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									                                    SUNRISE HOME SOFTWARE
                                       604 Bainbridge Drive
                                        Atlanta, GA 30327

                              PRODUCT PURCHASE INFORMATION FORM

             Quantity    Product Name                                                           Cost Each

                         Package Price      3 - $8.95 products                                  $21.95
                         Package Price      ALL Home Edition Games                              $124.95

                         Triple Yahtzee                                                          $12.95
                         Dominoes                                                                $8.95
                         Betsy Ross Solitaire                                                    $8.95
                         Box Dice                                                                $8.95
                         Concentration                                                           $8.95
                         Hiroll Dice                                                             $8.95
                         Monte Carlo                                                             $8.95
                         Over Under Solitaire                                                    $8.95
                         Triangle Solitaire                                                      $8.95
                         Word War                                                                $8.95
                         Box Poker                                                               $8.95
                         Word Stairway                                                           $8.95
                         Ladders Dice                                                            $8.95
                         Crazy 8’s                                                               $8.95
                         Rescue                                                                  $8.95
                         Racko                                                                   $8.95
                         Chuck-A-Luck                                                            $8.95

                         INTERHOME YEARLY PARTICIPATION FEE                                       $9.95


The Sunrise Home Software Web site (http;//www.sunrisedoors.com contains the most current version of all
products, current purchase prices, current InterHOME Participation Fee and current Policies. Information on
the Web site supersedes any information found in any other document.

You are purchasing a license to run this product on this computer only. You will be provided with an
activation code that will remove the shareware restrictions. A license must be purchased for EACH computer
you wish to use the program on. Licenses are not transferable under any circumstances. You are advised to
keep the activation code in a safe place. Requests for lost or misplaced codes will be subject to an
administrative charge. Check our POLICY page on our WEB site for the current administrative charge.

InterHOME gives you the ability to compete with other players from around the world. It will provide you with
the competition you need with very little effort on your part. The participation fee is a yearly fee that will
cover as many of the Sunrise Home Software products you wish to use on a SPECIFIC computer

Being as all of our individual products are made available as Shareware, which gives you the ability to try-
before-you-buy, we do not issue refunds.

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Forms of Payment
Cash, Check or Money Order (checks will require a 7-10 day HOLD pending Clearance). We strongly
suggest the use of a Money Order! A completed Product Purchase Information form must accompany
payment! To pay using a credit card, use our WEB site http://www.sunrisedoors.com


Complete this form in its entirety. PLEASE PRINT!!
This information is held in the strictest confidence!!

First Name            : ______________________________________________________

Last Name             : ______________________________________________________

Address              : ______________________________________________________

City                 : ______________________________________________________

State/Province : ______________________________________________________

Zip/Postal Code : ______________________________________________________

Country               : ______________________________________________________

Telephone             : ______________________________________________________

Email Address         : ______________________________________________________

Home Edition ID : _________________________________

Comments              :

Pay To/Mailing Information

Al Lawrence
604 Bainbridge Drive
Atlanta, GA 30327

Sunrise Home Software Contact Info
Email : Homesupport@sunrisedoors.com
WEB         : http://www.sunrisedoors.com
Phone : 404-492-6066

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