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									ITU Institute of Informatics Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program
Professor Ömer Akın (PhD)
Ph.D. in Architecture, (Carnegie Mellon University), M.Arch. (Environmental Systems – Virginia
Polytechnic Institute and State University), B.Arch. (Middle East Technical Universtity, Ankara),
Professor Akin's current research is based on a track record of a primarily descriptive approach to the
architectural design process. His contributions to the area include, formal models of cognitive
processes in problem solving and design, user interface studies, problem structuring in design,
expertise and creativity in design, automated case storage and retrieval in design, and computer
assisted architectural programming.
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TBT522B Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction

Professor Dan Boyarski (PhD)
Dan Boyarski, a faculty member in Carnegie Mellon's School of Design since 1982 teaching courses in
typography, information design, and human-computer interaction design. He is interested in how
words, images, motion, and sound work together to produce effective communication pieces.
Externally, he lectures at conferences and consults with companies on interaction design issues. In
1999, the Design Management Institute awarded Dan the Muriel Cooper prize for outstanding
achievement in advancing design, technology, and communications in the digital environment.
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Bharat Dave (PhD)
Ph.D. (ETH Zurich), M.S. (Environmental Systems - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University). Dr. Dave's interests in research and teaching are in computational design. He is currently
the Assistant Dean (IT) at the University of Melbourne, Australia and a visiting professor at CMU. He is
co-founder of CAEV, an immersive facility at Melbourne, that is aimed at realtime modeling and
simulation of 3D environments, archeological reconstructions and landscape perception studies.
Funded by the Australia Research Council, he is also working on another research project to develop

ITU Taskisla Campus Information Technologies in Design Lab 34453 Taksim Istanbul/Turkey
ITU Institute of Informatics Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program
computational frameworks to support multiple representations in collaborative design practices.
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Assoc Prof Arzu Erdem (PhD)
PhD (ITU), MArch (ITU), BArch (ITU). Dr. Erdem's research focuses on Contemporary Design Theories,
the effects of information technologies on architectural design theory and practice. She is currently
coordinating graduate and undergraduate level architectural design studios in Istanbul Technical
University Faculty of Architecture. Her pedagogical research explores environments that support
creative design process. She has designed several architectural projects and contributed to
architectural design competitions. Her professional experience includes design consultancy and project
management for MAYA, STFA and other private companies.
TBT513B Media Transformation and Cyberculture
TBT521B Multimedia Design

Professor Ulrich Flemming (PhD)
Ph.D. in (architectural) engineering ("Dipl.-Ing.", Technical University of Berlin), M.Arch.
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Graduate diploma ("Dipl.-Ing.", Technical University of
Berlin). Dr. Flemming is a Professor of Architecture (Emeritus) at Carnegie Mellon's School of Design.
Research Interests focus on theories of form generation in architecture Computers as a novel medium
and tool for design: generative design systems and applications of formal grammars to (architectural)
design; integrated design systems; knowledge-based and case-based design; design databases;
design system interfaces and human/computer interaction (HCI) in design.
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Murat Germen (MArch)
M.Arch. (Fullbright Scholar - Massachusetts Institute of Technology), BS (Urban and Regional Planning
- Istanbul Technical University) Attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Fulbright scholar,
graduated as the top-ranking student and awarded AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal for Excellence in

ITU Taskisla Campus Information Technologies in Design Lab 34453 Taksim Istanbul/Turkey
ITU Institute of Informatics Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program
Architecture. After working as educator and editor in magazines following his arrival from the US, he
initiated his own firm on professional photography and multimedia design. Ensuing his teaching
experience at Bilkent and Yeditepe universities, currently teaches multimedia design classes at Bilgi
University Visual Communication Department and Yıldız Technical University Graduate School of
Architecture. Has many published / online articles on photography, architecture, art and digital design.
Displayed his work at several exhibitions in Turkey and the US. Invited to universities and symposia
for lectures / presentations on architecture, photography and digital design. In addition to submitting
work to photography performances like yearly organized Istanbul Slide Exposition, writes periodically
for Paralax, an online photography publication. Writes periodically for MacLine, an exclusive Macintosh
computer magazine. Submitted work to many state and private institutions including Yapı Kredi Bank
Culture and Arts Publishers, Koç Holding, Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation and the Foundation of
Social and Cultural History.
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Assoc.Prof Arda İnceoğlu (PhD)
PhD (İTÜ), MArch (North Carolina State University), BArch (İTÜ), Dr. İnceoğlu's research focuses on
the evolution of space as a result of technological developments and integration of information sytems
into environments. His work is informed by both his role as a professional practitioner and an educator
of architectural design. As a professional he has been involved in a number of building designs and
competitions including Pamukkale Tennis Club, abs Headquarters, İTÜ Rectorate Offices, Nafiz Yürekli
Eğirdir Turizm Meslek Lisesi and received awards in from Antalya Film Museum, Kadıköy-Haydarpaşa
Urban Development competitions. Dr. İnceoğlu's is a committed educator and is actively involved in
İTÜ's Faculty of Architecture teaching architectural design studios, theory of architecture and from
2001-2002 teaching in NCSU Department of Architecture.
TBT573B Biologic Anologies in Design
TBT521B Multimedia Design

ITU Taskisla Campus Information Technologies in Design Lab 34453 Taksim Istanbul/Turkey
ITU Institute of Informatics Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program
Cüneyt Özdaş
BSc (YTU) Computer Engineering and Science department. Ozdas started his professional career as a
Product and Technical Manager in Yatay CAD Systems. He worked as a freelancer training and
consulting 3d Studio and Autocad between 1991 and 1995. He has Involved in production and
phases of over 200 TV commercials and developed many proprietary software for in-house
needs and released some of them as freeware under the name of Compugraf A.S. He supervised CG
effect shots of a documentary feature film about Mount Nemrut, developed some custom graphics
software and technology including Interactive texture renderer (ITR) technology for an Istanbul based
company Yatay Multimeida, a character geometry and animation data exporter for a Germany based
game company named Crytek, a 3D Studio interface/driver for a 6 DOF 3D mouse for
Sweden/Switzerland based companies; 3hird dimension and Axiglaze. He received "Best software
developed in 2001" award from Microsoft Türkiye for the ITR technology and "Seal of Excellence
Award" from Computer Graphics World magazine for Brazil r/s rendering software.
He is currently working in the core developer team of a new generation rendering system called Brazil
r/s for a USA based company named Splutterfish LLC.
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TBT523B Introduction to Computer Graphics

Afsheen Rais-Rohani
SMARCHS (Design and Computation - MIT), BArch (Southern California Institute of Architecture,
SCIArc), Afsheen Rais-Rohani is Principal of NULLAB, a multidisciplinary group based in Los Angeles.
He has taken part in consulting and research positions including the Aesthetics and Computation
Group at the MIT Media Lab and X-KAVYA. His professional experience includes work at Frank Gehry
and Associates and he has co-taught design studios. As new technologies continue to change
traditional modes of operation, his pedogogic focus has been on investigating ways to effectively allow
the creative design processs take place within the new media. His research interests are in growth
processes in Architecture, and in new materials development.
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ITU Taskisla Campus Information Technologies in Design Lab 34453 Taksim Istanbul/Turkey
ITU Institute of Informatics Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program
TBT511B Introduction to Multimedia

Professor Gülsün Sağlamer (PhD)
PhD(İTÜ), MArch and Barch(İTÜ, Faculty of Architectue). She chaired "Architectural Design Group" in
ITU between 1992-1995. She has been teaching for 20 years in ITU as a studio supervisor in
"Architectural Design" and she also lectures on Architectural Design Theories, Logic models of Design,
Architectural morphology and CAAD at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her main
research areas are Architectural Design Theories, Computer Applications in architecture, Morphological
Studies of House Forms, Housing, CAAD of Dwelling Units, Cooperative Housing Studies. She designed
several villas and Apartment houses and led the design group of Trabzon Hotel building (320 beds),
BEL-ERKO Housing project (360 units), A cooperative Housing Project in istanbul (600 units), The
Trabzon branch of Ziraat banks, the award winning Dr. Sedat Urundul Nursery (with meltem Aksoy),
Prof. Saglamer organized many international symposia, including a workshop on "Housing for Low-
Income Groups" at Habitat II in Istanbul in 1996. She was the Vice Rektor of Istanbul Technical
University between september 1992 and november 1995. She was the rector of Istanbul Technical
University between 1992-1996 and has been reelected for the second period till 2004.

Assoc. Prof. Belkıs Uluoğlu (PhD)
Belkıs Uluoğlu is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical
University.She received a Mimar degree (B.Arch.) in 1980 from I.T.U. She received a M.Arch in 1982
from U.C.Berkeley, CED, Department of Architecture; and in 1990, a Ph.D. in Architecture at I.T.U.
She has been a visiting scholar at Carnegie-Mellon University between 1987-1988 and 1990-1991.
Honorable mentions received in competitions are, The 3rd Yokohama Urban Design International
Competition, 1992, w/A.Özgüner, Z.Ulusoy; Beşiktaş Meydanı ve Çevresi Kentsel Tasarım Yarışması
(Beşiktaş Urban Design Competition), 1990, w/S.Velioğlu, S.M.Şener, H.Kahvecioğlu. She teaches
Architectural Design at the undergraduate level, and Architectural Design Knowledge and Architecture-
Design-Theory (w/a group) in the graduate program. Her areas of interest are: Design knowledge,
epistemology in architecture and design, design theory, cognitive processes in design, architectural
design education, and architectural theory.
TBT522B Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction

ITU Taskisla Campus Information Technologies in Design Lab 34453 Taksim Istanbul/Turkey
ITU Institute of Informatics Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program
Research Assistant Alexis Şanal (MCP)
MCP (City Design and Development - MIT), B.Arch. (Southern California Institute of Architecture,
SCIArc). Ms. Şanal's research and professional interest explores the design of urban environments and
workplace in relation to the new propositions emerging from the technologies of emmersive
environments, embeded electronics and ICT trends. Her professional experience includes design
consultancy in Digital Media Street - Seoul, BT's Adastral Science Park and Disney Imagineering.
Currently, she is involved in İTÜ's ARI Teknoket project team and instructs courses in workplacemaking
in the Faculty of Architecture.

Research Assistant Burak Pak (MSc)
MSc in Architectural Design Computing (Istanbul Technical University), B. Arch (Yildiz Technical
University), Burak Pak's research and professional interest areas are digital design and education,
design computing, generative design, design technologies and virtual environments.
With his colleague Ozan Önder Özener, he managed Interactive Systems in ITU and designed
interactive cd-roms and websites for 2 years in d4 New Media design department. He contributed to
international and local conferences about design computing and information technologies. He is also
actively involved in design workshops and visualization techniques courses as a visiting lecturer in ITU
Faculty of Architecture. He worked in many design groups, architectural competitions and worked
freelance for architectural offices like Kisho Kurokawa, Doğan Tekeli - Sami Sisa.
He continued his research for 12 months as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Texas A & M University
VIZlab and later, Carnegie Mellon University.
Currently Burak Pak is a PhD candidate in ITU Faculty of Architecture and he is involved in a several
research projects about the role of Information Technologies in Design. He is a research assistant at
ITU Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program.

Assoc. Prof. Meltem Aksoy (PhD)
Professor Nüzhet Dalfes (PhD)

ITU Taskisla Campus Information Technologies in Design Lab 34453 Taksim Istanbul/Turkey

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