the redhead’s simple tunic concealed
as much as it revealed. A hemp rope defined a slender
waist and accented her narrow hips. Beyond that, he
couldn’t say much about her figure. Given her height,
however, he imagined her legs were long. Unbidden,
his shaft swelled. He pictured her legs wrapped
around his waist as he pumped into her heat.
Distracting himself from that image, he said, “I don’t
suppose you questioned her.”
      “I tried. She threw her dinner at me.”
      “At which point you threatened to starve her.”
Had she really been abducted? That didn’t augur a
happy beginning to their marriage.
      “Yes. Kept her on bread and water the entire
week,” Tage said. “Blasted woman only drank the
water. Said warriors were accustomed to going
without food.” Tage focused puzzled blue eyes on
Aren’s face. “She could have had the best food in the
entire galaxy, but she refused to eat. Now...”

                                                                                      Enticing Excerpts - Continued on Page 15
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 15

                                          Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                               Enticing Excerpts

 RULING PASSION                                                  immediately helped her in. The water was hot and
 By Katherine Kingston                                           cradled her in its steaming glory. She understood the
 Publisher: Ellora’s Cave                                        size of the tub when Jeoffrey stepped into it with her                   and settled himself facing her.
 passion.aspx                                                           “My second bath in as many days,” she said,
 ISBN: 978-1-84360-019-0                                         resting her head against the edge of the tub while the
 Length: Novel                                                   heat penetrated her skin and relaxed her sinews.
 Genre: Historical/BDSM                                                 “It’s a pleasant habit.” He reached over the side
                                                                 of the tub to a small table where a flagon of wine
                    During a daring raid to rescue               stood beside two cups. His legs touched alongside
                    prisoners he was hired to free,              hers as he moved and poured a measure of liquid into
                    Lord Jeoffrey Blaisdell discovers            each cup. Rosalind admired the play of strong muscles
                    Lady Rosalind Hamilton. To secure            in his shoulders as he leaned away from her. He
                    her own release as well, she agrees          turned and handed one of the cups to her, then held
                    to his price, though she knows she           his own up, extended toward her. “What shall we
                    cannot pay it. When he learns of             drink to?”
                    her deception, Jeoffrey offers her                  Rosalind remembered happier days when her
                    an alternate price for rescue. The           father had made such toasts before the start of a feast.
                    payment is to be reaped by Lord              “The usual are things like long life, health, happiness,
                    Jeoffrey in his bedchambers—                 success.”
 swiftly, immediately, and all night long.                              He cocked his head, waiting for her to continue.
                                                                        She thought about her childhood and where she
 (For those who are offended by it, Ruling Passion               was now. Just a few years ago she had felt so safe, so
 contains a number of bondage and spanking scenes.)              secure in her future. Never would she have antici-
                                                                 pated what life would bring her to. She sighed and
 Comment: I had a lot of fun writing the following scene         leaned back against the side of the tub. “I cannot think
 because of the verbal interchange. It was also fun because it   of anything worth toasting.”
 comes after a series of much more intense scenes, with hero
                                                                        “You’re alive and no longer in a dungeon,” he
 and heroine having to make hard choices and facing difficult
                                                                 suggested gently.
 challenges. But here Jeoffrey and Rosalind indulge in a rare
                                                                        “But with an uncertain future.”
 moment of carefree fun.
                                                                        “Certainty is given to none of us,” he said. “We
                                                                 take what we’re given and do what can be done with
 Excerpt:                                                        it.”
                                                                        “Then shall we drink to that?” she asked. “To an
       Lord Jeoffrey climbed out of the bed, turned              uncertain future and whatever opportunities it may
 back, slid his arms under her and carried her across            offer.”
 the room.
                                                                        A smile spread across his face, lighting the stern
       “A bath will help soothe your aches,” he said,
                                                                 features with an unexpected joy. “To opportunities,”
 setting her down beside the most enormous hip bath
                                                                 he agreed and took a long swallow of the wine.
 she’d ever seen. Since she had no clothes to shed, he
 imm                                                                                    Ruling Passion excerpt - Continued on Page 16
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 16

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

RULING PASSION                                                     “It’s the only thing about you I’d compare to so
                                                            meek and mild a thing.”
By Katherine Kingston
Continued from page 15                                             “Then perhaps I’ll allow it,” he said. “To your
                                                            nose, as delicate and graceful as the cup of a daffodil
Rosalind straightened up and tried to copy his action,      and to the freckles across it and your cheeks like the
but was surprised by the unexpected burn of it going        speckling of dew on the grass.”
down and nearly choked.                                            “Those freckles were my mother’s despair.” For
       “Take care,” he warned, a trifle late. “Bedwell’s    a moment the memory brought sadness, but he
brew is more potent than most people expect.”               splashed a bit of water in her direction and she let it
       “That it is,” she said, staring into the cup,        go. “Your nose, my lord, is anything but delicate, but I
though nothing about the red liquid could serve             drink to the strength and length of it, which reminds
warning as to how it would burn in the mouth. “But it       me of a guard tower on a castle wall.”
feels warm all the way down.”                                      He smiled at that and tipped his cup again.
       She looked up and surprised him staring very         “Your lips, my lady, are the soft pink of the earliest
hard at her. She watched the intent way his eyes            spring rosebuds.”
studied her, then let her gaze slip down along his                 She sipped from her own cup and then
straight nose, the mouth set in uncompromising lines,       responded in kind. “To your chin, my lord, which is
the firm chin, to the broad, solidly muscled shoulders.     like the jutting prow of a ship set to sail.”
The strength and power in the man made her feel                    “Have you seen such a ship, my lady?”
small, helpless, frightened.                                       “Once. I accompanied my family to France when
       “Your eyes appear to change color,” he said.         I was small. The ship made a great impression on me. I
“Earlier I would have sworn they were brown, but            should like to set sail on one again sometime.”
now they look more greenish.”                                      “Perhaps it will be so for you.”
       “It has been remarked on before.”                           “Perhaps,” she agreed.
       He raised the cup and extended it. “I’ll drink to           “In the meantime, I drink to your white
your changeable eyes.” He took a long sip from the          shoulders like shapely cliffs and your what
cup.                                                        shall I compare your breasts? Such perfection of form
       Hesitantly she held out her cup in turn. “And I’ll   and feel and taste? Perhaps like cook’s egg pudding
drink to your eyes—the color of the clouds that             when it comes forth perfect from the mold.”
precede snow on a winter day.” She sipped her wine                 The wine and the heat and the man combined to
and waited to see how he would react.                       make her head swim in a pleasantly relaxed way. She
       His expression lightened and brightened at her       let her gaze skim down his form. “And I, my lord,
response. “And I’ll drink to your hair, neither red nor     drink to your shoulders, strong as cliffs overlooking
brown, exactly; the color of some leaves in October,”       the sea; and to your cock, strong, jutting lance that it
he added, suiting action to his words as he finished.       is, set to penetrate, to bring both pain and ecstasy.”
       “And I’ll drink to your hair, the yellow of the             When his arms wrapped around her and his lips
buttercups in the field.”                                   locked against hers, the pleasure spurted through her
       He frowned wryly. “I know not that I like being      in joyous waves.
compared to a flower.”

                                                                                       Enticing Excerpts - Continued on Page 17
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 17

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

SAVE ME FROM MYSELF                                       at himself in one of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors ringing
                                                          the ballroom. Thankfully, the crowd cut off his view.
By Cassie Stevens (aka Caitlyn Willows)                                     Why couldn’t the crush of people cut off his view of
Publisher: Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure                 the man of the hour—Jackson Tate. Even from a              distance, the impact of seeing Jackson cut Reid’s heart
FromMyself.html                                           into ribbons of fire and pain.
ISBN: 978-1-60272-720-5                                          They’d never officially met, but the animosity
Length: Novella                                           was there just the same. Reid was a fool to think he
Genre: Contemporary M/M
                                                          could be in the same room with Jackson now. One
                                                          glance dredged up all the pain and grief like it’d
                      Reid Hansen has always had a
                      “thing” for Marines. But not for    happened yesterday. He’d wanted the man dead then,
                      former Marine, now up and           wanted Stan back and Jackson Tate’s blood and guts
                      coming fashion designer, Jackson    strewn across the Iraqi sands instead. Seeing Jackson
                      Tate. In fact, Reid would rather    now, in all his supposed glory, Reid still wanted him
                      see Jackson dead.                   dead.
                                                                 Jackson’s broad shoulders filled out the tuxedo
                      Jackson is the last man Reid        he’d designed. After all, if a man couldn’t wear the
                      wants to meet. Their lives first    clothes he’d designed, what would that say about his
                      intersected on an Iraqi desert      label? He’d also managed to tame his shaggy blond
                      years before. Now, finally face-    hair into the semblance of gentleman tonight.
to-face, resentment, anger, and guilt put them at odds.   Jackson’s night to shine, all eyes were on him, on the
Grief and the truth bind them. And then there’s the       clothing line unveiled hours before. Wealth and all the
unrelenting want fueling their actions. A craving         prestige that went with it were a hand grasp away.
neither can deny.                                                But Reid knew. He could read the man like a
                                                          book, like every other man and woman in the place.
Excerpt:                                                  What he saw in Jackson was a mirror to Reid’s own
                                                          grief. A man on the cusp of the pinnacle of success,
       Few things rattled Reid Hansen. He never           haunted by the monster he’d created—the clothing
walked into any situation, personal or business,          line everyone clamored to have for their closets. God
without being fully informed and prepared for             only knew what else lurked behind those brown eyes.
anything. He prided himself—no, pride was a word          It sure as hell wasn’t joy, despite the blinding white
filled with hubris waiting to happen. Reid racked his     smile Jackson flashed to those around him. He’d been
brain looking for a similar comparison. That he’d         given a gift—life. He’d been given a talent—
allowed his thoughts to stumble tonight was yet           designing. And what Reid saw was a man ready to
another signal of how easily even the most prepared       throw it all away, wasting the precious moments fate
could fall from grace.                                    had given him while Stan’s body lay six feet under.
       Reid knew how to read people, how body                    Damn, I thought I was better than this.
language broadcast feelings, emotions, and needs. He
shuddered to think what he’d see if he dared to glance
                                                                             Save Me From Myself excerpt - Continued on Page 18
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 18

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

SAVE ME FROM MYSELF                                          SOFT FOCUS
By Cassie Stevens                                            By Lynn LaFleur
Continued from page 17                             
                                                             Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
       Apparently not. Apparently, old ghosts were 
easy to resurrect. Control was Reid’s middle name.           focus.aspx?skinid=11
He’d be doing good to exercise a bit of that on himself.     ISBN: 978-1-41993-026-3
       “Something wrong?”                                    Length: Short Novella
       Reid blinked away the emotion crushing him            Genre: Contemporary
and managed to give Cabot Logan the semblance of a
                                                                                 Daphne Kemp is trying to get her
smile. “A little distracted with some of the court cases
                                                                                 life and finances back in order
coming up.” He hid the lie behind a feigned sip of
                                                                                 after her ex-husband left her with
golden champagne. Rarely did a sip actually pass his
                                                                                 a huge debt. When her friend sug-
                                                                                 gests she answer an ad to model
       “Come on”—he clapped Reid on the back—”I                                  for famous photographer Gerard
want you to meet Jackson.”                                                       Lynch, the lure of paying off some
       Reid wanted anything but. He ordered his feet                             of that debt is too strong to resist.
to follow Cabot through the tangle of guests and
models—both male and female—and keep his eyes off                               One look at Gerard lures Daphne
the exit doors somewhere behind him.                                            into more than modeling. She
       Cabot breached the remaining few steps with           breaks her rules about one-night stands and younger
outstretched arms—one to Jackson, the other to Reid.         men and spends a sex-filled evening with the
“Jackson Tate, Reid Hansen.”                                 handsome photographer.
       Smiles, nods for those watching. Their hands
came up at the same time. Clasped in the standard            Gerard never gets involved with his models, yet he is
greeting. Jackson’s grip tightened. Then he gripped          immediately drawn to Daphne. He has to find a way
both hands over Reid’s in a double shake that sent           to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart
tremors up Reid’s arms.                                      and give them a chance at forever.
       “I’m so glad to finally meet you face-to-face. I’ve
heard a lot about you over the years.”                       Excerpt:
       He squeezed Reid’s trapped hand a little harder,
like it was his lifeline. Relief washed over his strained          Daphne had had a grand total of two lovers
features. His smile softened.                                before she married Len when she was twenty-seven.
       Reid’s heart slipped to his throat. “Nice to meet     Her first, in high school, had no idea what to do with a
you as well,” he replied. Now...where the hell was that      girl other than get off as quickly as he could. Her
exit? The last thing he wanted was to be this man’s          second, in college, hadn’t been much better. Len had
lifeline, or to be his friend, or...anything else.           made all the right moves, yet sex with him had
                                                             been...predictable and boring. She’d rarely had a
                                                             climax with him and had to take care of herself after
                                                             he’d rolled over and fallen asleep.
                                                                                       Soft Focus excerpt - Continued on Page 19
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 19

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                             Enticing Excerpts

SOFT FOCUS                                                        Her thoughts must have shown on her face.
                                                          Heat rushed to her cheeks. She didn’t want him to
By Lynn LaFleur
Continued from page 18                                    think she no longer desired him. “No, not at all. I was
      She had no doubt sex with Gerard would be                   “Ah.” One corner of his mouth quirked in a grin.
anything but boring.                                      “It usually means trouble for a man when a woman
      He kissed her again, slowly, thoroughly, his lips   thinks.”
sliding over hers one way, then another. His tongue               She chuckled at his joke and squeezed his hands.
touched each corner of her mouth, glided along her        “No trouble, I promise. I saw the robe on the bed and
bottom lip, touched the tip of hers.                      wondered if you live in hotels.”
      By the time he ended the kiss, Daphne was                   “Most of the time. But that’s something to talk
panting for breath. She clutched his shoulders to hold    about later.” He released one of her hands and
herself up because her legs felt like overcooked          fingered a button on her blouse. “There are much
noodles.                                                  more pleasurable things we can do, aren’t there?”
      Daphne’s eyes crossed when he nipped the side               The brush of his fingers against her breast sent
of her neck. “I love the way you kiss,” he said in a      tingles straight to her clit. Oh yes, there were
raspy voice. He gripped her ass and pulled her against    definitely much more pleasurable things they could
his groin. “I want to taste every part of you.”           do. She waited until he’d loosened the last button
      She wanted that too. The eight-year age differ-     before she tugged his T-shirt from his waistband. “Lift
ence didn’t seem to matter. He made her feel attractive   your arms.” She pulled the shirt over his head and
and sexy, something she hadn’t felt in much too long.     dropped it on the floor.
      She knew Gerard would be leaving Dallas in a                A moan escaped before she could stop it. His
few days. She doubted she’d ever see him again.           chest was broad with well-defined muscles. A light
While she’d never had a one-night stand, she’d make       sprinkling of dark hair ran across it and arrowed
an exception for this man. If she could only have one     down his stomach. It swirled around his navel. She
night with him, she’d take it.                            followed the downy arrow with her fingertip from the
      After one more toe-curling kiss, he took her        top of his stomach until it disappeared into his jeans.
hand and led her from the office through an open                  “Don’t stop now,” Gerard said, his voice husky.
doorway. A single lamp cast a soft glow over the king-            Looking into his eyes, Daphne unfastened his
size bed. She noticed a white terry cloth robe lying on   belt. She had to move her hands away from him for a
the end of the bed. She assumed it was one the hotel      moment while he slipped her blouse from her
provided for their guests. She didn’t see anything        shoulders. She longed to be wearing one of the sexy
personal, anything that would prove Gerard lived          bras she’d seen in the dressing area instead of the
here for the short time he’d be in Dallas.                plain flesh-colored one she wore. Gerard didn’t seem
      How sad that he didn’t have a home. Or perhaps      to mind. He cradled both breasts in his hands, pushed
he had one, but his traveling took him away from it       them together, dipped his tongue into the cleavage.
for months at a time.                                             Daphne had trouble concentrating on moving
      He took both her hands in his, raised them to his   her fingers when every part of her body focused on
mouth and kissed her palms. “Have you changed             Gerard’s mouth. She worked to unfasten the buttons
your mind about being with me?”                           on
                                                                                    Soft Focus excerpt - Continued on Page 20
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 20

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances

                                                              Special Report: RWA Conference
By Lynn LaFleur
Continued from page 19                                                  by Dee Brice
on his jeans while he nipped and licked the sides of       I always promise myself I’ll keep a journal when I
her breasts. Finally, she released the last button and     attend conferences but...we all know where good
dipped her hand inside the fly.                            intentions lead. So I won’t tell you about the two-hour
      She wrapped her hand around velvety steel.           flight extension due to mechanical difficulties. I
      “Oh God, you aren’t wearing briefs.”                 arrived in Orlando, debarked into humidity so over-
      “I don’t like them.”                                 whelming I thought I’d gone blind. I thank the gods
      “Boxers?”                                            that nothing worse than my glasses fogging had
      “Don’t like them either.” He tugged down one         happened. DH got us to the hotel and, after checking
bra cup and swiped his tongue across her nipple.           in and unpacking, we headed to the bar.
“Mmm, this I like.”
      She liked what she held in her hand too. His         Wednesday, I registered then went in search of some-
cock was thick and long and so hard, she wondered if       body who could tell me if I was signing at the Readers
it hurt.                                                   for Life event that night. (I wasn’t on the signing list
      Gerard sucked in a sharp breath between his          on RWA’s website.) They had my books and promised
teeth. “Ah, Daphne, you have magic hands.”                 I’d even have space and a nameplate. I had both! And
      She felt her bra strap tighten and loosen. Gerard    a constant delivery of water during the entire two-
slid the straps down her arms and let her bra fall to      hour event! Thanks to whoever thought to add that to
the floor. He cradled her breasts again, lifting them as   the signing process, which raised over $55,000.00 for
he brushed his thumbs over the hard peaks.                 literacy! Way to go, RWA!
      The word sounded lovely in his accent, even          Ellora’s Cave sponsored a get-together for its authors
though she didn’t understand it. Grasping the waist-       following the signing. It gave us a chance to sit down
band of his jeans, she pulled them down enough so          with each other, snack on fruits and desserts and get
his cock sprang free. A trimmed thatch of black hair       yet another wonderful goodie from EC! They do treat
surrounded the base.                                       us right.
      No shorts and trimmed pubic hair. If he were
any sexier, she wouldn’t be able to draw a breath.         Thursday the conference began in earnest with the
                                                           fastest Annual General Meeting (AGM) in history! I
                                                           think it lasted all of twelve minutes. No quorum, no
                                                           new business. For those of you planning to attend
                                                           future conferences, please attend the AGM or give
                                                           your proxy to someone who is attending. Yes, the
                                                           AGM is generally dry as dust, but it’s where
                                                           individual members have a chance to voice our
                                                           opinions. It’s a very important meeting.

                                                                                   Special RWA Report - Continued on Page 21
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 21

                                     Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                   Special Report: RWA Conference
                                             by Dee Brice
Workshops began after lunch, following an inspiring       Overall, I rate this conference well above average. Yes,
keynote address from Nora Roberts. One hundred            I wish I’d had the opportunity to go to Nashville and
sixty-five published books and still counting. And a      stay at the Gaylord. I hope RWA will reschedule that
wonderful speaker, too!                                   location in the near future—and maybe during spring
                                                          or fall, although I’m not holding my breath. But, con-
Friday, more workshops, spotlights on publishers          sidering all that happened, Orlando turned out just
and—joy of joys!—book signings with free books and        fine.
an opportunity for brief visits with some of my
favorite authors. Another inspiring address by Jayne      Meeting old friends, making new. Learning more
Ann Krentz.                                               about my craft and coming home with all those
                                                          beautiful books. There really is a heaven!
Saturday was more of the same, with the entire event
capped by the RITA and Golden Heart ceremony.

Complaints? I have a few.

The miserable humidity that comes with having the
conference in July/August in locations known for it.
Take a look at the schedule for the next few years:
New York City, Atlanta and San Antonio. As a third
generation Californian, I can only pray Anaheim will
offer some respite. At least, the humidity may not
knock us flat on our...

Of course, there’s that all-too-frequent need to house
attendees in other hotels. I don’t know if it’s due to
late registration or RWA having to compete with other
conventions. As far as I know, all attendees were on
the beautiful Epcot Resorts property and were within
(melting) walking distance. I chose to stay at the Swan
so I could avoid the elevator-use contention at the
Dolphin—although I haven’t heard any complaints
about the elevators there.

Beware of those at the Marriott Marquis, however.
They’ve been known to get stuck just when you’re in a
hurry to get someplace—like an editor or agent
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 22

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                            Decadent Delights
                                           Compiled by Dee Brice

                                 BACON CHEESEBURGER MEATLOAF
                                                   from Dee Brice

 I’ve made this recipe and it’s delicious! The meat holds together whether it’s hot or cold and makes great

 1 pound ground chuck                                     10 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
 1 (8-ounce) package sharp Cheddar, grated                2 large eggs, slightly beaten
   ⁄4 cup bread crumbs, toasted                           1
                                                            ⁄4 cup mayonnaise
 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce                        1
                                                            ⁄4 teaspoon salt
   ⁄4 teaspoon ground black pepper                        1
                                                            ⁄3 cup ketchup
 2 tablespoons prepared mustard                           1 (3-ounce) can French fried onions

 Preheat oven to 350ºF.

 In a large bowl, combine ground chuck, bacon, cheese, eggs, bread crumbs, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce,
 salt, and pepper, mixing well.

 In a small bowl, combine ketchup and mustard. Stir 1⁄4 cup ketchup mixture into meat mixture, reserving
 remaining ketchup mixture.

 Press meat mixture into a 9” x 5” x 3” loaf pan, or shape into a loaf and place on a rack in a broiler pan. Spread
 remaining ketchup mixture over loaf. Bake 40 minutes. Top with French fried onions; bake another 10 to 15
 minutes, or until meat is no longer pink.

 Recipe courtesy of Paula Deen

                                                                                       Decadent Delights - Continued on Page 23
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 23

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                            Decadent Delights
                                           Compiled by Dee Brice
                         WITH STRAWBERRY BALSAMIC SAUCE
                                                    from Dee Brice

 I haven’t made this, but it sounds delicious and who can resist strawberries and pork and balsamic?

 1 cup ground pecans                                       1 cup bread crumbs
   ⁄4 cup firmly packed brown sugar                        1 teaspoon salt
 1 teaspoon pepper                                         1
                                                             ⁄2 teaspoon ground red pepper flakes
 2 large eggs                                              2 (1-pound) pork tenderloins, trimmed
 Toasted French bread rounds                               2 cups baby arugula leaves
 Herbed Cream Cheese Spread (recipe follows)               Balsamic Strawberry Sauce (recipe follows)
 Fresh thyme leaves for garnish, optional

 Preheat oven to 375ºF. Line a rimmed baking sheet with heavy duty aluminum foil. Lightly grease foil.

 In a shallow dish, combine pecans, bread crumbs, brown sugar, salt, pepper, and red pepper. In a separate shallow
 dish, lightly beat eggs. Dip tenderloins in eggs to coat. Dredge them in pecan mixture, completely covering
 tenderloins. Arrange them on prepared baking sheet and bake until an instant-read thermometer inserted into
 thickest portion registers 155ºF, about 18 to 20 minutes. Remove tenderloins from oven to a cutting board and let
 rest 10 minutes. Cut into 1⁄4” slices.

 Spread Herbed Cream Cheese Spread evenly over bread rounds. Top each with arugula. Put 1 slice of pork over
 arugula. Spoon about 1 tablespoon of Balsamic Strawberry Sauce over pork. Garnish with fresh thyme, if desired,
 and serve immediately.

 (Herbed Cream Cheese Spread and Balsamic Strawberry Sauce on following page)

 Recipe courtesy of Paula Deen

                                                                                   Pork Tenderloin recipe - Continued on Page 24
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 24

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                            Decadent Delights
                                           Compiled by Dee Brice
                                 HERBED CREAM CHEESE SPREAD
                                                   from Dee Brice

 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
   ⁄4 cup mayonnaise                                       2 tablespoons minced fresh thyme leaves
 1 tablespoon minced fresh chives                          Salt and freshly ground black pepper

 In a small bowl, combine ingredients. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

                                 BALSAMIC STRAWBERRY SAUCE
                                                   from Dee Brice

 2 cups chopped fresh strawberries (about 1 pound)
 2 tablespoons sugar                                       2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
 2 tablespoons cornstarch                                  1
                                                             ⁄4 cup chicken broth

 In a medium saucepan, combine strawberries, sugar, and vinegar. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce
 heat and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

 In a small bowl, combine cornstarch and chicken broth, stirring until smooth. Add it to strawberry mixture,
 stirring to combine. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Boil for 1 minute, stirring frequently. Remove from
 heat and let cool. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

                                                                                      Decadent Delights - Continued on Page 25
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 25

                                        Sirens of Sensual Romances
                                            Decadent Delights
                                           Compiled by Dee Brice
                                            LEMON SQUARES
                                                 from Lynn LaFleur

 This recipe is courtesy of a very good friend who gave it to me twenty years ago.

 1 cup flour                                              1
                                                            ⁄3 cup plus 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
   ⁄2 cup cold butter                                     4 eggs
   ⁄4 cup sugar                                           1
                                                            ⁄2 cup bottled lemon juice

 Preheat oven to 350ºF.

 Mix flour and 1⁄3 cup powdered sugar in a medium-sized bowl. Cut in butter until mixture resembles small peas.
 Mixture will be dry and crumbly. Press in bottom of ungreased 9” square baking dish. Bake 15 minutes or until
 lightly golden.

 Beat eggs at high speed about 3 minutes. Gradually add sugar and continue beating 1 minute or until mixture is
 thick. Stir in lemon juice. Pour over hot crust and bake 15 minutes or until golden. Sprinkle with remaining 1
 tablespoon powdered sugar. Cool in pan on rack. Cut into squares. Makes approximately 16.
Sirens of Sensual Romances Newsletter
August 2010
Page 26

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