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									Response to Data Request from Star-Tribune
The state of Minnesota contracts with vendors to provide services and goods. By statute, the
commissioner of Administration is authorized:

   To supervise, control, review and approve all state contracts and purchasing; and,
   To perform all contract management and review functions for contracts, except those functions
    specifically delegated to be performed by the contracting agency, the attorney general, or otherwise
    provided for by law.

The responsibility of the department begins at the point the agency makes a decision that a contract is
required to fulfill its needs and ends when the contract is complete.

Contracts that are encumbered must be entered into the state’s contract computer accounting system
known as CFMS (Contract Financial Management Subsystem) or the state’s financial management
system, MAPS (Minnesota Accounting & Procurement System). The following are descriptions of the
contracts that are entered into with vendors.

   Professional/Technical Services Contracts are for services that are intellectual in character,
    including consultation, analysis, evaluation, prediction, planning, programming, or recommendation,
    and result in the production of a report or the completion of a task. Professional or technical
    contracts do not include the provision of supplies or materials except by the approval of the
    commissioner or except as incidental to the provision of professional or technical services (Minn.
    Stat. § 16C.08, subd. 1).

   A Master Profession/Technical Services Contract is an umbrella document that provides the
    general framework for using services of multiple contractors. The contract document identifies in
    detail, rates, conditions and products for each kind of service defined for multiple contractors.

    A master contract program is not set up with just one vendor. A master P/T contract accomplishes
    generally identifiable tasks for which no reasonable determination of actual need can be made. For
    example, some agencies know they will eventually need court reporter services sometime during the
    fiscal year; however, no one can reasonably predict exactly when or where.

    A master P/T contract is an unencumbered contract with a single vendor where a maximum dollar
    limit is identified. Funds are encumbered through the work order contract that is issued by the using

   A Service Contract is a contract for any nonprofessional or technical services (Minn. Stat. §
    16C.02, subd. 16). Examples include snow plowing, copy machine repair, maintenance, and

    Unlike professional/technical service contracts, there is no general statutory authority for agencies to
    enter into service contracts with private vendors. It is the commissioner of Administration that
    enters into all service contracts, unless specifically provided by statute or delegated by the
    commissioner of Administration. However, when one agency needs services that can be provided by
    another agency, an interagency agreement should be used to obtain those services. An example
    would be an agency that was experiencing unusual protest activities may contract with the agency
    that provides protection services.
   A Commodity Contract is a contract for products or services established by the Materials
    Management Division of the Department of Administration to be used by one or more state agencies.
    These contracts are non-encumbered contracts.

   Funds are encumbered for both service and commodity contracts through orders that reference those
    contracts. These orders are entered in MAPS.

Information, in the form of records, is extracted from both CFMS and MAPS to the state’s data
warehouse, the Information Access Warehouse on a daily basis. Following is a description of the data
elements included in the information retrieved in response to the request from the Star-Tribune.

Tables in Database

Table Name                Description of Data
CFMS Contracts            The data in this table reflects all contracts for professional/technical services
                          entered in CFMS and that were active, at some point, from January 1, 2000.
Commodity Contract        The data in this table reflects contract header information for goods or
Header                    services entered in MAPS and that were active, at some point, from January
                          1, 2000.
Commodity Contract        The data in this table reflects line detail information corresponding to the
Line                      contracts entered into MAPS.
Data Dictionary           This table includes a description of all fields used in the above tables.

Contract Type Descriptions*

Contract         Title                             Description
APK              Annual Plan Contract              These contracts are used to pre-establish authority to
                                                   obtain professional/technical (P/T) services (not
                                                   consultants) on demand. These contracts contain the
                                                   authority to spend up to specific amounts (generally
                                                   $500) with any given vendor in a specific category.
ASC              Agency Service Contract           These contracts are used by state agencies for services
ASK                                                such as snow removal, rubbish removal, linen
                                                   services, septic cleaning, etc. Contracts may be for
                                                   $5,000/year or less. This does not include
                                                   maintenance services.
BCC              Building Construction             These contracts are used by state agencies to
BCK              Contract                          construct, erect or remodel a building by or for the
                                                   state or an agency.
BLK              Blanket Contract                  These contracts are “blanket” documents that allow
                                                   the vendor number to be input payment time, much
                                                   like the BPM. During contract setup the vendor
                                                   number used is 999999999 99; vendor number to be
                                                   input at time of payment. When using this document
                                                   type, a T-Number is required.
CSS              Office Supply Connection          This document type is used for the Central Stores
                 Contract                          catalog and is entered in MAPS.
DEC              Direct Entry Contract             A general contract for goods or services, not P/T,
                                     created for use by a specific agency.
EAK   Easement Agreement             Contracts that involve the acquisition of specific land
                                     rights, whether for conservation or construction
LOC   Equipment Lease-               A lease contract containing a purchase option in
      Lease/Purchase                 which the lessee’s periodic payments or parts thereof
                                     may be applied to serve both as the rental obligation
                                     and as installments for acquiring ownership of the
                                     property upon lessee exercising the purchase option.
LPC   Land Purchase Agreement        Contracts that involve the purchase of land.
LSC   Commercial Real Estate Lease   These contracts are for leases of square footage (e.g.,
LSK                                  office), acreage (e.g., land), and use leases (e.g., radio
                                     tower) that involve the state as the lessee and an
                                     outside vendor as the lessor.
MLK   Master Lease Contract          These are contracts that involve the lease purchase
                                     financing for equipment
MRK   Master Roster Contract         These contracts must be used with contracts written
                                     from the Department of Administration’s Information
                                     Technology Master Roster. MRK contracts cannot
                                     exceed a total of $500,000
MSC   Master Service Contract        Professional/technical contracts that were entered into
                                     MAPS prior to the implementation of CFMS.
MWK   Master P/T Work Order          Used to place an order for specific job with vendors
                                     identified on a Master Professional/Technical
OCC   Other Construction Contract    These contracts involve construction other than
OCK                                  highway or building construction.
OEC   Order Encumbrance Contract     This document type is used when the solicitation,
                                     award and contract process is accomplished outside
                                     MAPS. The pre-encumbrance and encumbrance of
                                     funds occurs in MAPS.
PKF   Finance Contract               This document type is used when a contract from a
                                     closed fiscal year is incorrectly cancelled or closed
                                     because of change in vendor, accounting information,
                                     etc. The contract can be re-established by the
                                     Department of Finance.
PPC   Public Private Partnership     Contracts that are a combination of
PPK                                  professional/technical services and material goods.
                                     Mn/DOT is the only agency authorized to use this
                                     type of contract at this time.
PTC   P/T Services Contract          All consultant, professional, and technical service
PTK                                  (intellectual in natures) contracts to which the state is
                                     a party.
RLK   Real Estate License            This document type is for agreements to use spaces
      Agreement                      that are non-exclusive. These agreements are
                                     normally for a longer period of time than SSK
                                     documents, and do not include auxiliary services
                                     (maintenance is considered part of the use
                                     agreement). Examples include space for antennas,
                                                    and testing sites that may be used by others on days
                                                    when the state isn’t using them.
SAC              Software License/                  Contracts that involve the licensing or maintenance of
SAK              Maintenance Contract               computer software.
SCC              State Commodity Contract           A contract for products or services, not P/T, generally
                                                    established by the Materials Management Division to
                                                    be used by one or more state agencies.
SSK              Short-Term Space Agreement This document type is used by state agencies for a
                                                    short-term use of space that includes auxiliary
                                                    services, such as a conference center hosting a
SSC              State Services Contract            A contract that calls for a contractor’s time and effort,
                                                    such as janitorial services or rubbish hauling, rather
                                                    than for a product. The term as defined here does not
                                                    include professional/technical services, employment
                                                    agreements or collective bargaining agreements.
STC              State Use Contract                 This document is used for items supplied by any state
                                                    agency for use by other agencies.
UMP              U of M – P/T                       Used when purchasing P/T services from the
                                                    University of Minnesota.
*As a general rule, contract types that end in a “C” are entered into MAPS. All others are entered into
CFMS, unless otherwise noted.

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