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The Common Mistakes


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									        The Common Mistakes that will KILL your Business Faster than you can Build it!

  The Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business
          Faster Than You Can Build It
    We need all the help we can get in today’s Online Business atmosphere. The
     following are seven great tips to help your personal or business success.

    You only advertise other people's programs.
If you have joined an Affiliate Program or a Network Marketing Program (MLM), you would know
they give you a website address, which might even have your name mentioned on the front page.
Don't even think of just advertising this page.

Think about it for a moment. If you just advertise your referral page, what happens to the traffic
                        you create? Most people don't buy on their first visit, but they might
                        submit their name and email address to get free information. When they
                        do you are creating leads for the owners of the program you are
                        promoting and very often you won't even know it. They would have been
                        your leads if you had sent them to your own website instead of your
                        referral page.

                         Why would you spend all your energy promoting someone else? Not
                         only are you paying them a monthly fee, you are promoting THEIR name
                         all over the place. They get more and more well known as tens of
                         thousands of people promote their name, whether you are successful or

                         The simple solution? Promote yourself. If you don't want your name
                         up in lights, promote your company name. If you don't have a
                         company name, make one up. Don't hesitate or put this off. It is really
                         not very hard. Just make sure it sounds professional and/or appropriate.

    You don't have a product of your own that people want.
The most cost efficient product you can have is information. People want information that will
provide them with some sort of benefit. …..and the best part is that information products allow
your business to be completely automated with instant delivery (download or online access)
and no shipping costs.

Your information product doesn't have to be a 200 page ebook that you sell for $50. It can be
something as simple as a report (like this one) that you give away freely to anyone who
enters their email address in a form on your website. Then, after they have given you their
email address, you can follow up with them and introduce them to any Affiliate, MLM or Network
Marketing programs of your choice.

The main requirement is that you provide people with some form of value - and don't just try to sell
them. Give them valuable information when they opt in, and make sure the opportunities
you introduce them to in your follow-up will give THEM the chance to be successful as well.
People are placing a level of trust in you by registering their e-mail address. Do not abuse their

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         The Common Mistakes that will KILL your Business Faster than you can Build it!

    You don't have your own website.
There is no easy way around it. You MUST have your own site if you are going to succeed
easily, or you'll find yourself struggling like crazy just to break even, like over 90% without
their own website are doing.

I don't mean one of the sites the different programs offer you with your monthly fee. I mean a site
that is promoting "YOU".

This way YOU will be the one that benefits from your marketing efforts. You will build
YOUR OWN list of interested leads. They opt in to receive information from YOU!

Do you see the difference? Even if they don't end up buying the first thing you are
promoting, they might buy what you are going to offer them next. They have opted in to
YOUR LIST, which means that you can follow up with them again and again.

You won't have that chance if you just send them to a referral page for a specific program instead
of promoting your own website. You only send them to a referral page AFTER they have opted
in on YOUR website.

NOTE, It is important to have a number of income producing programs or products to promote.
Sure, only offer one thing at a time to avoid confusion, but don't limit your potential income. If you
have only one program or product to offer, then what are you going to do about the people on your
list who don't want that specific program or product? They are never going to pay you any money
if you don't find something else to offer them. That's a lot of potential profit you are missing out on.
You'll find some of the best income producing programs in this package.

    You don't have a follow up system.
You are wasting most of your advertising effort if you let people visit your website and then
just let them leave without giving you their email address.

It is a fact of life that most people do not buy on their first visit to a website. Marketing studies
show that most sales are made AFTER at least 7 follow-ups to your potential customers, and even
after 10 follow-ups you still get sales. You can get up to 75% of your sign-ups after the
seventh contact.

So, what you need is a hassle free way to capture their email address and send it directly into
an automated follow-up system. In a moment, when you get to the next part of this information,
we will show you how easy it will be for you to set this up and get it to work for you.

    You don't have your own e-mail list.
Your list is your most important asset. All the money you'll ever make in this business will
come from your list. It is the same for any business. Their customers and potential customers
are their most valued assets. Because that's where the money is.

Sending your email offers to your own list is by far the most effective way to advertise - and
it's completely free.

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         The Common Mistakes that will KILL your Business Faster than you can Build it!

                                  That's why your first priority should be building your list. You are
                                  not trying to sell them anything yet. You just want their email
                                  address and then, when you have their permission, you can send
                                  them one email ad after another for as long as it takes to get them
                                  to sign up or buy.

                                  Now, as a customer, they are entitled to receive extra value and
                                  assistance from you - and extra offers, of course. If you treat
                                  your customers well and provide real value they will buy from
                                  you again and again.

"The money is in the list!" as every successful marketer will tell you, and now you can start
building your own list.

    You don't help your sign-ups to be active and successful.
Network Marketing is offering the most incredible income earning potential you will find anywhere
on the Internet. But it is also the most widely criticized. How can this be?

So many people join a program, and don't really do any marketing at all. They just wait for
spillover from "Other People", or they don't know what to do and commit all the deadly sins of
Internet Marketing listed here.

That gives you a real problem, because if they don't personally sign up anybody and you
can't offer them anything that would help them, then you'll have to do all the work for them.

To illustrate the problem let's use the 5x5 matrix as an example. Most people like the "realistic
idea" of filling their 3rd level which will often give them an income of about $2000 per month. Let’s
say you are relatively successful and do recruit your 155 people - 5 on your first level, 25 on your
second level and 125 on your third level.

Here's the problem: If you don't have a successful business building system to give them
that they can use to get sign ups, there is a good chance that NONE of those 155 people will
ever recruit anybody. They either don't do anything or they do everything wrong.

That leaves you with 125 people on your 3rd level waiting for their spillover. So you need to
recruit another 625 just so your 3rd level doesn't drop out, then quickly recruit 3000 to keep
them happy. You can see how the mathematics of this shows a real problem.

If you can't provide spillover for your sign-ups and they can't recruit, they will drop out quicker than
you can replace them. So your only solution is to give them a SYSTEM that will enable them to
do their own recruiting and duplicate your success.

    You suffer from Information Paralysis
There is an absolute Mountain of information available in this business. Every turn you take,
there is yet another eBook to buy or get for free. Then there are all the "guru" sites that want to
charge you between $20 and $100 per month to get access to all the latest and greatest

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        The Common Mistakes that will KILL your Business Faster than you can Build it!

Stop wasting your time! Sure, you have to build up your
level of knowledge but you must know when to stop and
actually DO SOMETHING. Don't keep putting it off...

…..or even worse, don't take the "easy" way out and join a
couple of affiliate programs or MLMs and advertise the page
they give you. Many people fall for this. They keep thinking
"I will just get some money from these programs”…. THEN, I
will put my own site up."

Well, in most cases, IT NEVER HAPPENS. They spend all their
time advertising these sites, trying to learn more information,
sometimes even spend lots of time in discussion forums, but
never actually do what they should have done first...

GET YOUR MARKETING SYSTEM IN PLACE FIRST! If you just advertise the programs you
are joining without having your own website and your own automated business building
system you are fighting a losing battle.

Look at the FACTS - - -

  Over 90% of people trying to make money on the Internet never make a profit

  These people losing money on the Internet do NOT have their own marketing website

  Almost ALL of the people who actually make money on the Internet HAVE their own

  The Top Earners in MLM and Network Marketing are using an Automated Online Business
  Building System

Now you can use the same system that all the top earners in MLM and Network Marketing
are using. Keep reading and you'll find out how.

                       Success Rewards Action

 Adapted from “The Common Mistakes that will KILL your Business Faster than you can
                                       Build it!”
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               May the Creator Bless you in many ways,      Susanne Fengler

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