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					MIM 578 Global Strategy Special

                      Exercise 3: Midea: Global or Not Global?

           NOTE: Completed Exercises should not exceed 3 pages in length.


  Question 1: Refer back to the exercise for Midea and your identification of resources and
  capabilities necessary to compete in the global home appliances industry. Use this list, and
  update as you feel necessary, to complete a VRIO analysis of Whirlpool to determine its areas
  of advantage and disadvantage.
MIM 578 Global Strategy Special

    Question 2: Based on the first two slides of Day 4 Lecture Notes, do you believe Whirlpool falls
    into any one of the four paths described (Two paths lead to ‘Inability to Escape the Past’; Two
    paths lead to ‘Inability to Invent the Future’)? Look at each step in the paths and see if they
    seem to apply to the decisions made by Whirlpool over the time period of the case study. If
    you believe it does fall into one or more of the paths explain why. If you believe it does not fall
    into any of these paths, explain why.
MIM 578 Global Strategy Special

  Question 3: Briefly assess the effectiveness of Haier’s U.S. market entry strategy based on the
  following ‘silent killers’ of implementation:
          a. Senior Management
          b. Strategic clarity and priorities
          c. Vertical communication

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