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									Vilnius Gediminas technical university                                  ISBN              ISSN
Mechanics Faculty
                                                                        Copies No. 2
Department of Industrial Enterprise
Management                                                              Date 24-05-2007

Industrial Engineering Management study programme master thesis.

Title: “Investment into real estate at furniture producing companies”
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                                                                          X     Foreign (English)


The final thesis examines theoretical and practical investment into real estate methods. The
goal of thesis is to create a single model of investment into real estate particular for furniture
branch in Lithuania. Final thesis examines various theoretical methods to evaluate investment
into real estate, but all them evaluating just some part of whole process. Investment climate has
been assessed, analyses various factors affecting decision for choosing location of the firm. By
direct interviewing SWOT analysis has been made for particular furniture branch of industry.
In projecting part of thesis, single model of investment into real estate has been created using
data of several furniture producers. Thesis carefully examines methods of Nourse and Roulac
also De Joge in theory and practice. In the result of all analysis some models have been
implemented some of them were simplified, and syntheses in to one single model. This is
universal for all branches of industry but was particularly checked on furniture branch of
The master’s thesis contains 6 parts; introduction, analysis of theoretical statements, analysis or
Lithuanian investment climate, evaluation of manufacturing power of the company, investment
risk analysis, conclusion and suggestion and literature. The thesis consists of 70 pages without
appendix, 7 tables, 16 figures.

Keywords: Domestic investment, foreign investment, mortgage, net present value, business
risk, tangible asset, immobile.

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