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									                                                             5) Last registration for your vehicle if titled in    name, as shown on the registration, in the county

    TAG TIPS                                                    another state and title is held by lender.
                                                             6) Proof of Georgia insurance (see details).
                                                             7) Proof of Dawson address for new accounts
                                                                                                                   where the business is located. For companies
                                                                                                                   and organizations, the deadline is the end of the
                                                                                                                   month as follows:
A guide to motor vehicle registration for                       (utility bill, residency lease or purchase
residents of Dawson County                                      agreement).                                        A/B = JAN       I/J = MAY        Q/R = SEP
                                                                                                                   C/D = FEB       K/L = JUN        S/T      = OCT
                                                         *TIP: Who can sign? You cannot sign registration          E/F = MAR       M/N = JUL        U/V/W = NOV
  NEW RESIDENTS/NEW VEHICLES                             and title forms for anyone else except with an            G/H = APR       O/P = AUG        X/Y/Z = DEC
       TITLE CHANGES                                     original notarized power of attorney.
                                                                                                                   Example: The Wholesome Bakery must renew
Only these transactions must be handled in person.             TRANSFERRING A TAG                                  by October 31; Dan’s Vending by February 28.
New residents, or nonresidents who accept
employment in the state, or who enter their children     A tag belongs to the first owner listed on the
in Georgia public schools, must register their vehicle   registration. For leases, the tag belongs to the person
                                                                                                                   EXCEPTION: Non-IRP trucks and truck
and apply for a Georgia title within 30 days after       or company leasing the vehicle to drive. Don’t let        tractors with a gross weight over 26,000 pounds
entering Georgia.                                        your tag go with a car you sell. The tag can be           and commercial buses must be renewed during
*TIP: Out-of-state tags expire 30 days after you         transferred to a replacement vehicle in the same first    the period December 1 through February 15. Ad
move to Georgia, even though the expiration date         owner’s name. The tag (registration) must be              valorem taxes are due during that same period.
shown on the tag may be later. Only two exceptions:      transferred in person. The transfer fee is $5 if the
non-residents military personnel and full-time college   expiration decal year does not change.                    Registration for leased vehicles must be
students.                                                *TIP: Either you or your dealer must come in to           renewed by the deadline of the individual or
                                                         register your new car. Don’t assume the paperwork         business leasing the vehicle to drive. NOT
On all vehicle purchases, leases and move-ins, you       is done just because the dealer physically puts your
                                                                                                                   based on the name of the leasing company
must register the vehicle within 30 days. To register    old tag on the new car. Ask about the title and the
(tag) a vehicle you must have a current Georgia title
                                                                                                                   (owner/lessor). Example: Leasing
or you must apply for a Georgia title.                                                                             company/owner is Ace Leasing, Inc. Lessee is
                                                                                                                   Sam Frost. The renewal deadline is Sam’s
                                                         REGISTRATION RENEWAL DEADLINES                            birthday.
With few exceptions, you will need to present a valid
Georgia Driver’s License when you register a
vehicle. Other requirements depending upon your          For individuals, your tag expires at                         BILLING CYCLE FOR RENEWALS
situation include:                                       MIDNIGHT ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.
                                                         PLEASE NOTE: your registration deadline is                You should receive your bill about 30 days prior
    1) Receipt showing that your auto dealer or          NOT the end of your birth month!                          to your deadline. If you do not have a bill to
       bank has applied for a title in you name ($18
                                                                                                                   renew your Dawson County registration 3 weeks
       title application fee paid).                      Registration for jointly-owned vehicles must be
    2) Power-of-Attorney from leasing company to
                                                                                                                   prior to your deadline, please call the Tax
                                                         renewed in the county of the owner’s principal            Commissioner’s office
       apply for Georgia title or proof Georgia title    residence by midnight on the birthday of the
       has been applied for.
                                                         owner who appears first on the registration.                  A request for a bill or non-receipt of a bill
    3) Current title (for 1986 and newer model), or
       loan agreement with complete mailing              Example: John Tucker and Mary White must                      does not relieve your obligation to renew by
       address of lien holder, or lease agreement        renew by John’s birthday.                                     your deadline. If you receive a bill for a
       with complete mailing address of leasing                                                                        vehicle you no longer own, discard it. If
       company including street address.                 Registration for vehicles owned by a company                  you have moved out of Dawson County,
    4) Bill of sale for 1985 and older models.           or organization must be renewed according to                  contact your new county Tag Office.
                                                         the first letter of the company or organization
AD VALOREM TAXES                                         * A $10 penalty applies if title application is        Your insurance coverage must be written for
In Georgia, vehicles are taxed annually based on         more than 90 days after purchase, or the date of       Georgia. To avoid fines, insurance coverage must be
a valuation set by the Department of Revenue.            purchase is altered.                                   reported by your agent electronically. Insurance cards
Ad valorem tax is computed by multiplying the            *A minimum $25 fee is charged for a returned           are no longer valid proof of insurance. After 2003
State-assessed value by the local millage rate. In       check. Also, your tag may be confiscated and           printed proof of insurance is acceptable only in the
general, the tax is due annually if you own a            criminal prosecution is possible.                      following cases: (1) for new policies, a written
vehicle on your birthday. When the owner is a                                                                   binder is valid proof for 30 days after issuance; (2)
business, the tax is due on vehicles owned on the                                                               for vehicle purchases, the existing declaration page is
                                                                                                                valid proof for 30 days after purchase date; (3) an
last day of the month determined alphabetically                            “MAIL IT”                            insurance card is sufficient proof of insurance only
by the name of the business. Georgia law does
not provide for prorating tax.                                                                                  for vehicles covered under a fleet or self-insurance
                                                             REGISTRATION RENEWAL BY MAIL                       program.
Ad valorem taxes are also due on inoperative
vehicles and must be paid by your deadline to        Only residents registering a vehicle for the first time,                  TAG TIPSTER
avoid penalty.                                       changing a title due to new ownership or making a          When a newcomer moves to Georgia, his out-of-state
                                                     name change need to register in person. If you are         tag must be replaced with a Georgia tag within 30
Non-resident active duty military may request        renewing your Dawson County registration you can           days. If a person’s primary home is in Dawson
exemption from ad valorem taxes based on their       MAIL IT! Renewals by mail are given priority               County he must register all vehicles here, not in
residency in another state. A notarized letter       processing within two workdays after receipt.              another county. If you are aware of violations, call
from the commanding officer is required                                                                         the Tag Office to file a report.
indication the state of legal residence. Active          •    If you do not have a bill in hand three weeks
duty military personnel may claim tax exemption               prior to your deadline, contact the Tag                       SERVICE LOCATION
OR homestead exemption, but not both. All                     Office. See the heading “Have you
Georgia residents, including military, are subject            moved?”                                           78 Howard Ave. East Suite 140
to ad valorem taxes.                                     •    If paying by check/money order, it should be      Dawsonville, GA 30534
*TIP: If you buy a vehicle within 59 days of our              payable to Dawson County Tax
birthday, or after your, birthday, you do not owe             Commissioner. Name, local address, phone              •    For you convenience a drop box is located
ad valorem tax for the year of purchase.                      number and driver’s license number must be                 on the outside wall near the mail boxes.
(Exception: transfers between family members                  on your check. We cannot accept counter,
are taxable once per year.)                                   third party or payroll checks.                       WALK-IN SERVICE HOURS
                                                         •    Include commanding officer’s notarized            The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30
    FEES AND PENALTIES                                        letter of eligibility for National Guard and      pm, with the exception of Tuesday, 8:00 am to
* In addition to ad valorem taxes, the                        Reserve tags or for non-resident active duty      5:30 and county holidays.
following fees may also apply when you                        military tax exemption.
                                                                                                                *TIP: Month decal goes on the lower left. Year
register your vehicle: (a) $20 tag                                                                              decal goes on the right. Your decals, including
registration fee; (b) $18 title application          TIP: If you mail at or near your deadline, keep a
                                                     photocopy of your check or money order in case you         county name, must not be obscured by a tag frame.
fee: (c) $5 transfer fee; (d) $25 prestige or                                                                   You can be ticketed by law enforcement if your
                                                     are stopped by law enforcement. If mailed by your
special tag annual fee.                              deadline, Georgia law recognizes your copy as a            decals are not properly displayed and fully visible.
* Renewal after your deadline results in a           valid receipt to operate the vehicle for 15 days. Last
10% tax penalty (minimum $5) and a 25%               minute mailers should get a postmark.                      Office phone: 706-344-3520
tag penalty. Traffic fines for operating a vehicle
with an expired tag are substantial.                                                                            Linda G. Townley, Tax Commissioner
*Renewals postmarked after your deadline must                                                                   Lindsey Hansard, Deputy Commissioner
include penalties.                                     PROOF OF INSURANCE IN GEORGIA

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