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									Master Agreement
 The estimated cost to build the Dallas
  Cowboys Complex is approximately
  $650 million.

 The City will pay half of the cost or
  $325 million, whichever is less.

 The project costs include
  construction, land acquisition,
  infrastructure and related
  development expenditures.
 The voters will be asked to vote for or
  against the City of Arlington imposing:
    A one-half of one percent sales tax
    A two percent hotel occupancy tax
    A five percent car rental tax increase
    A 10 percent ticket tax and a $3 parking
 The City of Arlington would own the
  Cowboys Complex and the Cowboys
  would lease it, maintain it, and operate it.

 The project area is west of Johnson Creek
  near Ameriquest Field, which is home to
  the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball
 The Stadium would have a retractable
  roof, a permanent seating capacity of
  75,000, and function primarily as the
  home field of the Dallas Cowboys.

 The facility would be capable of
  temporary reconfiguration for college
  football games and other types of indoor
  and outdoor sports and entertainment
 The Dallas Cowboys Complex would be
  the home field for the Dallas Cowboys
  from the 2009 football season through
  December 31, 2038.

 This date may be extended for any
  applicable playoff football games in
  addition to two 10-year renewal options.
 The Dallas Cowboys Complex Football
  Club will pay the City of Arlington a ”base
  rent” of $2 million a year beginning in
  2009 and continuing annually throughout
  the term of the Club lease, in addition to
  five percent of certain naming rights
  proceeds up to $500,000 a year.
 The Dallas Cowboys Football Club
  directly or through other entities affiliated
  with the Club will contribute the sum of
  $16.5 million to the City to benefit the
  youth of the City for sports, recreational
  and educational purposes. Payments of
  $500,000 shall be made annually
  beginning on October 1, 2006 and on
  each anniversary date through the initial
  term of the Club Lease.
           On the Ballot
Authorizing the City of Arlington Texas to provide
for the planning, acquisition, establishment,
development, construction and financing of the
Dallas Cowboys Complex Development Project
within the city and to impose a sales and use tax
within the city at a rate of one-half of a percent
(0.5%), to impose a tax at a rate of five percent
(5%) on the gross rental receipts from the short-
term rental in the city of motor vehicle, to impose a
tax on the occupancy of a room in a hotel located
within the city, at a maximum rate of two percent
(2%) of the price paid for such room, to impose an
admissions tax on each ticket sold as admission
to an event
    On the Ballot, cont.
held at the Dallas Cowboy Complex
Development Project, at a maximum rate not
to exceed ten percent (10%) of the price of
the ticket, and to impose a tax on each
parked motor vehicle in a parking facility of
the Dallas Cowboy Complex Development
Project at a maximum rate not to exceed
three dollars ($3.00) per vehicle.
        The Election
  In order to vote in the November
Election, Arlington residents must be
     registered to vote. Arlington
   residents can register to vote in
person at the City Secretary’s Office,
First Floor of the Arlington Municipal
Building at 101 W. Abram St. The last
day to register is Monday, October 4.
            Early Voting
Early Voting begins Monday, October 18.
   The last day to vote early is 7 p.m.,
               October 29.

To vote early by mail, ballot applications
      and ballots must be sent to:
           Early Voting Clerk,
        Elections Administration
    100 Weatherford St., Room B90
            P.O. Box 961011
       Fort Worth, TX 76161-0011
                  Early Voting

Applications for mail ballots must be received by the
Early Voting Clerk by October 26, 2004. Mail ballots
      must be received by November 2, 2004.

For more information call the Tarrant County Voter
        Registration Office at 817-884-1115.
  Early Voting Locations and Election
    day Polling Places in the City of
         Arlington are listed at

For more information about voting call
     the City Secretary’s Office at
              Online Documents
• The Master Agreement, a 28-page document, is
  available on the City of Arlington website at :
• Economics and Fiscal Impact Study about the Dallas
  Cowboys Development project prepared by
  Economics Research Associates available at:

               For more information
              about these documents,
              call the City of Arlington
              Office of Communication
                    at 817-459-6402

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