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					                                        Movie Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: American Legends
Movie: Disney’s American Legends

Subject: Social Studies 2nd Grade

Brief description of Lesson:
   1. TTW ask, “What is a legend?” Get several student responses.
   2. TTW introduce and give meaning of term legend.
   3. TSW watch the movie “Disney’s American Legends” while filling in American Legends
       notes page. The notes page has 3 columns: “Who”, “What they figure did”, “Places.”
       Explain that “places” can be a city, state, landform, or body of water mentioned in the
   4. After the movie, TSW use the notes page to discuss what each legend was about and
       what was important about each one.
   5. TSW use maps and globes to find locations where actions in the movie occurred.
   6. TSW illustrate a figure in the movie and write why that figure is important.
   7. TSW share illustration and explanation with class.

Lesson GLE(s):
   Social Studies
     48. Locate general areas on maps and globe referenced in historical stories or legends.
     51. Identify cultural elements (e.g., crafts, customs, music, folklore) of the local

Materials Needed (including electronic templates):
Copy of movie “Disney’s American Legends”
American Legends notes page
United States desk maps or globes

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