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									Field                        Input

rep name                     Tom Jamieson
rep title                    Business Sales Representative
rep contact number           517-243-4300
rep email                    thomas.jamieson@alltel.com

Company Name                 Maguire Mailing Systems
Date                         5/5/2011
decision maker’s name        Carol
company's street address     4600 S. Dunkel
company's city, state, zip   Lansing, MI 48910

current provider             Verizon

key account rep name         Christine Miller
key account rep title        Key Account Representative
key account rep contact      517-243-4343
key account rep email        christine.miller@alltel.com

sales manager name           Andrea Thauvette
sales manager title          Business Sales Manager
sales manager contact        419.250.3800
sales manager email          andrea.thauvette@alltel.com

key account rep name         KAR Thompson
key account rep title        Key Account Representative
key account rep contact      501.555.4545
key account rep email        kar.thompson@alltel.com
Maguire Mailing Systems
        May 5, 2011
Maguire Mailing Systems
4600 S. Dunkel
Lansing, MI 48910

May 5, 2011

Dear Carol,

Thank you for the opportunity to propose ALLTEL’s wireless solution for your company. It is a pleasure to
have the chance to demonstrate the commitment to excellence we offer to each of our valued clients.

I have analyzed your current situation and developed a specific proposal to best meet the needs of
Maguire Mailing Systems.

ALLTEL’s solution will:
3 commit to helping you increase productivity
3 provide a tailored business service and equipment plan for your company
3 offer a single point of contact, backed by ALLTEL’s customer and technical support teams
3 give you access to cutting-edge technology through our digital voice and data services

As you know, the telecommunications industry offers a myriad of options for your organization. We are
confident that we provide the solutions that best fit the needs of your company. We encourage you to
measure ALLTEL’s solution against the solutions of other companies. We are certain that our technical
expertise, customer service and competitive offerings are second to none.

We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. Please feel free to contact me directly with
any questions that might arise during this process.


Tom Jamieson
Business Sales Representative

About Alltel          ALLTEL, a leader in the telecommunications industry, is based out
                      of Little Rock, Arkansas. The reason for our strength and
                      success is our loyalty to our customers. That means not only
                      being there each time you dial a number, but also being a
                      company you can count on to provide the best customer service

                      Through a simple commitment to providing quality service in the
                      towns that feel like home to us, we’ve grown to be a Fortune and
                      Forbes 500 company. So we’re big enough to offer the latest
                      products and services to keep you connected, yet we’re
                      committed to a strong hometown presence and involvement.

                      With more than 60 years of experience in the telecommunications
                      industry, we’re pleased to offer our customers a wide range of
                      products and services, such as wireless voice and data, home
                      and business telephony, dedicated Internet, DSL, telephone
                      systems, custom calling features and long distance. Whatever
                      your communications needs, ALLTEL can customize a package

About the             Today’s marketplace is stronger and more competitive than ever
                      before. With escalating expenses, the need for greater personal
Marketplace           productivity, and increased customer expectations, business
                      professionals need to make the most of each business day.

ALLTEL’s position     ALLTEL is a world leader in wireline, wireless, paging, long
                      distance, internet and data products. However, we are not an
in the Marketplace    enormous, faceless bureaucracy. We’re a hard-working, local
                      telecom company and the reason for our strength and success is
                      our loyalty to our customers.

How ALLTEL Can        ALLTEL can help your company seize business opportunities,
                      improve business relationships, and even manage time and
Help                  personnel. Our complete portfolio of wireless voice and data
                      products and services can give your company the business
                      advantage you desire.
         Partnership Benefits

Local Point of        A partnership with ALLTEL provides a local, single point-of-contact for all of
                      your communications needs. A dedicated business account team consisting of
Contact               a business sales manager, local key account representatives, and 24-hour
                      Customer Care and Technical Support personnel provides additional support.

Billing Flexibility   ALLTEL offers a variety of billing options to suit your company's needs.
                      Whether you require consolidated, pooled corporate billing or individualized
and Simplicity        (end-user) billing, ALLTEL provides a myriad of options. Furthermore, if you so
                      desire, ALLTEL can provide detailed and CD billing for a nominal fee.

Tailored Wireless     ALLTEL recognizes that no two businesses are alike. In fact, we take pride in
                      customizing solutions that meet the specific needs of each of our valued
Program               business customers. Industry leading features such as Business Connect
                      (mobile-to-mobile calling), Time Manager pricing plans, and pooled minute
                      options offer simplicity, flexibility, and cost control. The solution contained
                      within this proposal has been specifically tailored to best meet the needs of
                      Maguire Mailing Systems.

Work with the         "ALLTEL, with more than 7 million wireless customers, is somewhat different
                      from the regional Bell operating companies that also have wireless divisions.
Best                  ALLTEL is an independent local exchange carrier with almost 3.1 million
                      wireline customers primarily in rural or small market areas of 16 states. That, in
                      part, is precisely why it has managed to be so successful...ALLTEL's
                      accomplishments in 2002 are numerous. The company not only upgraded
                      about 40 percent of its markets with CDMA2000 1X technology, it rolled out
                      BREW in all of them. It continues to perfect a push-to-talk service, and while
                      much remains to be done in E911, it is ahead of schedule in getting GPS
                      phones into more customers' hands."

Why ALLTEL?           4 Dedicated local account team
                      4 Corporate or end-user billing options
                      4 Flexible service plans with periodic rate analysis
                      4 On-site training
                      4 Customized data applications
                      4 Employee offerings
                      4 Established, reliable network
                      4 State-of-the-art technology
                      4 Community leadership

Maguire             ALLTEL has assembled a team of experienced, local professionals to service
                    your account.
Systems Local
Support Team


                                      Andrea Thauvette
                                   Business Sales Manager
           Sales                                                            Billing

       Tom Jamieson                                                     Christine Miller
Business Sales Representative                                    Key Account Representative
        517-243-4300                                                     517-243-4343
 thomas.jamieson@alltel.com                                       christine.miller@alltel.com
     Recommended Solution

Maguire Mailing    ALLTEL proposes a complete solution that includes the following components
                   described in more detail below:

Rate Plan          Greater Freedom

Package Minutes    7,000 Peak Minutes to be shared between 10 phones per month on a first
                   come first serve basis in the Greater Freedom Coverage Area. Each phone will
                   have Unlimited Mobile to Mobile/ Mobile to Office Minutes and Unlimited
                   National Nights and Weekends in the Greater Freedom coverage area.

Equipment          (3) - LG 5550 @ $69.95 each and (7) - Nokia 3587i @ $.99 each

Service Plan       The Greater Freedom plan is designed to offer flexible, cost-effective business
                   communications. No roaming charges will apply while in the Greater Freedom
                   Coverage Area. The post package minute rate is $.40 once all peak minutes
                   have been used.

Calling Features   The ALLTEL feature package 4 provides multiple business calling features at
                   no cost. This package includes Caller Id, Basic Voice Mail, 3-Way Calling, Call
                   Diversion, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Detailed Billing. Unlimited Text
                   Messaging for $3.00 each

Activation Fees    Activation Fees, which are normally $35 per line, will be waived.

                   The monthly cost for this entire package not including any overage or monthly
Package Cost       telecom fees will be $389.50
      Service Recommendation

Recommended Service Plan                      ( ) 1 Year Contract           ( X ) 2 Year Contract
                       # of                    Monthly    Included    Ovg
 User Name or Group   Lines   Description      Access      Minutes    Chg    Included Features   TOTAL

Maguire Mailing          10 Greater Freedom     $399.50       7,000    0.4 see solution          $399.50

Text Messaging           10 unlimited            $30.00 Unlimited                                 $30.00

Discount 10%                                                                                     -$40.00

             Totals      10                     $429.50       7,000         see solution         $389.50
                                                          Cost Analysis

Side-by-Side Comparison


Estimated Monthly Access Charges                          $                          579.00                                         $               389.50

Estimated Monthly Local Airtime Charges

Estimated Monthly Roaming Charges

Estimated Monthly Feature Charges

Estimated Total Monthly Charges                                                $579.00                                                             $389.50

Estimated Monthly Savings with ALLTEL                                                                         $189.50

Estimated Annual Savings with ALLTEL                                                                         $2,274.00

                                                   Monthly Savings

   $2,500.00                                                                                                                            $2,274.00

Month 1                                                                       $189.50                                     1
Month 2                                                                       $379.00                                     2
Month 3
  $1,000.00                                                                   $568.50                                     3
Month 4                                                                       $758.00                                     4
Month 5
    $500.00                                                                   $947.50                                     5
Month 6                                                                     $1,137.00                                     6
Month 7 $0.00                                                               $1,326.50                                     7
Month 8                                                                     $1,516.00                                     8
                  Month 1

                            Month 2

                                      Month 3

                                                Month 4

                                                              Month 5

                                                                           Month 6

                                                                                         Month 7

                                                                                                   Month 8

                                                                                                               Month 9

                                                                                                                         Month 10

                                                                                                                                        Month 11

                                                                                                                                                   Month 12

Month 9                                                                     $1,705.50                                     9
Month 10                                                                    $1,895.00                                    10
Month 11                                                                    $2,084.50                                    11
Month 12                                                                    $2,274.00                                    12
      Implementation Schedule

Key Dates            Based on an approval to proceed today, our implementation
                     schedule would be:

Contract Approval    Within 14 days

Service Activation   Within 30 days

Equipment Delivery   Within 3 days of Service Activation

Follow-up            To be agreed upon

Authorization to     Your approval in the section below gives ALLTEL the
                     authorization needed to proceed with the schedule
Proceed              outlined above.


                     Name                                      Date

Proposal Valid       10/15/2004
                     While we realize that you will need time to analyze this
                     proposal, we must limit the time period of this specific offering.
                     This proposal will be valid if we receive your approval on or
                     before the date listed above. However, after that time we will
                     need to revisit the availability of this particular offer.

Prepared by:         Tom Jamieson
                     Business Sales Representative

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