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									                                             Windows Vista
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Curb Appeal of Windows Vista Helps Attract
                                             and Keep Real Estate Firm Agents

                                             “The money we’ve spent on great software like
                                             Windows Vista is a straight-up competitive advantage.
Customer: Innovative Century 21 Realty
Web Site: www.hobokenhomes.com               We attract and retain the best agents and win-over
www.jerseycityhomes.com                      the best clients. Who wouldn’t want that?”
Customer Size: 35 PCs
Country or Region: U.S. Northeast            Rob Ranieri, Owner, Innovative Century 21 Realty
Industry: Real Estate
Partner: eMazzanti Technologies
Partner Web Site: www.emazzanti.net
                                             A broker is only as successful as his agents, and Innovative Century
Customer Profile                             21 Realty is proving the point. Attracting and keeping top-
Innovative Century 21 Realty services the
Hoboken and Jersey City residential real     producing agents—many making over $250,000 per year—has
estate needs of New Jersey.                  been accelerated with new office software, a more powerful server
Software and Services                        and new Windows Vista. With the IT solutions deployed by
 Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1      eMazzanti Technologies, the broker is seeing increased revenue,
 Windows Vista Business Service Pack 1
                                             more committed and productive agents as well as secure,
  (SP1)                                      streamlined operations.
 Microsoft Office Professional 2007

                                             Business Needs                                     over $250,000 per year,” said Rob Ranieri,
                                             Innovative Century 21 Realty—with offices in       owner, Innovative Century 21 Realty. “They
                                             Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey— needs         are very demanding ,but are excited to work
                                             great agents in order to succeed in real           for Innovative Realty because we give them
                                             estate. How agents are supported in terms          powerful communication and client
                                             of tools and technology is critical to             management tools — Microsoft Windows
                                             attracting and retaining top-tier agents.          2008 Terminal Server, Windows Vista
                                             Further, broker support must translate into        Business and Office 2007 Professional.”
                                             more sales for agents or it doesn’t mean
                                             much.                                              And when it comes to support technology,
For more information about other Microsoft
customer successes, please visit:                                                               the reliability of working computers and a
www.windowsvistaexperience.com               “I have 45 agents in my Hoboken and Jersey         functioning network is a critical factor for
                                             City offices,--14 of who consistently make         both agents and the overall brokerage
operation.                                                              “We‟ve actually been able to recruit two new       broker‟s IT partner. “Security Center
                                                                        top-selling agents because of Windows Vista        provides powerful malware and firewall
“Stability and reliability in the operating                             and the technology we‟ve put in place,” said       protection, automatic software updates,
system and other software is a given if I’m to                          Ranieri. “Our brokerage enjoys „techno-envy‟       Internet security and user account control.”
keep top agents,” said Ranieri. “So far                                 from the 40 some-odd competitive brokers
Windows Vista hasn’t let me or the agents                               that are within a one mile radius of our           “And, with many of the agent‟s tools moving
down.”                                                                  Hoboken shop,” said Ranieri. “We have              online and the operating two offices in
                                                                        software technology that makes other               different cities, internet security takes on
Solution                                                                agents drool.”                                     renewed importance in order to compete
Instant Search                                                                                                             effectively,” Ranieri continued.
Windows Vista instantly searches for any type                           Ranieri continues: “In addition, Aero
of file —email, spreadsheet, photo, graphic,                            Thumbnail Images and Flip 3D alone have            “We‟re just discovering Shadow Copy,” said
video, audio, text — found anywhere on                                  increased my team‟s productivity by at least       Ranieri. “But we already see its potential for
Innovative Century 21 Realty user hard drives.                          10 percent.”                                       juggling multiple versions of documents or
                                                                                                                           saving us from disaster with easy document
Security Center                                                           Increased Revenue                               recovery. Shadow Copy watches our back.”
Windows Security Center enhances the                                    “My agents made over $4M in commissions
security of Innovative Century 21 Realty’s                              last year,” said Ranieri. “This year—in a
data by alerting users when security software                           tougher market— we‟ve hit $3M in the first
is out of date or when security settings should                         six months. I attribute a lot of that sales
be strengthened. The Security Center displays                           growth to our partner, eMazzanti
firewall, spyware, malware and Internet                                 Technologies, and their implementation of a
security settings and indicates whether the                             more powerful server, Windows Vista and
company’s PC is set up to receive automatic                             office software tools from Microsoft.”
software updates from Microsoft.
                                                                          Instant Client Service
Windows Aero                                                            “I estimate that Instant Search helps me get
With Windows Aero interface, Live Taskbar                               to the right information 25 to 30 percent
Thumbnail images display the actual contents                            faster than without this powerful search
of windows currently open and those that are                            capability,” said Ranieri. “Ultimately it
minimized in the Taskbar. Flip 3D is an                                 translates into money because of greater
alternate way to view multiple files and is                             productivity, better client service and top
activated by pressing Start+TAB.                                        agent retention.”

                                                                        “If „location‟ in real estate determines the
Benefits                                                                value of a property, the ability to quickly find
  Thriving Agents                                                      the location of a document you need to
“The money we‟ve spent on great software                                complete a deal is just as important,” said
like Windows Vista is a straight-up                                     Ranieri. “Instant Search delivers the file-
competitive advantage,” said Ranieri. “We                               location promise.”
attract and retain the best agents and the
win-over the best clients. Who wouldn‟t want                              More Secure Business
that?”                                                                  “Data security is paramount to the success
                                                                        of Innovative Realty‟s business,” said says
                                                                        Carl Mazzanti, eMazzanti Technologies, the

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published June 2008

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