Who Wants to be a Girl Scout by zhangyun


									                        Who Wants to be a Girl Scout?
Rules: Troop chooses one girl to compete. She gets 3 lifelines: Ask her troop, 50/50, and ask a
troop member. Points are as follows:

1                      First 4 questions - including the 10 point question - are "easy"
20                     Next 4 questions (20, 40, 80 and 160) are "medium"
320                    Last 2 questions (320 and 500) are "hard"

If you reach “10”, you keep “10” if you miss the 20, 40 or 80 point question. If you reach “160”,
you keep “160” if you miss later on. You may stop and keep your points at any time (if you hear
a question, don't know the answer, you can stop and take your "points").


The color of a daisy tunic is:
a) green
b) brown
c) blue
d) yellow                                                                                 c

The color of a cadette or senior uniform is
a) khaki
b) green
c) brown
d) yellow                                                                                 a

The color of the current brownie uniform is
a) brown and blue
b) yellow and brown
c) teal and white
d) brown and yellow                                                                       a

The things you wear on the front of your vest for learning a skill, such as “Troop Camper”
“Toymaker” or “Aerospace” is called:
a) a Pin
b) a Badge
c) a Patch
d) a pretty circle                                                                        b

When a Brownie learns a new skill, like “Listening to the Past” or “Movers”, she earns a:
a) badge
b) Try-It
c) Try-That
d) Try-One                                                                                b

If you get a patch for an event such as an encampment or cookie sales, you wear it:
a) on the front of your sash or vest
b) on the back of your sash or vest
c) wherever it fits the best
d) neither front or back – they’re not official so they shouldn’t be on a vest/sash      b

For each year you are in Girl Scouts, you can wear
a) a patch
b) a membership star with a colored disk
c) a new vest
d) a special troop number                                                                b

October 31st is important to Girl Scouts because it is
a) Halloween
b) Juliette Low's Birthday
c) The day we recognize Girl Scouting in the U.S.
d) The anniversary of the beginning of Girl Scouting in the U.S.                         b

Girl Scouting in the US started in:
a) Savannah, Georgia
b) England, with Lord Baden Powell
c) New York City
d) Washington, D.C.                                                                      a

Juliette Gordon Low started Girl Scouting in the US after she
a) Learned about it in England, from Lord Baden Powell and the Boy Scout movement
b) Learned about it in New York, from the U.S. Boy Scout Movement
c) She developed the idea on her own while she was traveling throughout Europe
d) She developed the idea on her own to provide an enriching program for girls in the U.S.
Which of the following is a World Center?
a) Our Cabana
b) Pax Place
c) Our Lodge
d) Our Carbonara                                                                        a

Which of the following is a World Center?
a) Pax Place
b) Pax Lodge
c) Pax Center
d) Pax House                                                        b

Which of the following is NOT a World Center?
a) Our Cabana
b) Sangam
c) Pax Lodge
d) Chalet House                                                     d

The Official Thinking Day is
a) Feb 27th
b) Feb 22nd
c) The last Sunday in each February
d) Whenever Miss Barb and Miss Gretchen decide to hold it           b

March 12th is the Girl Scout Birthday. It is the anniversary of
a) Juliette Low's Birthday
b) Juliette Low's Death
c) The formation of Girl Scouts in the USA
d) The formation of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world    c

Girl Guiding is
A. Older than Boy Scouting
B. The same age as Boy Scouting
C. Just a little younger than Boy Scouting
D. There is no such thing as Boy Scouting                           c

The first Girl Guides and Girl Scouts did all these things EXCEPT
A. Play basketball
B. Go on camping trips
C. Go hiking
D. Fly in the space shuttle                                         d

The Girl Guide organization in Britain was invented in the year
A. 100 BC
B. 1650
C. 1910
D. 1995                                                             c

What does WAGGGS stand for?
A. World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
B. Where A Girl Gets Grand Swaps
C. World Association of Great Girl Scouts
D. Where All Girls Grow Great and Strong                                                     a

Which is not a WAGGGS country?
A. England
B. Mexico
C. Australia
D. Hawaii                                                                                    d

Which is not the name of a World Guiding Center?
A. Pax Lodge
B. Our Chalet
C. Our Cabana
D. Hogwarts                                                                                  d

On Thinking Day, you should think of
A. Where you want to go camping with your troop
B. Sister Guides and Scouts all around the world
C. Three wishes
D. Your homework                                                                             b

Our Chalet World Center is located in
A. Timbucktu
B. Switzerland
C. Swaziland
D. Sweden                                                                                    b

The WAGGGS sign is
A. Three fingers of the right hand at shoulder level
B. A snappy salute to the forehead
C. You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it
all about
D. NO PARKING 6 pm to 9 am                                                                    a

The two stars on the world badge stand for
A. Macaroni and Cheese
B. Promise and Law
C. Lord and Lady Baden-Powell
D. Miss Barb and Miss Gretchen                                                               b

Which of the following is not a world center?
a) Our Cabana,
b) Our Chalet,
c) Samoa,
d) Pax Lodge                                                       c

What is the highest award in Senior Girl Scouting called?
a) Eaglet,
b) Trefoil,
c) Gold,
d) Challenge                                                       c

What is the highest award in Cadette Girl Scouting called?
a) Bronze,
b) Silver,
c) Gold,
d) Cadette Challenge                                               b

Who began GS in the USA?
A. Clara Barton
B. Eleanor Roosevelt
C. Juliette Low
D. Betsy Ross                                                      c

How many international GS World Centers are there?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six                                                             b

What if the name of the World Center in Mexico?
A. Sanguam
B. Pax Lodge
C. Our Cabana
D. Our Chalet                                                      c

Whenever you go anywhere as a GS, what should you have with you?
A. Your Girl Scout identification card
B. A Whistle
C. A Buddy
D. Your mom                                                        c

What are GS most famous for selling?
A. Calendars
B. Cookies
C. Nuts
D. Magazines                                                                          b

How many parts to the GS promise?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four                                                                               c

What is the hat worn by a Brownie called?
a) Beret
b) Top hat
c) Baseball cap
d) Beanie                                                                             d

What level of GS doesn't wear a vest or sash?
A. Daisy
B. Brownie
C. Cadette
D. Senior                                                                             a

Juliette Low loved animals and had some unusual pets. Two of her favorites were her
A. Dog and cat
B. Ostrich and pidgeon
C. Parrot and mockingbird
D. Snake and pet mice                                                                 c

Juliette Low loved drawing at school and was good at learning foreign languages. What two
subjects she say she had trouble with?
A. Spelling and arithmetic
B. Arithmetic and reading
C. Spelling and history
D. Painting and sculpting                                                              a


The blue pin you wear with your Girl Scout pin is called
a) WAGGGS pin or World Trefoil Pin
b) Thinking Day pin
c) World Friendship Pin
d) Blue Girl Scout Pin                                                                a

To join Junior Girl Scouts
a) You had to start as a Daisy
b) You had to be a Brownie
c) You have to meet the age and/or grade requirements
d) You have to already have a friend in the troop you want to join                    c

Our Council is called “GSCNC”. That stands for:
a) Girl Scout Camp in the Nations Capital
b) Girl Scout Council, Incorporated
c) Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital
d) Girls Scouts Capital in the Nation                                                 c

Juliette Gordon Low had hearing problems. Which is NOT true?
a) She lost part of her hearing when some rice got stuck in her ear at her wedding
b) She lost her hearing when she was born
c) She lost part of her hearing when she was sick as a child
d) She was partially deaf most of her life                                            b

A “Wider Op” or “Destinations” is a chance to go to a big Girl Scout program somewhere in the
US – or even in another country. To apply, you must be
a) a Junior Girl Scout
b) a Cadette or Senior Girl Scout
c) a Girl Scout who has earned every badge
d) the daughter of a leader                                                           b

Who invented Scouting?
A. Queen Victoria
B. Lord Baden-Powell
C. Eleanor Roosevelt
D. Ms Barb and Ms Gretchen                                                            b

Scouting was invented in which country?
A. United States
B. England
C. Germany
D. Hawaii                                                                             b

Which of these is not a name for a Girl Scout in another country?
A. Girl Guides
B. Sparks
C. Alitas
D. Cookie Girls                                                                       d

Who was the first Chief Guide?
A. Queen Victoria
B. Olave, Lady Baden-Powell
C. Susan B. Anthony
D. Miss Barb                                                          b

Girls came to the first Boy Scout Camporee in England because
A. They wanted to be scouts too
B. The boys invited them
C. The Girl Scout camporee was full
D. There was nothing good on TV that night.                           a

How many countries are members of WAGGGS?
A. Four
B. Thirty
C. One hundred forty
D. Five hundred ninety nine                                           c

The approximate total number of girl and women members of WAGGGS is
A. Ninety two
B. Nine thousand
C. Two Million
D. Nine Million                                                       d

Which is not part of the World Badge?
A. A gold circle
B. A trefoil
C. Two stars and a compass needle
D. Juliette Low's initials                                            d

Thinking Day is held on
A. January 1
B. February 22
C. March 12
D. October 31                                                         b

Pax Lodge is dedicated to
A. All Guides and scouts who have died
B. The ideals of peace
C. Teaching about English cooking
D. Miss Barb                                                          b

The World Badge (1st adopted in 1946) can be worn by
A. Scouts and Guides who visit the world centers
B. All Scouts and Guides
C. Leaders only
D. Just Miss Barb                                                              b

The Blue and Gold of the world badge stand for
A. The ocean and pirate's gold
B. The sky and the sun shining over all the children of the world
C. Yellow flowers under the blue sky
D. The golden marshmallows of S'mores over the blue flames of the campfire     b

The three leaves of the world trefoil pin stand for
a) Three parts of the Girl Scout promise
b) Scouting in North America, Europe and Asia
c) Lord Baden Powell, Lady Baden Powell, and Juliette Gordon Low
d) The 3 levels: Brownies, Juniors and Older Girls                             a

The Badge Junior Girl Scouts often earn while learning about Thinking day is
A. The Think First Badge
B. Girl Scouting in the USA
C. Girl Scouting Around the World
D. The “You Go Girl!” Badge                                                    c

What is a BIFFY?
a.) boys interrupting friendly females yesterday
b.) bathroom in the forest for you
c.) a fun thing to do
d.) buffy's brother                                                            b

What two levels of GS use the same badge book, but different handbooks?
A. Daisy and Brownie
B. Brownie and Junior
C. Junior and Cadette
D. Cadette and Senior                                                          d


Our Chalet Center is how old?
A. Eight years
B. Thirteen years
C. Sixty eight years
D. Six hundred years                                                           c

The purpose of WAGGGS is
A. Building a World Center in each country
B. To teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
C. The self development of girls and young women in each member country
D. Making abandoned dogs happy                                                            c

How did Juliette Gordon Low die?
a) Old age
b) Breast Cancer
c) Car accident
d) Heart attack                                                                           b

The WAGGGS motto is
A. Do a Good Turn every Day
B. Girls are Great
C. Make new friends, but keep the old
D. Be Prepared (shares the founder’s initials)                                            d

The name Sangam means
A. Coming Together
B. Happy Together
C. Eating Together
D. Use the force, Luke                                                                    a

Which of these statements about Our Cabana is WRONG
A. It is in Mexico
B. The history and crafts of Mexico are taught
C. Visitors take part in community service projects
D. It was actually built before scouting was invented                                     d

The base or stalk on the World Badge represents
A. A flame, which represents the love of humanity and the flame that burns in the hearts of Girl
Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.
B. The stem of a daisy flower
C. Foundation of the Girl Scout and Girl Guide movement
D. Each Scout or Guide troop                                                              a

The line or vein pointing up through the middle of the Trefoil in the World Badge is
a) Pointing to the Heavens Above
b) the compass needle pointing the way
c) No real symbol; it just looks good on the badge
d) Represents our united program                                                          b

Who was not a Girl Scout?
a) The Queen of England
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Wynona Judd
d) Brook Shields                                                                     d

What color was the original Girl Scout uniform?
a) green
b) khaki
c) navy
d) pink                                                                              c

How many sisters and brothers did Juliette have?
a) Three sisters and 2 brothers
b) She was an only child
c) Three sisters
d) 1 sister and one brother                                                          a

What year was the Gold Award introduced? 1980
a) 1912
b) 1960
c) 1980
d) 1945                                                                              c

Who baked the first Girl Scout cookies?
a) Little Brownie Bakers
b) Keebler
c) Nabisco
d) The Girl Scouts themselves                                                        d

The first Girl Scout handbook, published in 1913 was called:
a) The Girl Scout Handbook
b) “How Girls Can Help Their Country”
c) Girl Scouting in the U.S.A.
d) Miss Daisy's Guide to Girl Scouting                                               b

Some trivia questions that you can add 3 wrong answers to for more questions:
1. What was the founding date of Girl Scouts?            March 12, 1912
2. What were Girl Scouts first called?           Girl Guides
3. Name 2 early activities of Girl Scouts? camping and basketball
4. What did Juliette Low have her Girl Guides call her?         Miss Daisy
5. What was the Girl Guides secret sign? 3 fingers upraised on the right hand
(Three fingers raised in the air is a sign of the three-fold promise)
6. When should a Girl Guide take off her trefoil? When she is doing wrong she should take
off the trefoil

7. What did the first uniform look like?      Middy blouse and dark blue skirt
8. What was Juliette Low's unusual lifelong hobby that she practiced with her Girl Scouts?
9. What color was the uniform very soon changed to?          Khaki
10. Why did they change the color? Red Georgia dirt showed too much on the dark blue
11. Where did Juliette Low learn Kim's Game?          England
12. Who taught her to play Kim's Game?        Her friend, Rudyard Kipling, author of the novel,
13. When was the trefoil patented? 1914
14. What was the name of the first Girl Scout magazine?       "The Rally" in 1918
15. Who was the first Honorary President? Mrs. Woodrow Wilson
16. JGL always wore 2 items. What were they?          Knife and cup
17. Why did she always wear those items? Juliette Kinzie, her grandmother, wore those items
when she rode out to Chicago on horseback
18. What was another she always wore, just because she liked it? Her whistle...her friends
thought it was a riot
19. What year were calendars first sold?      1920
20. What was the name of the first Girl Scout handbook? How Girls Can Serve Their Country
21. What was the 1920 Handbook named? Scouting for Girls
22. Could adult GS ever earn and wear proficiency badges?            Until 1923 adults could earn
and wear proficiency badges
23. Who served as both Honorary President and elected National President?          Lou Henry
24. What was the first magazine for leaders called? Field News
25. In what year did American Girl magazine first suggest that Girl Scouts sell "Girl Scout made
cookies?"       1922
26. When did Juliette Low die?         January 18, 1927
27. Juliette founded Girl Scouts with how many charter members?             18
28. By what year had they grown to 1,000 members?            1914
29. By what year had Girl Scouts grown to 100,000 members?           1925
30. At her death in 1927, what did her friends establish?    Juliette Low World Friendship Fund
31. Who nicknamed daisy? Her uncle
32. Juliette Low loved animals, name one of her pets.        Horse, dog, parrot
33. What year did she marry Willie Low? 1 886
34. Which ear did the rice fall into? Left
35. JGL used her fortune to fund GS. What did she sell?       Her pearls
36. What was the quote for when Juliette Low returned to America to start Girl Scouts? Come
right over! I have something for the girls of Savannah, and of America, and of all the world, and
we are going to start it tonight!
37. Who was the first registered Girl Scout?          Her niece, Daisy
38. Where were first national headquarters? Savannah
39. In 1913, where did the national HQ move to? Washington, DC
40. How much were national dues in 1915? 25 cents
41. In 1916, where did national HQ move? New York City

And some more trivia questions!!!

1) Where does name Daisy Girl Scout come from?                        1) Juliette Low's nickname
2) Who was the founder of Girl Scouting in the United States?         2) Juliette Low
3) What color are Daisy tunics?                                       3) Blue
4) How many parts are there in the Girl Scout promise?                4) 3
5) When is the birthday of the founder of Girl Scouts?                 5) October 31st / Halloween
6) Who were the friends that Juliette Low visited in England where she got the idea of Girl
Scouting?                                                     6) Lord & Lady Baden Powell
7) What is the name of your council?
8) How many parts are there to the Girl Scout Law?                    8) 10
9) Where was Girl Scouting's founder born?                            9) Savannah Georgia
10)What song do we sing at the end of a meeting?                       10) Taps
11) What shape are Brownie Try-Its?                                   11) Triangles
12) What is the celebration of the first Girl Scout meeting called? 12) Girl Scout Week
13) What is the shape of the Brownie pin?                             13) Trefoil
14) How many international world centers are there?                   14) 4
15) How many Worlds of Interest are there in Girl Scouting?           15) 5
16) What are Girl Scouts called in most other countries of the world?         16) Girl Guides
17) What color are Junior Girl Scout uniforms?                                17) Green
18) What shape are Junior Girl Scout Badges?                                  18) Round
19) How many Brownie Try-Its are there?                       19) New book - 40, old books - 35
20) What is the Girl Scout motto?                                             20) Be Prepared
21) What shape are Cadette/Senior Interest Project Patches?                   21) Rectangular
22) What is the name of the world center in Switzerland?                      22) Our Chalet
23) What is the highest recognition that can be earned in Cadette Girl Scouting?
                                                                       23) Silver Award
24) What is the abbreviation for the international association that all Girl Scouts worldwide
belong to?                                                            24) WAGGGS
25) On what day do we celebrate Lord & Lady Baden Powell's birthdays? 25) Thinking Day
26) At what world center is Spanish spoken?                           26) Our Cabana
27) What are the special program designed for Cadette & Senior Girl Scouts providing the
chance for individuals to travel beyond their own councils?           27) Wider Opportunities
28) What was Juliette Low's dream?                                    28) World peace & friendship
29) What is the highest recognition that can be earned in Senior Girl Scouting? 29) Gold Award
30) What was established after Juliette Low's death to honor her vision & dream for the girls of
the world?                                                    30) Juliette Low Friendship Fund

What gesture is used to recognize members of the Girl Scout/Girl Guide movement? Left
When was the first nationwide celebration of Girl Scout week? 1919
JL helped her mother organize and serve in a convalescent hospital during the Spanish-American
What is the motto of GSUSA? “Be prepared”
Who was Polly Poons? Juliette’s parrot

The first Girl Scout film produced in 1918 and shown in theatres across the country was “The
Golden Eaglet”
Girl Scouts got together for the first time in 1912 to learn about what game? Basketball
During World War II, what was named to honor Juliette Gordon Low? Liberty ship
What does the trefoil stand for? Three parts of the promise
What is the inspirational program especially for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides? Scouts Own
What flag can every Girl Scout and Girl Guide use in ceremonies? World Flag
What does “Cabana” stand for? Little Cabin
What fund do USA Girl Scouts support to promote world friendship? Juliette Low World
Friendship Fund
Where did Lord and Lady Baden-Powell meet? On a ship
What does the Blue stand for in the World Badge? The blue sky above us all
Who can wear the World Badge? Any adult and girl member in any member country
What was Juliette’s favorite subject? Art


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