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									20f04cc7-1801-440e-94d5-62a7c1c005ab.xls                                                                   Instructions

Instructions for Adding Ebooks to the Harvard Libraries Portal

   Email complete Ebook Information Templates to Digital Acquisitions at eresources@hulmail.harvard.edu.
   Enter License and Registration information in the second tab, "License and Registration Info."
   Enter bibliographic information in the third tab, "Ebook Details."

For each title, provide the Ebook Details as instructed below:

Aleph Number
   Supply the ALEPH Record Number under which this title is cataloged, if known.

   Supply the ISBN, if known. REQUIRED for NetLibrary titles, to enable in SFX.

   Supply the volume if this is a part of a numbered series. This numbering may be included in the unique
   identifier (dbcode) at the discretion of OIS.

    The title may be taken directly from the HOLLIS bibliographic record, or from the website.

   If this is a title in a series, enter the series name here. You could also use the name of the platform (e.g.
   NetLibrary) or a vendor-supplied collection name (e.g. Wiley Molecular Biology Collection).

Resource Type
   Use Resource Type 13 for Electronic books.

  This should be a title-specific URL. Publishers can usually provide appropriate URLs on request, or you may
  find linking instructions at the site.

                                                                                                   last revision: 20051207
20f04cc7-1801-440e-94d5-62a7c1c005ab.xls                                         License and Registration Info

License and Registration Info
                                       Please complete green areas below.

1. Is this title already licensed by OIS?
                 If yes, skip the remaining questions. If no, please complete questions 2-6.

2. Name of Unit Responsible for License

3. Staff Member Responsible for License

4. Licensor Name or URL
5. Vendor contact for troubleshooting purposes
(name, phone, email)

6. Scope of Permitted Access (select one)

    a) Harvard-wide plus remote? (preferred)
              use these IP addresses when registering:

    b) On-campus only? (not recommended)

              use these IP addresses when registering: address list
20f04cc7-1801-440e-94d5-62a7c1c005ab.xls                                                                                        Ebook Details

                                                                                       Resource Type   Full Text?
     ALEPH #        ISBN         Volume            Title        (e.g. Lecture Notes                                       URL
                                                                                        (13=ebook)     (1=Y, 0=N)
                                                                  in Mathematics)

   The following row is for OIS internal use only - begin data entry at line 4
   alephNum ISBN                            resourceName       collection             ResourceTypes fulltext        url
                                                                                                   13           1

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