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					Tangible user interface for end-user map services

This master thesis involves designing an innovative new user interface for mobile map applications.
A lot of research is currently conducted in the field of the next generation end-user services and many
projects in which new services are being developed and tested with real users. Some of these end-user
services are in the field location based map services which involve different kinds of applications aimed at
helping the user find information about specific geographic locations.
One challenge when developing such applications and services is that it often involves displaying large
amounts of data and offering the user a wide variety of options and methods of inputting data to control
the application while at the same time being confined to the limited screen real estate and functionality of
a mobile device. In addition to this many location based applications aim at connecting and/or augmenting
the physical world with digital information. To seamlessly create the link between the physical and digital
world while only using the functionality of a mobile phone poses a great challenge to developers of
location based map services and applications.
This master thesis involves developing a new user interface to help solve some of these issues.
The Master Thesis should include:
 Technical pre-study. The user interface should be based on an existing technology previously
developed by Ericsson. The thesis includes studying that technology as well as other existing solutions in
the same technical field. It also includes doing an analysis of what components in terms of hardware and
that will be needed to realize the system.
 Design and develop a prototype. The thesis includes designing and developing a working prototype
of the user interface. The prototype implementation should be integrated and tested with a map
 Test and evaluate the prototype. The prototype that has been developed should be tested and a
user study should be carried out to evaluate the user experience of the user interface.

The Service layer technologies area within Ericsson Research develops solutions and technologies for
services and enablers for person-to-person communication, content access, machine-to-machine
services, service to network control, service interfaces, terminal software environments, charging, and
service and user management.

This master thesis should be done by 2 students working together. You should be self-motivated and used
to working with others in project teams. The position also requires you to be fluent in English, both written
and spoken. In return, you will get to work with cutting-edge technology in a stimulating learning
environment and with a team that wants to make a difference.

You should also have:
Master of Science studies in media, computer or communication engineering, engineering physics or
mathematics. Very good competence in relevant courses (human-computer interaction, software/hardware
design) is a requirement. Previous experience in the telecom industry is an advantage.
Required Scope: 30 credits
Apply as soon as possible but at the latest: 2009-02-15
Thesis work start date: Spring 2009
City: Stockholm
Contact:          Annika Grage +46 10 714 2983
                  Richard Carlsson +46 10 717 1136

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