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									Master’s Programs

              Prof. Yannick Le Coz
        Director, Master’s Program
Master’s Program Director

  Prof.   Yannick Le Coz
   – Master’s Program Director
   – CII-6225, x-2937,
     (Office Hours posted)
   – Please work with Pris as your
     starting point (see next slide)!
Master’s Program Assistant

  Ms.   Priscilla Magilligan
   – ECSE Master’s Program Assistant
   – JEC-6049, x-6225,
   – She is your starting point!
       Master’s Degrees

   Master of Science
    – MS in Electrical Engineering
    – MS in Computer and Systems Engineering
    – MS in Electric Power Engineering

   Master of Engineering
    – MEng in Electrical Engineering
    – MEng in Computer and Systems Engineering
    – MEng in Electric Power Engineering
       General Requirements

   30 Credit Hours
    – Excess credits can be transferred to PhD or other
      Institution, but put only 30 on your PoS!
    – At least 21 from ECSE (see EPOW Advisor)
    – At least 18 at 6000/9000-Level (MEng/MS EPOW 15)

   Approved Plan of Study (PoS) and PoS
    Worksheet (PoS Worksheet)!
   Minimum 3.0 GPA
Graduate School Requirements

    Minimum 12 Credits, Maximum 15 Credits
     – Full time, including RAs!
     – Only Exception: TAs, Minimum 9 credits!

    Contact Dean Dennis Gornic, Assoc. Dean
     of the Office of Graduate Education, for
     Official Guidelines & Policy, if necessary
        EPOW Requirements

   EPOW students, please contact your Advisor
    regarding your unique requirements!

   Also, make sure to download, read, and
    complete your specific EPOW Plan of Study
    (PoS) materials (see the later “PoS and PoS
    Worksheet” slide).
         Master of Science
   Preparation for Research Career and/or a
    – Emphasis on depth in research area
    – 3 academic semesters to complete
    – Maximum time period 2-1/2 yrs (check with
      Dean Gornic)
    – Master’s Thesis required (need 6–9 of
      ECSE/EPOW-6990, MS thesis on your PoS)
    – Academic Advisor = Research Advisor
     Master of Engineering

   Preparation for Professional Practice
    – Emphasis on breadth
    – 3 Course Technical Concentration
    – 2 Course Sequence Outside ECSE
       » MGMT Courses Encouraged
    – “Professional Master’s Project” possible (need
      a voluntary Advisor)
    – Academic Advisors = ECSE Faculty
       » coordinated by Prof. Le Coz (me)
    PoS and PoS Worksheets
   Need to submit PoS (Plan of Study) Materials
    directly to Pris, by middle to end of your first
    – You can revise and update them thereafter!
    – Your PoS and PoS Worksheet form is available on
      ECSE Web Site.
       » See (click “academics”, then click
         “Master’s Program Files” link under the “Graduate
         Academics” title on the right side of the Page). Read, as
         well, “Masters PoS Submission”, here.
       » Pick the right form: (MS or MEng) and (ECSE or EPOW)!
    A Few Tips and Reminders!
   Much of the PoS material is also available in your
    Information Packets, but read ALL OF!
    – MS Students, in particular., read over “faculty” and “research” on for Advisor Interests and general Masters
      Research Areas.
    – Make sure to carefully read the “Footnotes” and “Example”
      within your appropriate PoS Worksheet.
    – Hand in both your completed PoS Worksheet and the official RPI
      PoS to Pris, appropriately.
    – Base your registration on “Class Hours” &
      “Course Catalog”. And also on “Topics and New
      Course Descriptions”.
Important Links, Summarized!

    – RPI Web Page
    – ECSE Web Page
    – Master PoS Files, a copy of these slides! (“academics” link)
    – Research Areas, Advisor Interests, etc.
    – Class-Hour Schedule
    – Course Catalog
    – Institute Directory, Academic Calendar, Final Exam
      Schedule, etc.
    – Topics Courses and New Course Descriptions, etc.
ECSE Department

  Questions ?
Doctoral Programs

              Prof. Alan Desrochers
       Director of Doctors Programs
        Doctor’s Degrees

   Doctor of Philosophy
    – PhD in Electrical Engineering
    – PhD in Computer and Systems Engineering

   Doctor of Engineering (rare)
    – DEng in Electrical Engineering
    – DEng in Computer and Systems Engineering
General Requirements
   60 Credit Hours, including Thesis
    beyond Master’s Degree
   Take DQE before 15 Credits beyond
    Master’s Degree
    – two attempts
   Max time period 5 yrs after MS/MEng
    (7 yrs after BS; see Dean Gornic)
   Approved Plan of Study (PoS)
   Minimum 3.0 GPA

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