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					 Operation Desizing Process
     of Textile Material

      Textile Finishing Technology
          Kelas X Semester 1
                 Desizing Process

Before weaving proces,warp of yarn starched to add strength and
power friction become highness. Yarn of warp which do not
starch the strength of yarn is lowering stength , easy to break so
that lessen quality of production efficiency and Fabric . Starch
can be obstructive of absorbtion (Hidrofob) in course of scouring,
bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing so that result of less
perfect the process.

                                                  Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Sizing of warp usually use natural starch and
synthetic starch depended from his fibre type.

Purpose of desizing process is to eliminate starch at yarn
of warp ( found on cloth) given at the time of weaving to
add his friction endurance and strength to fabric.

                                              Teknologi dan Rekayasa
             Natural starch consist of :

   Starch(tapioka), maize (meizena), potato ( farina), grist ( wheat
   Protein starch like glue, gelatine, and kasein
   Kinds of gum
   Starch modification, dextrin

                                                    Teknologi dan Rekayasa
           Sinthetic starch consist of:

 PVA ( Polivinil Alcohol), Acrylic, and others
 Cellulose Derivat like tylose ( CMC), Hidroksil Ethyl cellulose,
  and methyl of celullose
 Derivat starch like ester starch, eter starch.

                                                  Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Mechanism of desizing process

Mechanism of desizing process to broken/hidrolized starch become
more simple compound like dissolve glucose in water.

                                                  Teknologi dan Rekayasa
All kinds of desizing process,there are 5 methode

  1. Desizing with exhaust used water
  Exhaustion methode can be doing more easiest process, fabric
  soaked in hot water ±35oC - 40oC during 24 hour,next process
  rinsing by hot water then with cool water. Desizing with exhaustion
  methode can be doing for the type of dissolve easy starch in water
  like gom, dekstrin, CMC, PVA and others.

   Reaction of its happened as following :
   ( C6H10O5)n       + nH2O          Hidrolized    nC6H12O6
     starch (amilum)                  Netral       glucose

                                                      Teknologi dan Rekayasa
2.Desizing used acid

Desizing used acid for example HCl,H2SO4. Acid can be hidrolized
starch to through dextrin become dissolve glucose in water, so that
is easy to eliminated in washing process. Sour type which used
many in course of desizing are sulphate acid ( agueous H2SO4
solution ) and hidrogen chlorida ( aqueous HCl solution).

2(C6H10O5) + n H2O                               nC12H22O6
Starch                                           Glucose

                                                    Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Procedur operation of desizing process with
acid used exhaustion methode

Desizing process
HCl                   : 5 ml/l
Wetting agent         : 2 ml/l
Temperature           : at room temperature
Time                  : 60 minute
Liquor ratio          : 1 : 30
Netralizing Process
NH4OH                 : 1 ml/l
Temperature           : at room temperature
Time                  : 10 minute
Liquor ratio          : 1 : 30

                                              Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Procedur Operation
• The fabric and chemical agents to weigh and measure as according
to calculation of recipe
• Water and chemical agents prepared as according to liquor ratio at
• Fabric done by process solution at room of temperature,then
stirer to flatten during 60 minute
• Later; fabric rinsed afterwards process neutralizing during 10
• Afterwards fabric cleaned by hot water later,then cleaned by chilled
• Materials which have cleaned is later;then weigh and measured %
reduction of heavy,then its doing test of KI and absorpsion.

                                                    Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Temperature oC
                      Wetting Agent            NH4OH

                     Desizing                  Netralizing
       30   oC

                                                                 Rinsed by hot water
                                                                 and chill water

                 0                    60   0            10 (minute

                                                                 Teknologi dan Rekayasa
3. Desizing used alkali

 Desizing used alkali,for example NaOH,KOH and other alkali.
 Desizing process can be done also with caustic soda but need
 sufficient time, this way seldom be done beside need long time also
 result of him less perfect. Dissolve starch type with alkali like
 protein starch, PVA, extract. Its way materials soaked in solution of
 sodium hydroxide aqueous at room temperature during ± 12 hour,
 After finish,its materials cleaned by hot water and clean to be chill
 water,and drying. Alkali which is is usually to be used is
 NaOH,KOH and other strong alkali.
  2 (C6H10O5)n + nH2O      hidrolisa             nC12H22O11
  Starch (pati)             alkali                maltose

                                                     Teknologi dan Rekayasa
4. Desizing used enzim

There are 3 faction of enzima used for the desizing process that is
- Enzym Mout / Malt Diastase
- Enzym Pancreas of diastase
 - Enzym Bacterium of diastase
In course of desizing with enzyme require to pay attention temperature
factor and pH, because at above temperature and pH the energy work
of enzym will decrease and result of less perfect.

Following mechanism the example of reaction of desizing with enzyme :
2C6H16 O5       +        H20                        C12H22011
Starch                             Maltose

                                                        Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Procedur operation of desizing process with
enzim used exhaustion methode

  •   Enzim             :   3 ml/l
  •   NaCl              :   1 g/l
  •   Temperature: 60oC
  •   Time              :   40 minute
  •   Liquor ratio      :   1 : 30

                                        Teknologi dan Rekayasa

- Materials and chemical agents to weigh as according to
calculation of recipe
- Water and chemical agents prepared as according to liquor ratio
at recipe
 - Fabric wll be done at solution process with temperature
60oC,then stirer lto flatten during 40 minute
- Then fabric rinsed and cleaned by hot water
- Fabric which have cleaned is later,then weigh and measured %
reduction of heavy,then doing te test of fabric is test KI and

                                                    Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Schema Process

Temperature oC        NaCl


                                                     Rinsed by hot water
                                                     and cold water

                  0 10                        50

                  Schema Process of Desizing with Enzim used Exhaustion Methoda

                                                                           Teknologi dan Rekayasa
5. Desizing used oksidator

Desizing with oksidator agents can be done for starch which is
is easy to be oxidized by like starch,poliakrilat and etc.For rapid
oksidation ,always to added by acid or alkali depended from
property of chemical agent of oksidator used.
Oksidator agent which have used is : Aktivin S,Garam
persulfat,Peroksida(H2O2), NaBO3.

                                                     Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Reaction will happening is
Oksidator : H2O → H2O + On
H2O2             H2O + On

(C6H10O5)n            On     n (C6H10O5 )
Starch (amilun)              Starch (amilum)
With long chainless          with short chainless

                                     Teknologi dan Rekayasa
 The manner test of starch type at textile
1. KI test
   To test by using reactan agents made from solution of KI +
   solution I2,was made from 10 g /l KI and l 10 gr I2(Yodium) by
   dissolved in 1 litre water.The result of materials which have
   been processed by desizing hatched with solution of KJ
   Jodium will arise colour showing storey,level perfection of
   result process that is as following :
•   Blue colour of materials shown fabric still contain
• Purple colour of materials shown still contain dekstrin
• Red colour shown materials contain eritrodekstrin
•   Brown colour of materials shown materials contain glucose or
   akrodekstrin, andmaltosa
• Blue to greenless of colour shown materials contain PVA of
                                               Teknologi dan Rekayasa
2. Dabbing test
   To shown starch like PVA starch
3. % of heavy reduction
    Shown total amount or percentage weight of loss starch with formula:
    % PB = First weight fabric – Last weight fabric x 100 %
           First weight fabric

4.   Absorpsion of fabric ( the duration fabric can reserved water)
     It is shown the duration time of fabric can reserved water (in second).
     With is way at cloth result of process dripped with water use buret is
     later;then counted to use stopwatch.

                                                         Teknologi dan Rekayasa