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									 State of Delaware
Microsoft Licensing

      Donna Rendell, Microsoft Licensing Specialist
                  Don Bartolo, Insight
Tracy Lefkowich, Microsoft Government Account Executive
   Licensing Overview

   OEM Licensing

   Select Agreement vs. Enterprise

   Software Assurance

   Microsoft Volume Licensing Website and
    other resources
Licensing Overview - The Microsoft
Pricing Waterfall
Shrink-wrap - FPP



OEM Licensing
   Pre-installed on hardware you purchase

   OEM licensing buys you the right to use the
    software – you are not buying the software

   Offers substantial savings over FPP

   Volume License Agreements cover Windows O/S
    upgrades only; you must purchase a full version
    of Windows first

   You can choose to buy Applications and Server
    from OEM however…
Use Rights Differences:
OEM to Retail to PUR
   Downgrade Rights
       OEM – very limited (Win XP Pro & Win 2003 Server only)
       Retail – some do, some don’t
       VL – granted for all products
   Cross Language Rights
       OEM – not offered
       Retail – not offered
       VL – part of the agreement itself
   License reassignment to new/replacement PC
       OEM – not allowed for any products
       Retail – varies product to product. Desktop OS allowed 1x
       VL – allowed for anything EXCEPT desktop OS
     The old days…
        Select Master
        Agreement 6.X


            Agency A,
            Agency B,
            Agency C

Agencies bought under one master enrollment.
Select Master
Agreement 6.X
Volume License Agreements

Select Master   Enterprise Master
Agreement 6.X    Agreement 6.x

  Enrollments        Enrollments
The Master Agreement for the State
      of Delaware--Today
              Agreement 6.X

     ?                                  ?

    DE-DHSS                   DE-Kids
Select vs. Enterprise Agreement
             Select                           Enterprise
   Quantity Discount Program         Quantity Discount Program
   3-year Master Agreement           3-year Master Agreement
   Annual or Lump Payments           Annual Payments
   Discount off FPP                  15%-30% Discounts off Select
   Price Changes Monthly             Level Budget & Price Lock
   Submit Order-Month Installed      Submit Orders End of Year
   License Only (can buy L/SA)       License w/SA Only
   “Ad-Hoc” purchases                Standardize across Enterprise
                                      Maintain Compliance
                                        • Protects your organization
Enterprise Product Offerings
   Platform Enterprise Products - components include:
       Office Pro
       Windows Professional Upgrade,
       Core Client Access License (Core CAL) - Provides rights for
        “desktops” to access following servers:
              Exchange Server
              Windows Server
              SharePoint Portal Server
              Systems Management Server

   Additional Products
       No standardization requirement, can be added at any time
       Pricing for Additional Products set monthly, based on Select
        Level D pricing, no additional discounts
       Initial order for product locks price for remaining contract

   Full Platform Enterprise Agreement

   Component Enterprise Agreement

   Select
 Microsoft Software
    For Volume
Licensing Programs
Software Lifecycle and Software
           New Version Rights                                           New Benefit: Desktop
           Spread Payments                                              Deployment Planning
                                                                        Windows Pre-Installation

 Enhanced: Extended
 Hotfix Support
 New Technology:
 Windows Fundamentals
 for Legacy PCs                                                         New Technology: Windows
                                                                        Vista Enterprise
                                                                             Virtual PC Express
                                                                        Training (Extended for
                                                                        over 30K desktops)
                                                                        Home Use Program
                                                                        Employee Purchase Program
                                                                        Enterprise Source License
New Benefit: 24x7 Business                                              Program
Critical Support for
Problem Resolution Support   TechNet Plus – Support Calls
and Unlimited Web Support    Corporate Error Reporting
                             Cold Server Backup for Disaster Recovery
Select/EA Software Assurance Spread
Payment Example: Servers
       Purchase License & Software Assurance Package at signing
          L+3 years SA
          $100+(3*$25) = $175
          Total annual price = $175 / 3 years = $58.33/year
  Year 1                      Year 2                              Year 3         Year 4

$58.33                        $58.33                           $58.33            $25.00

                            Anniversary                     Anniversary          Renewal

                 Total price of L&SA annualized over term
                   Pay at install and anniversary dates

 Price for demonstration purposes only. Not intended to reflect actual prices.
Microsoft Volume
  Website and
Other Resources
Microsoft Web Site

 Quarterly Product Use Rights (PUR)
 Monthly Product List

 Licensing Basics (Licensing 101)

 Volume Licensing Basics

 Volume Licensing Briefs (product and
  program specific
 SA benefits and guides
Microsoft Volume Licensing
Services (MVLS)
   MVLS is an online resource to help Agencies manage their
    Volume Licensing agreements
   MVLS includes information and reporting on:
      Volume Licensing agreements
      Purchase Orders
      Volume License Product Keys
      FAQ
      Software Downloads
      MDSN Administration features
         register multiple subscriptions
         view or make changes to all registered subscriptions
      Software Assurance Benefits Administration
         SA Customer Guide
MVLS Resources
   For more information, visit

 Online Training to use MVLS

   MVLS ISSUES: MVLS / Benefit Operational
       Toll Free Support #866-230-0560
       Email Questions:

               Next Steps
    If you have questions, or want to explore an
  Enterprise Agreement for your agency, or to request
      a copy of this presentation, please contact:

Tracy Lefkowich
Microsoft-Delaware Account Executive

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