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Market Analysis of Printing Business by zau21261


Market Analysis of Printing Business document sample

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									Digital Printing in Direct Mail:
 Market Analysis & Forecast

 A new market research report, based on in-depth surveys
  of leading direct mail printers, which complements North
American Transactional Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast,
 a study published by INTERQUEST in June 2008. The report
 also provides an assessment of the impact of the financial
          crisis on the direct mail printing business.
                                                  Table of Contents
Introduction                                                         •       Data & software
                                                                                 o Data format
                                                                                 o Composition software
Executive Overview                                                               o Print streams
                                                                                 o Mail management
Part 1 – Market Analysis                                             •       Paper & finishing
•   The Direct mail market                                                       o Substrates used
             o Overall market size & growth                                      o In-line & off-line finishing
             o Industry sectors                                                  o Inserters installed base
             o Key players                                           •       Color variable data printing
             o Impact of the 2008 economic downturn                              o Involvement/background
•   Direct mail printing                                                                       Reasons for offering/not offering
        o Key Trends                                                                           Length of involvement
        o Market size & forecast                                                               Aggressiveness in pursuing the application
        o Business issues                                                                      Ancillary services
                        Postal issues                                                          Future plans
                        Legislative initiatives                                  o Applications
                        Environmental issues                                                   Acquisition & retention
                        Outsourcing                                                            Type of documents
                                                                                               Level of personalization
         o    Applications issues                                                              Use of Web & integrated campaigns
                       Digital & offset printing                                 o Print volume
                       Monochrome & color printing                                             Size & projected growth
                       Ink jet & electrophotography                                            Offset shells usage
                       Variable data & personalization                           o Clients
                       Promotional transactional printing                                      Vertical markets
                       Color management                                                        Size of customers
                       MICR printing                                                           New & existing customers
         o    Key technology/market developments                                               Sales cycle
                       Printing systems                                          o Pricing & ROI
                       Software                                                                Cost components breakdown
                       Paper handling & finishing                                               Pricing
                       Substrates & substrate-related developments                             ROI tracking
                       Ink jet addressing                                                      Profitability
         o    Printing systems vendors developments & assessment                 o Other business aspects
                        Hewlett-Packard                                                        Top challenges
                        InfoPrint Solutions                                                    Level of success with the application
                        Kodak                                                                  Major changes in business over past 12
                        Nipson                                                                 months
                        Punch Graphics/Xeikon                        Conclusions
                        Others (Agfa, Canon, Dainippon Screen
                        Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Riso, etc.)
         o    Leading software vendors overview                          What you will find in the report
         o    Leading ink jet addressing vendors overview
                                                                         •     A discussion of the “hot topics” including the
Part 2 – Survey Results                                                        impact of the financial crisis on the business, the
•   Company profiles                                                            impact of the arrival of new high-speed and higher-
                                                                               quality full-color continuous-feed digital presses; as
•   Equipment (broken down by monochrome, color,                               well as postal, legislative, and environmental issues
    electrophotography & ink jet)
         o Installed base                                                •     A detailed forecast through 2013 broken down
         o Vendors’ market share                                               by technology and type of documents (monochrome
         o Level of satisfaction                                               and color)
         o Requested improvements
         o Acquisition plans                                             •     The results of an in-depth survey with leading
•   Applications                                                               direct mail printers, analyzing the installed base of
        o Mail pieces formats/sizes                                            equipment, applications and print volume trends,
        o Types of documents produced                                          software and finishing equipment, as well as color
•   Print volume breakdown & projected growth                                  variable data printing and personalization
         o Ink jet & electrophotography
         o Cut-sheet & continuous-feed                                   •     An in-depth analysis of the leading printing
         o Simplex & duplex                                                    systems vendors involved in the direct mail market
         o N-up                                                                with an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses
         o Monochrome, highlight & full color
 Study Methodology
 This study is based on the results of an in-depth telephone survey of 40 leading North American direct mail printers and large mailers.
 The survey was conducted in the first half of 2008, and was updated in October/November 2008 to assess the implications of the
 financial crisis on the direct mail business. The study also incorporates input from interviews with printing equipment and software
 vendors and findings from other research and work related to digital production printing recently conducted by INTERQUEST.

Who Should Buy?                                                             For Industry Professionals
  Printer Manufacturers, OEMs, Resellers of:                                Involved in:
      o    Printing systems
      o    RIP/connectivity products
      o    Software solutions                                               ■    Sales and marketing
      o    Pre- and post-processing/finishing equipment
      o    Paper & substrates
                                                                            ■    Product management
  Print Providers                                                           ■    Engineering and product development
      o Direct mail printers                                                ■    Application and technical support
      o Transactional service bureaus
      o Digital printers                                                    ■    Market research and strategic planning
      o Commercial printers                                                 ■    Sales and technical training
      o Quick printers
      o Outsourcing organizations                                           ■    Selection and purchase of printing solutions
  User Organizations                                                        ■    Printing and publishing operations
     o Print & mail services
     o Document & graphic services
     o In-plant print shops
     o MIS/data center operations
     o Marketing/communications departments
   Marketing & communications firms

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