Alcohol Abuse

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					Alcohol Abuse
 Also known as alcohol dependency
 Alcoholism is drinking alcoholic beverages
  at a level that interferes with physical
  health, mental health, family, social, or job
          What is Alcohol?
 Alcoholism is a disease
 The craving that an alcoholic feels for
  alcohol is as strong as the need for food
  and water
 Like many other diseases, alcoholism is
  chronic, meaning it usually lasts a persons
 It follows a pretty predictable course and
  its symptoms that is life ruining
   The risks of developing alcoholism is a person’s
    genes and life style
   Research shows that developing alcoholism
    does indeed run in families
   Just because alcoholism runs in family doesn’t
    necessarily mean a child of an alcoholic parent
   Some people develop alcoholism even though
    there are no alcoholism in the family
     Symptoms of Alcoholism
 Confusion
 Abdominal pain
 Drinking alone
 Episodes of violence with drinking
 Hostility when confronted about drinking
 Lack of control while drinking – being
  unable to stop or limit your intake
 Making excuses to drink
     Symptoms of Alcoholism
 Nausea and vomiting
 Need for daily or regular use of alcohol to
 Neglecting to eat
 Not caring for physical appearance
 Numbness or tingling
 Secretive behavior to hide alcohol use
 Shaking in the morning
    If I’m not an alcoholic I don’t
           have a problem?
  This is not exactly true
 Alcohol abuse can be just as harmful
 A person can drink too much and too often
  but not be dependent on alcohol
 some incidents of alcohol abuse can be
  not being able to meet work, friend or
  family responsibility, drunk driving crashes
  or arrests, drinking related medical
    How Do I know if I have a
 Have you ever felt you should cut down on
  your drinking?
 Have people annoyed you by criticized
  your drinking?
 Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your
 Have you ever had a drink first thing in the
  morning to rid your body of a hang over?
    Health Risks with drinking
 Cancer of larynx, colon, esophagus and
 Depression
 Heart muscle damage
 High blood pressure
 Severe memory loss
 Cirrhosis of the liver – scarring and poor
  functioning, a chronic liver disease
 Detoxing from alcohol usually takes 4-7
 Eating a balanced diet with vitamin
  supplements is very important
 After detox is rehab recovery – this is a
  program to guide the alcoholic to a life
  style change