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Please read the following instructions carefully before      MBA Program Academic Prerequisites
completing the application.
                                                             Mathematics:       Demonstrated proficiency in
Master's Programs Eligibility Requirements                                      mathematics at least through the
                                                                                level of college algebra. Our
          Regular MBA Program (22 months)                                       mathematics prerequisite may be
                                                                                met in two ways: 1) by scoring above
Admissions:        Fall Term only                                               the sixtieth (60) percentile on the
Degree:            Four-year bachelor's degree or its                           quantitative section of the GMAT or 2) by
                   equivalent from a college or university                      earning a B grade or better in a college
                   accredited by an organization                                level course in advanced algebra or
                   acceptable to the University of Oregon.                      calculus.
                   No specific undergraduate major
                   is required.                              If you have not yet met this prerequisite, your
                                                             admission to our program may be conditional upon enrolling
       Accelerated MBA Program (9-11 months)                 in the necessary courses at a nearby college or through a
                                                             reputable distance learning program and arranging for an
Admissions:        Winter, Spring, Fall                      official transcript indicating satisfactory completion of this
Degree:            Four-year bachelor’s degree in            coursework before starting our program.
                   business or its equivalent from a
                   college or university accredited by       Although Advanced Algebra or Calculus is the only
                   an organization acceptable to the         mandatory admissions requirement, we recommend a
                   University of Oregon. In addition,        Macroeconomics course and coursework in statistics
                   applicants must have strong               and accounting. We also look for evidence in your
                   undergraduate backgrounds in              application that you have a working proficiency in word-
                   finance and accounting.                   processing and spreadsheets.

            Master of Accounting (9 months)

Admissions:        Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Degree:            Four-year bachelor’s degree in
                   Accounting (or its equivalent) from
                   an accredited college or university.

           JD/MBA and Concurrent Degrees

Applicants for the JD/MBA and other concurrent degrees
must apply to and be admitted by both the Oregon MBA
Program and the corresponding degree-granting
program. You must submit two separate
applications. Admission decisions are made
independently of each other. Be sure to check
application deadlines and requirements for the concurrent
program, since they vary.

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                                               APPLICATION SUMMARY

Fall Term Application Deadlines

Completed applications are reviewed in a rolling admissions process. Applicants are notified via email and/or letter.

         November 15                 Early Decision

         February 15                 Round 2
                                     (International students are encouraged to apply by this deadline)

         March 15                    Round 3

Application Checklist

                 UO Graduate Admission Online Application and $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee
                 Intelliworks LCB Online Application
                 Up-to-date Resume (submit online via Intelliworks)
                 Essays (submit online via Intelliworks)
                 Two Recommendations (submit online via Intelliworks)
                 Two (2) Official Degree Transcripts, One (1) Official Transcript from Non-Degree institutions
                 Official GMAT Score Report

              Additionally for International Applicants:

                 Official TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Score Report
                 Two(2) Official Degree Certificates (if not noted on transcript)
                 U.S. Immigrant Status Card (US Permanent Residents Only)

An application is not considered complete until all of the admission materials have been received. Application files will
not be forwarded for review until complete. Files that are incomplete at the deadline will be reviewed only after all materials
have arrived. An application file completed late will very likely be at a disadvantage relative to files submitted by the deadline.

Except for the online submissions and official score reports, send all materials to:

              Holly Coble, Graduate Admissions Coordinator
              University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business
              Graduate Programs Office
              1208 University of Oregon, 302 Peterson
              Eugene, OR 97403-1208

              Fax: (541) 346-0073

To avoid serious delays in the processing of the application, DO NOT send any documents to the University of Oregon
Admissions Office.

Students who are applying to multiple graduate programs at the UO need to start the applications, pay the first
application fee, and then contact the Graduate School with a request for a fee waiver.
                                           APPLICATION SUMMARY

Concurrent UO Applicants who have been admitted previously to the UO Graduate School and have registered for
credits the term/major they were admitted, need to contact the UO Graduate School to get a specific login for the UO
Graduate Application which will allow applicants to submit another UO Graduate Application without paying the $50
application fee again.

Once the missing items have been submitted and your application file has been finalized, you will receive an email
notifying you that your application file with the UO LCB is complete and has been forwarded for review.

Oregon MBA applicants: Completed Oregon MBA application files are first reviewed in the Graduate Program
Office, followed by a review from the managing director of the applicant’s primary center selection, followed by a
final review in the Graduate Program Office. After reading your file, the reviews will decide whether to interview
you. In that case, LCB GTFs may contact you to arrange for a phone interview or campus visit. If you have
already made an official campus visit, another interview is usually unnecessary.

Oregon MBA applications: Oregon MBA applicants (2-Year, Concurrent, etc.) need to apply for Fall term

Accelerated Oregon MBA applicants may apply for Winter, Spring, or Fall Term admission.

The start term on the UO Graduate Application MUST match the start term on the Intelliworks application.
Oregon MBA applications completed after March 15 —including receipt of all supplemental materials—will be
reviewed on a space-available basis and must be completed by June 1 .

Applicants will most likely receive an admission decision approximately 30 days from the date the
‘application complete’ email notification is sent. When decisions are made, the offer letters will be sent
through regular USPS mail to the address listed on the application.

If you submit a transcript while courses are in progress towards a degree and you are admitted to the program,
you will need to submit a new transcript AFTER your degree is awarded and posted on your transcript.

If you submit unofficial scores (GMAT or TOEFL) and/or transcripts and you are admitted to the program, you will
need to submit official scores/transcripts to the LCB Graduate Program Office. Discrepancies in reported scores
and official scores are grounds for denial.

If you are an international student and receive an offer of admission, an International Evaluator from the
Office of Admissions ( will be contact you regarding the financial verification process.
After financial verification is completed, you will work with International Affairs regarding the I-20 or DS-2019
Visa. You can review more visa information at this site:
                                                APPLICATION PROCEDURES

Applicants must submit two (2) online applications in
the following order:                                                 Resume
1 st - UO Graduate Admission Online Application                      Your resume must be current and show company
2nd - Intelliworks LCB Online Application                            name, job title, job description and duties, dates of
                                                                     employment, beginning and ending salary for all
UO Graduate Admission Online Application                             positions held. Please also include the
and non-refundable $50.00 application fee                            following: honors and awards received
The UO Graduate Admission Application is available                   extracurricular, professional and community
online at:                                                           activities, leisure time activities, and language and                 computer proficiency.
                                                                     Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)
Applicants must pay the non-refundable $50.00                        All applicants are required to take the GMAT.
application fee by credit card at the time the UO                    Test results must be less than five (5) years old. In
Graduate Admission Online Application is                             the case of multiple GMAT scores, we consider the
submitted.                                                           highest. For test information and reservations, go to
                                                            or call 1-800-GMAT-NOW.
MBA students must select the following major:
General Business – Oregon MBA.                                       Have official score reports sent to University of
                                                                     Oregon, school code KSQ-5N-27 for the MBA
Intelliworks LCB Online Application                                  Program, or KSQ-5N-35 for the Master of Accounting
You may not submit this application before submitting                Program. Pending receipt of the official score, please
the UO Graduate Admission Online Application. The                    submit a copy of your unofficial score report in order to
Intelliworks LCB Online Application provides additional              expedite the application process.
information that is needed to complete your application
for the Lundquist College of Business masters                        College and University Transcripts
program.                                                             Applicants should list all educational institutions they have
                                                                     attended since graduating from high school, regardless of
Essays                                                               the period of attendance, whether or not the work was
Please take great care in crafting your essays but do not            completed, and whether or not the work was related to
have others write them for you. The essays are your best             their proposed field of study.
opportunity to provide the admissions staff with real insight
into your personality, values, as well as breadth and depth          You must submit TWO (2) original transcripts from
of education and experiences. There are no right or wrong            each college or university from which you obtained a
answers, but there are good and bad essays. We read                  degree. In addition, please submit ONE (1) official
them carefully for originality and logic of thought, creativity of   transcript from each college or university you
expression, and correctness of syntax and spelling.                  attended without obtaining a degree. If you have
                                                                     a UO degree or have taken UO courses, you need
Online Recommendations                                               NOT submit a UO transcript.
Two (2) online recommendations are required for
admission. At least one should be from a person in a                 All official records must bear the original signature of the
supervisory capacity who is familiar with your                       registrar and the seal of the issuing institution. Transcripts
managerial abilities and potential. Ideally, your second             must specify the degree conferred. Include unopened
recommendation would come from a person who                          envelope/s with transcript/s in your application packet.
can provide information about your academic                          DO NOT OPEN OR BREAK THE REGISTRAR'S
abilities. We recognize, however, that for people who                SEAL. All records submitted become the property of
have been away from college for some time, this may no               the University of Oregon, whether admission is
longer be possible. Recommendations should be from                   offered or not.
people who have worked closely with you and are able
to comment on your abilities, accomplishments and                    U.S. Permanent Residents: Please submit a copy of
potential, but they should not come from family                      your U.S. immigrant status card (front and back) with
members, spiritual advisors, personal physicians or                  your supplemental materials.
close friends.
                      Additional Requirements for INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS ONLY
                           Conditional admission is NOT available to UO LCB Graduate Applicants

College and University Transcripts
Please provide the full names of all institutions attended and    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL),
the titles of all diplomas and degrees earned. All records        International English Language Testing System
from foreign institutions must be official. Official              (IELTS), or Pearson Test of English Academic
records are defined as original documents from the                (PTE)
institution bearing the actual (not photocopied)                  A satisfactory command of the English language is
signature of the registrar and the seal of the                    required for admission. Applicants whose native
institution. Records issued only once by the institution          language is not English must show proof of language
should be photocopied and certified as official copies            proficiency. The score report is only valid for 2 years.
either by school officials or legal authorities, such as
embassies, consulates, or notaries public. Do not                 In order to be eligible for UO LUNDQUIST COLLEGE OF
send the original of an academic record that cannot be            BUSINESS admission, applicants must have a minimum
replaced; obtain a properly certified copy instead.               score of 600 on the TOEFL paper-based test or 96 on
                                                                  the TOEFL internet-based test (with a minimum speaking
Degree Certificate                                                score of 24), a minimum score of 7.5 on the IELTS exam,
If transcripts or mark sheets do not indicate the degree          or a minimum score of 66 on the Pearson Test of English
conferred, applicants must also submit a degree                   Academic exam.
certificate in English and in the original language. Both
versions must be marked by a stamp in a different                 In ordering an official score report from the Educational
colored ink or raised seal by the university.                     Testing Service (ETS) at
                                                                  or 877-863-3546, please specify UO school code 4846,
If academic records and diplomas are not issued in English        department code 02. Pending receipt of the official
by the institution, both the official records in their original   score, please submit a copy of your unofficial score report
language and an authorized English translation must               in order to expedite the application process.
be sent. All translations should be complete and literal
renditions of the original records. Institutions using the        Applicants who submit transcripts proving that they
Pass/No Pass grading system should provide a                      have received a bachelor’s degree or higher from an
written course evaluation for each class.                         accredited U.S. institution or from Australia, Canada
                                                                  (excluding Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, or the
Please refer to                                                   United Kingdom are exempt from the language              proficiency requirement.
mba/Country_Diplomas.pdf for degree transcript
requirements from non-English speaking countries. If              Application files will be held until official qualifying
you have questions regarding the acceptability of                 language proficiency score reports or official
your degree, please feel free to contact the                      exempting degree transcripts have been received.
Graduate Programs Office for clarification.
                                                                  Financial Verification
                                                                  UO Admissions will contact admitted students directly
                                                                  to confirm financial eligibility. Once financial eligibility
                                                                  has been completed, admitted students will begin the
                                                                  I-20 Certificate of Eligibility process needed for the
                                                                  U.S. Visa.
                                    SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID

The LCB awards a limited number of scholarships           You may find additional information at
to newly entering students, both international and
domestic. All applications to master’s programs in the    Graduate employment:
LCB will be automatically reviewed for possible 
eligibility for OMBA and MAcc scholarships. These         es
scholarships are merit-based and are not determined
by financial need. Scholarships awards are                Scholarship search engine, both domestic and
announced at the same time as offers of admission.        international:
Admission to a master’s program does not suggest or
imply in any way that financial aid will be available.
                                                          Financial aid information for international
Students admitted to a graduate program at the            students:
University of Oregon may apply for a graduate   
teaching fellowship or graduate assistantship.            financialaid
Individual schools and departments on campus handle
placement for these positions. Information on             MBA:
available positions can be found at             

Within the Oregon MBA program, only second-year
students are eligible for GTFs offered by LCB.

Should an MBA scholarship recipient be awarded a
GTF or another scholarship in a higher amount, either
would take the place of the original scholarship from
that point forward.

In order to qualify for financial aid through the UO
Office of Financial Aid, all U.S. citizens and resident
aliens must first file the online FAFSA application at After your master’s program
application has been submitted and processed, you
will receive your personal financial aid statement from

        Office of Financial Aid
        1278 University of Oregon
        260 Oregon Hall
        Eugene, OR 97403-1278

Waiting List                                                Applicants who were denied admission may also follow
Since it is always difficult to predict exactly how many    this reapplication procedure. A negative admissions
admitted students will actually choose to attend our        decision does not prejudice an applicant’s future
masters programs, we may place a small group of             chances. Applicants are strongly advised, however, to
applicants on a waiting list for admission. Once            discuss their application with the appropriate program
notified, applicants in this group may choose to wait for   director to determine how to enhance their future
a final admissions decision at a later date, or they may    admissions prospects.
elect to be removed from the waiting list and no longer
have their application considered for the current year.
Waiting list decisions may be made as late as July

Deferred Admission/Reapplication
Admitted applicants may request to defer admission
for one year for compelling personal or professional
reasons. To reactivate their file, applicants need to

- A new UO Graduate Admissions Application and $50
Non-Refundable Application Fee
-A new Intelliworks Online MBA Application
- An updated resume
- Transcript of any coursework completed during the

In addition to these required items, the reapplicant may
elect to rewrite or update any portion of the application
or submit supplemental information.

Admission deferments are solely at the discretion of
the Oregon MBA or Master of Accounting program
directors and are considered on an individual basis.
Admission in one year does not guarantee admission
in a subsequent year. Scholarship awards may not be

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