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                                                                                            Please read the section overleaf regarding cancellation, or non-
The Assessment Course Covers:                                                               attendance.
The syllabus of the Walking Group Leader Award, as laid down by Mountain Leader Training    MLTE HAS NOTED THAT TOO MANY CANDIDATES ARE COMING ON
England (MLTE) or other UK training board.                                                  COURSES WITHOUT THE REQUIRED EXPERIENCE IN THEIR LOGS,
                                                                                            WITHOUT READING THE SYLLABUS AND REQUIREMENTS AND WITH
Mountain Activities runs assessment courses in two formats:                                 POOR OR EVEN BLANK LOGBOOKS. If you attend without the required
Modular, with one day in Sussex followed by a separate weekend on Dartmoor or in South      experience and logbook, you will be asked to leave, and no refund will
Wales.                                                                                      be given. Please either enquire if you are unsure about your experience or
A three-day assessment on Dartmoor or South Wales (or similar).                             logbook, or apply when you do have enough experience.
The programme will be (subject to changes due to weather etc):                              Also, you will be required to operate on exposed moorland terrain,
Prior to attending: a written home test paper.                                              possibly in difficult weather and a long way from the potential help. If
Day 1: Navigation and expedition planning using 1:50,000 maps; environmental knowledge;     you feel unhappy about any of this, please DO NOT join the course. Please
weather                                                                                     ask for more information if you require it. Mountain Activities will not accept
Day 2: Day and Night Navigation; Route Selection; Hazard Identification and Avoidance;      liability for accidents/injuries in such terrain unless CLEARLY due to staff
Route Cards; group leadership, camping skills                                               negligence.
Day 3: a chance to revisit any areas of the syllabus where weaknesses have occurred
                                                                                            If you wish to join this course please return an application form with the
The Course is Run by:                                                                       relevant deposit. The applicant will need to pay the balance 4 weeks prior to
Mountain Activities Ltd, a course provider for the Walking Group Leader, Mountain Walking
                                                                                            attendance. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. On
Leader and Single Pitch Awards for over 12 years. Course directors hold a minimum of the    receipt of your application, full course details will be sent from Mountain
International Mountain Leader Award, have extensive experience of WGL course provision      Activities.
and are individually approved by MLTE.
                                                                                            Please See the Website for latest Course Dates and
The Course Fee Includes:
       Self -catered bunkhouse accommodation (not an hotel).
       All course tutoring and administration.                                                      To book a place, please return the booking form (below) to,
The Course Fee Does Not Include:                                                                                     Lesley Rickman,
       Registration with the MLTE, or reference books related to the course.
                                                                                                 Butt cottage, high Street, Nutley, East Sussex. TN22 3NL
       Food
       Provision of any personal equipment.                                                                           Tel: 077066 74824
       Transport to, from and during the course.                                                          Email:
To attend this Assessment Course you must:
                                                                                             Please call or email us if you have any queries about this
       Have completed either a Walking Group Leader OR Mountain Leader training course                                 course.
        OR gained exemption from training from MLTE or one of the other boards.
       If you did ML, rather than WGL, training YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE WGL
        SCHEME AS WELL AS ML and pay the appropriate fee.                                   PLEASE REMEMBER: You must register for the Walking Group Leader
       Have completed your logbook in legible manner showing at least 40 clearly           Award. You must also fulfil the minimum requirements for attending the
        identifiable quality days combining both personal and supervisory experience. In    course, as laid down by MLTE. You can contact MLTE at: Siabod
        order to get 40 quality days, it is inevitable that you will have MORE THAN 40      cottage, Capel Curig, Conwy LL24 OET, tel. 01690 720 314 or see
        entries in your log.                                                       for more details.
       Ensure the personal profile is completed in your logbook.
       Have a current First Aid Certificate (min 16 hours & assessed).
           Mountain Leader Training England Courses
              A non-returnable deposit is required at the time booking, and the balance is due on the date stated on the booking form.
              If you cancel within 4 weeks of the start of a course, or fail to attend, you will be liable for the full course fee, unless you find a
               suitable replacement paying the full amount due.
              On courses marked “tuition fee only” candidates are expected to pay their own accommodation and catering costs.
              On courses marked “self catered”, candidates are expected to pay their own or catering costs.
              Sometimes Mountain Activities staff or others may offer lifts to candidates in their own cars, either to/from or during a course.
               These arrangements are nothing to do with Mountain Activities Limited, and as such are offered on a goodwill basis. No right to
               travel is intended or implied. They are non-commercial arrangements, and any payments are made solely on a cost-sharing
               basis. No liability is implied or accepted by Mountain Activities for any loss or damage experienced by a candidate in such                            WWW.MOUNTAIN-ACTIVITIES.CO.UK
              It is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain (from the MLTE), read and fulfil the requirements for attendance on any course.
               The course director reserves the right to terminate the course for anyone who does not fulfil these pre-requirements, or to
               refuse to endorse a candidate‟s logbook, even if they do attend. No refund will be made if this occurs.
                                                                                                                                                           WALKING GROUP LEADER
              The right to alter or cancel a course is reserved. If Mountain Activities Limited cancels a course prior to commencement and
               through no fault of the participant then refunds will be given in full. No liability for consequential loss is accepted.

                                                          Booking Information                                                                                   AWARD ASSESSMENT
               Details of start and finish times are supplied prior to attending, along with an outline programme, accommodation details and
                any kit requirements as appropriate.
               Candidates are advised to insure themselves against cancellation or curtailment, personal injury and loss or damage to
                personal effects and equipment. Mountain Activities Limited cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to personal
                effects/equipment, howsoever caused.
               It is essential that you fill out the Mountain Activities Medical Form (supplied after booking) prior to attending. Mountain
                Activities Limited cannot accept any liability for any loss or injury caused by a medical condition that was not disclosed.
                Disclosure of a medical problem will not necessarily preclude you from attending.                                                                             (MLTE formally MLTB)
                                                            Tuition and Safety                                                                                              The National Governing Body
              Mountain Activities is an approved a MLTE centre (no. 139), for SPA, WGL & summer ML. Course Directors are approved by
               Mountain Leader Training England, and are very experienced course directors.
              All other instructors will be qualified to the standard required by MLTE and will also be very experienced.
              Although MLTE sets the syllabus for each course, the exact programme will vary depending on the weather, experience of the
               candidates, location etc. However, an outline programme will be provided prior to attending.
              Safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, candidates are expected to agree to act on any requests that staff consider
               necessary. Mountain Activities Limited reserves the right to terminate a course immediately for any person who refuses to act
               on the advice of course tutors.
              Keith Fleming / Mountain Activities Limited are insured for public, professional and employer‟s liability for £5 million.
                                                                                                                                                              This course is aimed at persons wishing to lead groups, and
The following statement has been adapted from the British Mountaineering Council Participation Statement, and whilst may seem a little
                                                                                                                                                            individuals, in potentially hazardous environments that can be
„heavy‟, it is important to include it:
                                                                                                                                                            described as ‘open, uncultivated, non-mountainous, high or
   “Climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities that can carry the risk of serious injury or death, and by booking the                      remote terrain, uplands, moor, bog, fell, hill or down’, in summer
       candidate acknowledges and accepts these risks. The candidate must take full responsibility for their own actions and                              conditions in the UK. Mountain Leader Training England (formally
  involvement, and cannot hold Keith Fleming, Mountain Activities Limited, or any other staff responsible for loss or injury during
                                                                                                                                                           the MLTB) operates the scheme, and it is Nationally recognised.
                                            the course, unless oven to be due to their negligence”
                                                                                               MLTE COURSES
                                                                                                          APPLICATION FORM


        POST CODE

                                The above information will be used when sending candidates course information

                         COURSE TYPE                                              DATES                                      COST
           WALKING GROUP LEADER                                                                                           £204.00
               ASSESSMENT                                                                                       INC VAT CHARGED AT 20%

                                                                  VAT NO: 846 2366 14

                                                             *DELETE AS APPROPRIATE
              *I enclose/am sending payment in full of:                                               £ …………………….

    * OR: Please send an invoice to the following person:
           Job Title

        POST CODE


SIGNED ………………………………………                                                                             DATE ………………
                                               PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO:
                                        LESLEY RICKMAN, WGL COURSE ADMIN
                                                  BUTT COTTAGE
                                                   HIGH STREET
                                              EAST SUSSEX. TN22 3NL

             Contact Address:                                                            Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1273 400415
             Quince Tree Cottage, Green Lane,                                            Mobile: +44 (0)7710 345322
             South Chailey, East Sussex,                                                 Email:
             BN8 4BT, UK.                                                                Web:

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