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									Edmond Castle
Educational Trust 2007-08
               Group                              Title
29th Carlisle (St Herbert's) Brownie Brownie pack holiday

Hart Street Residents Group         Decorating communal areas

Mobex (Cumbria) Ltd                 Waterproof tops and sea fishing

National Autistic Society - West    Summer activities 2007
Pategill House Residents' Group       Eight UK passports

Riding for the Disabled Association   New talented rider training and
                                      competition at Carlisle

Silverdale Street Activity Group      Pool table and computers for
Barrow                                young people

South Cumbria Rape and Abuse          Psychotherapy for child rape and
Service (SCRAS) (Barrow)              sexual abuse victims

Tall Ships Crew                       Tall ships experience 19-28
                                      October 2007

Residential weekend (6-8 July 2007) for up to 18 Brownies at Isthmus
Cottage Outdoor Centre (Young Cumbria) Derwentwater, Keswick.

To purchase garden furniture and plants for the communal patio and
garden and blinds, rugs, beanbags, fixtures and fittings for the
communal lounge.

Waterproof cagoule tops for kayaking (£495 - 11 tops at £45) in
various sizes and to renew and replace sea fishing equipment £500.
Kayaking increases young peoples' sense of self confidence and
personal achievement.

Funding for summer programme including playscheme at
Cockermouth nursery, swimming and sports activities and soft play
sessions for autistic children, mainly but not only from the west of the
Pategill Houses supports vulnerable young people aged 16-25. They
would like to be able to get passports for all the residents. This would
enable them to take on voluntary work or educational opportunities
abroad such as voluntary work in India.

Funding for a competition day at Blackdyke Equestrian Centre in
Carlisle offering the opportunity for all levels of disabled riders to
participate. The other part of the application is an initiative to provide
top class training to talented disabled riders.

Supported housing project for young people at risk and homeless
between 16 and 25. This grant would provide a pool table and
accessories, two computers with internet access and software and a

To provide psychotherapy for child victims of rape and sexual abuse
helping them to work through the trauma of the abuse and the
emotional and behavioural effects. Through psychotherapy they will
be helped to regain self-confidence and appropriate trust.

The Tall Ships Crew are 11 young people working together with a
Connexions Cumbria adviser to raise the money to allow them to
participate in a ten night voyage crewing a tall ship sailing from
Falmouth. Each ship has 6 permanent salaried crew.
                 Monitoring information                         Grant            Website
We were able to offer a residential experience to our            £600.00 http://www.girlguiding.o
Brownies; for many it was the first time away from home        
on their own. As well as enjoying a range of outdoor
activities, they helped to cook their own meals and be
responsible for looking after themselves.

We used the money to decorate and equip a communal               £500.00 http://www.impacthousi
lounge in a young person’s supported housing scheme.           
The tenants discussed and chose everything in the
lounge, and decorated it themselves. It has new carpets
and has been painted.

Activities are the same but due to funding more groups           £995.00
have been able to participate in the activities on the
same day with the extra kit, e.g D/E Expeditions, Bridge
Jump, Kayaking and Ghyill Scrambles all use Cags as
part of the safety equipment, and with the new rod and
reels bought we got different size rods from 9ft, 10ft, 11ft,
12ft for the various size young people that we work with.
The funding has helped progress young people through
their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition which will go
a long way with future job prospects as a recognised
accredited qualification, And the learning opportunities
for young people has been able for the to progress
further with there own individual 1 and 2 star solo and
tandem kayak and canoe tests, with steering then to join
their local clubs (Carlisle Canoe Club) to progress further
within the chosen sport/activity the same path as 1 of our
volunteers, with the volunteers looking for further
coaching qualifications.

Provision of swimming sessions and soft-play                    £1,000.00
sessions every Friday during the summer holiday
period of 2007 at Workington Leisure Centre and
Pool for children and families affected by autism.
Provision of soft-play activity session every Monday
during the summer holiday period of 2007 at
Monkey Madhouse, Workington 2007 for children
and families affected by autism. Children with
autism find it difficult to access any organised
mainstream sport and play activities during the
summer holiday period. The sessions organised
were designed to allow children with autism and
their families to access swimming and soft play
activities at their own pace and ability and within a
supportive environment.
One young person who has done a bit of training in            £560.00
the youth work field is using her passport to arrange
a trip to India to work in an orphanage and widen
her experience while giving to another community.


With the grant we bought a pool table with cues and           £926.00
balls, two computers with Internet access for twelve
months, two computer desks and chairs. The computers
and pool table have made an incredible difference in the
lives of the young people who live here.

Provided therapy to children who have been sexually          £1,000.00
abused and also to help parents and carers (and other
family members when appropriate) know how to support
their child, making the therapy sustainable.

One of the young people who participated with the            £1,000.00
programme was in the NEET group (Not Engaged in
Employment and Training). With the confidence gained
in his travels, he is now engaged in training with a local
provider doing construction.

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